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Christianity and Islam in the Covenant of God


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This text deals with the Covenant of God as expressed in the Bible and the Koran or Qur’an.



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 Christianity and Islam in the Covenant of God


This text follows on from the             paper First and Second Statements of the Covenant of God (No. 096B).  It is important that that paper be read before undertaking this study.     

We must all note that God requires obedience more than sacrifice, as we are told by the prophet Samuel (1Sam. 15:22).


The paper is in two parts or sections.  Section One deals with the reason for the expulsion of Judah from Israel and the establishment of the Churches of God as the Body of Christ. Also it deals with the place of the Law of God in the conduct of the church and the Faith and Testimony of the Christ or Messiah as the regulatory code of the church in its operations in Christianity.  It also deals with how the church was undermined by Baal Worship in the Sun and Mystery Cults and how it became so that the majority of the world was distracted and prevented from entering the faith and the church as the Body of Christ in the ex anastasin or the “Out Resurrection” spoken of by Paul in Philippians 3:11. It is referred to as the Out Resurrection because it refers to the Early or First Resurrection (No. 143A) in that it takes those of the body of Christ, dead before or alive at the return of the Messiah, out of the structure of the creation and places them in the structure of the Loyal Host in place of the Demons who are confined to the pit of Tartaros for the millennial system where they are reduced to humans and killed and then placed in the Second Resurrection and given the opportunity to repent and be re-educated with the Resurrected Human Host in the Second Resurrection of the Dead and Great White Throne Judgment (No. 143B).


Section Two deals with the role of the church in the establishment of Islam, and how the worshippers of Hubal and the goddess in Arabia entered the church there after the fall of Becca. It deals also with how they corrupted Islam entirely after the murders of Ali and Hussein and the Death of the Four Rightly Guided Caliphs.


The text identifies the requirements to be a practicing member of the Body of Christ and a functioning member of the Surrender to God in the First Resurrection or First Garden of Paradise.


We will see from this analysis why there are two entire eras of the Churches of God, namely the Sardis and Laodicean Churches that fail to enter the First Resurrection as a body and why only individuals qualify from those organisations and eras.


Judaism, Trinitarian Christianity and Hadithic Islam all fail to enter the First Resurrection except for those that repent over the Last Days under the Philadelphian system (cf. see Pillars of Philadelphia (No. 283)) and under the Two Witnesses (No. 135).


Section One



The Plan of Salvation

The Creation of God (B5) is based on Singularist Causation proceeding from the Will of God.  Similarly, the Law of God (L1) is determined by His Nature which affects the laws governing the Creation and demands that the Laws of God do not change because God is immutable and His nature does not change. Thus the law must stand while heaven and earth exist and cannot be done away.


The Spiritual Creation was created so that God as the One True God Eloah, or Elahh, could expand and become a body of Elohim, as Sons of God, of which He was the centre as Ha Elohim. It thus follows that Christ could not be co-eternal or co-equal with the One True God who is the Father and who sent Christ, and understanding that and knowing them is eternal life (Jn. 17:3) (cf. How God Became a Family (No. 187); Names of God (No. 116)).


God created the earth and summoned the entire sons of God including the Morning Star commanders to be present at that creation (Job 38:4-7; Eph. 3:9 (note “by Jesus Christ” has been added in the Receptus)) and Satan was among them with access to the Throne of God (Job 1:6; 2:1).  The earth became tohu and bohu, or waste and void, and the elohim, as sons of God, were sent to refurbish the earth (cf. Gen. 1:1-2). 


Satan had objected to the creation of man and the Plan of God. God, through His divine omniscience, saw the rebellion and He saw the necessity for the salvation of man and that of the Fallen Host in the plan, and saw that it was necessary for the death of the leader of the Elohim Host in the reconciliation of the Creation in all aspects of the Host in its entirety. Thus Christ was destined to sacrifice his life for that purpose and to become the effective High Priest and mediator between God and the entire creation. He was predestined for this role, from God’s Omniscience, from before the foundation or laying down of the earth. This purpose and aspects are covered in the paper The Purpose of the Creation and the Sacrifice of Christ (No. 160). The role of the priesthood of Melchisedek is detailed in Hebrews (cf. Commentary on Hebrews (F058); cf. also Melchisedek (No. 128)).


The role of the creation was to raise and train the Host both heavenly and earthly to become eohim (cf. The Elect as Elohim (No. 001)) and to have conferred on them the eternal Nature of God, which none of the sons of God possessed intrinsically.  Only God was immortal (1Tim. 6:16) and He alone was Eloah or Elahh or Allah’ as One True God. The understanding of this fact is the basis and key to Eternal Life (Jn. 17:3).


The nation of Israel was given to Christ as their elohim by Eloah as were the other nations given to the other sons of God as elohim (Deut. 32:8ff.  RSV, LXX, DSS).


The overall plan was to have all nations absorbed into Israel as the Body of Christ, their elohim and mediator, and thus salvation had to be extended to all the gentiles or nations on a progressive basis. The initial creation of the Host set the blueprint for that as explained in paper 187 above.


The Creation of mankind was set out in three distinct phases.  These three phases were portrayed in two examples.  The first being the Life of Moses and then the Rule of the Kings covering 120 years on a jubilee for a year basis. The First phase covering the first 2000 years of the earth’s rule under the demons as the Fallen Host was covered as the Rule of the Kings Part I: Saul (No. 282A) which also paralleled the first forty years of Moses Life in Egypt also under the demons. 


God destroyed the earth with the flood and saved the creation of mankind in the Ark with Noah.  Mankind again sinned and had to be changed and dispersed after the Tower of Babel. 


Satan had prepared to destroy the Covenant and divorce mankind from their destiny under the Covenant through a number of false teachings that began from the restoration. The two major fallacies on which these false religions were established were:

1.      The Immortal Soul

2.      Eternal life is not tied to obedience.

All false doctrine stems from these two false premises.


At the end of the First Two Days or Two Thousand Years Abraham was born and was then summoned from Ur and from among the Baal worshippers and sent into the Levant and was given the land of Canaan as his inheritance and Lot was given the East side of the Jordan river, as part of that family.


This became the establishment of the physical family. The Covenant of God was entered into by Abraham and Ishmael, Isaac and Jacob and the Covenant was established in Israel as the priesthood of God in the Covenant.


The extended family of the seventy descendents of Jacob as Israel was sent into Egypt and grew there. Christ was sent to take Israel as his inheritance out of Egypt and, as the Angel of the Presence, Christ gave Israel the Law through Moses and established the Priesthood under Aaron as the temporary physical priesthood of the Physical Temple with the physical Sanhedrin of the Seventy established at Sinai (Acts Ch. 7:2-57 and 1Cor. 10:4). These aspects are covered in the papers Distinction in the Law (No. 096) and First and Second Statements of the Covenant (No. 096B) as detailed above. See also the paper The Angel of YHVH (No. 024).


Israel failed in the Covenant as we see detailed in the prophets.  The keeping of the Covenant was essential to God allowing the Nation and the people of God to keep His Calendar (No. 156). This aspect was detailed to them, after they had failed repeatedly, through the prophet Isaiah (cf. Ch. 1; also Connection re the Nature of God and the Temple Calendar (No.  156E)). The key to the faith and the retention of the Covenant is that the nations and the Body of Christ speak according to the Law and the Testimony.  If they do not then there is no light or dawn in them (Isa., 8:20).  That is specifically tied to the Sabbaths and the Calendar (cf. also S. 4:154 cf. also Ex. Ch. 20, Deut. Ch 5 and the Fourth Commandment is the identifier of the Faith).


Isaiah ch. 53 foretold the coming of the Messiah and the process by which he would die and redeem mankind from sin and be their mediator with God. This follows on from Genesis 48:15-16, Job 33:23 and Hebrews (cf. Commentary on Hebrews (F058)).


All the law and the prophets led up to Christ where he again restated the Covenant and gave it to the Church at Jerusalem when it was formed and he was appointed a son of God in power from his resurrection from the dead and the Holy Spirit was made available to mankind. (cf. The Holy Spirit (No. 117) and also the paper Forty Days Following Christ’s Resurrection (No. 159A)).   


It was from Christ’s death and resurrection that the next major phase in the Plan of Salvation began. 


The two thousand years from the birth of Abraham to the birth of Christ and the establishment of the Church as the Body of Christ marked the next phase of the plan where the physical preparations were made for the establishment of the physical Temple and the Laws of God and the Testimony of the prophets were made to establish the Body of Christ as the Temple of God in the Third Phase. These aspects are explained in the paper Rule of the Kings Part II: David (No. 282B). The establishment of the Spiritual Temple from Messiah and the church is explained in the paper Rule of the Kings Part III: Solomon and the Key of David (No. 282C).


The link to man as the Spiritual Temple is explained in Rule of the Kings Part IIIB: Man as the Temple of God (No. 282D). The Bible Text detailing the steps is the book of Hebrews (cf. Commentary on Hebrews (F058) and The City of God (No. 180)).


Israel and Judah

The nation of Israel sinned repeatedly and they were forced to spend 40 years in the wilderness before they entered the Promised Land and then sinned under the judges and were sent into captivity repeatedly (cf. The Fall of Jericho (No. 142) and also Samson and the Judges (No. 073)).


As part of the Plan of God, Israel was sent into captivity under the Assyrians in 722 BCE north of the Araxes and intermingled with the Hittite and Scythian tribes around the Black Sea. These were the Celts or Keltoi (cf. The Iliad). From there the intermingled tribes were sent into Europe after the fall of the Parthian Empire in the Second Century CE. The DNA testing of these nations show that the nations are composites of Haplogroup (Hg) R1b Celts and Anglo-Saxons (with some R1a) and Hg I Semites and Israelites with others.

Judah repeatedly sinned also and was sent into captivity under the Babylonians and, with some of Levi and some of Benjamin, was allowed to return to Judea and Galilee in order to develop there for the birth of the Messiah ca 6/5 BCE as detailed in the paper Age of Christ at Baptism and the Duration of His Ministry (No. 019). Judah remained a serious problem and ran contrary to the Laws of God (L1).  They were castigated by Christ for their sins and traditions causing them to sin and were given forty years to repent and did not repent. In 70 CE on 1 Abib Jerusalem was surrounded by a Roman Army under Titus and Judah was captured and sent into Dispersion and the Physical Temple was destroyed at Jerusalem in accordance with prophecy as detailed in the paper Sign of Jonah and the History of the Reconstruction of the Temple (No. 013). The details of the destruction of the Temple and the captivity of Jerusalem are explained in the paper War with Rome and the Fall of the Temple (No. 298). The Temple at Heliopolis in Alexandria, built by Onias IV ca 160 CE in accordance with Isaiah 19:19, was closed by order of Vespasian that sacred year.


Judah was then dispersed and only those converts from Judah were admitted to the church as part of the Body of Christ. Today only approx 9% of those who say they are Jews are actual Jews and most are not even Semites let alone Jews. Six million were allowed to be destroyed in the Holocaust. Their false Hillel calendar of 358 CE means they virtually never keep a Holy Day on the correct days and often not even in the correct months. Their traditions have corrupted the Laws of God, as they observe them.


The Covenant of God is applied to the Church and the elect of the Body of Christ, who are the saints. They are identified specifically as those who keep the Commandments of God and the Faith and Testimony of Jesus Christ (Rev. 12:17; 14:12).


Israel has to be brought to repentance to come into the Covenant of God as part of the Body of Christ.  The same applies progressively to Islam and the entire world.


Satanic Destruction of the Covenant

God had saved the Adamic Creation under Noah at the flood. He also established the priesthood of Melchisedek (No. 128) with Shem (cf.  Sons of Shem (No. 212A)).


As we saw above Satan had established the two false premises that were to undermine the Covenant of God as the Immortal Soul and the concept that the covenant was not tied to obedience to the law and the Testimony.


The Immortal Soul was floated to convince mankind that they had eternal life intrinsically and did not depend on the omnipotence of God for their access to eternal life based on the Calling of God as we see is the case from Romans 8:29-30.


The false teaching was also promoted among the Baal worshippers and antinomians and Gnostics that the Laws of God were in fact laws created by the evil god Jaldabaoth who stood at the Milky Way in order to prevent the Soul’s path into heaven on death.


Satan was also aware that Abraham was called out of Ur in Chaldea and the Covenant was established with him in the Levant and with his family in all its branches (cf. Descendants of Abraham (No. 212B) to 212C, D, E, F, G)


Satan was aware of the destiny of Israel as the inheritance of the Messiah (Deut. 32:8) as the replacement Morning Star that was to come out of Jacob (Num. 24:17).


For that reason Satan was determined to destroy the growing nation in Egypt. He tried to use the religious system of Egypt to do that (cf. Moses and the God’s of Egypt (No. 105)). He failed and Moses took the nation out of Egypt from The Passover (No. 098).  Israel was pursued by Pharaoh at the instigation of Satan. The Egyptian force was destroyed in the Red Sea and then Satan brought his long time force and enemy of Israel against them.  These were the Amalekites. Their identity is examined in the explanation of Surah 15 Al Hijr (Q015). Israel, with the help of the Host, defeated Amalek and then under Moses went on to receive the Law from the Angel of the Presence at Sinai (cf. Pentecost at Sinai (No. 115)).


Satan’s chief weapon against Israel was to reduce Israel to sin in breach of the Covenant of God.  This he managed to do many, many times over the period of his time of rule.


Satan used Balaam to turn Israel from God through sin (cf. The Doctrine of Balaam and Balaam’s Prophecy (No. 204)). This procedure was used against Israel and the elect repeatedly by the Black Cassocked priests of Baal on an ongoing basis through the Middle East.


False Religion and attacks on God’s Calendar

Satan established false religion again after the flood at Babel in the Mystery and Sun cults in preparation for this next phase of the Plan.  The spread of the Mystery religion from the plain at Shinar and Babylon throughout the world is detailed in the work Mysticism (B7) (CCG 2005). From there the Mystery and Sun cults were spread throughout the world.  The doctrines of Reincarnation were used to disrupt the covenant and establish the Baal system in Israel where it still is to this day. The Hyperborean Celts occupied Europe after the Fall of Troy and the Aryan system invaded India. The Aryans in India developed the Hindu system and then the Buddhist system was established to break the Hindu castes and Brahmin supremacy.


The Hyperborean Celts had developed the Pagan system and the processes of magic and their calendar was used in what became the Wicca religion and the Mystery and Sun cults in the worship of Appollo Hyperboreas as Sun god. The various aspects of these cults emerged as Mithras, Attis, Adonis, Osirus, as Sol Invitus in the various forms. These cults were simply referred to as worship of the “Lord” generally.  Hence the Canaanite and Middle Eastern forms were Baal in the Levant and Hubal in Mesopotamia and Arabia generally. Hence they can call the object of worship “Lord” but the identification and distinction rests on the Calendar they use. If they worship on the Day of the Sun and keep Christmas and Easter and teach that when they die they go to heaven, they are not Christians but are Baal worshippers, no matter what they say. The Calendar and festivals of the Pagan and Baal system were based on the Sun cults and used also the cult of the Golden Calf (No. 222), the Moon God Sin or Qamar in Arabia and the goddess Ashtoreth or Ishtar or Easter (termed Shams as the sun goddess in Arabia). The festivals that survived entered Israel and are there to this day and form the entire Calendar of the USA. The festival days were based on the gods of the Days under the Baal system. There were 360 at Becca surrounding the Ka’aba which was for the prophetic year.  The Ka’aba was used for the cult circumambulations as the Axis Mundi or world pole, even to this day. They were given names of saints in pseudo- Christianity to preserve their reverence.


The Pagan Sun cults were developed into the system of the Triune God which was established at Rome in the First Millennium BCE with the birth of Romulus and Remus, after the move of Anneas and family from Troy after the fall in 1054 BCE. The pagan calendar was based on the Days of Human Sacrifice and in the US they have been given modern names to disguise the pagan origins in Wicca (cf. Satan’s days of Worship (CB023)).


The purpose of the Pagan Calendar was to identify worship to the Fallen Host and Satan as god and make it impossible to keep God’s Calendar (No.  156) in nations that used this calendar which was enforced by the Satanist Priests of Baal. It simply requires enormous dedication to keep God’s Law in these nations professing Christianity or Islam but are in effect these sun cult systems.


Israel was riddled with Baal Worship as were the nations throughout the Middle East. The prophets were faced with its eradication and many were killed.  Elijah was faced with the eradication of the 450 priests of Baal under Ahab and Jezebel. The Witnesses will enforce the powers documented in Kings, Isaiah 66:23, and Zechariah 14:16-19. Elijah and Enoch will possess these powers in the last days as we detailed in the sequence of the Wars of the Last Days and the Vials of the Wrath of God (No. 141B) and The Witnesses (Including the Two Witnesses) (No. 135) and also Wars of the End Part II: 1269 Days of the Witnesses (No. 141D).


The procedures were then used against Sabbatarian Christianity throughout the world finally taking the system over outside of the Churches of God and even within the Sardis and Laodicean systems as prophesied in Rev. Ch. 3. (cf.  Catholicism Frequently Asked Questions (No 008); FAQ Bible Study OT (No. 057); FAQ Bible Study Comparative Religions (No. 060) and Commentary on Hosea (F028)).


Satan attacked the church continually from Christ and the apostles into the newly formed groups as is explained for example in the text Heresy in the Apostolic Church (No. 089); and The Nicolaitans (No. 202).


Infant baptism

The greatest attack on the Covenant in the newly formed church was accomplished by the advancement of the false doctrine of Infant Baptism.  The priests of Baal had used the doctrine of child sacrifice to Molech. Remphan,  Chemosh or Baal (Lord) or Hubal (The Lord) at Becca and throughout the Levant to anticipate and attack the Christian doctrine of adult Baptism on Repentance at the Call of God under Predestination (No. 296) for admission to the Body of Christ and receipt of the Holy Spirit (No. 117) to be to be Born Again (172).  Even Christ was not exempt from the requirement for Repentance and Baptism (No. 052) and had to go to John in the Jubilee at Atonement of 27 CE or the 15th year of Tiberias to be baptised and he received the Holy Spirit directly from God as was seen in the form of a dove. John’s baptism did not confer salvation but merely repentance and his followers had to be rebaptised.


The Law of God requires a person to be 20 to enter the Army of God (cf. Deuteronomy 20 (No. 201)).  They have to be 25 to enter service in the Temple and 30 to be able to teach the Law of God.  That is why Christ has to be over 30 to be eligible to teach commencing from the Jubilee in 27 CE.


By enlisting the doctrines of the priests of Baal regarding child sacrifice and applying them to baptism they could effectively negate and prevent all those baptised as infants from entering the Kingdom of God in the First Resurrection.  Thus Israel as the Body of Christ was reduced by massive numbers and reduced the elect to the direct call of God using a reduced available priesthood. On no other doctrine was so much damage done to the faith.


By the end of the Second Century the priests of Baal had entered Christianity in Rome and forced the festival of Attis and the mother goddess Easter into Christianity and Sunday Baal worship alongside the Sabbath (cf. also Binitarian and Trinitarian Misrepresentation of the Early Theology of the Godhead (No. 127B)). As well, the Baal and Gnostic doctrines of Heaven and Hell were intruded into it (cf. The Origins of Christmas and Easter (No. 235) and Heaven, Hell or the First Resurrection of the Dead (No. 143A).


The church was persecuted under the Romans and the notation of that continues on through the texts in the Koran or Qur’an in the Surah The Cave (No. Q018). Once the Church was taken over by the Sun cults and they achieved power with the Trinitarians at Rome and after the Unitarian Trinitarian Wars (No. 268) and the Fall of the Roman Empire as the Legs of Iron of Daniel chapter 2, they then established the Empire of the Feet of Iron and Miry Clay of Daniel 2. That empire of persecution was to last for 1260 years from 590 to 1850 with the end of the last Inquisition in the Papal States and the plebiscite to abolish them in 1850 (cf. The Last Pope: Examining Nostradamus and Malachy (No. 288)).


The symbolism of the Sun system was intruded into Christianity from the Third century CE from the cult of Attis in Rome (cf. The Cross: Its Origin and Significance (No. 039)). By the Fourth Century the priests of Attis were complaining that the Roman Church had stolen all their doctrines.


The distribution and establishment of the Church  as the Body of Christ is explained in the papers General Distribution of the Sabbath-keeping Churches (No. 122); Fate of the 12 Apostles (No. 122B); Death of the Prophets and Saints (No. 122C); Establishment of the Church under the Seventy (No. 122D).


The general conflicts between the Unitarian Sabbatarians and the Binitarian/Trinitarian Sunday worshippers are covered in the paper Unitarian/Trinitarian Wars (No. 268). 


The history of the persecution of the Faith and the Inquisitions was explained in the text Role of the Fourth Commandment in the Historical Sabbath-keeping Churches of God (No. 170).


The destruction of the churches in Arabia and the Middle East was effected in short order after the death of the prophet Qasim (aka Mohammad).


Rule of Satan

Satan was given the six working days of the week or six thousand years to rule the world and to test mankind and expose their weaknesses.  The creation of Adam in the Garden of Eden occurred in 4004 BCE. (cf. Doctrine of Original Sin Part I: The Garden of Eden (No. 246)). The garden was closed when Adam was at his creation year 30 and was able to come under judgment in 3974 BCE.  Satan’s reign as god of this world (2Cor. 4:4) as the Lucifer or “light bearer” and Morning Star or Day Star began from that time and the first jubilee began in 3973 BCE.  


Satan interfered with the creation and created the corrupted creation. They had to be destroyed as they were to be denied the Resurrection of the Dead (No. 143) not being part of the Plan of God.


The Six Thousand Years of the Rule of Satan was divided into three sections. These were explained in the texts above in the Rule of the Kings papers.


The first element or the first two thousand years is explained in the texts of (No. 282A) above and in the Doctrine of Original Sin Part II: The Generations of Adam (No. 248).


Phase Two was the physical phase from Abraham to the Messiah represented by the Rule of the Kings Part II: David (No. 282B).


The Covenant was attacked in this phase as we saw from the time at Sinai with the erection of the Golden Calf (No. 222) when Moses ascended Sinai (cf. Ascents of Moses (No. 070)).


Phase Three was the Forty Jubilees in the Wilderness under the Sign of Jonah cf. Sign of Jonah and the History of the Reconstruction of the Temple (No. 013). It was explained in the text Rule of the Kings Part III: Solomon and the Key of David (No. 282C).


Phase three began with the declaration of the Jubilee in 27 CE as the Acceptable Year of the Lord (Lk. 4:19) (cf. Reading the Law with Ezra and Nehemiah (No. 250)).


The third phase of two thousand years ends with the 120th Jubilee year ending in 2027, and Satan’s rule ends, and he and the demons are all placed in the pit of Tartaros for the 1000 years of the Millennium (cf. Rev. 20:1-3). This time will be cut short to save the creation from destruction.


2028 begins the Sabbath Rest of the Messiah which lasts until the Jubilee in 3027 when the Second Resurrection and the Great White Throne Judgment (No. 143B) occurs for the judgment of Krisis and Judgment of the Demons (No. 080).


The Time of the Gentiles or Nations ended in 1996/7 being 6000 years from the creation in 4004 BCE. 


In 1987 in the Third year of the Second Cycle of the 120th Jubilee the then Pastor General of the WCG, which had the lampstand at that time, as the last of the Sardis system to rule declared that the Measuring of the Temple (No. 137) had begun. That phase was to last for the forty years, or the Last Generation or “this generation” referred to by Christ that would not pass away until these things occurred. It ends in 2027.  However, for that ministry, it was to only last for one cycle of seven years and its ministry was dispersed and the church shattered.  The last or demarcation church group of this system was named “Living”, as prophesied (Rev. Ch. 3:1).


In the third year of the Third cycle (1994) the lampstand was removed and given to the new Philadelphian system which then commenced the sequence of the Warning of the Last Days (No. 044) to the world (cf. also the Pillars of Philadelphia (No 283).


In 1997 the final Phase of the Rule of Satan began. The Nations were warned for the end times, of the Wars, the Witnesses and the Coming of the Messiah, from 1994 for the thirty years to the end of the Vials in 2024 and for the Treble harvest of 2025 and the Jubilee (cf. Jer. 4:15,16,17-27; and the papers Warning of the Last Days (No. 044); and The Last Thirty Years; the Final Struggle (No. 219).  For it is written, God does nothing but He warns the people through His servants the prophets (Amos 3:7). We must also remember that at any one time God has 7000 or more people that have not bowed the knee to Baal, as Elijah was told (1Kgs. 19:10,18; Rom. 11:4).


The end period will see the Wars of the End Part I: Wars of Amalek (No. 141C), and the subsequent pestilence, that will do away with half of mankind. God will then intervene and send the prophets Enoch and Elijah as he stated (Mal. 4:5); over the period of the Two Witnesses (No. 135) and as detailed in the paper Wars of the End Part II: 1260 Days of the Witnesses (No. 141D).


Satan is then placed in the pit of Tartaros at the coming of the Messiah who will then deal with the whole world and eliminate all false worship including the doctrines of Baal and the worship of Sunday, Christmas and Easter and the doctrines of Hadithic Islam, of Sharia, and the Pagan Gnostic doctrines of Heaven and Hell and the Antinomian Destruction of Christianity by the Misuse of Scripture (No. 164C).



The sign of Circumcision was attacked using the Baal system and the Northern system of the Triune God especially centred at Rome (cf. the paper Purification and Circumcision (No. 251)). It is under attack to this day using the Trinitarian propaganda from Rome and using blatant false reports by many unprincipled scientists such as concerning African circumcision procedure reducing the incidence of HIV contagion rather than circumcision itself, when such is false as we see from 251 above re ages. However the primary sign of the Covenant of God is the Fourth Commandment and the Calendar that subtends from it (Ex. 20, Deut, 5 and S 4:154).


The Acts 15 Conference is explained in the paper Acts 15 Conference (No. 069).


Food Laws

Another way that Satan could isolate people from the Covenant was by teaching against the Food Laws (No. 015). In this way Satan could disrupt the entire food chain and render vast areas unproductive and deplete resources, and animal and marine habitats and ecosystems, on a massive scale. An example is the Gulf of Oman where the failure to follow the Food Laws has destroyed the entire Gulf and left a dead zone that has made the Gulf unproductive. This was because Trinitarian and Middle Eastern Baal worship and Hadithic Islam destroyed the link between the Bible and the Koran and the Biblical Food Laws that we see linked at Surah 3:93.  The Religions and Hadithic Islam eat any foul and unclean thing that lives in the oceans.


Satan was able, by the attacks on the Law and the Covenant of God, to deceive untold millions and divert them from the Covenant and the First Resurrection (No. 143A) into the Second Resurrection and the Great White Throne Judgment (No. 143B). This is the weeping and gnashing of teeth spoken of by Scripture. It will become evident once Messiah is here and the world will realise that something is amiss. However, it is too late to rectify the situation, except to repent for the millennial system. The First Resurrection is then past them and they will face the Tribulation.


Mankind is destroying the world on a global scale due to their failure to obey God and follow the covenant.  It is not as though they were not told.  They simply refused to obey. Even the Churches of God in the last days will not fully follow the covenant and the Laws of God (L1), and they have destroyed God’s Calendar because they have become Ditheist and hence polytheist.


They had to be destroyed because they could not speak to Islam with their ditheist/polytheist systems. Unless they speak according to the Law and the Testimony there is no light in them (Isa. 8:20)


Many of the last two eras of the Churches of God and the Jews and many other Christian sects, and a great deal of Islam, will realise in great anguish that they have missed the First Resurrection or First Garden of Paradise.


Christ will summon the armies of the world to Megiddo and destroy them and then the world’s systems will be destroyed and the world brought to its knees in repentance, as is explained in Wars of the End Part III: Armageddon and the Vials of the Wrath of God (No. 141E)


The world will oppose the Witnesses and, on the 1260th day they will kill them and then, after the advent, they will march against Christ simply because they will not repent and obey God (cf. Wars of the End Part IIIB: War Against Christ (No. 141E_2)).


Satan’s time will then be at an end and the Jubilee period will prepare the world for the Millennium (cf. Wars of the End Part IV: End of False Religion (No. 141F)).


The world will then prepare for the Millennium (Wars of the End Part V: Restoration for the Millennium (No. 141G)).


Over that period we will then prepare for the coming Kingdom of God and we will undertake the preparation of the world to become Elohim (cf. Wars of the End Part VB: Preparing the Elohim (No. 141H)).

For it is written I said ye are Gods, all of you, and Scripture cannot be broken (Jn. 10:34-36).


The timeline of the events from 4004 BCE is contained in the text Outline Timetable of the Age (No. 272).


We will now examine the role of the Church in the Surrender to God in what is termed as Islam.


Section II



The Sons of Shem and the Descendents of Abraham were attacked along with all the other sons of Noah as they spread from Ararat to replenish the earth and become the nations (cf. Genetic Origin of the Nations (No. 265) and the subsequent papers on Shem Ham and Japheth).  The name Islam means the surrender (to God) and was the name applied to all of the faith from Noah on down to the establishment of Israel and the prophets as noted in Scripture and listed above.  Christ or the Messiah and the Covenant of the Faith is the focal point of all Scripture including the Koran (cf. above and also Christ in the Koran (No. 163)).


The church was founded by the apostles including the Seventy (Lk. 10:1,17) from the Resurrection and the Gift of the Ahmad or Holy Spirit at Jerusalem in 30 CE. It spread throughout the Middle East and North Africa as we see in the text of the paper Establishment the Church under the Seventy (No. 122D). It went into Gaul and Britain in the West and to Scythia and India by ca. 50 CE and as far to the East as China through India in the Fourth century under Archbishop Mueses of Abyssinia (cf. also Distribution of the Sabbath-keeping Churches (No. 122)).


The Arabs as the Sons of Keturah (No. 212D) and the Arabised or Arabicised Arabs as the Sons of Ishmael (No. 212C) as well as the Sons of Lot, Moab Ammon and Esau (No. 212B) and the other Sons of Shem (No. 212A) had been penetrated by Baal worship as had the entire Middle East generally.  Satan had prepared to corrupt them from the Flood and the Tower of Babel and before the birth of Abraham.


Satan is not omniscient.  Only God is omniscient. However, as Sons of God they were outside of the linear time sequence of the physical human creation and could access some of the future but could only see it imperfectly. Thus they could make predictions but were limited and with this corruption they tended to guess and thus lie and were known for their lies. The same is true in Asia among the demons there. They were in fact reliant on what God revealed through the prophets, and now the church, to learn the future as it concerned them. The attempted destruction of the Covenant made it necessary for the demons to lie.


The religious system of the Sun and Mystery cults was based on Temple Prostitution in the Middle East, usually of immature or underage girls and also boys and often of child sacrifice. Human sacrifice was known throughout Africa and the Middle East and into Asia and the Americas. Hadithic or Sunni and Shia Islam are rotten with paedophilia and sodomy to this day. For that reason the corrupt in power in Trinitarianism are beginning to tolerate and facilitate Islam among their societies being of the same sins. The Vatican system is rotten with sodomy and Satanism (cf. also Malachi Martin, Windswept House).


As a result of the temple prostitution with the total access to the young girls, the girls were protected from the consequences, as after their period of temple service they then wore veils in the form of the burqah now used in the Middle East and the more brief form of the niqab was used for outdoors by some. This was to protect their modesty and protect them from harassment from former clients. The boys were sodomised and, from that practice, sodomy became entrenched in the society to the extent that they even had rooms at one stage in the walls of the Temple itself at Jerusalem and at the shrines at Becca and across the Levant and Arabia. Many became Catamites and Eunuchs. The sacrifices were undertaken at Becca at the Ka’aba and the practice of redemption was to replace the child with camels offered in their place. The prophet’s father Abdullah was to have been sacrificed but was redeemed with 100 camels. Among the Phoenicians, at places like Carthage for example, they attributed defeat in battle to sacrificing inferior people.


Spread of Judaism and Christianity 

Judaism was also spread after the fall of the Temple and the dispersion from 70 CE and especially after Hadrian’s dispersion in 135CE (cf. War with Rome and the Fall of the Temple (No. 298) and also The Sign of Jonah and the History of the Reconstruction of the Temple (No. 013)).


Judaism increased their power and wealth throughout the Middle East and their dispersion pretty much followed the spread of the church and reinforced the earlier merchant houses they had established, particularly from the Babylonian captivity.

Judaism fought against Christianity with zeal and urgency.  The conflict was problematic and a great many Jews were converted to Christianity from the churches established under the Seventy. Most had been awaiting the Messiah for centuries.


Judah was dispersed for its traditions which undermined the Law of God but instead of repenting they continued and we can see by the production of the Mishnah ca 200 CE the Calendar was corrupted but had not as yet become corrupted by the Babylonian system and still had back to back Sabbaths. By the time of the Babylonian and Jerusalem Tractate Talmuds they corrupted the covenant and they had turned the law on its head.


The Arabian system was advanced by the development of Eastern Aramaic which had evolved from Chaldean in Mesopotamia and then into Arabic.  There was however, no written language in Arabic, and the texts were only available in Hebrew, Greek and in Aramaic.  In the Fifth century the Bible began to be translated into Arabic and in 470 CE the Arabic Bible began to be rendered in marble tablet form, many of which have been excavated.


The Calendar was maintained in Arabia by a sub-tribe of the Qureysh called the Bani Kinana. They used the Babylonian intercalations as did the Jews from 344 to 358 CE when the modern Jewish Calendar was issued in its basic form by Chief Rabbi Hillel II. The Christians used the old Temple Calendar as they always had done since Christ and the apostles and the church at Becca/Petra used the same calendar. That was why the calendar there differed from the Jews and the local calendar published at Becca/Petra by the Bani Kinana. The calendar of the Christians following the Temple Calendar was different from the Jews and the Churches of God rejected the Hillel Calendar as did all Christian Churches in existence at that time (cf. Hebrew and Islamic Calendar Reconciled (No. 053)).


The church at Becca/Petra was established by Jewish families converted centuries before the rise of Islam. Their doctrines were similar to that of the Sabeans in the eyes of the local worshippers of Hubal or Baal and the goddess. They were also present in the Yemen being established there from Abyssinia.  That history is explained in the Commentary on the Koran Surah 105 The Elephant (Q105).


Many had been converted to Christianity for centuries and all the Christian Churches of God used the Temple Calender as was used by Christ and the Apostles and the Temple System. The times of the Sabbaths were noted also in the text The Sabbath in the Qur’an (No. 274).


In 570 CE Qasim ibn Abdullah ibn Abdul Muttalib was born to a powerful clan of the Qureysh. His genealogy is in 212C above. In 590 CE when he was 20 years of age the Holy Roman Empire was declared by Gregory I.  His uncle Abbas was domiciled 27 miles east of Petra showing the extent of Becca.


Qasim was working for a Jewish Christian family at Becca/Petra and he impressed an older woman Kadijah of that family and he married her. Her uncle took him under his wing and taught him to read and write from the Scriptures and he was called and baptised into the faith.


The first wife of the Prophet was Khadijah  bint Khuwaylid (Arabic: خديجة بنت خويلد‎) or Khadījah al-Kubra (Khadijah the Great) 555 – 22 November 619 CE). She was 15 years older than the Prophet and died at Becca/Petra in 619, at 64 years of age, four years before the flight to Medinah in 622 CE. He was married to only her until her death. She was of a Jewish family that had long been converted to Christianity and she had been impressed by the honesty and reliability of the young Qasim, who worked for them, and she married him. Her uncle was also impressed by him and took him in hand and taught him how to read and write and taught him the faith from the Scriptures. The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia is reported to have publicly acknowledged her Jewish family in 2018.


The Prophet was baptised a Sabbatarian Christian after his calling by God in 608 CE. He was visited by the Angel Gabriel in the cave at Hira (S096:1-5) in the year 610/11 CE and six months later he began his public mission with the First Public Surah (S074) when he was 41 years of age. He is recorded as stating that “there is no prophet that had not been a shepherd, I tended sheep as a boy.” He continued in the faith until he died on 8 June 632 CE at Medina at 62 years of age.


It became obvious to the church at Becca/Petra that God had called him to the Church and they made him a member of the council of the elders being 38-40 years of age from his baptism. He could not have been used according to Biblical law under 30.


Thus he became a member of the Muhammad and eventually became its head. The nomenclature is explained in the Introduction to the Commentary in the Koran (No. 001) in the Commentary on the Koran at


We know they kept the Sabbath, Holy Days and Feasts because the prophet was recorded as keeping Atonement on a day different to the Jews keeping Hillel.


We know also that he preached against the Babylonian Intercalations which differed to the Temple calendar and this fact was used by the worshippers of Hubal that came into Islam as later grounds for doing away with the intercalations completely.  They declared a twelve month year and began rotating the calendar wildly through the seasons and destroyed the Biblical Feasts in the cycle.


They also destroyed Pentecost by declaring the Third month (termed Ramadan by the Arabs or Sivan by the Jews) as a fasting month instead of the 50 Days of the Omer Count being the lead up to Pentecost in Sivan or Ramadan being 50 days from the Wave Sheaf at Passover.


They then destroyed the Lord’s Supper and the Feast of the Passover and Unleavened Bread by teaching that wine must never be consumed and thus cut off all who followed the Hadith from entering the Kingdom of God and made it impossible to keep the Covenant.


They also produced a false Hadith alleging that Qasim married Aisha bint Abu Bakr at six and consummated the marriage at nine years of age after she had menstruated. Arabic scholars have long challenged this as false but it suits the paedophiles in Islam who wish to maintain the customs invoked under the temple prostitution of the Worship of Hubal and the goddess prior to Christianity and Islam. In all these ways the servants of Satan and the Sun and Mystery cults have attacked and undermined the Covenant on a continual basis.


The Arab Hubal worshippers that penetrated Islam in the military forces effectively destroyed the Covenant as we will see and kept millions from the First Resurrection.


They showed through the adoption of Sharia from their previous worship of Hubal and the Goddess (and the gods of the 360 days) that they have no idea of the texts of Scripture as applied through the Koran (cf. The Koran on the Bible, the Law and the Covenant (No.083)).


The pagans at Becca/Petra and in the Levant and Arabia worshipped the Moon god as Sin and as Qamar in Arabia. The goddess was Ishtar/ Ashtoreth or also Shams as the Sun goddess in Arabia.  In the Levant Ashtoreth consort of Baal was female and the crescent moon was the finger of Ashirat in the ancient system being based on the Canaanite Ashtoreth.  It was also the horns of the Moon god Sin. The crescent and Venus the morning star of the goddess are retained in Islam to this day and the Imams insist on determining the Calendar from the sighting of the crescent of the Moon God Qamar or Sin.


Issue of the Koran or Qur’an

The final production of the Koran was after the death of the prophet or at the end of his life. It was released in its final form as a theological sequence with its final emendations and was not the order in which it was originally issued.


The Koran reflects the doctrines of the Unitarian Sabbatarian Church of God and accords with the doctrines used over the centuries. The sequence is reflected in the text on the Chronology of the Koran (Q001B). The only difference is with the Ditheist Doctrines of the Sardis and the Trinitarian Doctrines of the late Adventist system when they adopted Trinitarianism from 1978.  Both of those eras were rejected by God as we see from prophecy (Rev. Chapter 3) Neither, could ever reach even fallen Hadithic Islam with their heretical doctrines and they had to be rejected.  The church at Becca/Petra however, accorded with the Pergamos era in which it was operating under the prophet.


Many Trinitarian scholars have tried to claim that it was written by various sects.  Some claim that they were Ebionites but that is impossible given the sheer breadth of the Texts used in both the OT and the NT Scriptures including all books of the Bible with the possible exception of one small NT text.  The cross references between the Scriptures and the Koran are included in each surah of the Commentary.  In all there are over 9000 texts and the references are contained in the Commentary on the Koran Appendix 2: Scripture Index (QS2).


The claims by many Muslim pseudo-scholars that the Scriptures have been lost are blatant false claims. Usually that is because they are too idle to study the Scriptures, and do not have the Holy Spirit necessary to retain understanding. Without being baptised and having the Holy Spirit, one has no chance of understanding either the Scriptures, or the Koran. The purpose of the Commentary on the Koran is to assist people in the last days to understand the Warnings and to repent and be baptised as they are called to the faith. There will be a significant number of Islam called over the next period to the Coming of the Witnesses and the Messiah.


So also are the claims false that the Koran was issued complete and unedited. Most scholars agree that is a false statement. The extent of the alterations and edits can be gauged by reading the Commentary on the Koran Appendix 1: Edits and Additions/Alterations (QS1).


These claims above are just more false claims made by the worshippers of the Sun and Mystery Cults posing as Christianity and Islam in the service of Satan’s plan to disrupt Christianity and Islam and remove the people from the Covenant.



The Koran was issued in a sequence of:

Very Early Beccan Surahs

Early Beccan Surahs

Middle Beccan Surahs

Late Beccan Surahs

Madinan Surahs

They are explained in the Chronology above and in detail in the Summary of the Commentary on the Koran or Qur’an (QS).


The First Surahs were issued to explain the basics of the faith to the Beccans.  They had an immediate effect and the Church came to be persecuted by these servants of Satan as Hubal. Because of the tribal nature of the Beccan society, those like the Prophet who belonged to a more powerful clan were fairly free from direct attack but the poorer clans at Becca were less secure and the Baalist or Hubal worshipping Beccans entrained upon them.


Over the three years from 611 to 613 CE they were so persecuted that the Prophet had to send his cousin Jafar in charge of the group to flee Becca in what was the First Hijrah in 613 where the church fled to Abyssinia and sought refuge under the Negus and the Sabbatarian Unitarian Church there in Abyssinia. The church there had been established by the steward of Candice Queen of the Ethiopians that was baptised by Philip in 30 CE as in Acts 8:26-40.  The church had spread from there across to Yemen and to Saba and formed the branch of, or among, the Sabeans.


In order to support the faith the Surah 19 Mariam (Q019) had been issued, prior to the Hijrah in 613. Its purpose appears to have been to explain the faith at Becca to the Negus and the church there as well as the church at Becca.


The Beccans sent a mission to plead for the Negus not to grant the church members asylum and to return the church refugees to Becca. The major plea they made was that they were not true Christians as they did not believe in the Trinity. Being Baal (Hubal) worshippers they did not understand that the doctrines of the Sabbatarians at Abyssinia were the same as the church at Becca and neither was Trinitarian.


Fortunately, the Negus commanded that all bishops in Abyssinia were present and Jafar made the address, which had been opposed by the Beccan emissaries.


This most important record is ignored by these pseudo-Muslim scholars.  However the scribes were present and we have a record of the meeting by a very distinguished Muslim scholar and the details are in the Commentary to Surah 19 above. It is most important to determine the nature of the Christian Doctrines there including the food laws.


At the same time as the Hijrah to Abyssinia, and to the Negus at Aksum, the Holy Spirit issued the Surah 20 Ta ha (Q20) which was instrumental in the calling of Omar who would later be responsible as Caliph in capturing Jerusalem and the surrender. He ordered the sparing of the inhabitants and the cleansing the Temple Mount as the place of worship to be restored. The Temple Mount had become a rubbish pit and he knew it had to be used as the place of worship from the Surah 017 “The Children of Israel” or the “Night Journey” (Q017).


The details are explained in the Commentary on both Surahs.


The order of Surahs was:

Very Early Beccan Surahs

“611 CE Commencement of the Mission at Becca.

S96, S74. And then;

SS 68, 73, 89, 90, 91, 92, 95, 97, 99, 100, 101, 102, 103, 105, 106.


The First Hijrah was made necessary in 613 and the Early Beccan Surahs began.”


“All of these texts are basic introductory texts for the conditioning of the Beccans for the understanding of the faith in its early form. The structure of the faith was built up from these texts and even in their simple form they engendered persecution with the First Hijrah to Abyssinia by the church under Jaffar, cousin of the Prophet, in 613 CE. Note that the next section has the later numbered Surahs that were designed to complete the primary mission to the Pagan Beccans and make them all aware of the faith of the Scriptures.


Early Beccan Surahs

S019, and perhaps S020

The prayer Surah 001 was introduced sometime after the First Series but no one is sure as to the exact time. In the same way the Koran ends with the Surahs 113 and 114 which are prayer Surahs for protection.


SS 34, 35, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 70, 71, 75, 76, 77, 78, 79, 80, 81, 82, 83, 84, 85, 86, 87, 93, 94, 104, 107, 111, 112, 113, 114.”


These Early Beccan Surahs explain the faith to the Beccans and the details of each Surah is explained in the texts at Summary of the Commentary on the Koran or Qur’an (QS) (cf. also QSA).


The next phase begins at the:

Middle Beccan Surahs

SS 30, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 50, 67, 69,

015, 017 (- vv. 81 and 76-82), 018, 021, 025 (-v. 68-70 (AH)), 026 (-224-227 (AH)), 027, 031 (mid or last Beccan period –vv27-28 (AH)), 032.


The Introduction to Surah 30 Romans (Q030) explains the Roman Persian war as the background to the Surah and commences the sequence. The tape is important to the explanations of this and all the Summary (cf. The Summary (QS) and the tape at QSB).


Surahs 15 Al Hijr (Q015) deals with the History of the Arabs and Ishmaelite Arabs from the tribes down to Amalek and modern times and S18 The Cave (Q018) deals with the early church. Both are important to understanding Biblical prophecy.

See Summary QSB


Late Beccan Surahs

This next section of Late Beccan Surahs emphasises the Dominion of God over His creation and the place of the Host in that creation.


Late Beccan Surahs

SS 64 (Last year, 621or 2 or 1 AH),

72 (re the Jinn and ties back to 70 and 71 etc.).

006, 010 (+3 vv. AH), 011(-v. 114), 012, 013, 014, 016 (-v. 110 + 2 AH), 022 (much belongs to the Late Beccan Period but vv. 11-13. 25-30, 39-41 and 58-60 were reportedly from Madinah).

023, 028 (vv. 85 and 52-55 AH), 029).


See the Summary and tape at Summary QSC.

The Beccan idolaters had persecuted the Church so much now that the church was forced to flee from Becca/Petra to Madinah.  This flight occurred in 622 CE and is known as the Hijrah and becomes a common date for the Islamic scholars. All that does is confuse the history and sequence so that it further distances the two elements of the faith.


Surah 72 the Jinn (Q072) deals with the Heavenly Host and is important, both in content and in numbering, as is explained in the Summary. Surah 6 Livestock (Q006) in explained in the Summary in dealing with the practices at Becca.


The Surahs in this last phase at Becca basically denounce the practices there and helped to bring on the persecution from Satan through the idolaters there.


The summary lists are important to the understanding of the Faith here as elsewhere (See Summary QSC).


The Summary deals with the theological development at Madinah and the corruption also that followed.


622 The Hijrah

“The message to the Beccans fell on deaf ears and the church converts were persecuted and it increased until they had to flee to Al-Madinah in 622 CE. From Al-Madinah the church was forced to resort to arms and their success in battle forced the surrender of the Beccans and the surrounding tribal groups and Islam began to consolidate its theology and explanations of the faith. However, it also filled the church with false converts from the pagan idolatrous systems for reasons of conquest.


The Biblical structure of the treatment of women began to develop along the lines of Biblical Law also. After going to Al-Madinah the Church dealt with the Jews also and their traditions and laws of Kashrut and the Hillel Calendar as the church under the Prophet did not follow Hillel and he and the church kept the Day of Atonement on a different day to the Jews and Hillel. These matters are also dealt with in the papers on the Koran and the Sabbath in the Qur’an (No. 274) and the paper Hebrew and Islamic Calendar Reconciled (No. 053).


Surah 3 deals with the Food Laws and says that both Jews and Christians and Islam must keep the correct food laws laid down in Scripture (S3:93 cf Lev. 11 and Deut. 14).  The church also tied the Sabbath to the Covenant of God at Surah 4:154 and there was never any suggestion that Sharia was ever contemplated. It did not exist in its present form at the time. It was developed after the death of the Prophet from pagan traditions in existence before the Prophet.  Only the Laws of God as delivered at Sinai (S95) were to be observed. Their understanding of the Covenant of God was as explained in the papers The Koran on the Bible, the Law. and the Covenant (No. 083) and The Covenant of God (No. 152).


Revealed at Al -Madinah

SS 47 (1-2 AH), 98 (1 AH?), 002 (1-2 AH),

008 (2 AH), 003 (3-4 AH), 62 (2-4 AH),

004 (4 AH), 59 (4 AH), 63 (4 AH), 58 (4-5 AH), 65 (5-6 AH),

024 (5-6 AH),

33 (5-7 AH),

005 (5-10 AH), 48 (6 AH), 61 (6AH),   

60 (8 AH)

57 (8-9 AH)

009 (9 AH)

49 (9 AH)

110 (10 AH)

 It is not known with any certainty when SS 007 and 66 were given AH.


The revelations after the Hijrah at Al-Madinah are often complete theological treatise and the longest and most involved is Surah 2 which is preceded by S1 The opening prayer, the date of which is unknown.


Surah 3 concerns the Family of Imran (Q003) or Amran father of Mariam, Aaron and Moses and then the prophets on down to the Messiah through the body of Israel and the Church of God.  Surah 4 Women (Q004) relates to the Fifth Commandment and also to the fidelity of the church to Christ and the Seventh Commandment. It also ties the Sabbaths of the Fourth Commandment to the Covenant of God (S4:154). It was issued after the battle of Uhud and concerns the welfare of women.  Surah 5 The Table Spread (Q005) ties the Lord’s Supper and the Passover and Feast of Unleavened Bread to the Faith and the Church. 


The entire developed structure of the Koran ties the faith to the Calendar of God and cannot be divorced from Scripture or the Law and the Covenant.


Surah 47 (1-2 AH)  Muhammad Commentary on the Koran: Surah 47 (No. Q047)

The Surah allegedly takes its name from the use of the term Muhammad in verse 2 which is then asserted as the name of the prophet Qasim. It is in fact a reference to the authority of the Council of the Church in the Revelation of God and the name and seal of the 144,000 throughout the church as the prophets of God (see Introduction to the Commentary on the Koran (Q001)).


The Surah is held to have been revealed in the period after the Hijrah and verse 18 is held to be referring to the period when in the flight the Prophet looked back on Becca. However, the “hour” that it refers to is the Hour of the destruction of the Last Days under Messiah. The Hadithic traditions seek to make distinction between the Koran and the Scriptures in prophetic references.


Surah 98 (1 AH?)        The Clear Evidence Commentary on the Koran: Surah 98 (No. Q098)

Al-Beyyinah takes its name from a word in the first verse. There is no certainty as to the date of revelation.  Many regard it as a Late Beccan Surah.  The Mushaf attributes it to 1 AH as the probable date of revelation and Pickthall follows this view as he has done throughout his translation.


The text refers to those who err and disbelieve among “the people of the Scriptures” and also the idolaters. They could not have but erred until they were given clear proof.


The re-education period will determine the faithful from the erroneous in the Judgment.


Surah 002 (1-2 AH) The Heifer Commentary on the Koran: Surahs 1 and 2 (No. Q002)

The longest and most extensive of the Surahs is based on the place of the Messiah and the commencement of the purification of the church as the red heifer under the laws given by Christ as the Angel of the Presence to Moses.


Remember, the Red Heifer was used to commence the sanctification process of the Temple of God.


We dealt with the Surah section by section and then teased out the meanings of each section.


The Qur'an is a collection of teachings to the Arabian church and reminders of the spiritual identity of those following this book. We compared Paul and his letters and epistles to the Qur'an and its Surahs, and we compared the CCG with its study papers. All of these works have been, and still are being taught to the church after the death and resurrection of Christ; all hold to the law and the testimony. Taken as an isolated book not dependent on any previous word of God it is comparable to the works of Paul and can be and has been twisted into meanings that it wasn't meant to convey. The Bible must be understood in order to understand the Qur'an properly.


The name of this Surah, the Cow, does relate to the physical red heifer and its function in the sanctification process. This Surah speaks to the elect and what they must do to be pure and to be presentable to God.  The red heifer is actually the ruddy heifer based on the word derived from adam meaning the ruddy. The Surah here refers to the “golden heifer” derived from the glowing countenance of Christ that was reflected in the countenance of Moses that glowed when he was seen by Israel at Sinai. It reflects the spiritual glorification of the elect.


Surah 2 lays down the foundation of the beliefs of the Arabian church and gives the basic understanding of the identity of a Christian. This chapter speaks of requirements for eternal life, baptism and commandment keeping and reminds people to keep the food laws. It speaks to those of the covenant that have fallen into error and tells them what they should do to correct their sins. It speaks of the sins of both physical and spiritual Israel as a warning to those being taught in Surah 2. Interestingly at ayats 189-190 we are told about the New Moon and that we are to enter the houses (of worship) openly and not be ashamed of this Sabbath.


It is the Law of God that the Sabbaths, New Moons and Feasts are to be kept continually (cf. also 1Cor. 3:16).


Surah 2 also reinforces that the Laws of God delivered by Moses and the testimony of Christ that reveals what we must do to receive eternal life are to be followed in ayat 87.


Undoubtedly the Arabian church had difficulty with the concept of God having sons. It appears those being taught were carnal minded and didn't understand a son coming to be other than through sexual intercourse. The explanation in ayats 105-117 against the Trinity explains that Jesus was not a product of sexual intercourse but God created him through His power alone, by divine fiat.


The prologue of this Surah addresses the predestined (al muttaqeen, see v. 2) people of God, the elect, keeping “The Way” (hudan see v. 2; cf. John 14:5; Acts 9:2) or the “Faith Once Delivered to the Saints”.


First Section: verses 2 to 27.

It is important to understand and to always have in mind that at Pentecost of the year 30 CE, there were Jews or those of Israel in diaspora or those faithful to God who came to Jerusalem to keep this feast (see Acts chapter 2, esp. verse 14), and having been convinced by the exposure of the Way, the Gospel of the Kingdom of God by the apostles, it is written that 3,000 were baptized (see Acts 2:37-41). Then those Arabians (see Acts 2:11) converted returned home. Therefore the historical fact is the Church of God was already in the sectors of Arabia long before the destruction of the Temple in the year 70 CE and many centuries before the Prophet Qasim was born.  We have to understand that very well as a primary rule for dealing with the texts. The dishonest Arabian scholars invented the lie that the Scriptures had been lost to stop this referral to Scripture and break the Hadith and later teachings free of the Scriptures and then allow them to invent false doctrine.


It is a matter of fact that the texts teach that the Scriptures are God breathed and are infallible and that Scripture cannot be broken as Christ said himself quoting the Law of God (Jn. 10:34-36). 


The concept of the universality of God as part of Scripture is explained in the text of The Song of Moses (No. 179) in that it can be derived from the Song of Moses in the Torah at Exodus and cannot be lost or written away as to do so is blasphemy and impugning the Nature and Omnipotence of God. This heresy is prevalent in Hadithic Islam and its advocates are apostates and will die unless they repent. 


As explained, Scripture is the only true worship text besides spontaneous prayer, witness and exhortation. Not only the Psalms but also other portions of Scripture, such as the book of Revelation, are clearly written with the intent to be recited and heard as worship. 


If Scripture is the embodiment of God then it can be argued that to replace the book of Psalms with a hymn book is to replace the God of the Scriptures with an idol. However the translation is meant to be sung (see CCG Hymnal).


God becomes salvation. This is a process in four steps. It begins with the recognition of God as strength that is complete human dependence upon God and the closest possible relationship with Him. The second step is the realization that Scripture is God insofar as humans can experience God as revealed through the Holy Spirit. The third step is salvation through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit as God with us. The fourth step defines salvation: He is my God.” (Summary ibid QSD)).


The final phase saw the Church at Medinah forced into arms to survive. With victory came the apostate Baal worshippers of the Sun and Moon and the Mystery Cults.  After the Four Rightly Guided caliphs and the murder of Ali and Hussein the church was forced underground and the Hadith was written to destroy the faith which it did do in Islam and separated the two elements of the faith. The military expansions, especially from the Moors, actually reinforced Trinitarian Baal worship as pseudo Christianity and increased the persecution. With each military victory the faith was ever more suppressed and the Trinitarians fought back and persecuted the faith, which was Satan’s purpose and plan.


The world is now poised for the final wars of the end.


The Final section of the Summary of the Commentary on the Koran or Qur’an (QS) at (QSE) deals with the problems in understanding the Koran and the failure to link it to the Scriptures and then understand the plan of Salvation and the place of the Messiah in that Plan of the One True God.  The final activities of Satan within his strategy and activities are also explained and the final moves in the faith. Satan’s time is very short and he will soon be replaced by the Messiah and the Loyal Host and the resurrected elect. That resurrected elect will also include the entire Host of the elect in the Middle East and those of Islam will face and be placed under the apostles and the elders of the Churches of God which includes the elect of the churches in the Middle East and North Africa, at Becca and to Abyssinia and into Persia and India and China. There seems little doubt that the prophet will be one of the elders that will deal with those who claim the faith as well as those left alive of other nations and groups. If these errors and heresies are not corrected there is little chance they will be left alive to go into the Millennium unless they repent and the same goes for every person of every nation and every religion on the planet.


The Final Attacks on the Covenant

In the early church through into Arabia under the prophet one could always tell a fake Christian, by what they said and did. If you came across a person who said that they were Christians and that when they died they went to heaven we knew they were lying and were not Christians (cf. Justin Martyr, Dial. LXXX) (cf. Heaven Hell or the First Resurrection of the Dead (No. 143A)).  In the same way, if they worshipped on Sundays and kept Christmas and Easter we knew they were fakes and were Baal worshippers from the Mystery and Sun Cults (Jer. 10:1-9; cf. God’s Calendar (No. 156) and Origins of Christmas and Easter (No. 235)).


Also if they said they had an Immortal Soul we knew they were Gnostic fakes and their priests were from the Mystery and Sun Cults. (cf. The Soul (No. 092) and Socratic Doctrine of the Soul (B6)).


In similar manner if they said that the laws of God were done away we knew they were Gnostic frauds who were attacking the Laws of God and asserting an antinomian basis to undermine the faith and the doctrines of the true Church.  So also if they advanced the idea that infants could be baptised they were Baal (Hubal) worshippers from the practice of child sacrifice or Gnostics that sought to deny baptism in the covenant (cf. Antinomian Destruction of Christianity By Misuse of Scripture (No. 164C); Antinomian Attacks on the Laws of God (No. 164D) and also Antinomian Denial of Baptism (No. 164E)).


They also sought and seek to deny baptism by many other means alien to the faith, including by unauthorised people. It was Satan’s aim to destroy baptism as repentant adults under the Call of God and corrupt the doctrine of the Call of God under Predestination (No. 296) as we see in Romans 8:28-30.


In disrupting baptism they also introduced the false doctrine of abstention from Wine in order to corrupt the Lord’s Supper (103) and Wine in the Bible (No. 188).


They also did not understand the concepts of Truth (No. 168) nor Conversion and Truth (No. 072); nor did or do they understand the place in the faith of Repentance and Baptism (No. 052).


Taqiyya and the Ninth Commandment

The Trinitarian system operating under the RC orders have used the concept of misinformation by lies and also by murder. They have done this through the Jesuits to the extent that in the Nineteenth century they were expelled from South American countries by the governing structures. So also the Hadithic imams and sheiks encourage lies to preserve the individual or more particularly to further the cause, and thus, expansion of the faith by deceit. These deliberate lies in breach of the Laws of God (L1) are not considered a sin in that they are necessary to further the faith and the ends justifies the means. It is a philosophically and theologically abhorrent practice and renders the participant in sin and places them in the Second Resurrection or Second Garden of Paradise under judgment. Sin is transgression of the law (1Jn 3:4).


Nor also when one says they are a Muslim (or a Christian) and that the Scriptures have been lost (or are not inspired) and that when they die they go to heaven, with or without seventy virgins, you know they are not a member of the covenant and they are a fake Muslim.


When they say that they do not keep the Sabbath but say prayers on Friday as their day of worship you know they are fakes and deny the covenant set in the Koran and tied to the Sabbath (S4:154) and when they deny the food laws and eat unclean food set in Scripture (S3:93) you know they are fakes.  Also when they teach heaven and hell instead of the First and Second Gardens of Paradise and the Millennium of the Messiah’s rule, you know they are fakes.


When they advance Sharia Law you know they are Baalist fakes. The women also are abused females who also are those who wear the burqah and advocate the Sharia out of some persecuted mindset.


They show through adoption of Sharia that they have no idea of the texts of Scripture as applied through the Koran (cf. The Koran on the Bible, the Law and the Covenant (No.083)).


When they mutilate female genitals which has no basis in Scripture or the Koran they likewise are fakes and are usually accompanied by these same satanic doctrines above.


When you speak to people and they make these statements you know they are not Christians or Muslims and you know that you cannot trust what they say. In the same way that if they knock on your door, claiming to proselytise the faith and start off with the set spiel you will finally pin them down and find that they do not keep the Sabbath and finally they will admit to you that the Law of God is done away. These devious hypocrites are not Christians. Their predecessors entered the Church of God and learned what they could and distorted it so they could destroy the faith in the same way they did in what is now called Islam. They are not Christians or those of the Surrender and will neither go into the First Resurrection (143A above) nor will they enter the millennial systems without repentance.


The modern world rulership is now corrupt beyond belief and the Baal system as it developed in Pseudo-Islam and in Trinitarian Pseudo-Christianity has penetrated the world governments and they are sacrificing children and often women with child and are so corrupt they are about to plunge us into world war and they are destroying our societies everywhere. The wars will start soon and then God will intervene and send the Witnesses and the Messiah at the head of the Loyal Host.


Satan will be bound in Tartaros along with the Fallen Host. The elect of the First Resurrection will replace the Jinn or demons in ruling and educating the earth and the human systems over the Millennium or the Messianic Rule of 1000 years (Rev. 20:1-3)


Those who will not repent and obey at the return of the Messiah will be killed.


They are consigned to the Second Resurrection and the Great White Throne Judgment (No. 143B) with all of the unconverted world for retraining, unless they repent in time.