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Wars of the End Part III: Armageddon and the Vials of the Wrath of God


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This text deals with the coming of the Messiah and the sequence of the subjugation of the earth under the Laws of God and its preparation for the Millennium.



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 Wars of the End Part III: Armageddon and the Vials of the Wrath of God

Part III


Section 1


The First Resurrection

In chapter 37 Ezekiel talks of the Valley of Dry Bones.


The whole House of Israel is cut off and yet God resurrects His people. The House of Israel is the Church, which is the vineyard of the Lord (Isa. 5:7) and the Church appears to be dead.


Once this resurrection occurs then the heathen will know that God sanctifies Israel and His sanctuary shall be in the midst of them for evermore.


In the sequence it appears that the Resurrection of the Dead precedes the Battles of Magog and the associated nations in the War of Hammon-Gog. The fact is that they overlap and the battles go on after the resurrection of the body of Christ, which is the House of Israel. Also Revelation 3:10 shows that the great Tribulation is accorded to both the Sardis and Laodicean systems but the Philadelphian system is protected. We will see more of this below.


Timing of the Advent

There are two alternatives for the arrival of the Witnesses and then the Messiah.


The first is based on the assumption that the Holy Day of Trumpets represents that coming of the Messiah. That means that the Witnesses must be there in Jerusalem 1264 days prior, over what must be the Feast for the Passover, and continue then for the period from Passover to Trumpets 1264 days later.


This is appears to be the case from the church’s view of the Calendar and its symbolism.


There is however, another view and that also has Scriptural support.


This second alternative has God’s intervention commencing at Trumpets and the Two Witnesses arrive to read the Law and establish the Nexus of the Law at Trumpets.


This then proceeds for the 1264 days to 1 Abib and Passover of that year. This alternative would accord with the actions of Christ when he appeared to Joshua at Jericho after the circumcision of Israel at Gilgal (see The Fall of Jericho (No. 142)).


This would then accord with the symbolism of the Night of Watching at Passover where the church has spent the last two millennia staying up at Passover late into the night watching for the Messiah.


This would also allow for the Witnesses at the end of the Sabbath preparing for Messiah at Passover.  Thus we would expect the First Resurrection at Passover and not at Trumpets.


Aims and Objectives of the First Resurrection

We have seen that the Messiah has resurrected the Two Witnesses Enoch and Elijah at his return and they were taken up to meet him in the skies. So also this event occurred worldwide and all those that were “fallen asleep” or dead were resurrected first and then they and those left alive were all translated and brought to Jerusalem to be with Messiah. The elect then partake of the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. These events are covered in the papers Trumpets (No. 136) and Heaven, Hell or the First Resurrection of the Dead (No. 143A).


This event stuns most of the world as the teachings of the Baal systems led the world to believe that when they died they went to “heaven” and those that they did not like or who opposed them went to “hell.” These  people are not Christians (cf. also Justin Martyr, Dial. LXXX). None of that was true and is a gross imputation on the Nature of God. In fact the major theme of the Koran was to discredit any idea of such a situation and to reinforce the First and Second Resurrections of the Dead based on the entire structure of Scripture. The Hadith then set about destroying the teachings of the Koran to restore Baal worship (as Hubal) and the Sharia (see also Summary of the Commentary on the Qur’an or Koran (QS)).


The major purpose of the First Resurrection is to replace the Demonic Host under Satan, whose time is up, and they are to be removed and placed in the pit of Tartaros. God has selected a replacement host and they have proven by testing under persecution and even martyrdom that they are able to be trusted even unto death through faith.


Their tasks are to take their positions as spirit beings and to provide supervision and guidance to the millennial system under Christ. Like Christ they were prepared to give up their lives for the faith and for the love of each other and to serve the body of Christ.


Over the millennial system the elect chosen by God through His Omniscience are predestined (cf. Predestination (No. 296)), prepared and given to Christ at this resurrection. They are then sent out to subjugate the earth and prepare it for the millennial system which lasts 1000 years, and then for the Second Resurrection when all people will be resurrected and retrained in order to take their place in the Heavenly Host as spirit beings (see also the Second Resurrection of the Dead and the Great White Throne Judgment (No. 143B)).


The entire Fallen Host of what we call demons or jinn will be killed at the end of the final war at the end of the Millennium and reduced to human flesh in the Second Resurrection. They will be judged and retrained by the elect at that time (1Cor. 6:3) (see also the Judgment of the Demons (No. 080)).


Their prior spiritual forces will be harnessed and removed and turned into the fuel source of the Lake of Fire as a memorial to the purpose of the creation. They will then be given new spirits that are free from the sin and corruption of the rebellion.


The demons have warned their servants in the church of the Whore at Rome of the consequences of the coming of Christ and of the prophecies of the Gospels and of Revelation following on from Daniel. This “prophecy” or “vision” was done through the so-called utterings of the appearance of the “Virgin” to the children at Fatima. The Third secret at Fatima is actually two secrets part 3A and part 3B or the Fourth Secret of Fatima.  The paper Fatima Part 3A concerns a vision of the death of The Last Pope (No. 288) on a Hill near the city. It is 62 lines. They assume the city is Rome. The vision says that the city has been destroyed and many soldiers shoot the pope and kill him by execution. That has been read and the papacy from Pius XII tried to account for it in various ways and then later as the attempt on John-Paul II and the danger is over. However that was one assailant and one shot and he lived for a further 25 years. That view does not answer the vision of 3A.  However, the Paper 3B is of 20-25 lines on a letter in the Vatican papal apartments in a compartment in the wooden desk “Barbarigo.” (This was reportedly openly stated by Archbishop Capovilla). This text concerns the words from the “Virgin.” The two envelopes were to be opened in 1960 by the bishop of Fatima or the cardinal patriarch of Lisbon. They were read also in 1955 from records. Two texts were read by the popes, Paul VI in 1963, then and again in 1978 by John Paul II (not 1981 as claimed).  It concerns the corruption of the Roman Church worldwide and the massive destruction that eventuates in the final conflicts. Massive explosions in the seas also are accompanied by tidal waves and inundations such as we dealt with in Part I.  


The vision also shows the dogma of the faith was to be preserved in Portugal but the inference is that there is a worldwide dogmatic crisis which is also what Pius XII predicted in 1931. That is now upon the Whore worldwide. Also a reference exists to the tail of the dragon and the third of the stars of heaven.  The demons know this text refers to them but the Catholics think it refers to the leaders of the church. It is correct that they refer to the both elements as the demons are extant in the leadership. Also the Fires that comes from heaven are also extant in 3b. They refer to both comets and the power of the Witnesses.


Cardinal Bertone’s denials regarding 3B and that 3A as the authentic text are now refuted universally.


The timing and outline of the sequence of the coming of the Messiah were given under the papers Advent of the Messiah Part I (No. 210A) and Advent of the Messiah (No. 210 B).  The process in this series shows the systematic destruction of the Roman Church and the world’s false religions. That cannot be given to the world as the Roman curia is afraid that the church might react and cleanse it of its evil. However, only Messiah can do that to rid it of its demons and its sodomy.



Revelation chapter 7 shows the structure of the Resurrection as the 144,000 allotted to the twelve tribes at 12,000 per tribe and then the Great Multitude whom no man can number.


These groups are taken from a series of groups. The First group is the patriarchs of the faith as determined in Scripture from Adam to Noah and down through Abraham to the tribes.


The Second Group is the prophets who are all selected by God and through whom the Holy Spirit operates to dictate prophecy and direction to the chosen people.


Up until Messiah it was only on the selection by God as a prophet that one was able to enter what was to become the Body of Christ. However, with the release of the Holy Spirit through the death and acceptance of Christ, it was opened to all mankind to be able to request for the Holy Spirit to be granted and to be made part of the Body of Christ. This was made available from Pentecost 30 CE at Jerusalem (cf. Timing of the Crucifixion and the Resurrection (No. 159) and The Holy Spirit (No. 117)).


The open opportunity has resulted in the concept of many being called but few are chosen.  They can ask for the opportunity, but fail as God did not choose and call them because He knew they would fail. This is tied into the concept of Predestination above.


The definition of the elect is found in Revelation 12:17 and 14:12. These are they that keep the Commandments of God and the Faith and Testimony of Jesus Christ. Thus antinomianism is precluded to the elect (see the Man of Sin and the Apostasy (No. 299E) and also Antinomian Destruction of Christianity by Misuse of Scripture (No. 164C)). 


The check list for the First Resurrection is simple.


One must be baptized by immersion as a repentant adult by an authorized officer of the Churches of God and keep the Laws of God based on the two Great Commandments and the Ten Commandments on which is subtended all the laws and the prophets.


The Fourth Commandment is the marker of the faith and the Covenant is bound to it (cf. also Surah 4:154).

The Sabbaths of God are:

1. The weekly Sabbaths;

2. The New Moons;

3. The Feasts

And the Holy Days.

So also the daily sacrifices are tied to it as well (cf.  the records of the Temple system by Philo in God’s Calendar (No. 156)).


The Lord’s Supper is the Second Sacrament of the Faith and must be kept every year on the evening beginning 14 Abib as has been done for centuries.


So also the Fast of Atonement must be kept and the fast of the 7th Abib must also be kept for the sanctification of the Simple and the Erroneous (cf. Sanctification of the Simple and the Erroneous (No. 291)). That is part of the entire Sanctification Process (Sanctification of the Temple of God (No. 241) and Sanctification  of the Nations (No. 077)).


The Sardis and Laodicean systems of the Last Days corrupted the church doctrines and God’s Calendar (No. 156) as did Judah and as such are not permitted entry to the Kingdom of God except on repentance. For these errors and negligence their ministry will be severely punished.


One cannot enter the Kingdom of God either in the First Resurrection or in the millennial system without keeping these aspects.


Why others were rejected

In the Last Days virtually the entire world is denied entry to the Kingdom of God because they allowed themselves to be so completely deceived. They have had the Scriptures constantly available to them but simply refused to study them. It was generally accessible except where the church of the Whore made it impossible to access in which case it went underground.  As we explained in Part I, Satan created the false systems based on the worship of Baal and the goddess Easter (also Ishtar) or Ashtoreth and corrupted Christianity.


The church of the Whore then tried to kill all of those that were of the Sabbatarian Faith over the years. We explained this sequence on the papers General Distribution of the Sabbath-keeping Churches (No. 122) and also the Role of the Fourth Commandment in the Sabbath-keeping Churches of God (No. 170).


The elect of the First Resurrection were killed in the millions over the two thousand years, not only by pagans initially, but largely by Sunday worshipping Trinitarian Baal Worshippers as pseudo-Christians who do not even know they are not true Christians.


So also have they been persecuted and killed

by pseudo-Muslims who have been taken away from the Koran and the Scriptures by the Hadith and the lies of the Imams who paint God as some doddering old person that cannot keep track of His own instruction manual.


The false religions will all be refused entry to the First Resurrection and unless they repent they will die before the Millennium. Only those that have been baptised as a repentant adult and kept God’s Calendar and been part of the faith will be allowed entry.  So those after the Eighth century will be denied admittance. Except for the underground faith the people will not generally be allowed access except for the repentant baptized (cf. Koran on the Bible, The Law and the Covenant (No. 083) and Sabbath in the Qur’an (No. 274)).


So also will it be with all the Liberation theologies, Animism and the Agnostics and Atheists and the idle indifferent. They will be required to be re-educated to be allowed entry to the millennial system. There is no negotiation.


There is no way out except through repentance and baptism and then acceptance in the body of Christ. All the labourers get the same wage no matter how late they come into the field and that wage is salvation.



The elect will be given their allocations and directions and then commence to deal with mankind and bring them under control of the Messiah in the ensuing battles. They will be given all the powers of the Host and will be co-heirs with Christ as Elohim or Theoi as sons of God as Christ at their head (Zech. 12:8 and Jn. 10:34-36).


The immediate battle ahead of them now is Armageddon.


Part III


Section 2



After The First Resurrection

The War of Hamon Gog (No. 294) is known in the modern era as Armageddon which follows the First Resurrection. It and the nations involved are explained in detail in paper (No. 294) linked above.


This activity is in the Last Days and it involves the sequence of warfare that is commenced by the actions of Mesech and Tubal but involves many nations including the host of Gomer with the sons of Elam or Persia, and then those of Ethiopia and Libya who are the sons of Ham.


The people mentioned of Gomer are of the North Quarters, and Togarmah is specifically mentioned as coming, but Gomer is mentioned first. There is thus a distinction in the host of Gomer where Ashkenaz and Riphath are distinct from Togarmah who is mentioned separately. When we understand who these nations are in modern terms we can see that they are on opposite sides of these battles.


The battles occur in the Last Days after the nation of Israel is restored and the lands are reclaimed from wastelands and re-forested.


From our current knowledge of the tribes of Gomer and the Hebrews, including the nation of Israel, the sons of Ashkenaz and Riphath are in Israel as Jews, and their allies in the armies in Iraq and Afghanistan.


They are opposed by Elamite Persia or Iran and the Arab alliance including Libya and Ethiopia comprising the Sudan. Iran is arming at present with nuclear weapons. The comments in chapter 38 show that God will bring the massed Northern Armies down against Israel to show the nations that God is sanctified by the destruction of the Armies of Gog (cf. War of Hamon-Gog (No. 294) for details).


We saw that the results of the sequence of the Wars of the End Part I: Wars of Amalek (No. 141C) will also be pestilence and blood and natural calamities. Thus the nations will see the pestilence of disease and parasites and also diseases of the blood and the consequences of illness magnified.


In Ezekiel chapter 39, we see that it is Gog of Meshech and Tubal that are turned back and only a sixth part of them is left alive. They will be brought down and will fall on the mountains of Israel. That means that the armies of the Alliance have to be reorganised and withdrawn to Israel through Syria and Jordan.


From the text of War of Hamon-Gog (No. 294) we see that “Ezekiel chapter 32 shows that Egypt is joined with this host of Meshech and Tubal and the remnant of Edom. Now Edom is divided in two parts. The one part is in Israel as a part of Judah and the other in the coasts of the Mediterranean where it was part of the Phoenician alliance. Also the Sidonians of Lebanon are with her and Elamites or Persians are also brought down and put with her. Thus we are seeing the Islamic Alliance based on the oil producing nations of Iran, Libya and the Sudan in alliance with Egypt and after the first phase of the Wars of Amalek forced into alliance with the kings of the North.


Ezekiel chapter 30 says that the Day of the Lord shall comprise the fall of the nations of Egypt, Ethiopia and then Libya and Lydia, which is in Turkey and all the mingled people and Chub (either Mauritania or Cobe in Ethiopia).


In Ezekiel chapters 26 and 27 we see the prophecies against the prince or King of Tyre and Nebuchadrezzar is brought against them. This word is spelled this way four times by Ezekiel and also by Jeremiah. It is spelled Nebuchadnezzar by Bersosus the Chaldean from the inscriptions on the monuments. Nebuchadnezzar is once called the appointed servant of the Lord in Daniel chapter 8. The r spelling may be symbolic that the king of Babylon is not God’s servant in this context.


The problems in Ezekiel show that we are dealing with type and antitype, and the actions of the times of the invasions of the Babylonians and the northern empires under Cambyses, who acted in fulfilment of these prophecies, are completed again by others of the Northern Armies, and these result in the destruction of Egypt and the laying waste of her cities (see the paper The Fall of Egypt: the Prophecy of Pharaoh’s Broken Arms (No. 36) and also part II (No. 36_2)).


Measuring the Temple as part of the wars of the end

So also: “In chapter 40, Ezekiel was given a vision of the measuring of the Temple. He measured the inner chambers from the gates and the inner court (Ezek. 40:1-23). He then measured the outer court (Ezek. 40:24-34). He then measured the North Gate to where the offerings were washed and prepared (vv. 35-39, 40-43).


Outside of the Inner Gate were the chambers of the singers of the inner court, which was at the side of the North Gate looking South, which was for the priest who was the keeper of the charges of the house (v. 45). The chambers looking north were for the priests who were the keepers of the charge of the altar. These were to be of the sons of Zadok and the sons of Levi (v. 46). Thus in these Last Days we are to see the conversion of the sons of Levi and through Zadok. They are to be measured and prepared for their conversion. Then he measured the porch.


From chapter 41, Ezekiel deals with the measuring of the Temple. This sequence has two functions. It describes the symbolic basis of the Temple of the Restoration, but it also described the spiritual actions of the Temple of God, which Temple we are.


In this chapter he describes the cherubim as they stand on either side of the palm trees, which symbolize Jesus Christ. These are the two elohim that replace Satan and the Aeon, namely Abraham and Moses, the two mentioned as Elohim in Scripture.


In chapter 42 he measured the inner house and there the priests ate of the most holy things. This shows the function of the Spirit in revealing to the elect within the Temple the mysteries of God as they are revealed to the elect on a progressive basis.


In chapter 43 we read of the vision of the glory of the Lord that came by way of the East Gate. This vision was as he had seen at the river Chebar. Thus the glory of the Lord that appeared to Ezekiel then was the vision he saw in the Last Days and the restoration of the Temple, and was the being that entered it from the gate of the Prince, which is the East Gate. This is the Messiah, and thus the Messiah was the Angel of the Lord, the Cherubim that spoke with Ezekiel. In Ezekiel 43:7 he identifies the son of Man and the fact that this place was to be holy and it was to be no more defiled by the behaviour of the people in burying the carcasses of their kings and defiling the Holy Place by whoredom, which is spiritual prostitution, which is idolatry, and deceit and false worship. God then commands that they put away their sin and evil-doing and obey Him.


He then establishes the Law of the House, which is the Law of God as exercised by the prophets and as defined by Christ and the Apostles. The Law is Most Holy and rests on the top of the mountain (Ezek. 43:12).


From this time the ordinances of the altar are established. The Priests of Zadok will continue with the offerings of the restoration. Zadok means the righteous and it is in righteousness that the restoration will be completed as holy to the Lord. It will be for seven days that they will purge the altar with offerings and consecrate themselves and on the eighth day they will offer their burnt offerings on the altar and God will accept His people, so says the Lord God (Ezek. 44:26-27).


In chapter 44, Ezekiel was told that the prince would enter by the East Gate and that the Bread of the Sanctuary would be eaten there. The North Gate gave entrance for the host and the Glory of the Lord filled the sanctuary. God told Ezekiel to mark it well, the ordinance of the House and the laws thereof. In Ezekiel 44:6-7 he says, ‘And you shall say to the rebellious even to the house of Israel: Thus saith the Lord God: O ye house of Israel, let it suffice you of all your abominations. In that you have brought into my sanctuary strangers uncircumcised in heart and uncircumcised in flesh to be in my sanctuary, to pollute it even my house, when you offer my bread, the fat and the blood and ye have broken my covenant because of all your abominations.’


Thus, the rebellious of the House of Israel, which in this case is in and associated with the Temple of God, is to abide by the ordinances and the Laws of the House and they are sanctified on the eighth day by the intervention of the priesthood who are the elect of God. These people pollute the elect and the Temple as the Church of God. No person shall enter the Temple of God as the Sanctuary being unrepentant, and the Levites that have gone away from God will bear their iniquity. That applies to the priesthood of the elect and they will bear their iniquity. They have not kept the charge of the Holy things but set keepers in charge for their own pleasure. These are they that obstruct the work of the Lord and retain the offerings of God rather than preach the gospel of the Kingdom of God so that the body of Christ might be called and educated (v. 8).


Ministers shall be set in the House to minister to the people and the ministers that depart from their duty will bear their iniquity. They will not come near to the Lord. They shall be keepers of the charge of the house but never near the Lord God. The righteous that kept the charges of the Sanctuary will come near to minister to the Lord God (v. 15).


These are they of the inner court who are clothed in white linen. When they go out to the people they will change and not sanctify the people with their white linen garments. Thus these are the elect of the 144,000 that are the inner ministry of God. “And they shall teach my people the difference between the Holy and the profane and cause them to discern between the clean and the unclean and in controversy they shall stand in judgment; and they shall judge it according to my judgments: and they shall keep My laws and My statutes, in all My assemblies and they shall hallow my Sabbaths” (Ezek. 44:23-24).


This priesthood, which is of the latter days and is of the order of Melchisedek, is entitled to the tithe and that is their inheritance in Israel (Ezek. 44:8ff.).


When the land is divided by lot there is to be a holy portion for the Lord. There is to be a sanctuary divided off which is holy for the Lord in each portion (Ezek. 45:1ff.). There the priests and ministers shall live and minister to the people (v. 4). The Holy portions shall be for the whole house of Israel. The prince shall retain his possession in the opposite side to the holy place (v. 70) and there is to be no oppression in Israel.


The leaders of Israel are to execute justice and just balances and they are to receive a Terumah levy to provide meat on the Sabbaths and the New Moons and the Holy Days and Feasts (Ezek. 45:9-17).


In the First of the First month the cleansing of the Sanctuary begins. This period of the Sanctification (Ezek. 45:18-19) culminates in the Sanctification of the Simple and the Erroneous on the Seventh day of the First Month, Abib. The people that are sanctified in this process of the seven days are then able to stand before the Lord. This is the fast of the Seventh of Abib. On the Eighth day God says He will hear us and accept the offerings of the people. From then on the process of the Sabbaths of the Lord continues through all the Feasts of the year until Tabernacles.


Thus we see that the process above is one of selection and exclusion on a number of grounds. Those of us not excluded are the means by which the Temple is sanctified.


The Temple is being cleansed now on a  continual basis. Those of us that made it to this point are to be congratulated. We have shown the characteristics of spiritual discernment and loyalty and the ability to stand for the faith. It is those people who comprise the Church of God that stand before the throne of grace in honour and approved of God through the testimony of Jesus Christ.” (cf. No. 294 ibid).


The Sequence of the War

Over the period of the War of the Last Days we will virtually destroy the earth. The text says that fire will rain down on the people of the isles who are dwelling carelessly. This refers to the coastlands or isles far off. It is not just referring to the islands in the eastern Mediterranean.


We might thus deduce that we will see nuclear or laser wars or both, or indeed comets.


The ancient Hittite and Israelite alliance is still active and enshrined in the movement of the tribes from the Middle East into Europe.  From contrived circumstances that alliance moved itself into Afghanistan and the former Soviet states and later they invaded Iraq. That was foretold in the paper The Last Thirty Years: the Final Struggle (No. 219).


In 2001 we were into Afghanistan and then on into Iraq. The conflicts continued to escalate until these nations were all in conflict and then brought down to the Middle East.


The inherent tension between Europe and Russia was brought to a head using the nations east and west of the Caucasus. The war escalated until it forced the intervention of the wars of the Fifth and Sixth Trumpets detailed in Wars of the End Part I: Wars of Amalek  (No. 141C). Europe and the Northern powers had to take more and more control of the Middle East until they occupied it by force killing a third of mankind; and Christ was sent by God to intervene.


The intervention of Christ followed the First Resurrection and the installation of the Saints as the new government of God on this earth under Messiah.  In other words, using ancient terminology, the sons of Gomer and the sons of Arphaxad, down to and including the nations of Israel, will consolidate in the Middle East and come into conflict with the sons of Meshech and Tubal and the hordes of Togarmah, and Elam and the sons of Ham in Egypt, Libya and Ethiopia and Somalia.


The Middle East is thus the focal point of this war of the Last Days using oil and international finance as an excuse to bring the world to the verge of extinction.  The world was warned under the Witnesses in part II and now we are in the subjugation phase under Messiah and the elect.


The prophet Daniel foretold the problems of the Last Days. In Daniel Chapter 11:31 we see that the taking away of the daily sacrifice is foretold and they refer to the placing of the abomination that makes desolate.


Christ refers to this text in Matthew 24:15. The daily sacrifice was taken away in 70 CE when the Roman armies were surrounding Jerusalem. From this time the text refers to those that deal lawlessly with the covenant.


“And such as do wickedly against the covenant shall he corrupt by flatteries but the people that do know their God shall be strong and do exploits. And they that understand among the people shall instruct many: yet they shall fall by the sword, and by flame and by captivity, and by spoil many days” (Dan. 11:32-33).


This text refers to the fact that the Romans would take Jerusalem and the Sacrifice would cease and then the Romans would in time establish a faith that was not based on laws but on convenience and false teachings that corrupt the covenant of God. The true faith would be kept alive among the people under intense persecution from the official ruling system for a long period of time or many days.


Daniel says that when they shall fall they shall be helped with a little help. In other words, they will be comforted by the Holy Spirit through the persecution. “But many shall cleave to them with flatteries” is a text that shows the extent of the false religious systems that use the texts of the faith for their own ends. We have explained this in Part I (No. 141C).


The persecution is allowed to continue until the time of the end. Some of the elect of understanding as leaders will be allowed to fall to try them, and to purge them, and to make them white (Dan. 11:35).


The time appointed for the end of these things is now at hand.


“And the king shall do according to his will; and he shall exalt himself and magnify himself above every God and shall speak marvellous things against the God of gods and shall prosper until the indignation be accomplished: for that that shall be determined shall be done. Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any Eloah: for he shall magnify himself above all. But in his estate shall he honour the God of forces; and a god whom his fathers knew not shall he honour with gold and silver, and with precious stones and pleasant things. Thus shall he do in the most strongholds with a strange god, whom he shall acknowledge and increase with glory: and shall cause them to rule over many and shall divide the land for gain” (Dan. 11:36-39).


This system that was set up in and by Rome lasts for almost seventeen hundred years under a Godhead invented in 381 at the Council of Constantinople. The lands and its people were divided and ruled under persecution for centuries. It preaches against the Laws of God and effectively changes times and the law, destroying the sacred calendar and persecuting those who try to keep it.


The strange god was expanded in the Last Days to embrace the fourth element of Mariolatry and the Baal system under Hubal and the Hadith.


The problem comes to a head in the Last Days and the last King of the North is the effective Antichrist. The King of the South is the system that controls Egypt from 1956 and the Muslim Brotherhood with the Hubal Hadith and the Sharia. The King of the North is the European system with its religious system of the Last Days.


As we saw above in parts I and II, he, (that is the rulers of the northern system in the Last Days) will enter the Holy Land but shall not occupy Jordan. He will take control of Egypt in the conflict and control the oil resources of Libya and down to Ethiopia.


Daniel 11:44-45 says: “But tidings out of the east and out of the north shall trouble him: therefore he shall go forth with great fury to destroy, and utterly make away many. And he shall plant the tabernacles of his palace between the seas in the glorious holy mountain; yet he shall come to his end and none shall help him.”


From the text in Ezekiel 38 we know that the hordes of Gomer and of Rosh Meshech and Tubal are involved, with others.


Thus, combining the two texts we see that the European System will occupy the Middle East and control the wealth of Libya and Ethiopia, which is oil in the main. They will do that under a military alliance that will be effectively controlled by a demonically inspired leader, who is effectively the antichrist. The religious system that arises with it will be that of the False Prophet.


In the text we see that the news that disturbs this blasphemous leader is “out of the east and out of the north.” Thus we might assume that we are dealing with the northeast but the wording has the effect of making the news first come from the East and then from the North and that indicates an alliance of these nations from Russia to the east. 


The war develops from the North through into Russia all the way to China and the Kings of the East.


Daniel says that at that time Michael shall stand for us and that time is the time of the end. The war will be the most horrendous ever seen. At that time the elect shall be delivered; everyone that is written in the Book of Life of the Lord; every one of these will be resurrected (Dan. 12:1). This was in effect the First Resurrection and then the final war of Hamon-Gog or Armageddon that follows it.


The Mount of Olives Quake and Division

At the arrival of the Messiah and at the First Resurrection, Christ then proceeds to stand on the Mount of Olives. The Great Earthquake is then activated and the Mount is split in two. It then proceeds to split and moves Sinai south and forms a plain of 66 km in length North and South of Jerusalem from the Sea to the Jordan valley.  Jerusalem is left standing above the plain and rivers proceed out of the base at Jerusalem and the fresh water is used to cleanse the polluted waters in the Holy Land. These are fed from the artesian basin we now know exists there (Rev. 16:18-21). The structure of the allocation of the lands is covered in the text of Ezekiel chapters 45, 47 and 48.


By sheer force of the quake the Northern Armies are moved south with Gaza and they are destroyed. Messiah and the Armies of the Loyal Host are then used to draw the entire Northern Forces down to Megiddo and they are systematically destroyed.


The entire NWO and the UN structure are obliterated. The tongue of the Red Sea is destroyed by the earthquake and Suez is closed.


After the Northern Armies are destroyed the Kings of the East come down and cross over the Tigris Euphrates River systems dryshod. They are then all destroyed.


The machines and resources and bodies are cleaned up by detachments of men allocated for seven months and then a permanent detail is allocated for seven years to clean the lands (Ezekiel chapter 39; cf. War of Hamon-Gog (No. 294)).



At that time the wise of the faith, they that make wise, will turn many to righteousness and shall stand for the faith in brilliance (Dan. 12:3). These are they of Daniel 11:33,35.


This understanding was shut until the time of the end and many run to and fro and knowledge shall be increased (Dan.12:4).


The time mentioned here is for a time, times and a half a time. This is the same structure as we see in the Witnesses at the time of the end explained in Part II.  At this time the power of the Holy People is scattered then all these things shall be finished (Dan. 12:7-9).


Even Daniel was not allowed to understand the things he was shown for it is sealed until this time of the end and we are given to understand the events involved.


Over this period many shall be purified and made white and tried, but the wicked shall do wickedly and none of the wicked will understand.


In Daniel 12:11-13 we see that there is a time frame given that does not make sense when viewed from the events of 70/71 CE.


“And from the time that the daily sacrifice shall be taken away and the abomination that makes desolate is set up there shall be a thousand two hundred and ninety days. Blessed is he that waits and comes to the thousand three hundred and five and thirty days.”


And God said to Daniel: “But go your way til the end be; for you shall rest, and stand in your lot at the end of days.”


This can only be referring to the time of the end and not that of 70 CE. The Jubilee was in 77 CE. 100 time cycles later we get to 1977 and the last Jubilee of Satan’s rule commences in 1978 and ends on 2027 with the declaration of the Jubilee and end of the six thousand years of Satan’s dominion over this earth. The time will be cut short because of this war and its devastation.


This period of the prophecy is one month longer than the 1260 days of the time times and half a time of the Witnesses.


It is at this time that the entire world combines.


At the end of the period there is another 45 days or one and a half months. We might thus expect to see the overcoming of the saints as a formal system, perhaps up to two and one half months before the Witnesses take up their duties, and the abomination that makes desolate set up in Jerusalem in the Holy Place some 45 days from the end of the Witnesses and the Resurrection of the Dead at the coming of the Messiah.


The time frame we see involved in the Last Days as we have proceeded through Parts I and II above is the five months of the War of the Fifth Trumpet and then the devastation of the Sixth Trumpet which is very fast, and then the 1260 days of the Witnesses; the Four days of the coming of the Messiah to 1264 days and then the Hour of the Beast. A prophetic hour is less than a calendar month of the Messiah and the world giving its power to the Beast to make war against the Messiah and the Elect (Rev. 17:11-18).


Revelation 17:11-18 As for the beast that was and is not, it is an eighth but it belong for the beast that was and is not, it is an eighth but it belongs to the seven, and it goes to perdition. 12And the ten horns that you saw are ten kings who have not yet received royal power, but they are to receive authority as kings for one hour, together with the beast. 13These are of one mind and give over their power and authority to the beast; 14they will make war on the Lamb, and the Lamb will conquer them, for he is Lord of lords and King of kings, and those with him are called and chosen and faithful." 15And he said to me, "The waters that you saw, where the harlot is seated, are peoples and multitudes and nations and tongues.16And the ten horns that you saw, they and the beast will hate the harlot; they will make her desolate and naked, and devour her flesh and burn her up with fire, 17for God has put it into their hearts to carry out his purpose by being of one mind and giving over their royal power to the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled. 18And the woman that you saw is the great city which has dominion over the kings of the earth." 


If we take the period of the Conflict where the 1260 plus the 30 days of the four plus the remainder for the 30 to 1290 days and then 45 days to the 1335 days we see that a 45 day period is left after the Battles of Armageddon where the Abomination that makes Desolate is brought down and seemingly set up in the Holy Place at the coming of the Messiah and the wars of Armageddon and seemingly for the subjugation in the Vials of the Wrath of God and the end of the structure of rebellion.  Blessed are they that come to the end of the 1335 days and the Final Restoration under the Messiah.


In this time Christ returns. He kills this leader at his coming and then brings all the systems of the North and the East down to Megiddo to be destroyed. This is the battle of Armageddon in Revelation 16:16. It also reflects the battle fought by Josiah against Pharaoh Necho in Megiddo at the time of the rise of the Babylonians at the battle of Carchemish (see also 2Chr. 35:22ff.). God was dealing with the matter then and told Judah, out of the mouth of Necho, to stay out of it but Josiah would not listen and its leaders were destroyed. At this time he will restore Judah under Christ.


After that event the war will continue to escalate until the planet is almost entirely destroyed. Yet they will not repent.


The sequence is described in the papers The Seven Seals (No. 140) and The Seven Trumpets (No. 141).


Part III


Section Three


The Vials of the Wrath of God

The Wars in the Middle East commenced under Fundamentalist Islam from 2001 and also their attacks on the Western power and major cities.


This conflict, or series of conflicts, continues on until the coming of the Messiah and under him for the remainder of the sabbatical cycle.  The sequence and nations involved are explained in the paper The War of Hamon-Gog (No. 294).


Messiah is sent to retake the Holy Land and place the demons in the pit of Tartaros and deal with the resurrection of the elect. They then proceed to destroy the false religions of the planet set up under Trinitarian Christianity and Hadithic Islam as well as the religions of Liberation Theology. The Host also then deal with the humanist systems of Agnosticism and Atheism as well as Gnostic faiths of Antinomianism and the belief of heaven and hell. False religion and its false teachers and Animism will be stamped out by Christ over this next period (see also: Antinomian Attacks on the Law of God (No. 164D); Antinomian Denial of Baptism (No. 164E) and Antinomian Destruction of Christianity by Misuse of Scripture (No. 164C)).


After the War of Hamon-Gog or Armageddon the elect are sent out all over the world to take up their positions as the spiritual leaders of the world and the educators and enforcers of the Laws of God from then on into the Second Resurrection of the Dead and the Great White Throne Judgment (No. 143B) and the Judgment of the Demons (No. 080).


The destruction of the Trumpets increase into the total desolation of the Vials of the Wrath of God which then commence and do not end until the world is subjugated and finally they are forced to repentance. We then proceed to deal with the section from the paper Wars of the Last Days and the Vials of the Wrath of God (No. 141B) which we will expand on and explain here below.


The Vials of the Wrath of God Explained

These are seven last plagues and with them the wrath of God is ended. The purpose is to bring mankind into subjection and force their re-education so that they can be prepared for the Millennium under the Laws of God (L1).


Revelation 15:1-8 Then I saw another portent in heaven, great and wonderful, seven angels with seven plagues, which are the last, for with them the wrath of God is ended. 2And I saw what appeared to be a sea of glass mingled with fire, and those who had conquered the beast and its image and the number of its name, standing beside the sea of glass with harps of God in their hands. 3And they sing the song of Moses, the servant of God, and the song of the Lamb, saying, "Great and wonderful are thy deeds, O Lord God the Almighty! Just and true are thy ways, O King of the ages! 4Who shall not fear and glorify thy name, O Lord? For thou alone art holy. All nations shall come and worship thee, for thy judgments have been revealed." 5After this I looked, and the temple of the tent of witness in heaven was opened, 6and out of the temple came the seven angels with the seven plagues, robed in pure bright linen, and their breasts girded with golden girdles. 7And one of the four living creatures gave the seven angels seven golden bowls full of the wrath of God who lives for ever and ever; 8and the temple was filled with smoke from the glory of God and from his power, and no one could enter the temple until the seven plagues of the seven angels were ended.


So one of the Cherubim that surrounded the throne of God gave the seven angels charged with the task of the seven vials or bowls with the plagues of the wrath of God. They were then told to go and pour the vials out on the earth.


It is over the Seven Vials (from v. 8) that the world sees no person allowed to enter the Temple of God until the Seven Vials are complete. This limits the capacity for any person to be baptised and enter the Temple of God after Messiah has arrived and is faced with the rebellion of the Host.  If the church people have not repented and are excluded from the First Resurrection they will not be allowed to enter until they have all been faced with the Seven Vials of the Wrath of God.  It is that serious for all concerned. The deceit of the ministry will have serious consequences for all concerned.


Revelation 16:1-2 Then I heard a loud voice from the temple telling the seven angels, "Go and pour out on the earth the seven bowls of the wrath of God." 2So the first angel went and poured his bowl on the earth, and foul and evil sores came upon the men who bore the mark of the beast and worshiped its image.


The marks of the first vial dealt with the false religions of the earth in the last days.  This is the judgment of the whore and all those who followed the Babylonian or Baal system throughout the earth. No nation will be safe from this vial or from the others.  Every minister and priest that does not follow the Laws of God and the Sacred Calendar and teaches others not to do so will die (see also the paper God’s Calendar (No. 156)). Every nation will be required to keep the Sabbaths and New Moons and the Feasts and at Tabernacles they must send their national representatives to Jerusalem under Messiah to be given direction.  Those that do not do so will get no rain in due season and they will suffer the plagues of Egypt (Zech. 14:16-19).  This is not negotiable and will continue on for the next 1100 years until the Second Resurrection and the Great White Throne Judgment and the end of mankind and human life as we know it.


Second and Third Vials

The second and third vials deal with the capacity to survive either on land or by sea. 


Revelation 16:3-7 The second angel poured his bowl into the sea, and it became like the blood of a dead man, and every living thing died that was in the sea. 4The third angel poured his bowl into the rivers and the fountains of water, and they became blood. 5And I heard the angel of water say, "Just art thou in these thy judgments, thou who art and wast, O Holy One. 6For men have shed the blood of saints and prophets, and thou hast given them blood to drink. It is their due!" 7And I heard the altar cry, "Yea, Lord God the Almighty, true and just are thy judgments!"


As they judged the servants of God who are the saints and the prophets they themselves are judged.  All of those people who tried to keep the Laws of God and the Sabbaths and the Sacred Calendar and were killed for it over the centuries will be resurrected and sit in judgment on these nations and they will be forced to comply with God’s laws. They will take the place of the demons who sought to destroy them and will sit in judgment and correction of mankind to re-educate them over the Millennium and the demons with them in the Second Resurrection or Garden of Paradise.


The destruction of the waters and seas is absolute.


The Fourth Vial

The next vial concerns the world political systems and the scientists who used the natural cycles of the planet to take over the structure and enforce political change and social engineering through the false teachings of Global Warming in the last days. As Global Warming was held and taught to be man-made contrary to the historical facts of the matter related to solar cycles the world is taught that it is God that deals with man and saves or heals and feeds them. The scientists continue to oppose the direction of Messiah and the Host and are punished for what they do to the earth. All these false scientists and corrupt politicians will be punished and most killed if they do not repent


Revelation 16:8-9 The fourth angel poured his bowl on the sun, and it was allowed to scorch men with fire; 9men were scorched by the fierce heat, and they cursed the name of God who had power over these plagues, and they did not repent and give him glory.


Instead of repenting and giving God glory they do not repent and are made to suffer when they did not need to so suffer.  The entire world opposes Christ and sends their armies against him and then, when they are forced to face it in their own lands, they curse God rather than repent (see the papers Global Warming and Biblical Prophecy (No. 218) and Global Warming – Historical Cycles (No. 218B)). Science and Evolution are the false religions dealt with under this vial.


The Fifth Vial

The political structure of the Beast is then dealt with here and the administration is destroyed with its Satanists.


Revelation 16:10-11 The fifth angel poured his bowl on the throne of the beast, and its kingdom was in darkness; men gnawed their tongues in anguish 11and cursed the God of heaven for their pain and sores, and did not repent of their deeds.


The Beast is the New World Order that set up its empire in these last days and was controlled by the politicians and the bankers and the servants of Satan that were given rulership over the world and its International financial system including the IMF and the World Bank and the Ten regional systems symbolised by the Ten Toes of the Feet of Iron and Miry Clay.


Christ first kills the leaders of this system based in Jerusalem at his return and then destroys the International monetary system based in Europe and UK and the US and in Japan and China and the other international unions that are part of it.


The entire world’s financial system and the bankers that conspired to destroy the nations are themselves destroyed and the financial systems and the commercial systems of the world are destroyed. The destruction begins with the Northern systems in Europe, Asia and the US. The computerised systems of power and heating and light are destroyed by electromagnetic pulse and other weapons and it is in darkness.


The Sixth Vial

After the forces of the King of the North under what has emerged from NATO are destroyed at Megiddo, and Christ deals with the financial system, the Euphrates and the Arab systems are brought to subjection and then the Asians march against Christ at Megiddo coming in over Iran and Iraq and through the Euphrates basin.


Prior to that invasion, the Satanic forces prepare the opposition to Messiah through the foul spirits of the Satanic forces using the Beast system and the power of Satan and the religious system in the last days based on the Sun cults initially centred on Rome but who then move to the headquarters of the King of the North at Jerusalem over the 42 months.


As soon as Christ arrived at the Mount of Olives it split in two; but also Satan was seized and bound in the bottomless pit of Tartaros. The False Prophet is also killed with the Antichrist and then Christ begins to deal with the world systems firstly in Europe and the US and the Americas but then throughout the world from Russia to China, Japan and Asia generally. All armies of the world in these last days march against Christ and the Host at Jerusalem and Megiddo and after their armies are destroyed, the people themselves have to be subjugated and prepared. Hence, these vials are progressive and absolute.


Revelation 16:12-16 The sixth angel poured his bowl on the great river Euphra'tes, and its water was dried up, to prepare the way for the kings from the east. 13And I saw, issuing from the mouth of the dragon and from the mouth of the beast and from the mouth of the false prophet, three foul spirits like frogs; 14for they are demonic spirits, performing signs, who go abroad to the kings of the whole world, to assemble them for battle on the great day of God the Almighty. 15("Lo, I am coming like a thief! Blessed is he who is awake, keeping his garments that he may not go naked and be seen exposed!") 16And they assembled them at the place which is called in Hebrew Armaged'don.


This reference goes back to the demons sent out before the coming of the Messiah just before the advent also.


Not one army or force will be left standing.  The ones who survive will be those who have kept their garments clean and are faithful to the Commandments of God and the Faith or Testimony of Christ (Rev. 12:17; 14:12).


The Seventh Vial

Revelation 16:17-21 The seventh angel poured his bowl into the air, and a loud voice came out of the temple, from the throne, saying, "It is done!" 18And there were flashes of lightning, voices, peals of thunder, and a great earthquake such as had never been since men were on the earth, so great was that earthquake. 19The great city was split into three parts, and the cities of the nations fell, and God remembered great Babylon, to make her drain the cup of the fury of his wrath. 20And every island fled away, and no mountains were to be found; 21and great hailstones, heavy as a hundred-weight, dropped on men from heaven, till men cursed God for the plague of the hail, so fearful was that plague.


It is at this phase that the entire earth systems are affected by the effects of the vials and the heating of the earth by the solar activity. The solar heat warms it up, melts much of the ice, and covers the islands of the world. The vials change the structure of the earth. From the return of the Messiah and the ending of the tongue of the Red Sea and through to the great earthquake and the Red Sea Rift and into Africa there is great climatic change which is then used as a punishment for the nations.  The hail of a hundredweight is massive and will cause massive destruction and reorganisation of the living conditions of the planet. The reorganisation will continue into the Millennium. Little will remain of this world’s system. Tsunamis coming from the earthquakes will contribute to the devastation.


The Judgment of the Whore over the Vials of the Wrath of God

The explanation of the destruction of the religious whore of Babylon is given in the next two chapters.  One thing that must be clearly understood is that there is no negotiation and no action in these false religious systems will go unpunished.  The Sun cults and their days of worship other than on the Sabbaths and New Moons and Feasts of God will be destroyed.  Not one single system of worship that is not condoned or authorised by the Bible system, and that includes the great heresy of Hillel II and apostate Judaism, will be allowed to survive. None of their priests of the Baal system will be allowed to survive and that includes all these black cassocked priests worshipping on Sundays or Fridays in mosques or even on Sabbaths in Judaism. They will not be allowed to survive. They will all repent or die, and that includes the Churches of God. Not one of these self-righteous Sunday worshipping Trinitarian Baptists, Episcopalians, Anglicans, Orthodox or Roman Catholic priests of the American or European systems will be allowed to survive without repentance. It does not matter how much they preach against the Messiah and the Temple system that will be established from Jerusalem.  They will repent or die.  Scripture cannot be broken (Jn. 10:34-36). The entire US and North American religious systems based on their civil calendar of the festivals of the Sun cults will be destroyed as will those of Europe, the Middle East, Asia and South America. They will all make war on the Lamb and march against him over the Vials of the Wrath of God.  But the whore and all her followers in all the Mystery and Sun cults will be destroyed as will every building and statue or icon and obelisk or edifice they construct. They will all be destroyed before the commencement of the millennial system. Nothing of this idolatry will go into it or be used in its construction.


Revelation 17:1-15 Then one of the seven angels who had the seven bowls came and said to me, "Come, I will show you the judgment of the great harlot who is seated upon many waters, 2with whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and with the wine of whose fornication the dwellers on earth have become drunk."  3And he carried me away in the Spirit into a wilderness, and I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast which was full of blasphemous names, and it had seven heads and ten horns. 4The woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet, and bedecked with gold and jewels and pearls, holding in her hand a golden cup full of abominations and the impurities of her fornication; 5and on her forehead was written a name of mystery: "Babylon the great, mother of harlots and of earth's abominations." 6And I saw the woman, drunk with the blood of the saints and the blood of the martyrs of Jesus. When I saw her I marvelled greatly. 7But the angel said to me, "Why marvel? I will tell you the mystery of the woman, and of the beast with seven heads and ten horns that carries her. 8The beast that you saw was, and is not, and is to ascend from the bottomless pit and go to perdition; and the dwellers on earth whose names have not been written in the book of life from the foundation of the world, will marvel to behold the beast, because it was and is not and is to come. 9This calls for a mind with wisdom: the seven heads are seven mountains on which the woman is seated; 10they are also seven kings, five of whom have fallen, one is, the other has not yet come, and when he comes he must remain only a little while. 11As for the beast that was and is not, it is an eighth but it belongs to the seven, and it goes to perdition. 12And the ten horns that you saw are ten kings who have not yet received royal power, but they are to receive authority as kings for one hour, together with the beast. 13These are of one mind and give over their power and authority to the beast; 14they will make war on the Lamb, and the Lamb will conquer them, for he is Lord of lords and King of kings, and those with him are called and chosen and faithful." 15And he said to me, "The waters that you saw, where the harlot is seated, are peoples and multitudes and nations and tongues.


This whore is dealt with over the last days by the Beast and she is destroyed by the Beast itself under this last empire of the Ten Economic Regions of the NWO of the Beast.


Revelation 17:16-18 And the ten horns that you saw, they and the beast will hate the harlot; they will make her desolate and naked, and devour her flesh and burn her up with fire, 17for God has put it into their hearts to carry out his purpose by being of one mind and giving over their royal power to the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled. 18And the woman that you saw is the great city which has dominion over the kings of the earth."


This is and was Rome that was the centre of the last empires of the Babylonian system and after its seat of power is destroyed and it moves to Jerusalem it will itself be destroyed by the Beast and then the false system set up at Jerusalem is destroyed by Messiah under the direction of God who judges her. Then the entire world is brought to submission under Messiah through the tribulation of the Vials of the Wrath of God and the entire world will be brought into subjection to God under Christ ruling from Jerusalem.


Revelation 18:1-24  After this I saw another angel coming down from heaven, having great authority; and the earth was made bright with his splendor. 2And he called out with a mighty voice, "Fallen, fallen is Babylon the great! It has become a dwelling place of demons, a haunt of every foul spirit, a haunt of every foul and hateful bird; 3for all nations have drunk the wine of her impure passion, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth have grown rich with the wealth of her wantonness." 4Then I heard another voice from heaven saying, "Come out of her, my people, lest you take part in her sins, lest you share in her plagues; 5for her sins are heaped high as heaven, and God has remembered her iniquities. 6Render to her as she herself has rendered, and repay her double for her deeds; mix a double draught for her in the cup she mixed. 7As she glorified herself and played the wanton, so give her a like measure of torment and mourning. Since in her heart she says, `A queen I sit, I am no widow, mourning I shall never see,' 8so shall her plagues come in a single day, pestilence and mourning and famine, and she shall be burned with fire; for mighty is the Lord God who judges her." 9And the kings of the earth, who committed fornication and were wanton with her, will weep and wail over her when they see the smoke of her burning; 10they will stand far off, in fear of her torment, and say, "Alas! alas! thou great city, thou mighty city, Babylon! In one hour has thy judgment come." 11And the merchants of the earth weep and mourn for her, since no one buys their cargo any more, 12cargo of gold, silver, jewels and pearls, fine linen, purple, silk and scarlet, all kinds of scented wood, all articles of ivory, all articles of costly wood, bronze, iron and marble, 13cinnamon, spice, incense, myrrh, frankincense, wine, oil, fine flour and wheat, cattle and sheep, horses and chariots, and slaves, that is, human souls. 14"The fruit for which thy soul longed has gone from thee, and all thy dainties and thy splendor are lost to thee, never to be found again!" 15The merchants of these wares, who gained wealth from her, will stand far off, in fear of her torment, weeping and mourning aloud, 16"Alas, alas, for the great city that was clothed in fine linen, in purple and scarlet, bedecked with gold, with jewels, and with pearls! 17In one hour all this wealth has been laid waste." And all shipmasters and seafaring men, sailors and all whose trade is on the sea, stood far off  18and cried out as they saw the smoke of her burning, "What city was like the great city?" 19And they threw dust on their heads, as they wept and mourned, crying out, "Alas, alas, for the great city where all who had ships at sea grew rich by her wealth! In one hour she has been laid waste. 20Rejoice over her, O heaven, O saints and apostles and prophets, for God has given judgment for you against her!" 21Then a mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone and threw it into the sea, saying, "So shall Babylon the great city be thrown down with violence, and shall be found no more; 22and the sound of harpers and minstrels, of flute players and trumpeters, shall be heard in thee no more; and a craftsman of any craft shall be found in thee no more; and the sound of the millstone shall be heard in thee no more; 23and the light of a lamp shall shine in thee no more; and the voice of bridegroom and bride shall be heard in thee no more; for thy merchants were the great men of the earth, and all nations were deceived by thy sorcery. 24And in her was found the blood of prophets and of saints, and of all who have been slain on earth."


Thus this city is destroyed along with the cities that rule with her and the entire financial system of the world as ruled by this Beast. This Beast that destroyed this whore is destroyed and then through its wanton rebellion places all the world under the vengeance of God. It is doubtful in the extreme if the American political system can hold together over these last days as its system is torn apart and its social groups reorganise into armed camps and probably insurrection.  Internment camps will be all over the West as Islamists are also interned.


Part III


Section Four


The Restoration

Salvation and Restoration of World under the Church of God

Over this period the Church of God is saved and the saints were resurrected and all those who did not worship the Beast or take its mark will be saved and the tribes will be restored and taken to their places of heritage (Isa. 65:17-25). The world will then be taught the Laws of God and the faith once delivered to the saints.


Revelation 19:1-3 After this I heard what seemed to be the loud voice of a great multitude in heaven, crying, "Hallelujah! Salvation and glory and power belong to our God, 2for his judgments are true and just; he has judged the great harlot who corrupted the earth with her fornication, and he has avenged on her the blood of his servants." 3Once more they cried, "Hallelujah! The smoke from her goes up for ever.     


So those who do not keep the Laws of God and obey Him will be forced in the vials of the wrath of God to come to obedience and those who will not repent will die and be dealt with in the Second Resurrection of the Dead (see the paper The Second Resurrection of the Dead and the Great White Throne Judgment (No. 143B)).         


The Restoration Begins

After the Feast of Tabernacles in 2024 the lands are then reorganised to allocate for the Treble Harvest of 2025.  The early harvest for Passover 2025 which is the Barley Harvest in the Northern Hemisphere is prepared. The food system is planned for and the world gets back under the Laws of God and the plenty that follows keeping those laws.


In the year 2025 the Treble Harvest will occur for the declaration of the Jubilee year from Atonement 2026 to Atonement 2027 when all nations and lands will be restored.


From 2025 there will never again be years where the servants of God under the Messiah will ever see hunger except where they wilfully disobey God.  No nation will be in want except where they failed to send their servants to Jerusalem at Tabernacles and failed to keep the Sabbaths, New Moons and Feasts and Holy Days of God.  The Islam of God will be the one true faith of the One True God and the false systems of Hadithic Islam and pseudo-Christianity and all false religion will be stamped out.


The system at Jerusalem will commence the healing of the nations and the regrowth of sea life from the rivers of Jerusalem from under the Temple Mount and the city and the trees planted along the rivers.


The Sabbath Year of 2026 will see the Nations come to be reorganised with the Jubilee year commence at Atonement 2026 and continue to Atonement 2027.


From Tabernacles 2027 the Laws of God will see the nations allocated their inheritance by tribes and nations under the supervision of the elect in both the spiritual host and the earthly priesthood. This is in effect the beginning of the Restoration of Ezekiel’s Temple and is run and controlled under the priesthood of Melchisdek at Jerusalem and all around the world.


After the Feast of Tabernacles 2027 preparation will begin for the Millennial Harvest at Passover 2028 (see The Golden Jubilee (No. 300)).


The rest of the world that is left alive will keep the Laws of God for the next thousand years or twenty Jubilees. At the end of the thousand years of his imprisonment Satan will be released again and the last war of the end will occur.   That will be for the short period from 3023-3024 before the Treble harvest of 3025 and the Sabbath and Jubilee years of 3026 and 3027. 


In 3027 the Second Resurrection of the Dead will occur and the world will be resurrected to the Second Resurrection of the Dead and the Great White Throne Judgment (No. 143B). The hundred years of the Second Resurrection of the Dead will occur from 3028 to 3127.                       


In 3127 the entire judgment will be completed and those that refuse to repent will be allowed to die and their bodies will be cremated in the Lake of Fire.


All those who have succeeded and found acceptable to God will be translated into Spirit beings and join the Heavenly Host as the City of God (No. 180). 


God will then come to the earth with the heavenly Jerusalem, the mother of us all, and we will rule the universe. Our tasks then can only be guessed at as we see through a glass darkly in our human forms.


We will now move to Part IIIB: Wars of the End Part IIIB: The War Against Christ (No. 141E_2)