Sabbath 6/5/33/120

Dear Friends,                                                                                                   

We are often reminded of how little the Churches of God based from the USA know about the history of the Churches of God from the first century.

The WCG and offshoots told lies about the history and the doctrines of the Churches of God. Herbert Armstrong managed to convince the gullible of the RCG/WCG that the Nature of God was Ditheist. His views and teaching are demonstrated in the paper Ditheism (No. 076B). The theology was a fiction and had never been held before in the Churches of God. Because no one could find it they assumed that it had to be Binitarianism of the second century that led into Trinitarianism in the fourth century in 381 CE.

We have watched the offshoots adopt this deception and teach it as though it is true. That was why they could never make advances in the other continents. The Trinitarians could not be convinced by it and the Biblical Unitarians disregarded it as heresy, which it is.

That is the reason the WCG Offshoots are disintegrating. Today they number no more that 20,000 people all up and 270,000 went home over the fifty years and stopped attending. Many study with CCG now and a number have joined us.

Virtually 99% of the offshoots have joined us in the continent of Africa. There are virtually none of the offshoots left except for two small groups.

In 1993 the Trinity was announced by the WCG and the disintegration began. In 1995 the Church of God (SD) in Denver, which was penetrated by Trinitarians posing as COG (SD), began to adopt Binitarianism and by 1997 it was publicly adopted and announced and in 1999 all pretence was abandoned and they publicly declared themselves as Protestant Trinitarians and Martin Luther was now a good guy. The fact that his followers were vehement persecutors of the Churches of God was ignored.

The Jesuits had penetrated the Seventh Day Adventist Church, and after Uriah Smith died in 1931 the Adventists ministry was penetrated more efficiently and by 1956 they were all Trinitarians and by 1978 they announced that Adventism was Trinitarian, and many in the white groups were vegetarians and followers of the False Prophetess Ellen G. White. They did not inform the Africans as they simply would not believe it and as they found out they left and formed new groups. The false prophecy of Armstrong and White and others of the JWs is contained in the paper False Prophecy (No. 269)

There are virtually no followers of White in Africa which is where most of the Adventists were until 1978, nor are there any vegetarians as it is a death sentence there. There were virtually no Seventh Day Baptists in Africa that are not Biblical Unitarian and none follow the Trinitarian heresy of the SDBs in the USA.

The Church of God (Seventh Day) in Africa was Biblical Unitarian and did not accept the declarations of the Denver Conference and most reformed into independent groups.

Africa had been exposed to the Church of God through the Ethiopian eunuch of Queen Candace baptised by Phillip. The heresies of the SDAs had never been accepted by the Abyssinians of Ethiopia and the South. The Sabbatarians of the Nile valley also had not accepted them and those that had become Adventists were so in name only except those on the payroll who were too frightened to declare their faith publicly. The men of the Congo DR had made an attempt at restoring the original faith but they did not get back past Augustine because of the Trinitarian interference and ignorance of their white mentors.

The history of this mammoth Sabbatarian movement in Africa was known by many and is a matter of historical record. We have dealt with aspects of it in the paper General Distribution of the Sabbath-keeping Churches (No. 122) and also in the paper Role of the Fourth Commandment in the Sabbath-keeping  Churches of God (No. 170) and also in the paper Origin of the Christian Church in Britain (No. 266).

It is important that every person in the Church of God reads these papers so that we understand our history and what has been done to us and what we are up against. Most importantly we need to understand that the collapse of doctrine emanated from the US Ditheist/Binitarian/Trinitarian heretics and that we need to correct their errors.

When God sent us to Africa it was against this massive background of disaffected churches that were hungry for truth and sound doctrines and they knew what the Bible said and what they believed.

At first the Sabbatarians of the Nile were interested in CCG but we refused their corrupt ministry and their brethren had to wait for four years for us to appoint trustworthy coordinators and get rid of the polygamists and thieves. The Offshoots of the WCG were also rotten with this sort of corruption and deceit. Also we had refused to encourage members to attend feasts for pay as the offshoots had done.  Nor would we accept corrupt officers. When the brethren saw that we would not admit corrupt officers and fired every one that was corrupt, they then joined us in large numbers from Kenya to the South African border. So also the Churches of God (Seventh Day) joined us in large numbers when they saw our doctrines and administration. As we spread over Africa more and more people joined us.

The SDAs also began to join us and the COG (SD) and the SDAs began to communicate with each other and join CCG. As we consolidated more and more the Offshoots no longer existed and the COG (SD) officers and the churches had also joined us. On the island of Zanzibar we had our first total amalgamation of every Sabbath-keeper on the island. The project development administration attracted Sunday worshippers also. Some did not survive and we showed ourselves willing to fire any ministers or members or groups in any number that were corrupt either ethically or doctrinally.

We have now progressed to such a stage that we comprise some 15% or more of the Christian population of Zanzibar and we are virtually the only Sabbath-keepers in vast areas of east and Central Africa. We are the most significant group in North Africa and the Middle East. 

This next Sunday and Monday there is a seminar in Nyanza of all the CCG and SDA ministers in the two fields in Nyanza on Lake Victoria. Their agenda is to discuss the errors of the SDA teachings now and the CCG doctrines. This will be one of the biggest ministerial conferences we have had in Kenya.

At the same time Pascal is going to the Rift again to discuss more inductions there. He and Walter have already inducted the complete Sabbath-keeping groups of the Western Province. Other churches are joining us in large numbers. Moses Hadi is already inducting more churches in Ethiopia and we have now extended to the Southern border with Kenya, and James Lopeyok will try to link up with the Ethiopians from the churches in Lodwar Kenya.

So also will we induct another 24 churches in Maniema district of Kivu Sud Congo DR this week. That will give us over 50 churches in Maniema district alone. Walter will fly to Liberia and the Gambia this next week after the Kendu Bay Seminar to induct the 33 churches there.  

By this feast we think we will have over 500 churches in the Congo, 250-300 in Uganda 300 in Kenya, a hundred or so in Ethiopia, over a hundred in Tanzania and hundreds of others all over Africa. We really have no idea of the size and complexity of our growth.

It is important that we all pray for assistance to help us.

It is important that we understand the history of our doctrines and that we all realise that there is no correct doctrine coming out of the Offshoot of the WCG, COG (SD), SDAs, SDBs and any Trinitarian and Binitarians groups.

Coordinators please ensure that your groups are thoroughly grounded in doctrine and the History of the Churches of God. African Coordinators impress upon our people that it is from there that God brought Christianity to China under Mueses. God has said that He will bring His people from south of the Rivers of Ethiopia in the Last Days and that means you.

Some will be used to resettle Africa and others will go to Jerusalem, as some of you are part of the 144,000, and others are part of the Great Multitude of Revelation 7 that God will use to establish Africa.

Over the next couple of years Africa may even be the mainstay of the West under the Church of God.

Encourage one another and pray for one another. Remember that this next week is from the 7 to 13 of the Fifth Month called Ab and if there are attacks on the church it can happen at this time. Study the paper The Ascents of Moses (No. 70). The Temple was taken over 9/10 Ab. Judah sinned and was punished then and so will the Church of God be subject to retribution then also. Pray we are built over this time and God uses us to correct Israel and the Church of God

Wade Cox
Coordinator General