Sabbath 15/03/43/120

Dear Friends,

It may help us to look at the timings of the last days from the Seven times from the Battle of Carchemish and the breakup of the time sequence from 1916 which was 2520 years from 605 BCE when the Babylonians defeated the Egyptians and Assyrians at Carchemish. The destruction of US finances began in the US in 1913 with the Federal Reserve Act under Wilson’s treason. Whilst the war commenced in 1914 the real slaughter and the Time of Jacob’s Trouble did not commence until 1916 with the carnage on the Somme. The time sequences are dealt with in the papers on the Fall of Egypt etc (No. 36) and the Fall of Egypt Part II (No. 36_2).

Over the First 40 Year phase from 1916 to 1956 we saw WWI and then WWII develop and then Egypt gain its independence in 1953 and the Suez crisis in 1956. The Jubilee was in 1927. The financial collapse and the Depression began from 1928 with the over-inflation and collapse in 1929. The Nazis came to power over the 1930s and then commenced WWII in 1939. At the 30 year mark in 1946 we saw the end of WWII and the preparation begin for the Atomic phases of the last period. The Treble harvest of the 119th Jubilee was in 1975 where the US and BC had the greatest harvest for 50 years and sold it to Russia instead of using it for the correct Jubilee preparation, but it did avert famines in Communist Russia. The Jubilee was in 1977. We would not see the Atomic Phase reach fruition until its culmination in the last seven years of the Third or Final Phase in the last seven years of this age in 2020 culminating in the wars of the Messiah in 2024.

These last days of the end of this Age would be in two blocks of forty years, ending with the End of the Times of the Gentiles or Nations in 1996. The last phase of the thirty years of the Time of the End began in 1997 and the Empire of the Beast (No. 299A) began from 1997 and culminated in the Last Jubilee of the Six Thousand Years of Satan’s rule in the Age of the Sons of Adam in 2027.  This phase was covered in the paper The Last Thirty Years: The Final Struggle (No. 219). The details of the age are covered in the paper Outline Timetable of the Age (No. 272). It is also of note that the last period up until the time of the end began with the wars from 1940 at the end of the “Phoney War” for eighty years to 2020 with the beginning of the last phase at the First year of the Seventh Cycle of the 120th Jubilee.  This cycle was the period of the Waiting at Sinai for the Coming of the Messiah and the establishment of the Laws of God (L1) on the planet for the period of Just Rule in the Millennium. (cf. The Weeks of the Omer Count Applied to the Last Jubilee (No. 173A)).

In the Sixth Cycle in 2019 the Globalists began preparing for release of the War of the Fifth Trumpet, which we covered in the paper Wars of the End Part I: Wars of Amalek (No. 141C).  They prepared and then released the Corona Virus COVID-19 from Wuhan China and had it placed all over the world. The deliberate misuse and incompetent handling of the control measures saw it develop and the trial period went from end December to June 2020. The Second Phase of the Virus was planned for release from end Tabernacles 2020 to the week following the New Moon of the Eight Month on October 17 2020.  That period will see the second wave of what will be the lethal doses of the weaponised viruses. They will kill many and escalate into the War of the Sixth Trumpet.  It may be escalated by the Globalists and bring the war on sooner. From that period we will see the NWO develop and take over the world for 42 months. We will also see the Two Witnesses arrive from the beginning of the NWO at Jerusalem as we explained in Wars of the End Part II: 1260 Days of the Witnesses (No. 141D). The plans and sequence can be seen from the Plan of Salvation series at: So also the Wars of the End series which are at:

Prepare now for these perilous times ahead. Be at one with God and your fellow man.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General