New Moon 1/5/42/120

Dear Friends,

This is the New Moon of the Fifth Month called the month of Ab. God traditionally deals with Israel and the church in this month. The sequence can also be seen in the paper The Ascents of Moses (No. 70).
Many tragedies associated with Israel happened in Ab. Those who were not in step with God were dealt with in this month and the nation suffered much. We in CCG do not normally experience many adverse problems in this time because we are usually trying to do our best. This month will not be a very happy month for some however.

This period ahead of us will lead up into the final Wars of Amalek as explained in Wars of the End Part I: Wars of Amalek (No. 141C).  

This week we have issued the paper Christianity and Islam in the Covenant of God (No. 096C). As we know God does nothing save he warns the people through His servants the prophets (Amos 3:7) which now are resident in the Church of God with the lampstand in the last days (cf. The Lampstand in the Last Days (No. 170A).  God began this warning from 1987 under Measuring the Temple (No. 137) as announced by the WCG and transferred the lampstand in 1994 to the new system when it was time to destroy the WCG and offshoot system due to its iniquity and false doctrine.  The WCG no longer exists, but its false doctrines of Ditheism/Binitarianism (076B) and the Hillel Calendar and Postponements (195 and 195C) are perpetuated in the offshoots.  For that they will be punished in accordance with revelation 3:1-6 and they have been warned multiple times and will not repent.

Remember that the Warning of the Last Days (No. 044) must be given to the nations, all of them, (Jer. 4:15-27) before God destroys the earth and makes it waste and void. That warning comes from Dan/Ephraim in the Last Days.  We are not a social club. We are God’s Instrument in the Last Days. How could we convert groups of people in Islamic nations talking about two gods and not understanding and explaining both Scripture and the Koran. How can we reach the world not understanding the Mystery and Sun Cults and explaining Bible Prophecy. It was for these reasons that the WCG and the Adventists had to be destroyed and bypassed. It is also for these reasons that the groups that sit on their own doing nothing and not warning the nations are dumb dogs and are refused admission to the First Resurrection.

We have given up bleeding for them and worrying over their salvation.  We know it will work out and God will get them when He wants them under His Predestination (No 296).  They may get the chance at Repentance under the Witnesses or they may be taken into the millennial system under Messiah and the First Resurrected saints as their elohim. Or they may well be killed and be consigned to the Second Resurrection and the Great White Throne Judgment (No. 143B)

Remember Christ will stamp out all false religion at his return with the Loyal Host. The Trinitarian Pseudo-Christian Faith will be stamped out as we have explained in the papers The Last Pope (No. 288) and the Wars of the End Part IV: The End of False Religion (No. 141F).

God is not mocked.  Nor will He be ignored.  This period over the Last Days will see the world brought to its knees. The people of the world will repent or die. There will be no one enter the millennial reign of Messiah not obeying the Laws of God (L1).
Our task is to warn the nations and not to do so would be to bring the blood of the Covenant down on our own heads. We are to act as Watchmen and if we are negligent then the blood of those we fail to warn is required of us. If we warn them and they fail to listen then they will die and their lives are not required of us.

The paper Christianity and Islam in the Covenant of God (No. 096C) is clearly aimed at explaining the Plan of God and the place these false religions have played in assisting Satan to undermine the Plan and the Biblical Structure as explained by the prophets in Scripture. It is in two sections so that the undermining of Christianity and Islam is clearly explained and if these people die because they refuse to heed the warning then it rests on their own heads. More importantly when these people have been warned and they fail to heed that warning then God will determine the extent of the damage. It’s not God’s desire that any flesh should perish. He is giving us repeated opportunities to repent. Each failure to repent pushes us back to the next level in the Plan of Salvation.

Let us understand one thing very clearly. Islam was undermined by Satan in the same way Christianity was undermined.  The Baal cults of the Sun and Mystery Cults were used by Satan in both systems to destroy the Laws of God and the Temple Calendar..   The Koran is a document written by officers of the Church of God and accords with their Doctrines as is explained in the Commentary on the Koran at   We are expected to be able to deal with the Koran and with those who corrupt it as well as we are expected to cope with the corruption of Scripture.

Please study this paper in both sections so you are prepared to deal with both systems. So also examine the basis of Hinduism and Buddhism and Animism as explained in the work Mysticism (B7_A).

Prepare to deal with the nations and have them warned in good time so they are able to be warned and brought to repentance. This is not a discretional matter.  It is our task and if we wish to take our proper place in the Kingdom then do not fail and do not throw your position away and do not let anyone steal your crown.

The choice is yours.  Do not fail.


Wade Cox
Coordinator General