Sabbath 21/11/45/120

Dear Friends,

This week we will study the paper Commentary on Ezekiel Part 9 (F026ix) on the web and part 10 for the online services.

Demonic Destruction of the Planet.
What we are seeing is the demonic destruction of the planet.  God is permitting it because the world has forsaken His Laws and His Covenant (No. 152). The entire world is following the false religions of the Demons under the Sun and Mystery Cults.  As we see from Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Daniel and the later prophets to the Gospels and the writings God requires His Law and Testimony to be obeyed by the elect and those who wish to be in the First Resurrection at the Return of the Messiah. Those who do not keep the Temple Calendar (No. 156) and the Law and the Testimony will be sent to the Second Resurrection (No. 143B) for retraining.
God's Plan is perfect but He requires obedience and He will punish idolatry with the death of the idolaters and particularly those who teach idolatry and lead the people astray.  Those who teach that the law is done away and keep a false calendar will all be killed by Messiah and the Host at his return.  Those that refuse to understand this fact will die.

The Demons have been allowed to establish this false religious system among the idolaters of the world, among those who are Binitarian/Trinitarians and among those who keep Hillel (195; 195C) and other gods and systems.

The whites of the Israelite systems in UK, AU, NZ and CA and ZA have been targeted by the demons in this vaccine and poisonous regime for total elimination. This was done in order to eradicate those of possible Israelite ancestry to prevent the millennial system under Messiah. This crime was engineered by the Khazzars.
Humans have even been turned into machines emitting frequencies even after death.
💥💉 "BlueTruth" Documentary Shows COVID Vaccinated People Emitting Frequencies/Bluetooth Codes Detected at Cemeteries (
They have also targeted the reproductive capacity of our women (and our men).

Pfertility Megathread: Study Funded By The NIH Finds That 40.2% Of Vaccinated Women Experienced Menstrual Changes
That means that over 40 million women in the United States have had their menstrual cycles affected by the C19 jab.

The people have only just started to realise the sheer magnitude of the murder and they will start now to react and to make those behind this genocide pay for it. The WEF and Big Pharma will be targeted and many killed on up to the return of the Messiah upon which they will all die. The first example is here in Thailand (and in Japan and India and so on):

So also are we being Geo-engineered into extinction under this Global Warming Scam by the same demons. The geo-engineering of the planet is madness.

Pray that we are able to stop the madness. WWIII is upon us and the Thermo-nuclear exchanges are imminent.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General