New Moon 01/04/45/120

Dear Friends,

The Commentary on Luke has been issued this week with F042 on Sabbath and F042ii on the New Moon.
We are now coming to the results of these demons using the Globalist madmen to push their agenda.
Under the War of the Fifth Trumpet we knew that we would face biological warfare and attempts to reduce human population with these various viruses and the pseudo “vaxxs” with poisons contained in the injections (see Wars of the End Part I: Wars of Amalek (No. 141C)). There are many more viruses and poisons still to come.  Not only were they designed to kill those forced to take the injections but they had serious side effects with cancers and heart attacks and heart disease and blood clots and so on. So also were there many side effects on both men and more seriously women especially that affected their reproductive capacities. It would not come out for a couple of years from the release of the poisons and we are only now compiling the stats. With the stats of three nations  in from Germany, Switzerland and Taiwan we are now seeing that the population rates are plummeting to less than three quarters of what they were and going down rapidly.

These are the national stats.


Swiss rate. 

German birth rate.  

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One of the questions that arises and has people around the world baffled is how could the very leaders of a people betray their own people to destroy their own people and kill them, even for significant amounts of money? How could the scientists simply misrepresent their very science and lie about the operations of the world in what is simply a deceitful communist takeover using the Global Warming Scam which is of itself a breathtaking lie, contrary to known science and history?

So also the medical establishment could betray all of its principles and plan the murder of its own people on such a massive scale.  The people have long come to realise that politicians have no principles and they have combined together to destroy their own people to establish this New World Order (NWO) under the UN and the demons running the rackets and churches all over the world.  The demons will be removed and can only be removed in total by the Loyal Host under Messiah, even though we can limit them and control them by obeying the laws of God.  The sequence of the Wars of the End are detailed at

So how do they think they will get away with it?  They think that they will seize control under the Empire of the Beast in the NWO and that the convenient idiots that allowed it all to happen will be powerless to stop them. That is a naive hope.

Once the people see what has been done to them, they will become enraged when they see that their very species is being attacked and destroyed on such a major scale.  The major and glaring problem will be that the US and British Commonwealth will be held responsible for the massive holocaust and they will be attacked by the Russians and Chinese and allies.  The Globalists operating out of the US and BC and the EU and the Vatican and Middle East will be identified and targeted. Often that will be by the families who had their children killed and their future taken from them. Our people will seek to introduce retrospective legislation and hang every politician of the major parties in every country and especially the US and BC. The people responsible for the health ministries of the most affected will be identified and hanged dating back to the beginning of the murder and the betrayal of the people. The Bible says that the power of the Holy People will be destroyed (F027xii, xiii)

It does not matter how successful the human reaction will be. The demons aim to wipe out mankind. They will succeed with the vast majority. The Messiah and the Loyal Host will be sent to stop the murder and the madness and they will destroy every element of the NWO and the UN and Globalist system. So also will every area of false religion on the planet be dismantled and destroyed. Messiah will establish the operation of the Bible texts and the Law of God (L1) and God’s Calendar (No. 156) all over the earth. There will be no discussion. The world will do as it is told, and keep the Laws of God, or die. We are only just now beginning to see the final results of human disobedience under the demons. No religion will survive. No political system will survive.

There are not many of the elect left functioning and there will be very few indeed survive the coming holocaust. If you wish to survive, stop disobeying God. Repent and be the final element to move into the Millennium under Messiah.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General