Sabbath 21/12/42/120

Dear Friends,

We are in the 12th month and the New Year is just 11 days away.  It is important that we all determine just where the Body of Christ is so that we can attend the Passover with the one true Church and hence the Body of Christ (No. 012B).  Remember there is only one True Church which has the Lampstand in the Last Days (No. 170A) which is the Bread and Body (No. 012) of the Faith.

The Body of Christ does not keep the Hillel Calendar system (cf. 195C) but keeps God’s Calendar (No. 156).

Nor does it keep Sunday worship, Christmas, and Easter, nor believe in Heaven and Hell, nor keep the systems of the Sun and Mystery Cults, nor believe in the Mother goddess cults.

If you keep Hillel then you have never kept a Holy Day on the correct days in all the time you have been doing so except by accident and have rarely kept the Lord’s Supper on the correct days. That is the Second Sacrament of the church. Nor have you kept the New Moons and the punishment for not keeping the Sabbaths and New Moons and the Feasts is death and the Second Resurrection (Isa. 66:23; Zech. 14:16-19). So will God overlook that fact? It is hardly likely.

Use your brains. If you told your children that they were required to undertake certain set procedures in order to qualify for their entry to a specific entitlement and they did not do so but chose another procedure of dates would you give them the entitlement in spite of their wilful insubordination? You would not so, why then should God be any different. Study the requirements for the First Resurrection (No. 143A).

God tested the Sardis and Laodicean systems in the Last Days to see if they were reliable and worthy and they were not found worthy and both systems were cast from the elect and out of the First Resurrection except for a very few individuals and most, if not all of them, are now dead. The Armstrong system was the last of the Sardis system and it corrupted the structure of the faith. It came under Judgment from 1987 and had to be destroyed and scattered from 1994 onwards. The test of that system is that they keep the Jewish Hillel system and are made to come to the Philadelphian system and obey it (Rev. 3:9). This means that the Philadelphian system does not, and logically cannot, keep Hillel but must keep the same Temple calendar as Christ and the Apostles. Also the demarcation or marker church of the Sardis system is the Living Church of God who has the name that it is living but it is dead (Rev. 3:1).

Choose life and not death.  Messiah will be here in a matter of years.  This next cycle is the Sabbath cycle of the waiting at Sinai in the last cycle for the Messiah and the establishment of the millennial system by the jubilee of 2027. We are now in the final wars of the system and once Messiah gets here it is too late.  However, you will be forced to change and adopt the correct Temple Calendar or you will die anyway. So why are you so disobedient?  Why are you throwing away the First Resurrection, either accepting the Temple Calendar or being killed, and then facing the Second Resurrection anyway? You will follow your apostate ministry into death and the Second Resurrection (No. 143B). Are you all that foolish?  You may be so perverse that God simply cannot use you and if that is the case then there is nothing any of us can do except pray and fast on 7 Abib for you all, as we do for all mankind.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General