Sabbath 20/3/42/120

Dear Friends,

This Sabbath we will examine the spread of the nations in Europe and the establishment of Christianity among them.  It is important to understand the movement of the various tribes from the Hyperborean and Trojan Celts to the Phoenicians and then those of the Hordes that came in from the Second to the Sixth Centuries among the Parthian Horde and then the Vandals, Goths, Alans and Huns.  The history of these movements is contained in the paper Unitarian/Trinitarian Wars (No. 268).

The Trinitarians and Ditheist/Binitarian predecessors have created a great deal of fiction concerning the activities of the Fourth and Fifth centuries and the so-called creeds of the Councils of Nicea (325CE) and the subsequent Councils of Constantinople (381) and Chalcedon (451).  So also has there been a lot of misinformation and fractured history and nomenclature of the parties in contention over that period. The gradual suppression of early Christian doctrines has been systematic and the persecution great to suppress the Sabbatarian system as we see in the papers General Distribution of the Sabbath-keeping Church (No. 122) and Role of the Fourth Commandment in the Sabbath-keeping Churches of God (No. 170). Look also at the details in the texts of Commentary on the Koran: The Cave (Q018) and Commentary on the Koran: Maryam (Q019) for the historical backgrounds to them. The Church of God at Mecca was persecuted into flight in 613 to Abyssinia under the protection of the Sabbatarian Unitarian Churches there.

Unless those of the Churches of God understand the history of the church and the persecution undertaken by the Trinitarians against the Churches of God they are condemned to be deceived and to make the same errors as were made over the last 170 and previous years by the Sardis and Laodicean systems and in making those errors they will be condemned to the Second Resurrection and the Great White Throne Judgment (No. 143B).

Understanding our history and the continuous position of the church is critical to attaining the First Resurrection. Relying on the myths of Armstrong and the British Israelites will simply destroy those who do so. So also will relying on the insipient Ditheists/Binitarians/Trinitarians who came into the church and never repented of their heresies, and the Jews and Masons that penetrated them and rose in the Armstrong Ministry and in the Jesuit penetration of the Laodicean systems will simply destroy those that do so.

It is important that we study all of these people so that we understand what is required of us and what we are up against both in Mainstream Christianity and also in Hadithic Islam.

It is no small task to eradicate false doctrine in the Churches of God in the last days as they are rotten with the remnants of Trinitarians that were never stamped out as their teachers did not know enough and failed. It is important that we also review the paper Binitarian and Trinitarian Misrepresentation of the Early Theology of the Godhead (No. 127B) and also Ditheism (No 076B).

Pray for the perseverance and the insight to help your brethren and reach the Churches of God with the original doctrines.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General