New Moon Message 010842120

Dear Friends,

Today is the New Moon of the Eighth Month.  We have completed the feasts of the Seventh Month and the Reading of the Law as commanded by God under the Law (Deut. 31: 10-11). If you did not read the law this year then you sinned. If your ministry told you not to bother then they are guilty of misleading the brethren and teaching falsehood under the law. They will take you into the Second Resurrection along with them.

If they told you that the Calendar has been lost along with the Jubilees and Sabbaths then they are uninformed and are misleading you as the Jubilees are revealed in the Scriptures and have been explained in the text of Reading the Law with Ezra and Nehemiah (No. 250)The ministry of the COG system knows how to restore the Sabbaths and Jubilees, as they have been tested on these matters over a number of years. They simply will not restore them and for that they will die and go to the Second Resurrection and the Great White Throne Judgment (No. 143B). They are judged more severely under James 3:1. If you follow them then you are indeed foolish.

So also there is no Place of Safety (No. 194), save in the Hand of God.  So also there is no Third Resurrection, save in the perverted mind of a WCG and offshoots minister and those who listen to them. (cf. Fallacy of the Third Resurrection (No. 166)). Only a corrupted mind would attribute such sin and inconvenient reasoning to God.

The Plan of God is explained in the paper The Plan of Salvation (No. 001A)It is a simple, convenient and coherent plan and is brilliant in its simplicity and is capable of saving all mankind and making them gods (cf. The Elect as Elohim (No. 001)).

Remember, to be a member of the Philadelphian system you have to be free of the heresies of Sardis and Laodicea and the Hillel Calendar and the Binitarian and Trinitarian systems. If you think that the WCG and offshoots systems were part of Philadelphia then you are sadly mistaken and you will go to the Second Resurrection and face the Great White Throne Judgment as listed above (cf. Pillars of Philadelphia (No. 283)).

You have to understand and keep God’s Calendar (No. 156) in worship of the One True God (cf. The God We Worship. (No. 002)).

If you do not repent and follow the Laws of God (L1) you will face the Second Death.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General.