Sabbath 29/1/41/120

Dear Friends

This week we are faced with a number of issues that arose from the feast of the Passover and Unleavened Bread. We had to make a minor amendment to the Food Laws paper so that the dispensation made to the remote desert tribes in Arabia was made clearer as a result of mischievous misrepresentation of people trying to undermine the authenticity and inspiration of the Koran and its harmonisation with Scripture for their own malicious purposes (cf. The Food Laws (No. 015)).

Also we have reissued a Sabbath Message from 2011 dealing with the weeks of the Omer Count to Pentecost in relation to the years of the Last Jubilee in the Last Days.  The years of the wars of Amalek had not begun in 2011 and the Sabbath Message warned of the coming years and the escalation of the wars to 2019 and then to the arrival of the Witnesses. The last week is that of the week at Sinai and the final years under the Messiah in preparation for the Millennium.  The paper has been issued as a standard paper and extended with additional comments. It is issued as The Weeks of the Omer Count Applied to the Last Jubilee (No. 173A)

The feast saw us develop the Commentaries on the Koran to Surah 44. The Commentaries are now available to Surah 59. We should have Surah 60 completed this week and we will extend the sequence further in the coming week. Please bear with us if the link is not operational for a day or so into next week.

We have also addressed the issue of the lampstands and the authority of the Churches of God and the authority of the end sequence in the last days in the paper The Lampstand of the Last Days (No. 170A).

Surahs to 60 will be issued this week. Surahs currently on the web are:

I was pleased to see children that we saw enter the church years ago now of age for baptism and it is rewarding to see the efforts of their parents rewarded with their entry to the faith.

Let us consider what it means to be the Church of Brotherly Love over the New Moon.

Wade Cox

Coordinator General