Sabbath 24/9/41/120

Dear Friends

Over the next week we are led to believe that we will see the serious situation begin to unravel in the US and we will see the corruption and horror in the US Deep State and its criminal political structure come to light.  Over the two weeks and three days from 5 December to 21 December we are being led to believe we will see the charges laid for the massive corruption in the US and the indicted Human Rights abuses and perversions of its people and politicians. Under the Trump executive orders there are 45 days from the midterm elections allowed for the laying of charges and indictments of electoral officials and those associated with interference in the US electoral systems. Thus the cut off is 21 December 2018.

Over the last twelve months it is being reported that an investigation is being conducted under Attorney Huber with 470 investigating officers appointed by the Attorney General.  It is being reported that there are untold thousands of sealed indictments of US political figures, intelligence operatives, bureaucrats and prominent citizens involved in sex trafficking and slavery and sex abuse and also graft and corruption and election rigging reaching to the highest levels of the previous presidential administrations and reportedly involving the Clintons and the media and the judiciary and the executive.

This system of prosecutions is an open secret and the Deep State reportedly knows it is coming and is in a state of panic over the impending prosecutions.  In order to head this off they are seemingly trying to induce a state of crisis and are moving to impeach President Trump before the prosecutions are launched and the indictments are unsealed and served by US Marshalls.

On 1 March 2018 President Trump is reported as signing Executive Order 13825 establishing Military Tribunals for the detention and trial of these thousands of indicted defendants to be tried offshore and outside of the US court system because of the alleged total corruption within the judiciary and the treasonous nature of the offenses.  It is being alleged by many outlets that extensions have been made to the facility in Cuba at Guantanamo and in Diego Garcia and the prison atolls.  It should be remembered that in the Senate hearings of Kavanaugh J, Senator Graham asked a series of questions concerning the legality of Military Tribunals in the US judicial system and the trying of US citizens for offences against the Security of the US.  And he answered that it was lawful and affirmed the questions of the Senator.

This proposed event appears to be the greatest prospective trial of enemies of the state ever seen in the US or British Commonwealth and may well see the execution of prominent officials on a significant scale, if they do not kill or impeach Trump first as they did with JFK. If they do there will be a military coup and possibly civil war. It should also be remembered that massive camp systems have been already established in the US over recent years for the detention of an unknown populace for unknown purposes.  This appears to initially facilitate the incarceration of those resistant to the NWO among US Citizens.  However, it may well turn out to be like Haman’s Gallows erected by the Agagites of Amalek to wipe out the children of Judah and instead was used to wipe out the Ten Sons of Haman and the Agagites when their plot was uncovered and they were exposed.  See the Commentary on Esther (F017). See also the links to the series of papers on the Wars of Amalek below.

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What will also be brought to light either directly or covertly is the meddling of the intelligence systems of the UK in MI6 and the Australian Intelligence systems as well as NZ and perhaps also CA with the declassifications. The involvement of AU High Commissioner Downer in the Papadopoulous affair and the spying on a US Presidential Candidate, and later President elect, and then President, is unprecedented and may well have placed the alliance in jeopardy, once it is all exposed. The fact is that these globalist stooges in the intelligence systems and our media are a threat to our security and they must be hunted down and expelled.

There are many serious questions that need to be answered in relation to the psyops and the conduct of presidential investigations in the US and the involvement of MI6, Mossad and the Ukrainian intelligence systems.  The recent Russian provocation by the Ukrainian ships under US and UK and Israeli influence needs to be examined and what is being done, along with the Turkish Saudi Embassy Kashoggi murder and the roles of the players in that fiasco.

Why was there no special prosecutor appointed by Trump to investigate Obama and Clinton in what is described as the greatest confidence operation seen in the history of the world? Why is this continual banter re Q and Anon entourage not followed up with concrete action?  The actions over 28 November to 21 December should expose the validity or otherwise of the whole Q Anon team and indicate whether we are being played for fools by the Deep State. The Judiciary has ordered Clinton to testify under oath about her servers, which she has so far avoided. She may take the Fifth Amendment, but where is the special prosecutor? A recent Trump tweet has indicated that the rule of law and justice is about to commence and  may well corroborate a Q post also.

Why do the prosecutions mooted concern only the Democrats, when the Republicans under the Bush Administrations are equally as suspect and equally require investigation?  What about 9/11?  Why is that not under investigation by Trump DOJ appointees? Are we all being played for fools? What about the shootings in Las Vegas and the CIA connections?

The news seems to deliberately create confusion and false links or potentially true links with no answers forthcoming.

We will also see the move to collapse the world economy again as they did in 2008 at the GFC.  We warned the world about that and no one listened and we are warning about this coming crisis again but fortunately it was postponed by Trump’s actions from 2016.

What we are actually seeing is the battle for control of the US and the Free world to establish the last Satanic Empire of the Beast. We have seemingly been allowed to stall their establishment of the NWO with the election of Trump and the Brexit referendum in the UK. That also has ramifications for the end of the millennial system and the period of time that Satan and the Fallen Host are released from Tartaros for the last war of the Human system prior to the Second Resurrection of the Dead and the Great White Throne Judgment (No. 143B) as explained in the Wars of Amalek Part V above. However, it may all be allowed to simply stop the NWO being exposed too early and the people realising and reacting before time.

We will deal with these aspects again in the New Moon Message of 1/10/41/120 on 7 December 2018 and also on the Sabbaths of 8 December 2018 and 15 December 2018 as things progress.

Remember that the week ending 22 December 2018 is the beginning of the Solstice and ends the Pagan year system with the system of the Sun god and the presentation of the infant Sun god by the Mother goddess emerging from the cave on the evening of 24 December for the day of 25 December (cf. The Origins of Christmas and Easter (No. 235)). This system is one of the last years of its celebrations in history and will be stamped out by Messiah in a few years time as we explain in Part IV The End of False Religion (No. 141F) above. These festivals are also associated with the days of Human Sacrifice of the Witchcraft system, and we may well see many die over this period. These deaths may also come from this caravan of thugs and criminals and set ups coming from Central America. Remember that the standard operations of the terrorists are to embed women and children in their caravans and use them as human shields. This US caravan sequence is no different and is a distraction from the real operations of the NWO and the coming war.


We have noticed also that the demons are posing as Angels of Light and appearing to gullible stooges informing them of the coming crisis and informing them of prophecies concerning aspects that will occur and seemingly setting them up with false doctrines. We even saw one so called prophecy buff explaining Revelation chapter 20 and then telling everyone, while reciting elements of the chapter, that the text meant that they were going to heaven in spite of the express words of the text saying the opposite, which he conveniently left out.  The test of a prophet is that they speak according to the Law and the Testimony and if they do not there is no light in them (Isa. 8:20). Anyone that says that when they die they go to heaven is not a Christian but is a devotee of the god Baal and must be opposed. Posing as a prophet they are, unavoidably, false prophets.

The Wars of Amalek and the Fifth and the Sixth Trumpets will begin soon. Do not be discouraged. We have yet to see the unfolding of the full sequence. Remember Esther and the salvation of Judah.  Here something bigger than Judah is involved.  It is the tribes of Israel and the Inheritance of the Messiah and the salvation of the Gentiles with Israel that is at stake. Remember that gentiles taken into Israel must acknowledge the Messiah and be baptised and follow the Temple Calendar otherwise they cannot remain in Israel and the Church of God as the elect.

Watch and pray that God tears the face off this monster and the subterfuge going on in the US and the world generally.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General.