Sabbath  17/4/41/120

Dear Friends,

Over the years we have been quite amazed at the myths and often blatant lies that have been advanced by many pseudo-Muslims and pseudo-Christians concerning the Scriptures and the Koran and the people involved in the structure of the Bible and the Qur’an or Koran.

We will list the many lies and blatant blasphemy advanced by the authorities of both sides one at a time so that they can be examined easily and refuted.

We have published a Commentary on the Koran and examined its historical basis and the Chronology on which it is based.

In the Introduction we dispel many myths concerning the Prophet and his origins and his family and his wife Khadija’s family and who or what exactly was the Muhammad.

The Commentary is structured as follows in
It begins with the Prologue at the Prologue to the Commentary on the Koran (QP) and then follows into the Introduction to the Commentary on the Koran (Q001), The Pillars of the Faith (Q001A) and the Chronology of the Quran or Koran (Q001B).

The Qur’an was written in an entirely different order to the numerical sequence in which it appears. Understanding that order and what was being accomplished in the revelation is critical to understand the message being delivered to the sons of Shem and the Arabs generally.

The Surahs are listed in their numerical order with the Scriptures on which they are based in the Q002 to Q114 series as listed at the url above.

The purpose and intent of the Surahs in their Chronological order is explained in the Summary of the Commentary on the Quran or Koran (QS).

Also the Quran was edited and added to over time contrary to the claims of the Hadith and the Imams and Sheiks. Those edits and additions are contained in Appendix 1 (QS1).

This text is added to the beginning as Q001C. It will be issued next week.

Much of the misinformation comes from the Hadithic sources that have deliberately tried to corrupt the message of the Qur’an.  The appalling lack of scholarship and the poor education of the sons of Shem, and in particular their women, have caused untold damage and hardship to the faith as they now see and practice it.

So also the Trinitarian Baal system of the Sun and Mystery cults has destroyed what has become Mainstream Christianity. The result is that the entire world has been consigned to the Second Resurrection and very few are going to enter the First Resurrection from this age and the last many centuries.

The fundamental basis to the Torah is that it was delivered by God to Moses through the Angel of the Presence at Sinai, and we know from the NT that this being was Christ or Messiah as the Archangel of the Presence (Acts chapter 7 and also 1Corinthians 10:4).

The Koran states clearly that the Laws of God and the testimony were given to Christ through Moses and the prophets and he confirmed the Scriptures through the Injeel or Gospels and the writings or Testimony.

Messiah was quite clear that Scripture cannot be broken and it is the destiny of all mankind to become Elohim as sons of God (Jn. 10:34-36). We now list and develop some of the myths and fabrications.

Scripture is Lost
The most blasphemous lie ever to emanate from Hadithic pseudo-Islam was the lie that the Scriptures have been lost.  That was circulated so the lazy Imams could cut loose from the Laws of God.

Scripture cannot be broken (John 10:34-36) and it is of no private interpretation (2Peter 1:20).

The Scriptures explain themselves and the Koran is absolutely based on Scripture as can be easily seen from the Commentary on the Surahs and the Appendix QS2 Index of the Scriptures.

How is this monstrous lie such a blasphemy?  How does it strike at the very Nature of God?

Firstly, it strikes at the Omniscience of God and that Eloah/Allah did not protect the Scriptures as though He did not know all true propositions and that He did not know and take steps to protect His own laws and testimony.

Secondly, His Omnipotence is impugned because He is made out to be powerless to protect His own instruction manual. He is thus also unethical being morally obliged to inform those with whom He is to deal.

Also the same blasphemers make out that another paganised legal system named Sharia somehow replaces the Law of God given to Moses and emphasized in the Bible and the Qur’an.

God is not mocked.  Every man or woman that teaches that Scripture has been lost and the Law done away or that Sharia replaces the Law given to Moses and the prophets will be put to death on the return of the Messiah and the Resurrection of the Patriarchs and Prophets and the elect of the Councils or Muhammads of the Churches of God and the 144,000 and the Great Multitude. The prophets, including the Arabian Prophet and the Councils, will kill them on Messiah’s direct orders.

The infidels will wait in the grave of Sheol and await the Second Resurrection to the Second Garden of Paradise and they will be subjected to reeducation and training there and if they still will not repent they will be allowed to die and their corpses placed in the Lake of Fire and their bodies burned.

The First and Second Gardens of Paradise are one thousand years apart and occupy the area known as Eden and elsewhere on this earth. After the Second Resurrection God, Ha Eloah or Allah’, will come here with the Throne as the City of God to occupy Jerusalem and Eden (cf. City of God (No. 180)).

Name of God in Islam and Christianity
The name of God in the Koran is Allah’ which is taken from the Arabic derivative of the Aramaic which comes in turn from the Chadean Elahh.  The plural is Elahhin. This form is also used in the Bible text.  The Hebrew form was Eloah and the plural was Elohim.  Eloah is singular and admits of no plurality whatsoever.  Ha Elohim refers to Eloah as The God.  The Elohim refer to the creation of the Host as sons of God.  For this reason the name Allah’ was used being singular and admitting of no plurality whatsoever.

At the time the Qur’an was written the pagans taught that the Gods came down and had intercourse with females and produced sons and sometimes females.  That is the concept rejected in the text.

The primary concept in the Scriptures was that we would all become elohim as sons of God as the Angel of Yahovah at our head (Zechariah 12:8; Psalm 82:6; John. 10:34-36). That is the plan of God as explained in the Scriptures and by Messiah and the Apostles (cf. Names of God (No. 116) and The Name of God in Islam (No. 054)).

Declaration of the Faith
The Muslim declaration of the faith contains two section and the later section is shirk or an idolatrous fabrication.

Heaven and Hell or the Resurrections of the Dead

One of the most bizarre tacks taken by the Hadithic scholars or Imams and sheiks was to claim that on death the individual goes to heaven following the doctrines of the pagan Baal system and based on Hubal or The Lord at Mecca. The Koran is absolutely definitive that the dead are sent to the pit of Sheol or the grave to await the Resurrections either the First or the Second Resurrection of the dead for judgment.

No one goes to heaven.  Both Scripture and the Koran are in total agreement and in fact the Koran is clearer than Scripture in this regard.  Anyone who claims to be either a Christian or Muslim, which are in fact synonymous, and say that when they die they go to heaven, are neither. They are in fact infidels and will simply be consigned to the Second Resurrection and retrained. If they persist in their idolatry they will be allowed to die and their dead bodies burned in the Lake of Fire.

Heaven and the 72 Virgins
The claim that warriors that kill others are granted seventy-two virgins in heaven is a blatant lie that runs counter to Scripture and the Koran.  The number seventy two is based on the elders of the Councils over 2000 years to make up the 144,000.

Other lies will be addressed concerning the:

Death of Christ

Sacrifice of Isaac

Begotten Sons of God

Muhammad and the Name of the Prophet

Ahmed and the Holy Spirit

The Calendar

A major aspect is the Sabbath moved to the Sixth Day instead of the Sabbath.
The Koran specifically ties the Sabbath to the Covenant at Surah 4:154.  We know without doubt that the Prophet and the church at Mecca and in Abyssinia were Sabbatarians. The Prophet kept the Sabbath and the Holy Days and specifically the Day of Atonement (cf. The Sabbath in the Qur’an (No. 274)).  The Hadith  changed the Sabbath to the Jumaah on Friday afternoon which was the preparation period for the Sabbath and then failed to observe the Sabbath and went to work instead and treated the Sabbath like a normal day and worked on it (cf. also The Jumaah: Preparing for the Sabbath (No. 285)).

If a person does not keep the Sabbath and moves it to either the Day of the Sun or the Friday then that person will be allowed to die and then placed in the Second Resurrection for retraining. No person that does not keep the Sabbaths and the New Moons will be allowed to live after the return of the Messiah as decreed by God through the prophet Isaiah 66:23. The Sabbaths, New Moons and Holy Days in the Feasts of God will be kept throughout the Millennium as decreed by God through the prophet Zechariah 14:16-19.

The Food Laws and Halal

The false doctrine has been advanced that the Qur’an provides for different laws to that of the Jews and that the Jews imported false doctrines from Egypt.

The reference in the Qur’an to the errors imported by the Jews refers to the oral tradition of Kashrut and does not under any circumstances refer to the food laws of Leviticus 11 and Deuteronomy 14.  The Qur’an or Koran specifically ties the food laws in to the dietary requirement of both the Jews and the Muslims of the church at Mecca and Medinah in Surah 3:93. 

The result is that the Hadith has corrupted the food laws, and aside from pork, the pseudo-Muslims eat every foul and unclean thing that swims or crawls on the ocean floor or sticks to the rocks. The result is that they have stripped the Gulf of Oman clean and turned it into the world’s largest dead zone twice the size of Tasmania. The pseudo-Christians in like manner are destroying their oceans as are the Asians.

The Arabs also eat camels at Eid having corrupted the Calendar as above and using the so-called dispensation of Surah 22:36.  That text applies only to the poor and destitute and is a corruption of the Laws of God and probably one of the later additions to Surah 22, (perhaps as late as the later Ummayads), of which there are a great many. It is inapplicable in any case to the Muslims who are not of the desert tribes and are not poor and destitute and in need.

Zechariah 45 declares the duty of the ruler on providing clean meat, in accordance with the Laws of God, to the populace on the Feasts, New Moons and Sabbaths in any case. The practice of eating camel is a heresy and those that follow it will be sent to the Second Resurrection.

Other lies and pagan doctrines are:
Wearing of the hijab & burka
Female mutilation
The so-called polygamy of the Prophet
The relation of Gabriel/and the Holy Spirit with the Prophet
The hijab is unbiblical and contrary to the Koran and in fact indecent for women and it is not in the Koran. 
Alcohol: nowhere in the Koran it is forbidden to drink alcohol.
Taqqiya or lying to others for reasons of conversion, and
Killing other Muslims if they leave the faith.

Other aspects covered are:
Promotion of negligence such as not putting up handrails for safety claiming that if someone falls it is the will of Allah. Use of pagan traditions in using public restrooms like a bird bath to wash before prayer; then using the pagan practice of Ghusul and snorting water.

Also architecture is corrupted by paganism in Islam.

We will deal with all of these aspects in Myths and Fabrications in and of Islam (Q001C).  So also will we deal with Trinitarian fabrications concerning the Koran and the Prophet.

It is important we understand where these fabrications originated in Paganism and Baal worship and we reject both aspects in Trinitarian pseudo-Christianity and pseudo-Islam.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General