Sabbath 16/10/41/120

Dear Friends,

This Sabbath we will issue The Wars of the End Part VB: Preparing the Elohim (No. 141H).

We are all aware why the Messiah came and had to die in order to make the Holy Spirit available to us as humans so that we could develop in order to become elohim, or sons of God as coheirs with Christ.  He was to be our leader as Messiah with the elect under David as head of the Household (Zech. 12:8).

The false doctrines of the Baal system have corrupted the religions of the world and will do so as far as it is possible for them to operate. These false doctrines will be reactivated with the demons corrupting the world once again for the Last War of mankind.

This text explains the end of the millennial system, and the Last War and then the Second Resurrection and what happens then in that system to prepare the humans and the demons for the final phase of the physical creation of man and the preparation of man to go on into the Spirit as rulers of the Universe.

They will all be companions and the Fallen Host will also be killed and resurrected for the Second Resurrection and the judgment under the elect where they will all be judged by the Churches of God and the prophets and patriarchs as the First Resurrection.

The demons will then be given new spirits and after the Great White Throne Judgment (NO. 143B) if they repent they will become once again Elohim with us all as sons of God (cf. Judgment of the Demons (No. 080)).

The Plan of God following on from His Omniscience and Omnipotence is perfect and all will survive under proper education and teaching of the elect through the Holy Spirit. It is God’s Will that no flesh should perish and His Will is done.

Let us all prepare to do God’s Will and educate all mankind that they may all survive. When it is all finished all mankind will be educated and resurrected and re-educated so that they may survive as sons of God and coheirs with Christ.

All the false religions spread by the Baal worshippers that profane the Sabbaths, New Moons and Holy Days and Feasts contrary to the Laws of God will be long gone by the Second Resurrection. Only the misguided fools will be left to be re-educated in the Second Resurrection so that they might be corrected and survive.

If you do not wish to help them to survive then you will not be in the First Resurrection and will be with them in the Second Resurrection being re-educated and corrected because of a faulty view of the Holy Spirit and the Plan of God.  If we do not love man, who we have seen, how can we love God whom we have not seen?

Wade Cox
Coordinator General