New Moon Message 1/5/41/120

Dear Friends,

This week we have seen the UK Conservatives do their level best under PM May to undermine the effect of the Brexit referendum and diminish the capacity of the UK to escape the dreadful bondage that the EU really represents to Britain and the UK people.  The result was engineered by the Globalists in the Conservatives to stop the Brexit and continue the enslavement of the UK within the EU.

Two ministers resigned.  One was the Brexit Minister and the other was the Foreign Minister. Neither could legitimately support the PM’s solution.  In the Foreign Minister’s view it merely served to make UK a colony of the EU. 

The reality is that the country is divided between the Globalists and the British nationalists that have no desire to have the UK run from Brussels. The divisions are in both the major parties and the Marxists in the Labour Party are enamoured of a Communist bureaucracy but the unionists themselves have no desire to be run as a world commune.  The Globalists in the Conservative movement are about to be faced with the reality of their treason. The consequences for the Oxford Rhodes system will be very serious and will affect the standing of the university.

The escalating crisis of the divisions will see it develop by stages. Stage 1 will be to challenge May’s decision and her plan and then her leadership.  The Opposition will push for that division and challenge. The result they hope for is a new election where they hope to claw back government.

The reality is that the conservative Globalists have destroyed themselves. The anger of the British people when they realise they have been deceived and betrayed will come down on the heads of the Conservatives and the Globalists will be destroyed. The reality is that they have to be removed from the parliament to ensure the integrity of the UK as an autonomous state. They hope that they can see the aged populace die and the young brainwashed communists take over in time for their survival.  The same applies to the rest of the British Commonwealth and the USA. 

What is happening at present is that Trump has materially affected the US and is now influencing the UK and the rest of the BC. Some now see the terrible danger in which they have allowed our people to be placed throughout the world.  Trump has almost negotiated a peace position with North Korea but the Chinese are deliberately sabotaging that position and are out-manoeuvering the other trading nations by using their trading influences and espionage activities to gain power and control.  Australia and NZ are suddenly realising they are in a serious position and have neglected the Pacific at the behest of the Globalists.  Canada is under an immature leader that is betraying their position and they will have to get rid of the liberals there soon to minimise the damage.  Trump is changing the views of the Hispanics and the young and seemingly the blacks also to a lesser extent. The Democrats may well collapse in the November 2018 midterm elections, or shortly thereafter. So what does this mean for the US and BC?

The EU is about to be seriously challenged and the treacherous policies of the Globalists are being seen for what they are. Europe has been invaded and the Globalists deliberately did it for the sole economic benefit of the EU leadership and it constitutes treason by any other name or guise.

The establishment of a New World Order was the view of the Satanists in both the EU and the US and BC.

The Bible is quite clear that this Beast power will gain total world dominance and the people will give their power to the Beast and it will rule for one hour.  Now one hour is a specific period of time and the texts show when that power is given to the Beast. The ten regions of the NWO system will give their power to the Beast and they will rule with the Beast for one hour (Revelation 17:12).   An hour is the prophetic time period of up to one month in the system of times and years.  The world war that is to occur under the Wars of the Fifth and Sixth Trumpets will precede the two Witnesses and the NWO will not be able to prevent it and indeed it will be supported by them (see The Seven Trumpets (No. 141)).  The Witnesses will occupy Jerusalem for 1260 days and torment the world with their witness and the Laws of God because the world will not repent. They will finally kill the Witnesses on the 1260th day and their bodies will lie in the streets for 3.5 days and on the morning of the fourth day the Messiah will come and they and all of the First Resurrection will be resurrected and go to the Messiah.

It is at this time that the world finally realises that the Messiah is there and he has taken over Jerusalem and they then decide to give their entire power to the Beast and then they move down to near Jerusalem  and the Messiah and the elect of the Saints will destroy them at Megiddo.  At this time the elect then move out into the nations and subjugate them in the Wars of the Last days and the Vials of the Wrath of God (No. 141B).

The destruction of the Whore of Babylon that is prophesied to occur over Revelation 18 occurs over the conflicts at the time of the Witnesses and continues up until the destruction of the false prophet and the last of the Babylonian system at the Advent of the Messiah (No. 210A) and then through (210B).  

Almost the entire world will march against the Messiah and the Heavenly Host rather than repent and obey God.

Millions upon millions will die and will not repent. They will not repent because they have been totally deceived by the Trinitarian pseudo-Christian religious system and also that of pseudo-Islam both of which are products of Satan’s deception (see also Summary of the Commentary on the Qur’an or Koran (QS)).

It is over that month that the entire world’s system will be destroyed and the nations will be brought into subjection to the Laws of God under the government of Jesus Christ and the Resurrected Elect as replacements of the fallen Host who will be placed in Tartaros for 1000 years.

The subjugation of the Nations will then be consolidated and by October 2024 the Wars of the End will be over.  In 2025 the Treble harvest for the Jubilee of 2026-2027 will be undertaken from the lands prepared from end October 2024. God’s system when implemented then will ensure there is no hunger for those obedient to God’s Law.

Remember, the nations have to be warned and they have to be given every chance to repent and their lives saved and their offspring spared.

In these last days they seem to be coming more and more rebellious and refusing to repent and follow the Laws of God.  Pray that we are given the wherewithal to be able to reach everyone with a clear and unambiguous message.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General