New Moon 1/4/41/120

Dear Friends,

Today the Fifth day of the week is the New Moon of the Fourth Month, Tammuz, named for the worship of the god over the time that Israel was at Sinai when Moses was on the Mountain talking with the Angel of the Presence being given the laws of God (cf. The Ascents of Moses (No. 070)). We now know this being as Jesus Christ in his pre-incarnate position (cf. The Pre-existence of Jesus Christ (No. 243)). The New Moons are determined according to the conjunction and not as determined by Hillel (cf. God’s Calendar (No. 156). Tomorrow, the Sixth Day of the Week, is the Crescent Moon of the Moon God Qamar or Sin as determined in Chaldea and Babylon (see the paper The Golden Calf (No. 222) (cf. also Hillel, The Babylonian Intercalations and the Temple Calendar (No. 195C)). The Islamic Calendar was changed in the Eighth Century and cut loose from the Temple system (cf. Hebrew and Islamic Calendar Reconciled (No. 053)).

Exactly1410 years ago, a man of the Tribe of the Ishmaelite Qureysh, Qasim ibn Abd’allah (or Abdullah) ibn Abdul Muttallib, was called by God and trained in the faith by his wife’s family, who were of Jewish descent and who were converted Christians living at Mecca.

Qasim was taught to read using the Scriptures by his wife Khadija’s uncle and he studied from 608 CE and was called to the church as a prophet under the Council or the church or the Muhammad at Mecca.  He commenced his mission in 610 CE after two visions from the Angel Gabriel giving him instruction.  He was 41 years of age and his mission lasted for 21 years until he died at 62 years of age. He was given revelation over this period and it continued until two weeks before he died in 632 CE.

The understanding of the faith was lost through the ascendancy of the paganised Arabs who entered Islam for military reasons rather than being called by God to be baptised for the remission of sin, and have hands laid on them for receipt of the Holy Spirit.  The church was driven underground after the Four Rightly Guided Caliphs and the murder of the church leaders Ali and Hussein. The Qur’an was never properly explained from that time because they did not study the Scriptures and had no understanding of the faith.  The same thing happened to them as the Binitarian/Trinitarian Baal worshippers did to the Christian faith before them. Up until the Nineteenth Century the Churches of God could not explain the faith and the meaning of the Qur’an to the world as they themselves had been penetrated by the Trinitarians and the faith was corrupted among the groups powerful enough to print and publish the truth.  The False Prophets among the Adventists and the Churches of God tied up the faith and its capacity to publish the truth (cf. also False Prophecy (No. 269)).

Now we have been given the open door of the Internet by God and we are able at long last to publish the truth after over 1300 years of listening to falsehood from both pseudo-Islam and  Trinitarian pseudo-Christianity. We have this week completed the explanation of the Compilation in the Commentary on the Qur’an or Koran.  The Prophet was also placed in command of the church and the Council at Mecca which is explained in the paper Introduction to the Commentary on the Koran (Q001).  

The Prophet was given understanding of the creation and the plan of God which is explained in the paper Prologue (QP). He was given the understanding of the Pillars of the Faith (Q001A).  The faith was not revealed in the Qur’an or Koran in the order in which it is currently numbered and listed.  The order in which it was given explains more clearly the development of the faith in the mission to the sons of Shem and the Surahs are similar to the development of the NT era (cf. Chronology of the Koran (No. 001B)).

The Commentary on the Koran is listed in the Standard Numerical Sequence with introductions and explanations given in each Surah and also the relevant Scriptures as they apply to each verse or ayat or groups of verses or ayats in the relevant Surah.  The readers will be amazed at the sheer depth of Scriptural understanding of the church at Mecca and in Arabia.  We have explained the distribution of the churches from the Seventy ordained by Christ as the elders of the church (Lk. 10:1,17) and their place in Arabia and the Middle East and Africa and Asia generally.

The Surahs from the Prologue, Introduction and Chronology to SS114 are listed at the url

The Summary of the Commentary on the Qur’an or Koran (QS) is divided into Seven Sections. The Sections are arranged according to their Chronological Issue and their purpose and theology is explained so that we can understand how the Mission to the sons of Shem was undertaken.  The last few sections relate to the theology and the misapprehensions of the pseudo-Muslims and the Binitarian/Trinitarians who are heading towards total World War through their failure to grasp the truth of Scripture and the Koran. The antinomian Trinitarians fail to even study the OT let alone the Koran and know nothing of the faith given to Moses and the prophets and the Christ and the apostles over the last two thousand years.

The Summary explains the end of the rule of Satan on this earth and his place in the pit (of Tartaros) at the coming of the Messiah and the millennial reign of the patriarchs, prophets and the elect. The last wars and the Second Resurrection of the Dead and the Judgment are also explained using the sequence of the Surahs and commentaries. It also examines the rule of the world and the end of the fake New World Order and the wars of the end. The Sections of the Summary of the Commentary on the Qur’an or Koran are as follows.

QSA  (Sections 1 & 2)
Section 1 takes the commencement of the training and Mission at Mecca dealing with the Very Early Meccan Surahs and the texts explaining the first elements of the Bible faith.

Section 2 deals with the Early Meccan Surahs after the First Hijrah of 613 to Abyssinia. Surah 19 Maryam was revealed at this time to enable the Church, under the Prophet’s cousin Jaffar, to prove their bona fides in seeking asylum from the Negus of Abyssinia and the Sabbatarian church there. Surah 20 Ta Ha was instrumental in calling Omar at Mecca in 613.

QSB (Section 3)
This text deals with the Middle Meccan Surahs and their increase in the declarations of the faith to the pagan idolaters at Mecca.

QSC  (Section 4)
Deals with the Late Meccan Surahs and the place of the Demons in the Host following on from the place of the 70 and the position and role of Noah.  The texts then go on to address the Divine Unity and the errors of the Meccans. The numbering in the sequence was also important.  These texts were to incite the Meccans further and force the Hijrah in 622.

QSD (Section 5)
Deals with the Surahs revealed after the Flight or Hijrah to Medina (Al-Madinah) in 622.  These texts deal with the increased exposition of the Bible texts and the place of Christ in the Revelation.

QSE (Sections 6, 7 and Conclusion)
Section 6 deals with problems in the understanding of the Qur’an or Koran and their explanation (p. 56).

Section 7 and Conclusion deal with the place of Christ in the Koran, and the consequence of his rejection by the Hadith. The text then goes on to explain the position of Satan and his removal as Morning Star and replacement by Christ. The Conclusion then shows what is to happen at the end of the age and for the millennial system and the Second Resurrection.

The Indexes are in production now and should be forthcoming with the Bibliography soon.

We hope many benefit from this exposition, as it is the only formal Christian explanation of the Koran by a Sabbath-keeping Church of God since it was written 1400 years ago.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General