Sabbath 20/05/39/120

Dear Friends,

We are watching the world simply fall to bits before our very eyes.  The first to come under Judgment began at the House of God. We watched the Churches of God spear off in different directions largely through the false teachings of the WCG under Armstrong and the Offshoots. They adopted the false Hillel calendar and because they maintain the lie the lesser educated seek to justify every wind of doctrine and follow the strangest and most heretical doctrines that seek to cut the day from the day at Jerusalem and to use the International dateline in some fictitious attempt to destabilise the calendar.  Also some seek to adopt the craziest doctrines that seek to tie the Sabbath to the New Moon in a rotating system.  The Armstrong ministry cannot deal with the lies because they seek to uphold a lie with the Hillel calendar and are trapped by their own lies due to their adoption of Hillel. This year they will celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles in the Eighth month due to the Babylonian Intercalations as used in Hillel. They will also celebrate the Feast with people who do not believe as they do but simply attend as a place to go. Unfortunately the Church of God is not simply “a place to go for the feasts.” We have to do more than that to inherit the kingdom of God.

So also these Armstrongites have corrupted the Church of God with the false worship of Ditheism and that has now morphed into Binitarianism and is on the track again to Trinitarianism. The Church of God (Seventh Day) in its branches has collapsed into Trinitarianism with some thinking they are righteous by only following Binitarianism. None of them will inherit the kingdom of God and most if not all will go into the Second Resurrection.  Only those that repent will survive and enter the First Resurrection. Once the Witnesses are here it is only a matter of time. Those ministers of the Churches of God that teach Hillel and Ditheism or Binitarianism will die over the period of the Witnesses in very uncomfortable ways. Their lies will see them killed.

List of papers explaining the Temple Calendar and the different errors and heretical offshoots:

God's Calendar (No. 156)
The Sabbath and the Lunar Cycle (No. 156B)
The Origin and Basis of the Karaite Division (No. 156C)
The Calendar and the Moon: Postponements or Festivals? (No. 195)
Distortion of God's Calendar in Judah (No. 195B)
Hillel, Babylonian Intercalations and the Temple Calendar (No. 195C)
The Four Fasts of Judah  (No.195D) 

The Sabbatarian churches in the 20th and 21st centuries have the misfortune to be the most heretical branches of the Churches of God in its history.  God foretold, using Christ through John, that two of the last three eras would not inherit the kingdom of God and would die and be spewed out of the Mouth of God.  Only the church of the Philadelphians would be found loyal and survive to inherit the kingdom of God. See the sequence in the work The Pillars of Philadelphia (No. 283). Those of the other eras had to repent in order to survive and inherit the First Resurrection. The fact is that if you are of the WCG, LCG or UCG or the fractured splinter groups that have not repented and keep the original Temple calendar of the Churches of God and the Temple period and you keep Hillel or any other crazy system other than the Temple system you will not be in the First Resurrection.

Also if you worship two alleged true gods instead of the One True God who is the Father of all and you do not understand that Jesus Christ is not the One True God (Jn 17:3) you simply won’t be there.  The demarcation church of the Sardis Era is the Living Church of God and Christ told us that in Revelation 3:1. The name of the Sardis system in the Last Days has the name that it is living but it is DEAD.  Armstrong was a Sardis minister paid by them for a number of years and he commenced the last phase of the Sardis system.  All ministers acting under his authority, of the ministry paid and authorised by him, are part of the Sardis system and have to repent of the heresies they taught or they will not be in the First Resurrection.  There is no negotiation (see also the paper Heaven Hell or the First Resurrection of the Dead (No. 143A) and the paper The Second Resurrection of the Dead and the Great White Throne Judgment (No. 143B)).

If you think there is more than One True God from Eternity and you keep a calendar either Hillel or any other strange system other than the Temple calendar simply take this test.  Prove that the system you use was kept during the Temple period.  If it does not match the Temple period then you are dead and in the Second Resurrection. There is no negotiation. Hillel did not exist until 358 CE and anyone who says it existed at the time of Christ is an unmitigated liar. Even the Jews admit that it was not issued until 358 CE. They admit it is wrong but they decided they had to wait until the Messiah came to fix it. (see the paper Why is the Passover so Late in 1997? (No. 239)). We of Christ have no such luxury in that delusion.

There is no excuse and there is no point telling Christ that he should let you in the Marriage Supper because you followed Armstrong and made a mistake.  And don’t think your kids will appreciate you apologising to them and saying to them you got it wrong when the truth is all over the world and available for anyone with half a brain to investigate. Nor is there any point discussing it with Armstrong in the Second Resurrection when you point out the lies he and the ministry told you all. The reason his trained ministry do not tell you the truth now in the offshoots is purely because they want to retain their salaries. There is no other reason as we know that they know the truth about the Hillel system and the postponements. If you follow liars do not expect Christ to excuse you when the truth is there for all to see.

We are now seeing God tear the face off this evil system and the false religions that have exploited and corrupted it. God has finished pleading with the Churches of God.  If you are not among us keeping the Temple calendar and sound doctrine then you have been weighed in the balance and found wanting. So also the nations and their kingdoms have been divided. Now the world will be judged by its behaviour and its nations destroyed.

The nations are being given choices and we are seeing that now in the EU and the choice that UK has made in the Brexit. Its leaders and so called intelligentsia having sold its working class down the drain were amazed that the workers and the majority of UK voted to get out of the EU.  More importantly the leaders are doing what they can do stop it all by lies and deceit in order to keep the workers under control and live off them like parasites.

So also we see the US faced with a choice between the Establishment and its lying deceiving oligarchy and what appears to be a genuine populist uprising in the Republican system.  The GOP establishment is a disgrace to the Founding Fathers and the conduct of its seniors is out of touch with reality. In the US also the top1% has exploited the working class and conspired to destroy the Middle Class and is now frightened and conspiring all they can to place an establishment creature in the White House to save their skins and their privileges. So also are they, through the Obama Administration using Kerry as Secretary of State, trying to  undermine the resolve of Boris Johnson UK Foreign Minister and stop or delay the Brexit until it is too late and Johnson appears weak enough to fall for it.

God is letting us all make our decisions and is judging us on what we decide to do and how we deal with each other. Dr Ben Carson made it clear to the US who they were worshipping in the choices open to them when he spoke at the Republican National Convention this week in Cleveland.  He pointed out that Clinton’s role model and mentor Saul Alinsky was a devotee of Satan and had dedicated his 1971 work to Satan as printed in the dedication at the front of the work.  It is impossible that the Clintons and the followers of Alinsky could not know of this dedication and work.

The reality is that the US is rotten with these Satanists and their civil calendar is based entirely upon the Days of Human Sacrifice. The reality is also that from this year God is testing mankind as to what sort of existence it wishes to lead and whether or not it will serve Him.

With each choice we make from now on until 2027 we will be faced with the consequences of that choice in matters of life and death and much more so than we have ever experienced. It is no accident that two non-politicians turned up out of nowhere having nothing to do with the Political establishment.  The first was Nigel Farage in the UK who formed UKIP and fought for a referendum to leave the EU, got it and won.  The Westminster politicians in the main have done all they could to stall and corrupt it.  The UK will have to fight out of the EU and clean its system out of the Hadithic animals that have infected its society.

The same process is being inflicted on the US using its Globalist establishment in both parties.  However, the second non-politician named Donald Trump came out of nowhere and although a well known billionaire was not expected to run and when he did was attacked from all sides, but the more he was attacked the more the people supported him, because at last God had torn the face off the horror of the US system.  In spite of God’s Commands re preserving our children and not sending them through the fire to Molech, the political system and that geared around the Democrats, aborts over 1.6 million babies a year and declares they have no rights until after they are born.  God says otherwise as we know from the Law of God and the Sixth Commandment (No. 259) and also from the philosophical analysis at the paper Abortion and Infanticide: Part II Law and the Sixth Commandment (No. 259B).

No person who purports to serve God and Jesus Christ can support any system that murders its young.  God is clear that the blood is the life thereof (Lev. 17:11, 14) and thus any foetus that is more than a few days old has commenced to produce blood and is protected under the laws of God.  The stated public position of Clinton and the Democrats is pro-abortion and infanticide and therefore cannot be supported by any person of the Church of God in good conscience. Even not voting is a spineless decision and effectively fails to support the unborn and declare the laws of God.

So also the issue of same sex marriage is an issue that has clear direction from the laws of God and is not permitted at all.

In each of these issues God is allowing a clear decision for each of us. Not making a decision or stating our position is a decision made. We will have condoned evil. The decision you make in the US will determine the direction of US foreign policy over the next critical term. You will be faced with it.  The lies Armstrong told about not voting are just that: lies. God demands that you choose those who rule over you.
(See the CCG SOPs (A3).

God will leave Israel with the promises He gave through the prophets.  If you leave the people in power that are exploiting you so then will you suffer in poverty.  We must turn to the service of the Living God and repent of the errors of past sins. The nations of Europe must free themselves of this bureaucracy and rid themselves of this terrible scourge of the murderers and rapists they have allowed amongst them. Do not allow yourselves to be contaminated by paganised Arabs. Cleanse yourselves, repent and turn to God. See also the papers Signs in the Heavens: Part I (No. 38A) and The Heavenly Signs of the Sixth Seal in Context (No. 38B)

Those who are Globalists that would place us all under a NWO of a one world government run by the UN or by anyone else must be resisted with all our might.

You are seeing the face being torn off the Turks with this so-called Coup which appears to be a false flag to establish Erdogan and the IS militants and the NWO with a Hadithic horde to undermine Europe. Do not trust any of the Globalists in EU.  Not in France under Hollande or in Brussels or in Germany under Merkel nor anywhere else and especially not in Westminster with any pro remain group or politicians whatsoever.  God says to trust no man and now more so than ever in our history.  This is indeed worse than the worst days of Noah and of Sodom and Gomorrah and we will be judged and dealt with by how we conduct ourselves in this time. We have a few years to go and then the Messiah will be here. The financial collapse and then the wars will be upon us very soon and then the Witnesses will deal with these false priests of Baal and the corrupt leaders of the Churches of God.  They will repent or die, as will we all.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General