Sabbath 14/4/39/120

Dear Friends,

This week coming will see the most important vote in the history of the English speaking peoples and the future of the UK is at stake and so is that of the English speaking people.  Please pray that the UK is inspired to leave the EU and in so doing will also help to re-establish themselves and also Europe.

The system is geared to destroy the capacity of the English speaking peoples to influence the world’s Globalist system.

Satan wishes to create this last Empire of the Beast so that the entire world is kept captive to his system. This system is outlined in Daniel Chapter 2.  The end phase is in Daniel chapter 11:40-45 and chapter 12.
Satan wishes to confine all money to his servants and even many of his very own servants do not understand that the overall aim is to eliminate even the top of his inner circles.  He hates mankind and has no loyalty to those that serve him unquestionably.

The overall aim is to eliminate national currencies and then control all monies and directly allocate them to individuals that are supporters of the Beast system (see World War III: Part I The Empire of the Beast (No. 299A)). Also the false religion of the Sunday Worshipping Trinitarians of the worship of Baal and the mother goddess which are headed from Rome will seek to establish the New World Religion. Anyone watching now can see this pope acting to establish the new system using the world’s religions (see the paper WWIII Part II: The Whore and the Beast (No. 299B)).

The desire of Satan to control all aspects of this system is the inherent flaw in its design. In the Millennial system under Christ the world will be run from Jerusalem but the capacity for each nation to exist under God’s law and to prosper and to borrow from other nations is the essential free element to allow people to keep God’s laws and to readjust their systems so that they can repent and be restored and when they are rebuked they are able to react and adjust.

The problem with the system being established by these NWO Globalist Communists is that they are trying to embed a single currency firstly in Europe and then Worldwide.  The net effect of this system is that the various countries lack the flexibility to trade out and therefore must eventually collapse. This is what we are seeing in Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal.  They must eventually collapse and the dictatorial stupidity of Germany is hastening that collapse. When the UK leaves the EU, Germany will be forced to shoulder more of the burden.  France is already bankrupt and the administration is reluctant to openly admit it but the French Minister for Labour declared it totally bankrupt this month.

The failure to control its borders will destroy the EU.  The admission of Turkey with the Schengen agreement in operation is an open invitation to invade the UK with some 12 million Turks and they have already stated that is the intention. The UK has to exit the EU for its own survival.  Otherwise the Muslim Globalist Communist state will destroy Europe in its entirety. Their aim is to invade all western nations and outbreed them. With the West aborting their young at such a massive rate it will be very soon.  As this is against God’s Laws He will allow these nations to go into captivity until they repent and control their murder of unborn children. The US murders 1.6 million babies a year and sells their body parts.  One of these women supporting it is now running for President of the US.  If she is elected then God will destroy the US system and punish its people.

God is not mocked and His word does not come back void or empty but will accomplish His purpose (Isa. 55:11).

How is this repentance and change accomplished?  The change is affected all over the US and BC by legislation along with the introduction of the death penalty for corruption and malfeasance. There must be no respect of persons whatsoever in judgment and it must be in accordance with Biblical Law.  The heresy of Sharia Law must be punished by death as direct transgression and refutation of the laws of God.  These Hadithic Heretics have to be exiled from the nations to which they have fled and sent to their own corrupted and desolate wrecks of countries and they must be forced to rebuild them. All teachers of their heresy must be confined to camps until they can be returned to the lands from where they came.

They are beginning to attack and destroy the nations who were good enough to give them shelter.  The nations are only now beginning to see that there is no compromise or dealing with them in any way. It is a matter of fight or die. Most of the cities of Europe will burn and in the end Europe will become increasingly desolate and the King of the North will be forced to occupy the Middle East.  The headquarters of the system will be from Gaza to Jerusalem and they will govern for 42 months in Jerusalem.

Once this Beast system takes up rulership from Jerusalem God will send Enoch and Elijah to Jerusalem to deal with the world and reintroduce the Nexus of the Law (see the paper The Witnesses (Including the Two Witnesses) (No. 135)).

The Witnesses will commence to deal with the people of the world and its false religions and systems.  They will require that all people keep the Sabbaths, New Moons and Feasts of God according to God’s Calendar (see the paper God’s Calendar (No. 156)). Every member of the Churches of God that refuses to abandon Hillel will be killed.  So also every Rabbi that refuses to abandon Hillel and their traditions will be killed. The world will be inflicted with no rain in due season until it repents over the days of their prophecy save as they allow.  The people who do not repent will be stricken with the plagues of Egypt.  The first to be forced to repentance will be the Churches of God.  The members will suffer the plagues and then they will be killed from the ministry on down and so also the rabbis.

The priests of Baal and the Sunday worshipping Trinitarian system will be dealt with progressively. Rome will be destroyed in the War of the Sixth trumpet before the papacy moves to Jerusalem. The black cassocked Chemarim of Baal will commence to be destroyed at Rome and all will suffer the plagues of Egypt and be inflicted with haemorrhoids and other diseases as were the lords of the Philistines (Messages of Revelation 14 (No. 270), Commentary on Zephaniah (No. 021i) and Catholicism Frequently Asked Questions (No. 008)).

Over the 1260 days there will be no negotiation and the world will hate these two prophets. However, we will all understand exactly what is required of us and we will obey or suffer and many will die. In the end they will be killed and on the 1264th day Messiah will come to the Mount of Olives and we will all be resurrected with them and then they, with those of us still alive, will be translated and all will go to Jerusalem and we will commence to rule with Messiah.  The entire world will be purged under the Vials of the Wrath of God (see Wars of the Last Days and the Vials of the Wrath of God (No. 141B) and War of Hamon-Gog (No. 294)).

Then we will take the world into the Millennial system of the Kingdom of God under Messiah (see the paper The Millennium and the Golden Jubilee (No. 300)).

Pray we are accounted worthy to be part of the Army of God.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General