New Moon 1/11/34/120

Dear Friends,

This is the New Moon of the Eleventh Month. Today we will issue the paper FAQs on Islam (No. 055).

In that text we deal with many common fallacies concerning Islam. These errors are put about by ignorant Christians and ignorant Muslims alike. Most of the errors are made by the Muslims corrupted by the Hadith.

Most of the weird and bizarre comments made by Muslims which run contrary to Bible texts come from the Hadith and have nothing to do with the Koran or Qur’an and in fact run directly counter to the actual texts of Scripture and the Koran itself.

The problems with Judaism, Christianity and the nations that made up the community of Islam come from pagan concepts that made their way into the writings of all three religions within the first three centuries of their adoption.  In the case of Judaism it was from the Babylonian captivity and the restoration under Ezra and Nehemiah in the Fourth Century BCE after Ezra died in 323 BCE. By the First Century BCE the Pharisees had destroyed the Temple system with their traditions and created great schisms in the faith. Christ was sent to them and to commence and draw out the Church of God from among them and then the Temple was destroyed in 70 CE. By 192 the Christian faith had been split into heretical Easter keeping schisms based in Rome and the true Church which at that time was based in Smyrna and also in Britain and elsewhere (see the paper The Quartodeciman Disputes (No. 277)). By the Fourth Century CE Judaism had been sent into dispersion (ca 135 under Hadrian) and by 200 had compiled the Mishnah with its record of traditions. By 358 CE Judaism had produced the basis of the Modern Jewish Calendar based on the Babylonian system with its corrupt system of fixed intercalations. It was authorised for release by the chief Rabbi Hillel II based on the Babylonian system brought to him by two Babylonian rabbis in 344. The system was revamped until the 12th century with Maimonides. It has nothing whatsoever to do with the Temple system (see the paper Distortion of God’s Calendar in Judah (No. 195b)).

The Mishnah became the basis of the Talmudic writings, both the Babylonian and Jerusalem Tractate Talmuds. Its sole aim is to turn the Scriptures on their head and establish the traditions of the Pharisees (and now rabbis) under the fiction of the Oral Law.  The fictions in Judaism were introduced to the Arabs under Jewish conversion between 160 BCE and the establishment of Islam in 632 CE. The fictions entered the Khazars of the Crimea and the Steppes from their conversion in 740 CE.

Christianity was destroyed from the errors introduced into Rome in 111 to 192 CE and then by the church councils from 325, 366 and 381 to 451 at Chalcedon and then in the Unitarian/Trinitarian wars (see the paper The Unitarian/Trinitarian Wars (No. 268)).

The Trinitarian Christian system established its false system in the writings of the early apologists through to the Seven Councils of the Church. The history of the theology can be easily identified from the writings themselves although the Trinitarians have tried to cover the history up as best they can.

The corruption of the Monotheist structure saw the Church react both among the Paulicians in Western Asia Minor up to the Taurus mountains and among the church in Arabia of which Qasim became its most prominent leader. This era called the Pergamos era was the most violent and warlike of the eras of the Church of God (see the paper Role of the Fourth Commandment in the Historical Sabbath-keeping Churches of God (No. 170)).

Qasim and the council of the elders which was called “the Muhammad,” and of which Qasim was one, established the Arabian Church on a very large scale. However, the writings were not compiled properly and the pagans took over the system. Ali tried to stop them but was killed and that created the Sunni Shi’a schism which still exists today. However, they have forgotten what the division was caused by and the Hadith has hamstrung both of them. The matter is explained in the work Introduction to the Commentary on the Qur’an (Q1).

The adversary has set up a system at war with itself and split the faith of Abraham into three major divisions with multiple offshoots that have no idea of the original faith once delivered.

That system has been set at war with itself and the divisions will ultimately lead to WWIII and the virtual extinction of the human species.

Unless God sends the Messiah there will be no flesh saved alive.

There are a number of papers written on the function of the Koran and these should be studied in conjunction with the FAQs.

Please pray for the opening of the eyes of all people.

Islam will be converted as will Judaism. As the Church in the Last Days and the Witnesses convert Judah so also do they convert the two tribes of the Arabs and they then convert Islam and bring them into the faith.
Thus there will be 24 tribes, 12 of Israel and 12 of the other sons of Abraham. Those tribes will be superimposed on the 24 divisions governed by the 24 elders before the throne of God. Pray that the world is dealt with quickly.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General