Sabbath 14/5/34/120

Dear Friends,

We are now seeing the effects of the planned European Union and the Empire of the Beast. We can see what the Gnomes of Brussels have actually created and it does not work and is proving to be a dreadful failed experiment. The “feet of iron and clay” which was the failed Holy Roman Empire has morphed into the ten toes of iron and clay, which is the union of the last days. The European Union is a failure and is degenerating into a post-religious European system that does not work and that is creating total financial instability from one end of Europe to the other. The so called “West” headed by the US and comprising the EU, Australia and Japan is breaking down.

The complete financial breakdown of the corrupt system that is the EU was expected and the failure was planned to be that way. Europe was never supposed to be a system that stood by itself. It was always supposed to fail and to move into the transitional phase and on into the ten economic satrapies of the New World Order as determined from the Club of Rome and the treaty of 1956. They were always supposed to be controlled by an unelected bureaucracy and the “useless eaters” or now the “human resources” were not supposed to matter.

Europe is not and never has been a Christian system since 381 CE when the Trinitarian Sunday worshippers took over the Roman Empire. It is a false religious system and its time is now at an end. The post-Christian system was supposed to turn into the Empire of the Beast that fought the final wars with the Islamist heretics of the Hadith and saw the final clash of the economic systems of the Capitalist and Communist structures, neither of which are supposed to work. They are collapsing and failing because they are supposed to collapse and fail.

The ideology of the Europeans has been destroyed and their people have had all the Bible principles undermined and turned into Antinomian Gnostic elements and they have no ideology and no moral direction. Why should we be surprised when the cities self destruct and the agitators and working classes take to the streets and are indifferent to the plight and property of others?

This union of ten economic regions will come together and reign for one hour over the entire world and turn its financial systems into a one world economic structure using the IMF and the World Bank and create an economic structure that enslaves the world.

This structure will see the cities of the nations burn as they have started to do.

What is expected to emerge out of this is the religious structure of the West, pure and openly displayed as the worship of the Archangel Lucifer. Satan will be openly declared as god of this world.

We can ask why is it that these rampages occurred? The politicians will have you believe that it is simple criminality and some will have you believe that it is racist with the upsurge against the Blacks and the Muslims. The facts are that when the elements were arrested and appeared before the courts the majority were whites with jobs and some from wealthy families.

Why is there such a feeling of frustration and a sense of anarchist sentiment and agitation?

The answer is simple. The Politicians are corrupt. There is rampant theft in the houses of Parliament. The banks robbed the UK and they left the workers to pay for it and the politicians not only let them, they bankrupted UK and the EU in so doing.

Over the last 11 years there have been 333 deaths in custody or after custody. Only 13 police were charged and all walked free. Under pretence of terrorism the black youth of UK is stopped and searched to the point of absolute harassment.

Young men are simply shot and killed without cause. The young black alleged drug dealer was alleged to have shot at the police but the bullet in the radio was in fact a police bullet. The weapon they used against him was horrific. He did not resist arrest and was unlawfully killed. That was why people were enraged.

The rage in UK is well deserved and the UK will burn as will France and Italy and Greece and Spain and Portugal and the rest of the cess pit that is Europe.

The bonuses paid these banksters who bankrupted the UK were enough to send every child in UK to university free.

The EU will fail and it will fail because of the sheer evil of its own political structure and its own financial structure. The people know it and they have lost faith. There are more police now in London than ever in its history. The police have learned nothing and the welfare state is being blamed.

It is an undemocratic, illiberal evil system and the leaders of the EU are unable to moderate their expenditure or tell their people they are bankrupt.

At no time since the stabilisation at the end of World War II has Europe been so degenerate and so impotent. As one writer put it:  “It still lectures the world on everything from the correct label for cheese to the urgent need to impose more taxes, carbon or otherwise. But it can no longer run its own still fabulously rich societies with even a modicum of efficiency or legitimacy.”

The financial system is being destroyed and the western manufacturing base is being destroyed and the workers know it. They are angry and they have every right to be angry and revolution in Europe and the USA is inevitable. It will be provoked so that the people can be enslaved and this NWO can institute its own system and enslave the world as prophecy has repeatedly told us.

There is hardly an economist in the world now who does not believe that the EU should be broken up and the national structures left to reorganise themselves. However, that is not the plan of the demons and their pawns. The gnomes of Brussels can’t face up to the reality of it all and nor can the politicians. The deliberate destruction is ongoing and the banksters think they can survive it.

The proponents of the EU still defend it on the mad assertion that it will help Europe avoid war with itself.  The demons have other plans and the wars of the end will be far more serious than these raving lunacies. Do they seriously believe that Europeans are so witless that they can’t avoid war without surrendering their national sovereignty to a bunch of self-serving bureaucrats in the EU structure? Britain still has its own currency but it has sold its people out to the EU and won’t give them a referendum because they know the people would withdraw tomorrow.

They have replaced the family with the welfare state and the religious structure with moral relativism and it will collapse on its own self-interested weakness and impotence. The complete slavery of the state will come on the back of anarchy. The immigrants it attracts are parasites who won’t work. It cannot survive.

In a short while no banker will be safe and their families will die. The politicians will be forced to reorganise the society and the Islamic/European conflict will force the cities to burn and then the UN/NATO union will occupy the Middle East for 42 months and almost destroy the world.

However, they will not be allowed to do so for our sake.  Messiah will come and we will take captivity captive and destroy the world’s war machines and rule the earth in peace and these people will simply die and face the Second Resurrection (see the paper The Resurrection of the Dead (No. 143)).

Wade Cox
Coordinator General