Sabbath 21/1/34/120 Last Holy Day of Unleavened Bread

Dear Friends,

We are all away at the Last Holy Day of Unleavened Bread. There will be many reading this from the other Churches of God that have not kept the Passover and Unleavened Bread since 1965-1967; in other words, never in the course of their current existence or organisational structure.

The Churches of God should give serious thought to the fact that they have never kept the feast that they once considered so important and that most of their “clients” have never done so unless they were part of WCG prior to 1965.

They should also look at what happened to the WCG after the final cessation in 1967. What was 1967? That year was the end of the 2300 evenings and morning or 2300 year/days from the Battle of the Granicus. It was the reclamation of Jerusalem and the commencement of the Mourning for Aaron from 1967 to 1997.
The dates are all explained in the paper Advent of the Messiah Part I (No. 210A).

1997 was the beginning of the Last Days or the Mourning for Moses and the final thirty years of this age. The period 1997–2027 is the end of the age and the removal of Satan and the subjugation of the Nations. The year 2027 is the 120th Jubilee of the six thousand years of Satan’s rule of this planet. He will be placed in the bottomless pit with the demons before that date and his time shall be cut short (see the paper The Last Thirty Years: The Final Struggle (No. 219)).

Soon we will have a Sabbath rest of one thousand years under the Messiah and the elect who will take the place of the demons and rule the planet as Satan and the Fallen Host should have done. Remember that we are the yardstick by which the demons are judged. Satan was judged by the performance of Christ. The demons are judged by our performance over the millennial system.

This Passover was the Sanctification period from 1 Abib to 21 Abib and it was to prepare the church for the coming of the Witnesses and the Messiah. The Churches of God became preoccupied in the 20th century with false prophets and false prophecy. Herbert Armstrong was passed off as Elijah and he and his son Garner Ted were the two witnesses and then it was he and Tkach and then it was just him. Ellen G. White was also a false prophetess and so they understood nothing of the Witnesses and the JWs also understood nothing of them either with their preoccupation with Rutherford and the other false prophets of their system (see the paper False Prophecy (No. 269)).

Most of these systems are locked into error and simply will not take the Bible over all else in truth. That practice will cease soon.

Take this Passover period as a very serious preparation period for the development of the Churches of God. This is a double harvest year for the Sabbath of 2012. Satan has much planned for the next three years and on to the coming of the Messiah. The escalation of the wars on the planet will continue now and develop under the Witnesses until the Messiah is sent to save us.  It is at the critical phase of the demons and the assault of Satan on the Church of God that God decides to send the Witnesses, and at the end of their rule the Messiah is sent to take captivity captive and resurrect and translate the saints for their rule from Jerusalem.

The beginning of the next Sabbath cycle in 2013 will see the great wars escalate and dreadful tribulation.
Let us use this Double harvest year to the best of our ability and develop the faith and the Churches of God.

May God give you all safe travel home from the Feast. May God protect our people in Ivory Coast and Somalia and in Libya and all over North Africa and the Middle East. Let us hope that Asia is protected from this dreadful nuclear catastrophe in Japan. Let us pray that it does not cause too much devastation in the US and Canada and elsewhere. It is already ranked with Chernobyl and may exceed that devastation. Matters are getting very serious as the times plunge on to the final phases of this last great struggle.

It should be obvious to us all that these are dangerous times. Pray for God to send the Witnesses and the Messiah to save our planet and our people.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General