Sabbath 28/12/32120

Dear Friends,

This is the last Sabbath in the Twelfth month of Adar 32/120. Tuesday is the New Moon and the New Year of 33/120.

This weekend we will induct a further series of churches in a number of countries. Tomorrow Walter leaves for Nigeria. He will conduct inductions in Lagos. There will be twelve churches in one group. And there are three other groups that have written to us that we will vet to see if they are genuine in their desire to join us.

The main group of twelve was inspiring for anyone that has anything to do with Nigeria. Andrew the senior coordinator there has been working with us for the last seven months. He wrote to us and said that they realise that we have had trouble with Nigeria. They don’t want any money; all they want is to be baptised into the true Church of God.    We laughed and said we would frame it as it was the only letter we have ever had from Nigeria that did not want money. It appears that God is about to deal with that country now as He is with Ghana. Walter will organise the coordinators at Lagos and there are at least three groups with at least twelve churches.There may be many more depending on the genuineness of the other leaders.

We were approached by the pastor of the Church of God (SD) in Ghana on the Coast and he expressed a desire to join us. He was pastor there for 15 years and had never had a visitor. Our officers are now in contact with him.

We have the former SDA groups in Kenya in the Western Province now joining us in large quantities. I understand that we now extend to the Ugandan border and are now on both of the borders there with at least a dozen churches on the Ugandan side, and now with the six in Western Province we are 18 or so and will be larger than the Adventists in the Western Province by two to one. We will probably absorb them all in a month or so. Nyanza is following suit also.

The inductions at Ngorongoro saw the former SDA groups there contact their relatives and friends across Lake Victoria and Joash is now en-route to induct another five churches in the Northwest Tanzanian region at Bukoba south of the Ugandan border. We will now have church groups centred on every major port on Lake Victoria; So also on most of the other lakes.

There are more churches studying in Malawi and we should have a church group in virtually every major town in Malawi in a few weeks if not already. I believe we are over thirty churches already there.

Last Sabbath Joash attended a baptism in Ngorongoro. There were 67 people baptised. They were not an organised church group joining us. It was the simple expansion of the existing churches in the district having local baptisms.

We could have another forty churches inducted this week. We are now inducting over 100 churches a month.

We have averaged sixty churches a month since 7 Abib. That brings me to the question of veracity in operations. I have had to suspend the operations in Burkina Faso, Togo and Benin. We will remove all detail until we can satisfactorily document all people and their operations. 

I was struck by the question of the veracity of the documentation of many of the churches in Africa when we were faced with the problem of people coming to us in numbers and then attempting to document the churches and what remained of the groups that these other churches alleged to be there.

I was first amazed by the claims of the former WCG offshoots which did not in fact exist. What amazed me however was the fact that the SDAs did not exist in anywhere near the numbers that they claimed. Then as they joined us from the independent group I was able to piece the puzzle together. 

We know that the SDA churches were Biblical Unitarians until 1931 and Uriah Smith died. From speaking with many witnesses we knew that the SDAs remained Biblical Unitarians until at least 1956 but the ministry had been penetrated by the Jesuits and the ministry had become Trinitarian. By 1978 they had declared themselves Trinitarians. The problem was that nobody bothered to tell the Africans who continued on as Biblical Unitarians and so were a number in the US and British Commonwealth. A large number also were not vegetarians and in fact the entire continent of Africa was not vegetarian in the SDAs among the people who were not paid salaries by the US movements to force them to be vegetarians.

On discussing the massive movements of Sabbatarians to us with the ministry and especially the ex- SDA ministry the answer to the question was simple. CCG has the same doctrines on the Nature of God that they thought they had. Our paper on the Foodlaws (No. 015) was the best explanation of the Bible doctrines they had seen and was what they believed to be true. To them vegetarianism was an unbiblical farce and a death sentence to an African.  What amazed me was that most still in the SDA system did not actually realise that they were Trinitarians and when the former SDA ministry showed them the current Adventist doctrines they were stunned and left immediately.

It all fell into place. Since the Trinitarian declaration of 1978 the unpaid teachers simply left and formed independent groups as they became aware of the heresy. The paid ministers all knew that Ellen G. White’s writings were unscriptural nonsense and false prophecies but the ones that were paid were silent to retain their wages (see the papers False Prophecy (No. 269) and The Millennium and the Rapture (No. 095)

Because they kept it from the Africans it took two decades to sink in. Now as they become aware they leave.  To keep the US and British Commonwealth quiet and prevent the confrontation there they maintained the figures on the web sites that claimed they had over five million people in Africa. The facts are they have nothing like that sum and now as the people are simply leaving in droves they are faced with correcting the figures and stripping the false statistics from the web sites. Simple examples are: They claim over 500,000 baptised members in Kenya. Most are claimed in the Southwest and the HQ is in Nairobi. The Western Province had large numbers but they dropped to about thirty churches of which two thirds have now gone to CCG and the rest will follow suit in a few weeks. In the Central Nyanza Field based on Kisumu they claimed 29,000 people but the facts are there is one main church in Kisumu and about five churches all up and the total is probably less than one thousand. The Kendu Bay Field was the strongest field in Kenya and they claimed 71,000 even today but the ministry say they have not had those figures for over a decade. So also is it with Kisii and the Southern Field and the Tanzanian Fields. They have no one at all on Zanzibar. The only national figures that are even within a bull’s roar are the Ugandan figures which are anyone’s guess.

WCG was penetrated and simply waited for Armstrong to die. They were Ditheists but now claim they are Binitarians in some quarters.  Some don’t know what they were. Some are just Trinitarian plants. 1995 was the year it was all to fall to bits. That it has not is due to a few people only (see the papers Ditheism (No. 076B) and Binitarian and Trinitarian Misrepresentation of the Early Theology of the Godhead (No. 127b)).

The Church of God (Seventh Day) was also penetrated and in 1995 it declared itself Binitarians and by 1999 it was Protestant, just like the Adventists. They did not follow up their churches as we see from the comments this week and from our other churches and they simply fell apart and the conclusion has to be that it was deliberate or complete indifference. 

All this goes to demonstrate that when you start to number Israel God will deal with you. When your doctrines are corrupt as with the Trinitarians and Binitarian/ or Ditheists God will deal with you and tear these sheep out of your hands. You can keep Sunday and Christmas and Easter but you will never be in the kingdom of God and you will be dealt with in the Second Resurrection.

None of us knows which resurrection we are in for certain. We Sabbatarians hope we are in the First Resurrection and strive to attain that goal. However, we all know for certain that no Sunday worshipping Trinitarian is in the First Resurrection, and they know it as well, and that is why they persecute us.

When you are faithful and have the correct doctrines Satan will persecute you but God will uplift you and make sure that those being called hear your voice and add to you as He determines to do His work.

We grow each year and are added to as it suits God’s plan. This year saw the greatest growth we have ever seen not just in CCG but in the churches of God over two millennia.

At our current rate of growth we should be added to on an increasing or exponential rate and next year if we maintain the faith we will grow much stronger. Prepare for the Sanctification to commence next Tuesday on the New Year and commence the year with faith and hope and love one another and thereby show everyone that you love God.


Wade Cox
Coordinator General