Sabbath Message by Wade Cox and Reg Scott

Sabbath Message 22/03//28/120

Dear Friends,

With the continuing problems in the Middle East, whether in Iraq, Iran or Israel, the Al Qaeda terrorist threat and suicide bombings around the world, it may be that some of us are asking basic questions regarding Islam.
For instance: is it really necessary to try and reach out to the Muslims with the true Gospel message? Why are we bothering to write a commentary on the Koran? We agree that the central tenet of their faith is the same belief in the One True God as our own, along with their absolute rejection of the Trinity concept. However, for one thing, they don’t believe in Jesus Christ as saviour. Many Muslims also reject the Bible as being at best a flawed document with many alterations to the original, particularly with regard to those books outside the Torah, and thus not a totally reliable source of Divine truth. The Koran, by contrast, is believed by them to be God’s last word to mankind in terms of inspired and written revelation. Aren’t we therefore wasting our time even trying to reach out to them?

Let us look at this concept.

An Arab named in the early years Abu Qasim and then termed as “Ahmed” which was really a name for the Holy Spirit, was raised up as a prophet to the Anointed Church in Arabia. The Church was termed there "the muhammed." This system kept the calendar as per the ancient Judaic system, as the Church had done for centuries.

No sooner was the prophet dead than his teachings were perverted and the calendar was corrupted under or after the Caliph Omar. What became known as the Hadith commenced to be written, and for centuries this false system corrupted Islam and prevented any unification or reconciliation of the three great faiths.

These three faiths, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, were separated by a gulf of lies and tradition that perverted the teachings of the prophets and the Bible in its entirety, and clouded the commentaries on the Bible made by the early Church, including the Koran.

We now stand on the brink of world war and the destruction of the human race. What God has said through the prophets is about to unfold and we will destroy ourselves through our own heretical disobedience.
How do we stop it? How do we go back? The answer is simple.

We have to turn to God with all our hearts and repent. We have to harmonise the original teachings, restore the Bible, and harmonise the Koran with it and turn our collective backs on these traditions that have corrupted the faith of Judah, Israel, and Ishmael, and through them the Jewish, Christian and Islamic world.

We are working with Arabs and other nations, both Christian and Muslim, to restore the faith. We have produced a paper that harmonises the Muslim Calendar with the Biblical Calendar, and shows the true system as it was instructed to be kept by the prophet, and the original Islam and the Church (see the Hebrew and Islamic Calendar Reconciled (No. 53). That work is having an effect on Islam and ultimately will cause a return to the truth among many.

The new, or should we say old Koran, is being published with commentary and harmonises the Koran with the Bible. That harmony condemns both Trinitarian Christianity and Hadithic Islam, and shows Talmudic Judaism up for the unbiblical fraud it is.

In a similar vein, here is an extract from the New Moon Message of 05-01-03 (01/02/26/120).
“Hopefully we are able to reach the Arab world and those who claim Islam and show them what true Islam is and how it must be Bible based to be correct. The Koran cannot be divorced from the Bible. The claims that do are made so that Islam can be obscured and the faith perverted. That is the work of the demons.

In the Hebrew and Islamic Calendar Reconciled (No. 53) you will see that the instructions regarding the faiths were given from Pentecost in all instances. With Christianity the faith was given through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. Look at the paper Pentecost at Sinai (No. 115) in order to see how God brought Moses and Israel to the point where He could reissue the Law to the nation, using Jesus Christ to get them ready to be able to receive it and be free to keep it out of Egypt. That is why we go out of our dwellings each year at Passover for 36 hours to remind us that we had to be taken out of Egypt to be saved.

What is called Islam is still in sin and error as is Trinitarian Christianity. Both worship under a false calendar, as does Judaism in perverting what they do understand. It is not that two are wrong and one is right. All three are wrong, in sin, and must repent. None are baptised correctly into the One True God. Remember, baptism is of God and all are required to be baptised and keep the Passover, as the two sacraments of the Church, the Muhammed of the texts, or enlightened one, which Temple we are.”

In the Introduction to the Commentary on the Koran (QI) we explain who Muhammed actually was. If you do not read the Bible you cannot understand the Koran. If you do not keep God’s Commandments and the Testimony of the Messiah you cannot be of the faith. You are a donkey laden with golden books, understanding nothing.
“How are we to act in the matter of the faith? Islam is the surrender to God. If you do not surrender to God and obey His commandments you are not of Islam, no matter how much you protest. If you do not keep the Sabbath you are an ape. The Koran says so. Look at the paper The Sabbath in the Qur’an (No. 274). The Koran commands the keeping of the Bible festivals including the Sabbath. The Imams turn Atonement into an elective fast and revolve it around the year, contrary to the express directives of the Koran. This year you can get it right and keep it correctly; then prepare for baptism as we are all instructed in all texts. Rend your hearts and not your foreskins. Abraham blessed us all, but he could not save us all. Remember that fact. We are given blessings according to his family and the promises God made to him and to us through him. We obtain salvation through the promise of Messiah and the redemption he offered us, and through him Abraham also is saved, as Abraham paid tithes to Melchisedek foreshadowing another priesthood encompassing Levi who was still in Abraham’s loins.

Pentecost represents our election and harvest as a new priesthood. It is by being baptised into the faith and keeping the commandments of God and the testimony of faith of Messiah that we are saved and able to enter the First Resurrection. This resurrection is at the beginning of the Millennium and is a better resurrection than the Second Resurrection, which is at the end of the Millennium and over which the second death still has power.
Everyone will get the chance to be saved. Our time of judgment is now. The rest of the world will be resurrected and judged later. That is the true position of Islam. The paradises of God are separated by 1,000 years and one is superior to the other. The insane destruction of the self by suicide to kill others does not earn a place in the paradise of God. Those who instruct the simple and erroneous that it is will be least in the Kingdom of God.
All of these positions will be explained so that every one who reads the Koran will understand the faith at last. The clerics will be silenced and later held to account. The Second Resurrection is the great leveller of the heretical. God is not mocked, nor do His words come back empty. Look at the paper The Resurrection of the Dead (No. 143).”

Also see the paper Christ and the Koran (No. 163).
Trinitarian churches of all persuasions would have us believe that the Muslims are our implacable enemies, ready, willing and able to destroy by force of arms our comfortable Western way of life and our civilisation in general, which may well be the aim of radical Islam. The true Christian Churches throughout history, however, have been in far greater danger from Trinitarians than they ever were from Muslims; and it may be the case again in the near future. Being fellow-believers in the One God, Eloah or Allah, true Christians are often more likely to be given protection by Muslims.

The problem stems also from the radical Muslim fundamentalists who are followers of the Hadith and not true Muslims at all. For example, a Muslim cleric was recently released from an Indonesian prison. Had the prosecutors correctly pursued the earlier trials over the Bali bombings, he probably would have been there still. He immediately began making inflammatory statements against Australia and Australians. His assertions against Australians and the Prime Minister of Australia were not in accord with the Bible or the Koran. One of the comments made was that the Prime Minister of Australia should convert to Islam to save himself from going to hell (translation). The problem is that neither the Bible nor the Koran consigns people to hell but rather to the resurrections and to judgment. The fire of Hell, or Gehenna, or Neraka is the fire of the rubbish pit of the dead bodies that are burnt outside of Jerusalem. This event is after the Second Resurrection and Great White Throne Judgment of God under Christ. Neither do they go to heaven as both Hadithic Islam and Trinitarian Christianity claim. The doctrines of the Gnostics have penetrated Islam and its clerics as much as they have penetrated Christianity and Judaism.

All sections preach heresy as truth and their followers are often a misguided rabble that merchandise hate as religion. When politicians and the military abandon the rule of law and the Geneva Convention we are staring into the black abyss of religious and ethnic persecution and genocide.

As the body of Christ that is the true faith, we ought to be praying earnestly that God will lift the veil of ignorance, which has been upon the minds of adherents to the three great Abrahamic faiths – all those people of the Book. This would involve the conversion of the sons of Ishmael (the Arabs) and Muslims of all races and nations, as well as those descended from Abraham by his wives Keturah and Sarah, including Judah (the Jews). Then they can all walk hand in hand during their return in peace to Jerusalem, and enter together into the soon-coming Kingdom of God. The conversion of the whole world will then follow.

Let us also be at peace with one another, encourage one another and assist the work of publishing this Good News or Gospel of the Kingdom of God, as it is later than we think.

Ed. Wade Cox