Sabbath Message by Wade Cox

New Moon 1/9/28/120

This New Moon it may be of interest to take a break from the cares of the world and look at the future that lies ahead of us, and the past that saw our creation.

Shortly after WWII, a scientist by the name of Fred Hoyle expounded the theory of the creation of elements. We now know that he was almost precise in his description of the way in which the building blocks were created. We also know that he was quite wrong in his description of the steady state theory of the universe.

We know that what has become known as the “big bang” theory of the universe is the more precise way of describing creation. Evolution is advanced by scientists yet their explanations are incoherent and blatantly discontinuous.

The astro-physicists have determined that there is a precise origin for the universe involving what is termed a phase space volume selection at ten to the tenth to the one hundred and twenty third power. This number is so big it literally can not be written down even if we took all the matter on the universe and wrote on each atom. This is a precise point at literally a sub-atomic level. This aspect has been explained in the work Creation: From Anthropomorphic Theology to Theomorphic Anthropology (B5). What we now know is that the life cycle of the universe started from a precise point, held by us to be a spiritual point that we will term the Power of God.

What happened then was the creation of matter by the production of hydrogen and helium and its progressive superheating over hundreds of thousands, up to millions of degrees. As these elements progress through the heating phases they give, or literally create other atoms that in turn produce complex systems. The heating machines we understand as star complexes are literally creating the planetary systems with oxygen, and carbon, and silicon and so on.

Thus we might now understand that the complex process of the intergalactic universe is one of progressive creation. Even when we see stars die we are watching part of the creative process started by God all those aeons ago.

Even when we see viruses come into the life process we are now fairly sure they are part of the cycle. What we now see as Type 4 viruses are literally entering the cell systems and leaving them on a continual and perhaps productive basis. They now appear to be part of the galactic life development.

One of the arguments against divine creation is the argument from design. Scientists are arguing that the human body has so many design problems that God could not have done it. The argument goes that the peritoneum, for example, is flawed as the gut lies in the lower part of the cavity and thus if we were four footed it might be OK but, for a bipedal carnivore, it is a disaster. The obvious answer is that we have to be carnivores to remain efficiently bipedal and vegetarianism would be unviable for us. The other areas of objection are the sinuses and the eyes. The sinuses drain upwards and the eyes have a deficiency when related to, for example, the octopus. The examples are considered not to be viable arguments against a specific purpose creation. David said, and rightly so, that he was fearfully and wonderfully made. There is a specific purpose for the creation.

We can see now that the creation is an ongoing process. The earth is now thought to have been formed from two smaller planets that collided and gave rise to the complex structure we have today. The collision argument is not an argument against divine intervention but rather perhaps one for it.

We now know that the time frames of the steady state argument are hopelessly wrong and prolonged. The more we know, the more creation is obviously the correct answer. We simply have to take all factors into account rather than dismiss some inconvenient objections.

From Hoyle’s contribution to understanding, in the explanation of the complex forming of atoms under heat, we are able to unravel much of the secrets of the universe.

Paul said we see through a glass darkly. As our knowledge increases we come to understand more of the mysteries of the universe. Our destiny is now beginning to unfold. We will have to solve our own problems first before we can be entrusted with a developing universe. That is why we will see things come to a head soon and we will then be given a further 1100 years to sort out the earth and ourselves.

The millennial system comes into force with the Jubilee in 2027 and lasts for a thousand years until 3027. In 3027 the Second Resurrection of the dead occurs and the Judgment lasts for a hundred years.

In the year 3127 we will see the Great White Throne Judgment come to an end. In 3128 we will go on to the development of the universe and the creative process. This end time will see the establishment of the City of God on earth. (See the paper City of God (No. 180)).

These timeframes are covered in the papers Outline Timetable of the Age (No. 272); The Resurrection of the Dead (No.143) and Judgment of the Demons (No. 80).

It is precisely in this aspect of the Resurrection of the Dead that true Christianity is distinguished from false Christianity. False Christians say that when they die they go to heaven, and it is precisely on this ground that they are judged and dismissed from the faith. True Christianity is founded on a faith and belief that the One True God will resurrect all men from the dead in their order, firstly with Christ and then the First and Second Resurrections of the Dead. This view is the documented view of the original Christian faith in the middle of the second century and at Rome.

As we progress in understanding we will see more of our calling and purpose. It still requires a deal of faith for us to walk in the ways of God in these Last Days.

Keep your faith and your relationships with one another. Love one another as God and Christ love us.

Wade Cox

Coordinator General


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