Sabbath Message by Wade Cox

Sabbath 26/10/26/120

Dear Friends,

The next few months sees the build up to the Passover. We should all be now looking at our relationship with God and asking if we have overcome any of the difficulties with which we have been faced over the time of our calling.

We should be concentrating on improving our position and our relationship with God.

Many of our people do not really understand what it is that we must do and what we have to overcome. We will go into the Passover and, no doubt, each church area will go through the Passover sequence to develop the understanding and reinforce the position of the faith and the procedural matters for the Passover. However, we should start long before that in reviewing our position and the Passover sequence and its place in our lives.

Most people do things without understanding and they have been conditioned to do that.

I was speaking recently with a young lady in a shop. She was placing out the St Valentine’s Day decorations for the shop in which she worked. I asked her if she understood the meaning and origin of St Valentine’s Day. She had no idea and so I explained its pagan origin and its place as a day of human sacrifice, and she was appalled. She had come to understand the position of Christmas because of my conversation with her associate some time previously. She said to me that we do things without understanding because we have been conditioned to do them by society. That is true.

The heathens had to adapt or perish, so they simply adopted Christian names for their festivals and stayed the same. The demons demand to be worshipped and their servants worship them for benefit. They have survived all this time because Satan is the god of this world for the time he has been given. He has manipulated the system of worship because one of the limitations he has is that he must not destroy the earth until the core elect have been numbered and drawn out.

He has however, developed a calendar and a system of worship that parallels and destroyed the system laid down by God through the Bible and the Law within the systems that he and the fallen host control.

One of the most professing Christian nations on this planet is the United States of America yet, when one examines the calendar and what is done in that nation, one can see that it is actually a very demon controlled and oriented nation. It appears that more effort is spent in that nation attacking and undermining the Bible system than anywhere else except for the Communist system, yet it professes to be dedicated. In the same way, the Normans attacked England in 1066 and set about the same undermining.

William the Conqueror invaded England with a papal banner in the forefront of his troops. The Saxons and Britains, or what is now the Welsh and Cornish, were dispossessed. The Normans took over vast tracts of land under a feudal system that they adopted and perfected from the French. The French Barons and knights accompanied them. In the twelfth century, due to the urging of Malachi O’Morghair who later was made archbishop of Armagh, Ireland, the then pope Adrian IV, who was an Englishman named Nicholas Breakespeare, gave Ireland to Henry II so that the papal system might be advanced in Ireland and the Quartodeciman see at Cashel might be destroyed. For many centuries Ireland was subjected to unspeakable horror and now one would think that they had always been Roman Catholic and that their system was its purest form. Nothing could be further from the truth. The winners write the history.

When one controls the system of education and the people are told a lie often enough and subjected to familiar ancient and pagans systems, the people will continue in their evil and not even realise the extent of it.

The USA civil calendar is so exactly pagan and based on witchcraft, it is impossible for it to be an accidental derivation. The leadership of the USA has to be deeply involved in witchcraft and the mystery cults through the lodge systems to have developed it so consistently.

The extent of the undermining of the world systems is now almost universal. Soon the controls will be introduced that will fulfil prophecy. A lass in the motor registry office said to me the other day that she thought we should all have a system like a bar code on our arms and that would make it all easier. I said, “Yes! Put a mark on our foreheads and a mark on our hands and then we would be recognised in crowds and controlled in access and shopping.” She said, “Yes, that would simplify it.” I asked her if she had read the book of Revelation and she replied that she had not. This was in Australia and, unlike the USA, the people don’t profess Christianity on a daily basis here and yet do the opposite. They simply ignore it all in Australia and go to the beach or play other sport. Being an agnostic is the common formula. I asked her if she had a Bible at home and she answered yes, she did have one. I explained what would happen according to the prophecies and that the system she was advocating was a system that would come into effect in the last days, and everyone who had that system would ultimately suffer and die.

She asked what would happen, and I explained the coming of the millennial system, and she was amazed she had not heard it before. She was a bright, intelligent, and well-presented young woman who would have grasped the system readily if she had been taught the truth. Like so many others, she had been brought up on a diet of lies taught by priests who know better but teach lies to prevent genuine repentance and worship.

Many are actually part of a demonic system. I have mentioned the Roman Catholic historian, Malachi Martin, who died not so long ago. He exposed the demonic influences at work in the Trinitarian Church in the novel Windswept House. I recommend everyone read it along with the expose In God’s Name by David Yallop. Those works will show you the levels of spiritual evil in existence within the system. Martin said, in an interview before he died, that the novel was fact but he had to write it as a novel for very obvious reasons.

The evil goes hand-in-hand with power and corruption. The work Unholy Trinity will show the levels of evil and corruption in the system.

From an examination of our history, it should be obvious that the evil system of this world is based on a simple system that works in opposition to God’s Law. That system worships on Sunday instead of the Sabbath. Its ministry is clothed in black as is condemned by the Bible. It keeps the Easter system, with the killing of its god on a Friday and the Resurrection on a Sunday regardless of the date of the month, contrary to the Bible calendar. It keeps the Christmas system of the pagans contrary to the Bible injunctions (Jer. 10:2-5). It keeps the days of human sacrifice or variable feast days of its gods instead of the Bible New Moons. In short, it is designed to destroy the Bible system while appearing to mimic it.

The end result also is to produce a life after death that proceeds to a heaven without due regard to judgment. It poses eternal torment for those not in agreement with its administration.

This system is anti-God and is total blasphemy against the power of God and the Resurrection under Jesus Christ. Its adherents are taught by lies and are discouraged from studying the Bible. Where the mystery cults operate outside of the formal European structure, it is based on lies and the basis of the Law of God is undermined by utter misrepresentation regarding the Law of God. What is the basis of the Scriptures is slandered and portrayed as being done away or nailed to the “cross”, in gross violation of the scripture in Colossians 2:14.

What was a doctrine of convenience for power in Europe over the centuries, and what enabled perversion to seize control of the Trinitarian system for sake of power, has been its undoing in the last days. That system will be brought to its end and eliminated over the last days. By the coming of the millennial system after the advent of Messiah, the Law of God will replace that unholy and ungodly mockery of religion.

Each of us must understand the basis of the Laws of God, and the role of the beginning of the sacred year, which is the true New Year, and the Passover in that process. Do not be deceived by modern Judaism and its Khazar mystical corruption of the Laws of God. Commence now by looking at the calendar and the New Year, the Sanctification systems, and the Passover. For those of you who are new to the system, examine the structure and look at the lies you have been given from birth. Cleanse your life of lies and start again anew. Repent, be baptised, and prepare to serve God with all your heart, and with all of your mind, and with all of your strength.

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Wade Cox

Coordinator General


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