Sabbath Message by Wade Cox

Sabbath 10/6/26/120

Dear Friends,

We often wonder what is happening to us with our various nations. The world seems to be getting more dysfunctional and yet we are spreading our technology further and wider. Much dislocation is occurring to the nations’ state system as the New World Order reorganises the industrial activity of the world.

This week we saw reports on many strange activities that seem to point towards our increasing inability to function as a coherent world system.

The Environment

We saw this month increases in the rate of shrinkage of the European glaciers. These glaciers supply the river systems of many of the major rivers of Europe. The blessing for them is that we are now in the northern autumn and the southern spring. Now the southern melt begins and we will see what the Antarctic basins do. The freshwater melts will increase the disruption to the Gulf Stream in the north and we will see increasing cold to the UK in spite of global warming. Bizarre as it may seem we will probably see Scotland go under ice before this is all over.

France is cooling and so the reactors are safe for the rest of the year until the next summer heatwave.

Water will increase now also in the king tides of the solstice. The drought in Australia should fully break in November and then we will see the effect of the water increases on old flood levels along the coast. December will be an interesting month as we begin the big melts in the south and the tides.

The International system is now coming under pressure to establish major ocean reserves in order to re-establish fish breeding stocks that are almost now depleted beyond recovery. You will see these problems used as an excuse also to establish supra national control over world reserves and national activity.

The Infrastructure both Social and Physical

The world infrastructure is deteriorating in the west and is nonexistent in the developing nations. The recent report of the engineers on the USA shows serious neglect in their upkeep. Imperialism is costing the USA dearly. I was fascinated by the activities in Iraq. The assassination of the Shi’ite Ayatollah there last week is now blamed on the US troops, when he had to hide in Iran for 20 years under Saddam Hussein and the previous administration. He came back and the Iraqi Sunnis killed him and the Coalition got blamed for it. Logic? Don’t look for any. The real reason is to create chaos and anxiety in order to destabilise the USA and re-establish the Sunni power base. The Shiites would have done the same to a Sunni.

Many of you will remember that I said as early as the previous gulf war that the USA would do what it did in Vietnam with air support but not follow it up. They would have to come back in again under this president and this time they would have to occupy the place and they would pay for it. The UK and the Anzac force searched for Chin Peng in the jungles of Malaya for twenty odd years and never found him. The borders of Iraq are as useful as those of Thailand in that regard. The jungle is neutral and the desert is also a neutral place. The Commonwealth stabilised Malaya and helped form Malaysia because they had a deal of popular support. That support does not exist in Iraq save through necessity in the north.

The religious wars are being forced upon us by the struggle between the religious and secular authorities and intellectuals. Modern Islamic society is not true Islam and it does not follow the Koran save superficially. It formed as a social structure after the expansion of the Arab revolution under the prophet. They expanded so fast that the Arabs became the minority and the eastern mystery system took it over and destroyed it, as the western system under the Romans and Greeks destroyed the Christian surrender or Islam previously.

There is only one true religion and that is the Islam that was given to Noah and Abraham and Isaac and Jacob and to Moses and Aaron, and to the prophets and to Christ and the Church which is the Muhammed referred to in the Koran through that prophet. The Koran gives that sequence of authority in the Surah 37 As Saffat ”Those who set the Ranks.”

The Koran is commentary on the Bible and nothing more and nothing less and it must be read in conjunction with the Bible and followed with the Law of God. Those who follow the Commandments of God and the testimony or faith of Jesus Christ are those of the elect.

Modern Islam is reacting against the establishment of the New World Order (NWO), which is secular. The NWO does not recognise modern “Islam” as a controlling order and relevant social criteria, as the entire system divorces the state and international order from religion. The NWO beast treats all religion as equal in that they have no control over the values of the order itself, which is based on relativism.

The Islamic terrorists are a minority force that works within “Islam” in order to confront and change the direction of the “Beast” system of the NWO, to adjust to and adopt its own social mores. These social innovations are perversions of the original Islamic system due to Indian and Parsi influence on Islam. The influences destroyed its connection to and descent from the true Islam of the Patriarchs and Moses and the Prophets, and Christ and the Church up to and including Muhammed.

The false Christian Trinitarian church long ago became a whore of the world system from Rome, which is the empire of Iron of Daniel 2. The Church rode the state system and became the Empire of Iron and Clay as the Holy Roman Empire. It corrupted the Bible faith and established a false religion as divorced from reality and the true faith as is modern Islam, after the first four so-called “rightly guided Caliphs.” The text on Trumpets (No. 136) will help explain the sequence of the prophecies of Revelation.

Christianity is now headlong down the path to the religious corruption that will ultimately become akin to that of Sodom and Gomorrah. Islam is also going there. In some ways it is worse. God dispersed Judah because they had corrupted the faith long ago with their traditions that we now see as Talmudic Judaism. All three are corrupt and their leaders neither enter the kingdom of heaven themselves, nor assist others who follow them. They prevent all those who follow them from entering as well. The process is explained in the work Mysticism (B7) and so on for the contents and chapters.

The reactions of the so-called fundamentalists are simply adjustments to the emergence of the NWO Beast from the religious corruption of the previous era. The Beast is turning on the religious whore and will destroy it. The reaction of the fundamentalists is merely a more strident form of opposition than that which we see in the west.

The Beast of the NWO does not understand the function of the Holy Spirit and the process of the faith. The religious systems are being exposed now by the demons after setting them up for their destruction. Satan is the god of this world (2Cor. 4:4) and he established this tripartite religious system of False Judaism, False Christianity and False Islam, so that the faith could not be understood and the divisions could be used in the last days to establish the Beast and ultimately destroy mankind. It is a simple plan and comprehensive in scope. It is amazing that the world cannot more readily see it. The Bible explains it, but to properly understand the texts of the faith, you must be submissive to God and repent and be baptised and receive the Holy Spirit or be in that process. Blind guides lead everyone to destruction (Look at the paper Repentance and Baptism (No. 52)).

Why does God allow these things to come to pass? The answer is simple. He gave the full system to Adam and then to the Patriarchs. He started again under Noah and then on down through Israel. Everything He has given us to achieve salvation is there. All we need is obedience.

If people wish to disobey and keep Sundays and Fridays and pollute the days God says to keep holy they should not be surprised that He leaves them to their own devices and does not intervene when they start killing one another. If those who say they are Jews but corrupt the calendar and produce false and postponed New Moons, and false Passovers and Feasts, and arrange the Day of Atonement so it does not fall on a Friday or a Sunday because it inconveniences them, they should not expect intervention. You don’t fail to do what God says and then wonder why He did not intervene in the Holocaust. He simply does not hear the prayers.

Some of the more devious of the world religions attempt to influence others by deceit. One goes door to door and claims to be keeping the faith and the Laws of God. When asked if they keep the Ten Commandments they answer, “Yes we do keep them”. Then when asked why they don’t worship on Sabbath and keep the Fourth Commandment, they then say: “the Commandments have been done away.” You see they have been taught that it is OK to lie for a “good purpose” whatever they deem that to be. Thus they break the Ninth Commandment as well. Is God mocked with all this corruption? Does He allow multiple religions and multiple calendars? No, He does not. He forces people who do not follow His system and His laws to keep a false calendar so that His calendar is not corrupted by false worship.

For example, when was it that the false calendar of the rabbinical Jews and the postponements entered the Churches of God? The answer is not long ago. The date was 1940. The problem was that Herbert Armstrong had been ordained by laying on of hands by the congregation at an all day tent meeting and credentialed by the Church of God (Seventh Day). He continued with that church as a minister from 1932 until 1940. In the year 1940 he decided to keep the Jewish calendar and came into dispute with Messrs Dugger and Dodd the leaders of the COG (7th Day) who insisted that the Passover was determined according to the conjunction of the New Moon, as it always had been done.

Armstrong disagreed and a break occurred using the congregation he had built up while on the church’s payroll. These days he would have been sued. It seems that he always had an eye on what might sell better and the Hillel Jewish calendar must have seemed easier to sell than the original calendar of the Temple and the Church. Perhaps he simply did not know, or did not care, or perhaps it was because he himself did not understand the nature of God as seems evident from his later writings. Herbert Armstrong’s followers record the division over the calendar today whereas they would not even admit it beforehand. Their arguments and our comments are contained in the papers Commentary on UCG Doctrinal Statement on the Calendar (No. 206); and Commentary on UCG Doctrinal Statement Should Christians Observe New Moons (No. 124).

Why is it that only a small number of people have kept the faith laid down by the Bible, and the vast majority claiming to follow it actually distort and destroy its teachings, or ignore it altogether as is the case with mainstream pseudo-Islam. The prophet to the Arabs said if you do not keep the Sabbath you are an ape (Look at the papers Sabbath in the Qur’an (No. 274) and The Juma’ah Preparing for the Sabbath (No. 285)). So we have a billion apes claiming to be of Islam and another billion primates bowing to idols of varying sorts claiming to be Christians or Buddhists or whatever. Anything but actually do what God says to do. Why are they called apes? Because they are primates who are denied the Holy Spirit and the First Resurrection of God and they understand none of it. The prophet they claim to follow would condemn almost every single one of the followers of modern Islam as an heretic. In the same way Christ would refuse entry to the Church to the entire system of Roman and other Trinitarian Christianity without visible and immediate repentance.

What then do we do? We simply pray and fast and tell the truth as fast as we can before it is too late and we no longer have time to work. This planet cannot continue the way it is and the way it is being mismanaged. The nation that hosted the Kyoto protocols is perhaps the worst and most rapacious pillager of the seas on the planet.

The wealthiest nations won’t change their lifestyles to decrease their impact on the environment. The second greatest world power of the twentieth century has almost destroyed its environment for centuries to come. And still they do not repent.

Dialogue between the nations and the religious systems are the only things that will bring salvation to the planet. It is only because there are a few of the faithful on the planet that it will be saved. But for the elect’s sake, there would be no intervention and no return of Christ and no millennial system. The Islamic calendar and the Hillel calendar will be reconciled once again to the true temple calendar and the festivals of God will be kept again correctly. No one is going to heaven. We are going to stay here and fix this planet. Some will be spirit beings and the rest will be humans and they will get along with each other and obey God or face the Second Resurrection and ultimately final and irretrievable death. Look at the papers The Millennium and the Rapture (No. 95) and the Resurrection of the Dead (No. 143). We will learn to love one another or we will have no place in the kingdom of God. Love one another as God and Christ love us.

Wade Cox

Coordinator General


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