Sabbath Message by Wade Cox

Sabbath 15/3/26/120

Dear Friends,

We are now at the Sabbath past Pentecost which is both Sabbath and the 15th day or Full Moon of the Moon of the Third Month called Sivan or Ramadhan.

The Calendars should all accord. We should all know the pilgrimages are to be to Jerusalem. That is where both the Koran and the Bible tell everyone to go.

Why are the world’s religions so confused? Are they really all the same thing and we are all walking up the hill by different paths, as some would have us believe? Why was it allowed that the world would split into different systems? Does the god of this world have a system of worship? Does he get everyone to follow it?

The answer is simple yet convoluted. The god of this world does have his own system of worship. It degenerates into varying degrees and depths of the mysteries. It adopts the day of the Sun or Sunday as its day and uses the symbol of the Triune God as its head. It has done this since time immemorial (see the papers The Doctrine of Original Sin Part 1, The Garden of Eden (No. 246) and Doctrine of Original Sin Part 2, The Generations of Adam (No. 248). It often has to disguise itself in order to appear similar enough to the Bible model to corrupt and destroy it (see the Origins of Christmas and Easter (No. 235)). It has penetrated and corrupted Judaism, Christianity and Islam. All are based on the same model and all three are totally corrupt. How then are we to see the solution? They can be corrected and returned to the common source and doctrine. Yes, they could be corrected but they would need to be called to repentance. They would actually need to want to change. At present neither Jew, nor Trinitarian (or Binitarian), nor Hadithic Muslim want to change. The true source of all wisdom is obedience to the One True God. Thus, obedience to the prophets of God are only of use in so far as they reflect the Law and the Testimony of the One True God, and they must all be judged according to the way in which they obey the Law and the Testimony (Isa. 8:20).

Given the total error of the three Abrahamic faiths, what do we do with Buddhism and Hinduism? Both are at variance and both cannot be right.

The source and errors of Hinduism and Buddhism are explained in the work Mysticism (see Mysticism Volume 1 (No. B_7A)) on the web site, particularly in chapters 6, 7, 8 and 9. People find it difficult to see through idolatry when it is wrapped in a package of so-called simplicity in these latter days. Israel has always had idolaters and the people seem to love to have it so. Most of our people are now reacting to the technological changes and adopting foolishness to escape the realities of their existence. More importantly, people are damaging their minds with incorrect diets such as we find in Vegetarianism. We have explained many problems with these aspects in the papers Vegetarianism and the Bible (No. 183) and also the Food laws (No. 15).

I would like to give some analysis of the arguments put forward by Buddhists in justification of their faith.

Buddhism is explained as being a threefold aspect portrayed as the jewels of the Lotus. They are in three colours: yellow, blue and red. The yellow jewel represents the Buddha and the facts about him. Blue represents the Dharma or the teachings regarding the Law of the Dharma. This teaching of the law tells one that the self gains dharma or a system of points of merit and demerit in life resulting in rebirth until one is released from the wheel of rebirth and attains the status of a Buddha. The end result of this is non-existence. The red jewel represents the Sangha or community of adherents.

This system of rebirth came from the Hittites or Celts into India in the Aryan invasions of 1000 BCE. The whole reason for the invention of philosophy was to liberate the Greeks from the wheel of rebirth. The Hindus formulated the doctrine into the caste system and produced a most restrictive religious system. Buddhism was simply a revision of this system, which was itself revised into a number of derivatives. These are concentrated on two variants being termed the Greater and Lesser Vehicle, or Mahayana and Hinayana Buddhism.

The tendency might be to say that the same Triune system exists in Christianity in that Christ is head and the law or teachings of Christ (as opposed to the Laws of God in the Bible), and the Church, which is the community of believers are the blue and red jewels respectively.

Buddhists however worship the Buddha despite claiming that he is not a god. They erect idols to him everywhere and pray and worship those idols even in their bedrooms. In much the same way, the Mariolaters worship statues of the goddess labelled Mary in their rooms in branches of Trinitarianism.

In a sense Buddhism is not a religion because, despite the beliefs of the lower elements of its adherents, it acknowledges no God. It does not acknowledge that one exists. The claims for a god are dismissed as merely being illusory. The end result of their religion is a release from the wheel of rebirth into a non-existence or Para-nirvana.

In other words, Buddhism holds no promise of a plan of salvation or redemption for mankind as does the Monotheist faiths. Hinduism, on the other hand, worships a plethora of gods while still tying itself to the tedium of reincarnation based on the great merit-demerit cycle of life.

Many Trinitarians claim now that Christ is to be worshipped and misuse one or two texts in the Bible to try to prove this claim. We have even heard Binitarians advance this view and that is only to be expected as Binitarianism has traditionally and historically, simply been a step to Trinitarianism. The Ditheism of the later Armstrongism groups is simply an historical aberration in the beliefs of the Church of God of two Millennia, which breaks down into Binitarianism and then Trinitarianism through the ignorance of its teachers. That is the reason the Armstrong system fell in the last days and why the COG (7th Day) day system follows it.

The claims that one can worship dead people rest on the incorrect premise that there is a progression of the human spirit after death to immortal life. This is the common view of all pagan societies and exists in Buddhism and Hinduism as well as Trinitarianism in Christianity.

This religious view when coupled with vegetarianism results in a deterioration of the brain and the nervous system, which causes the deaths of its adherents over time. People often do not correct disease due to these beliefs. They “must have done something wrong in the past to be sick and so they merely are getting what they deserve” is the argument in justification.

There are no absolutes in terms of the law of God also. The ethical position is deduced for the garbled reconstructions of the texts of the Buddha compiled many centuries after his death.

Our position is simply this.

1. If God exists then He has an obligation to reveal His will to the creation and set out the criteria of His actions in judgment.

2. As the laws of thermodynamics and the creation itself demand the intervention of a creator for its existence, God must exist.

3. God therefore has provided His will to the creation through His servants.

3. Logically all men must be treated equally in judgment or God is a respecter of persons and thus in sin and a tyrant.

4. Thus, the revelation of God must rest on:
A. Something outside of mere whim;
B. Be consistent in its application to men over the duration of its existence and the period of judgment;
C. Be directed to some wholesome purpose fitting of the character of a supreme being.

5. Thus, God must have taken action over the Millennia to produce a continual consistent plan to His creation. The full mechanics of it need not be completely explained, but the system must be able to be read and obeyed for salvation or the rejection of salvation within the framework explained.

The breakdown of our planet is happening day by day. The religious systems we face are incapable of returning to the word of God spoken through the prophets. The devotees of the major faiths do not display any real desire to follow the laws of God or even ascertain correctly what they are.

We have a series of codes, which purport to explain the will of God or the problem of existence. Buddhism is simply the explanation of the meaning of life by one man, born in Northern India in what is Nepal, within the context of his civilisation after the Aryan conquests and the caste system set up there.

Hinduism is another explanation of the same system set up by the Aryans who came there and who themselves did not fully comprehend the system they had inherited from the Middle East.

In the long search for the original system, it must follow that the entire faith must be in accordance with that system, as stated by the prophet Isaiah (Isa. 8:20). Thus, we see no conflict in the word of the One True God. If it is the truth it will be explicable within the terms of the Law and the Testimony. If it is not explained in those terms and conflicts then the explanation is wrong and there must be another meaning to the text.

That is why the Talmud must be wrong, as it conflicts with the written law and recorded words of the prophets and the historical Temple system. That is why the Hadith must be wrong as its explanation conflicts with the understanding within the Church and the Temple system. The structure of Islam cannot differ for the explanation of the original biblical church of history. Islam is the Church called Muhammed. The Holy Spirit, called the advocate, or Ahmed, guides it. Hinduism is a corruption of the stories in the book of Genesis and has stopped short of the progression of the faith. Buddhism is merely a corruption of that structure in isolation from the teachings of God through His servants the prophets.

We have only a little while to go. All these systems will be shown the truth and all these systems will be brought to repentance.

Much of the understanding is the result of the false system and work of the demons. Many people shun religion now because of the irrational structures they espouse. Much of the system is simply abuse. Much is unnatural in its way and purpose.

God’s burden is light and Christ has told us that. The entire creation is based on the Law and the family unit is the lynch pin of the law and the society. The celibate systems of the pagans are not intended and are not part of God’s system. They are not provided for in Law or in Testimony. They, with their vegetarian asceticism, are the doctrines of demons.

There is only one thing that we can be sure of and that is that the true prophets of God will all be in accord and will all stand before God having carried out His instructions. They will all be judged according to that standard. No man can be a prophet of God unless he speaks according to the Law and the Testimony as it came before him.

Thus, the one true faith of the worship of the One True God is the same and will continue in the millennial system after the First Resurrection of the Dead. There is no immortal soul and we are dependent upon God for the resurrection. Remember what we told the Roman Senate in 154 CE. When you come across those who say that they are Christians and say that when they die they go to heaven do not believe them. They are not Christians. We believe in the resurrection of the dead and that the Messiah will return to Jerusalem and will rebuild the Temple and rule from there for 1000 years. Remember also that after that will come the General Resurrection of all those that have ever lived. (cf. Justin Martyr, 2nd Apol. Ch 80 and see the paper The Resurrection of the Dead (No. 143) and The Soul (No. 92)).

The faith is in the absolute minority in the last days. Confusion reigns. Why then is Satan angry with us? It is because we will replace him and his system. He knows his time is short. We are tested by how well we love one another. Remember to do that in all things. Endure the trials in which you find yourselves. Keep the faith.

Wade Cox

Coordinator General


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