Sabbath Message by Wade Cox

New Moon 01/02/26/120

Dear Friends,

We are now on the New Moon of the Second Month of the Sacred Year. It always seems so close to the Feast following on in the second week after the Wave Sheaf Service. That means we are now on the second week of the Omer count to Pentecost. Keep that fact in mind when considering your spiritual development and what to study. Look at the papers regarding Pentecost and the development of the faith. The Second Month covers the Omer count, which goes into the third month.

This year, soon, we will issue the paper on the reconciliation of the Islamic Calendar and commence the papers on the Koran so that we can understand the interrelationship between the Koran and the Bible. This has been a long time coming and we have been slow in getting it done. I have been the cause of the delay for the most part. There is much to do in that regard.

Hopefully we are able to reach the Arab world and those who claim Islam and show them what true Islam is and how it must be Bible based to be correct. The Koran cannot be divorced from the Bible. The claims that do are made so that Islam can be obscured and the faith perverted. That is the work of the demons.

In the Hebrew and Islamic Calendar Reconciled you will see that the instructions regarding the faiths were given from Pentecost in all instances. With Christianity the faith was given through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. Look at the paper Pentecost at Sinai (No. 115) in order to see how God brought Moses and Israel to the point where He could reissue the Law to the nation, using Jesus Christ to get them ready to be able to receive it and be free to keep it out of Egypt. That is why we go out of our dwellings each year at Passover for 36 hours to remind us that we had to be taken out of Egypt to be saved.

What is called Islam is still in sin and error as is Trinitarian Christianity. Both worship under a false calendar, as does Judaism in perverting what they do understand. It is not that two are wrong and one is right. All three are wrong, in sin, and must repent. None are baptised correctly into the One True God. Remember, baptism is of God and all are required to be baptised and keep the Passover, as the two sacraments of the Church, the Muhammed of the texts, or enlightened one, which Temple we are.

I will explain who Muhammed actually was in a little while and it will surprise everyone. If you do not read the Bible you cannot understand the Koran. If you do not keep God’s Commandments and the Testimony of the Messiah you cannot be of the faith. You are a donkey laden with golden books, understanding nothing.

How are we to act in the matter of the faith? Islam is the surrender to God. If you do not surrender to God and obey His commandments you are not of Islam, no matter how much you protest. If you do not keep the Sabbath you are an ape. The Koran says so. Look at the paper The Sabbath in the Qu’ran (No. 274). The Koran commands the keeping of the Bible festivals including the Sabbath. The Imams turn Atonement into an elective fast and revolve it around the year, contrary to the express directives of the Koran. This year you can get it right and keep it correctly; then prepare for baptism as we are all instructed in all texts. Rend your hearts and not your foreskins. Abraham blessed us all, but he could not save us all. Remember that fact. We are given blessings according to his family and the promises God made to him and to us through him. We obtain salvation through the promise of Messiah and the redemption he offered us, and through him Abraham also is saved, as Abraham paid tithes to Melchisedek foreshadowing another priesthood encompassing Levi who was still in Abraham’s loins.

Pentecost represents our election and harvest as a new priesthood. It is by being baptised into the faith and keeping the commandments of God and the testimony of faith of Messiah that we are saved and able to enter the first resurrection. This resurrection is at the beginning of the Millennium and is a better resurrection than the Second Resurrection, which is at the end of the millennium and over which the second death still has power.

Everyone will get the chance to be saved. Our time of judgment is now. The rest of the world will be resurrected and judged later. That is the true position of Islam. The paradises of God are separated by 1,000 years and one is superior to the other. The insane destruction of the self by suicide to kill others does not earn a place in the paradise of God. Those who instruct the simple and erroneous that it is, will be least in the Kingdom of God.

All of these positions will be explained so that every one who reads the Koran will understand the faith at last. The clerics will be silenced and later held to account. The Second Resurrection is the great leveller of the heretical. God is not mocked, nor do His words come back empty. Look at the paper The Resurrection of the Dead (No. 143).

To explain how God will deal with the world through the elect, this simple story is effective.

At the end of the Millennium, after the one thousand-year reign of Christ under the saints from Jerusalem, all those who have ever lived will be resurrected. They will be given bodies and life back, bone upon bone and sinew upon sinew. They will not marry, but will understand their families and their relationships. They will understand their entire family history from Adam, and racism will become extinct. So also will ancestor worship. The doctrine of reincarnation was established not just to enslave the minds of the world now, but also to deal with this situation in the Second Resurrection of the dead. So also at this time will the demons be judged (see the paper The Judgment of the Demons (No. 80)).

Objections are often made that the world won’t hold so many people, but most demographers will tell you that the world’s total population is actually only about six times what it is now in total over all history.

One can imagine the problems that will be solved overnight. Mariam will explain how she obtained salvation through the sacrifice of her son and that she had other children who will also explain who they are albeit as appearing as spirit beings. The popes will get to explain their actions to everyone and be given their chance at salvation in baptism and repentance along with everyone they deceived over the centuries; as will the Imams and the Rabbis and ancient Israel who did not receive the Holy Spirit by election and grace.

The weeping and gnashing of teeth will accompany the First Resurrection, because no matter how you dress it up, the test is simply if you are still standing there as a body when the others are taken to Jerusalem you aren’t in it my friend. Those who are left will simply live out their lives and do it again in the Second Resurrection, which is not as good a resurrection as Hebrews tells us. Those who seek to tell us God’s laws don’t have to be kept will face the fact of their rejection and there will be no negotiation. That is the weeping and gnashing of teeth we are told about.

How will the Imams explain to the families of those they encouraged to commit suicide, that they blew themselves apart and lost their families and killed and maimed the innocent, only to face what they have done with the victims at the same time and get it right this next time, or simply pass into the history of the physical creation.

Who will be hardest to deal with then? Will it be the perpetrators of the actions or the victims that must forgive them? Will the Nazi who knows what he did, be harder to bring to repentance than the mother whose child he burnt alive in Europe? Will it be harder to convince the Roman Catholic and Anglican bishops who compiled the lists of the nine hundred thousand to a million or so Rwandans who were executed by the killing squads and who were reportedly paid by the Roman Catholic and Anglican bishops and assisted by Seventh Day Adventist Trinitarian ministry? The squads were helped by nuns who carried the jerry cans to the squads so they could pour petrol on the buildings in which the men, woman and children had taken shelter, and in which they were burnt to death. Or will it be harder to get the victims to forgive these upright Christian gentlemen?

Remember that the steps to the First Resurrection began at Pentecost and continued through each Pentecost to the Church and for every year of the Church until the present. Pentecost will continue as a mandatory feast of the Lord until Messiah returns and will continue after that until the end of the Second Resurrection and the City of God.

Love God with all your heart and strength and mind and one another as yourselves.

Wade Cox

Coordinator General


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