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The Piñata

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A practice has entered the Church of God in the USA from Mexico. The practice relates in fact to the ancient pagan systems and has no place in the Church of God.



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(Summary by June Hoyt, Ed. Wade Cox)

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The Piñata

The practice of breaking a Pinata at children’s parties has entered the Church via the churches of the United States of America from traditions in Mexico.

It can only be assumed that the people indulging in the practice or teaching their children to indulge in this practice are unaware of its origin.

The practice consists of a container of various shapes, filled with delicacies for either children or adults. The object is broken and the sweets are then spilled out on the table or floor and divided or shared among the participants.

The origins go back to the sun cults and human sacrifice.

The container represents the person and is believed to contain the deeds and goodness the person has accrued in his or her lifetime. The container represents the head of the person. The head was the repose of the soul. The soul was reincarnated and the goodness and debts of the individual could be passed on in the next life. The breaking of the container symbolised the sacrifice of the person and the spilling of the life force out on the ground.

This practice is derived directly from child sacrifice under the Golden Calf system and star of the God Remphan.

The so-called Star of David is the six-pointed star of the god of Remphan. It represents death and blood and fertility through human sacrifice.

This ritual is directly concerned with human sacrifice and especially child sacrifice. It is in its early incipient stage in our society waiting to be awoken.

It is part of the ancient Babylonian Mystery cults and associated with the worship of Baal and Ashtoreth under various local names.

No person in the Churches of God is to knowingly engage in this practice.