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The Seven Trumpets

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This paper is a summary of the seven trumpets of Revelation. The seventh seal is composed of the Seven Trumpets. The seventh trumpet is the third woe and is composed of the seven vials of God’s wrath. The Seventh trumpet heralds Messiah’s return.





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(Summary by Diane Flanagan, ed. Wade Cox)


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 The Seven Trumpets


The structure of the Seventh Seal

The seventh seal is composed of the seven trumpets. The seven trumpets are composed of the first four trumpets, the fifth trumpet, which is also referred to as the first woe and the sixth trumpet, which is also referred to as the second woe. The seventh trumpet is the third woe and is composed of the seven vials of the wrath of God. The seventh trumpet heralds Messiah’s return. For a flow chart that details this time period (see the paper The Seven Trumpets (No. 141)).


This process results in the complete destruction of the false religious systems of the planet and subjugation of the planet and the people in order to usher in the period of Just Rule. With the start of the Millennium, God’s Law will be enforced on the planet. The mystery of God is fulfilled, completed and understood in the seventh trumpet. The traditional ministry are referred to as blind guides; they will be removed (see the paper Measuring the Temple (No. 137)).


We look at the process of the trumpets. Just as the rebellion involved a third of the Host, the trumpets generally deal in thirds. We are not keeping God’s laws now. Our own mismanagement and pollution of the planet will actually result in the plagues at the end of the age. The plagues occur because people are destroying the planet on a systematic basis. This will be accelerated in order to deal with the world’s people.


The First Four Trumpets

In Revelation 8:7-13 we see a third of the trees and green grass burnt up. We are looking at a general famine arising from the drought (verse 7). We see the sequence continue with the second angel sounding his trumpet (verses 8-9). A great mountain burning with fire is thrown into the sea and destroys a third of the sea creatures and ships. Earthquakes will release heavy metals into the seas, which will be taken up into the food chain. This will cause the great red tide problem, which will be aggravated by the nuclear wastes dumped in our seas.


We will get waves perhaps up to 1,000 feet high travelling at up to 700 mph. This is how a third of the ships are going to be destroyed. The people will be absolutely terrified. We are not afraid because we know what is going to happen.


The third angel sounded and a great star fell from heaven and a third of the waters become bitter (verses 10-11). Whether this is an actual star or nuclear fallout is difficult to know. What is certain is the planet’s resources are again diminished and the planet is seriously damaged


The fourth angel blows his trumpet and a third of the sun, moon and stars are struck and a third of the day and night are prevented from shining. Here we are looking at events that cause the general darkening of the earth. These activities will accelerate the warming processes on the planet. The earth’s sea levels will rise and islands will be inundated.


Revelation 8:13 is the start of three woes. We have seen the start of the Time of Jacob’s Troubles, and Israel is being dealt with. We have also the great tribulation and then we come under the witnesses of the last days.


Revelation 11:1-19: The Temple is measured from the top (see the paper Measuring the Temple (No. 137)). The ministry are measured. In the time of 42 months, the elect as the nation are purified. The process of measuring the elect will take a while. The elect are given over to deal with each other, which is how we are measured. Then the two witnesses stand in Jerusalem clothed in sackcloth for three and one half years (see also the paper The Witnesses (No. 135)). No one can hurt them for three and a half years (verses 4-8).


The First Woe

Revelation 9:1-10: Following the witnesses we go to the fifth trumpet or first woe. A lot of people will want to die over this period, and they won’t be able to. The bottomless pit of the locust-like creatures relates also to the four angels of the bottomless pit who are bound at the Euphrates. They are there to kill a third of mankind. Here we are dealing with war, aerial operations and chemical weapons. They are dealt with under direction from the demons. After five months the first woe is over and there are two more to come.


The Sixth Trumpet

Revelation 9:13-19 describes the sixth trumpet or second woe. The witnesses preach God’s Law and encourage the people to repent. They do not repent and a third of the world is killed. The witnesses work under the direction of Jesus Christ.


The seven thunders have a portion of a message, which will occur in the days of the witnesses in the last days (Rev. 10:1-11). At the end of this time the final mystery of God will be revealed. The 1,260 days finish and the droughts and plagues are temporarily at an end.


The war of the sixth trumpet occurs and then is finished. The two witnesses finish off at the end of the war of the sixth trumpet and then ascend to heaven. This is the end of the sixth trumpet and the second woe.


The will of God is done. The witness is done. We know everybody hates them because they all give presents to one another when the witnesses die. There is no repentance and the people return to the lifestyles they practiced before the witnesses.


Revelation chapters 12 and 13 deal with the Church. The elect are dealt with in this section of Bible prophecy. They are sealed, and the Great Tribulation seals the multitude and our fate is set. We are judged, then the earth is dealt with but the nations do not repent. The sequence then goes on to Revelation 11:15, the advent of the Messiah.


Revelation 12 deals with Christ’s system. Revelation 13 deals with the beast system. These two systems operate contemporaneously prior to and during all the woes.


Then comes the seventh trumpet or third woe and the Advent of Messiah.


From Revelation 14:1-5 we learn the 144,000 are the spiritual virgins who have not been defiled by false religious systems. They are totally committed and prepared to die for the truth. The selection of the 144,000 covers over two millennia (see also the papers The Harvests of God, the New Moon Sacrifices, and the 144,000 (No. 120); The New Moons (No. 125); and The New Moons of Israel (No. 132)).


Revelation 14:6-20 talks of part of the process of Messiah taking over the planet and forcing the people to repentance. When Messiah returns to Zion we are with him (see the paper Trumpets (No. 136)).


The Day of Atonement deals with bringing the planet into repentance and setting it up for the Millennium. There is a whole sequence of time between the advent of Christ and the start of the Millennium, which comes out in the vials of the wrath of God.


The new millennial system will be set up under the exact law of Moses. We are going to make the system given to Moses work. Prior to that we still need to go through the seven last vials (Rev. 16:1-21).


The first angel in Revelation 16:2 pours out his bowl and foul and evil sores came upon men who bore the mark of the Beast. Whatever earthly system people subjugate themselves to and allow the mark to be placed upon them, will probably have resulting sores and damage. Every action has a consequence. The sores may be caused by electro-magnetic chips, or exposure to radiation, or whatever. The result is foretold.


The second angel of Revelation 16:3 tells us all the living things in the seas die. The planet was called to repentance under the witnesses and a third of the sea died. Here everything is destroyed.


The third angel sounds in Revelation 16:4-5 and here there will be no more fresh water on the planet.


The fourth angel in Revelation 16:7-8 releases his bowl on the sun and it is allowed to scorch men. People are continually called to repentance over the process of the seven last plagues, yet few repent.


The fifth angel of Revelation 16:10 states that people gnaw their tongues for pain and curse God.


We are in Jerusalem at this time as spirit beings under the protection of Christ, dealing with the planet hand-in-hand with Christ.


Revelation 16:12 tells us the sixth angel sounds and dries up the Euphrates River and prepares for the kings of the East. The planet is breaking down. Vast armies will enter Israel towards Jerusalem.


This sixth angel’s trumpet seems to indicate that Messiah does not come until the drying up of the Euphrates. It appears that the Messiah comes to Jerusalem and then deals with the planet. The general populace at this time is given greater revelation and understanding and is then dealt with during the time of the sixth angel (Rev. 16:13-15).


The Seventh Trumpet

Revelation 16:17 tells us of the seventh trumpet. This earthquake is greater than the earthquake during the heavenly signs of the sixth seal. This last action destroys the entire system of false worship on the planet.


After Christ has taken the planet through the trumpets and vials he is then ready for the great battle of God Almighty.


Revelation 16:12-16 deals with the battle of Armageddon or the war of Ezekiel. There is also a cross-reference to Luke 19:27. Here we see those who do not want to have Messiah reign over them are slain before him.


The false religious structures of the world are then destroyed and all live under God’s system of law.