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The Blessings and the Curses


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This paper examines Deuteronomy 28 and its application to the nation.




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(Summary by Patti Gambier, Ed. Wade Cox)

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The Blessings and the Curses

God the Father issued the Law and sequence for the rulership of this planet through mediators to Israel, and through the Angel of the Presence to Moses at Sinai. Moses was instructed to write the Laws in detail, under the hand of God, but the law had been in existence from creation.

Adam had been instructed in it, but failed to keep it. Noah, the righteous leader after the Flood told the nations of the Law, and they were without excuse. But mankind corrupted the Law. The Law of God is perfect, and is workable to the salvation and happiness of all mankind.

The international Babylonian system, expoused by mainstream Christianity and based on the Triune system, and developed by Rome, is contrary to the will of God. It has led the world into practices that are contrary to God’s Law. The results of this system leave us with the world in its present state of degradation and war.

The Blessings and Curses of Deuteronomy 28 happen on a national basis, and are not confined to Judah. The Law was given to Israel, and Judah is one of those 12 tribes of Israel.

So the blessings and curses are primarily addressed to the nation of Israel – but apply to all nations. Any nation, which repents and follows the Law, will reap the benefits of the blessings, just as the entire world is reaping the curses for disobedience.

When God itemised the blessings for obedience to Israel, He was raising a nation, exalted and beautiful for an example to the entire world (Deut 28:1-14). Had Israel obeyed, the nations around would have been in awe of their wisdom and understanding, which would have been the result of such obedience (Deut. 4: 5-8).

God would rout and defeat all enemies (Deut 28:7). Moses had only to raise his wooden rod and tell the people to be still, and the Red Sea opened, Israel was saved, and the forces of Egypt were all drowned. God did that for His people.

Israel would be His holy people, conditional on keeping his commandments (Deut. 28:9).

"The name of YHVH is named on you" (Deut. 28:10). People would know that, and recognize the authority given to Israel and be afraid.

Rain in due season results in wealth for a nation, and she need not borrow, and this is conditional on obedience (Deut. 28:11-12). So conditions throughout the world are proof of the poor spiritual state of the relationship between the nations and God.

Any action contrary to God’s Will and Law shows one is following other gods, which is enmity to God, and the results are no blessings.

God is just – there are also no rewards for disobedience.

Deuteronomy 28:15-68 is a warning of the most severe punishments to afflict individuals and nations, for disobedience. God deals with nations as He deals with families, and the nations are judged as are the Host that governs them. (see the paper The Angel of YHVH (No. 24) and other papers).

These verses clearly show the bounty of the earth is interrelated with the Laws of God.

When the nation or an individual rejects or abandons God’s law and forsakes His way, their minds are given over to a different spirit. The minds become reprobate and are locked into the false Babylonian Triune system of worship. Islam is the direct result of Trinitarianism. This religion is Unitarian as is the true Church of God from the beginning.

Satan is now playing mainstream Christianity against the fanaticism of reprobate Islamics, which will result in a jihad and the destruction of God’s elect.

If a religion does not speak according to the law and the testimony (Isa. 8:20) there is no light in them.

The curses cover disease, pestilence, famine, wasting, madness, blindness and confusion of mind. Wars and the captivity of the elect, the enslavement of our children, and the other atrocities of war are graphically depicted. God, in His Word, has not spoken in "politically correct" terms – there is NO ambiguity in His dialogue. Horrific experiences are depicted in full.

This sequence is needed to set in train the process of repentance. By seeing the hard consequences of our collective actions, which result in the curses, many will be brought to repentance. We will be impotent. We cannot do anything to stop the consequences, and our only recourse is to turn to God.

When the destruction of the wars of the last days hit the nations, the elect will be severely persecuted. Because we tell it like God says, we will be blamed for it.

But afterwards, there is a restoration, as shown in Jeremiah 30:11-24. The Almighty says "And you shall be my people, and I will be your God" (Jer. 30:22).

Suffice to say, it is in the interest of every person and nation to heed the warnings of the Blessings and Curses of Almighty God in Deuteronomy chapter 28.