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 The Warning of the Last Days

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This summary deals with warning the planet of the events that will soon transpire.





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(Summary by June Hoyt, ed. Wade Cox)


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The Warning of Last Days


God does not destroy a people without first warning them. It is necessary to warn the people of the danger, which threatens them. God chooses to do this through His prophets (Neh. 9:30).


God will not institute the process of the last days, until He warns the nations involved.


The process of warning was revealed to His servants through the past ages in Ezekiel chapters 3 and 33.  The responsibilities of the servants of God are to know the will of God, which is the law and the consequences that come from the breaking of that law (Ezek. 3:17-27).


The book of Ezekiel develops responsibility of the days of the Babylonian system up until the destruction of the world system at the end of the period, known as the time of the Gentiles. Jeremiah 4:15-16 contains an enigmatic statement. The significance of Jeremiah is that it relegates to the lead up to the destruction of the Temple, which has its end time application in the destruction of the Temple that is the elect. The elect cannot be destroyed as such; they are figuratively scattered, many being killed. The sequence should then be able to be seen from the end of the time of the Gentiles, with the last fall of Egypt, to the concentration of Middle East powers we now see are coming together as fundamentalist Islam. These are gathered for the release of the four great angels at the Euphrates River (Rev. 9:15) for the wars of the Last Days, so that they will kill a third of mankind (see the paper The Fall of Egypt: The Prophecy of Pharaoh’s Broken Arms (No. 36).


Jeremiah 4:23 deals specifically with the last days and the desolation of the earth and its cities. Jeremiah 4:15 says that God speaks through Ephraim and not Judah in the last days.


Jeremiah warns the congregation in a number of significant passages (Jer. 7:25-28). Jeremiah’s message is first to Jerusalem, Judah and then to Israel generally. It takes up again in Jeremiah 25:4-6, and repeated again in Jeremiah 35:15.


The comments here are that the Lord has sent His prophets to warn each nation. Rising early means that the Lord sends them with sufficient time to do the job and repent. They did not listen then (Jer. 25: 7) and they will not listen now (Isa. 26:15-18). The message is repeated in Jeremiah 26:3-6. Jeremiah 29:18-19 also notes the concept of warning the nations, as does Jeremiah 44:4-5. The law is the binding statute that the Lord uses to deal with the elect as well as the nation. This theme is taken up also in Zechariah 1:4-6.


The end result is a general failure to repent. But the Lord will spare our people if we do the work diligently and they repent. We are expected to do all that we can. Yet it will not bring the world to repentance. We are finally judged by our spiritual state. We have a job to do and it is a big one.


The gospel of the kingdom of God is taught by example in daily living and by direct prophecy.


We must learn to run with horses when the Jordan is in flood (Jer. 12:5).


Satan will fight with every weapon in his armoury. We have the Spirit of Truth and the Word of God.


We must lay up understanding. Israel was kept from defeat all the days of the wandering in the wilderness.  When it came time to enter Israel, the enemy was given into their hands. So too it will be with us. Until that time we will be kept by the Lord, as soldiers of the Living God.