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Gideon’s Force and the Last Days

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This paper examines the story of Gideon as prophecy. The meaning of the story is unfolded with some interesting implications for today's Christianity.





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(Summary by Patti Gambier edited Wade Cox)

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Gideon’s Force and the Last Days

This paper seeks to explain the story of Gideon’s Force in the battle against the Midianites and Amalekites, who were Baal worshippers. It can be likened to the activities of the Church of God against the might of the Baal or Mystery cult system, which rules the world in the last days.

Gideon’s battle was victorious and Israel was restored to peace. This points to the restoration of the Law of God and a world at peace, with the coming of Messiah. Besides the tremendous physical battles to be fought before His return, there is also the spiritual battle to be fought for the enlightenment of peoples and the preparation of the elect for His return.

Micah 5:3-6 presents concepts that Messiah gives up the elect to the world system, until the number of the elect, under persecution and tribulation, predestined from the foundation of the world (Eph. 1:4) and entered into the Book of Life (Rev. 17:8) have been brought into the Church, the Body of Christ. Then He will return, to a devastated planet because of the end time wars. Christ returns because of the elect, or else no flesh would be saved alive (Mat. 24:22 Moffatt).

The Church of God has been extant since Pentecost 30 CE, and has never been part of the mainstream church system, established by Councils from Nicaea onwards.

Revelation 2 and 3 describe the Church eras, and from Revelation 2:18 to 3:22 it shows that only 4 eras are extant on Messiah’s return though elements of every era are alive at His coming. The names of the eras are descriptive terms, and there are elements of each era in each Church.

From the parable of the wise and foolish virgins (Mat. 25:5,6) it is shown that all are asleep at the end time, and it takes a watchman to wake them. The five wise ones married Christ on His return, and though the five foolish were also betrothed, they won’t be part of a marriage until the second resurrection. The nations are warned of Messiah’s return as found in Jeremiah 4:15.

Let us examine the story of Gideon’s Force. Israel was in a dire situation when Gideon was raised up as a Judge. Israel had fallen into idolatry, and was bitterly oppressed by the Midianites and the Amalekites – a parable for this could be World War I when Israel (UK and USA) was depleted of its manpower. God Almighty raised Gideon by His Angel or Elohim or the Angel of YHVH namely Messiah (Judg. 6).

Gideon incurred the wrath of the Baal worshippers round about, and all banded together to battle against Israel to destroy it completely. So Gideon called upon other Israelite tribes to join him. Again we can draw the analogy of WWI and WWII as efforts to eliminate the English speaking peoples of USA and Commonwealth nations, to oppress and destroy Israel and its religion. WWIII will go close to the fulfilment of that goal, but Christ will return to claim His own (Mat. 24:22).

In Judges 6:36-40 Gideon tests God to identify that God was indeed with him. It is an example to us to understand what God requires, and to act on it. The Church of God was tested by the introduction of Trinitarianism into its doctrines, and those who understood the Bible and the development of that false doctrine, opted out of the congregation.

So the opposing forces took up position. God had determined to save Israel, but He set about reducing the number of Israel’s army. This would show that it was by His might that a battle is won, and not by the numerical strength of the people. He allowed the force to be gathered – symbolic of the number of elect called prior to Messiah’s return.

Judges chapter 7 shows how God reduced the strength of Gideon’s 32,000 men to 300. The lesson here is that God effectively gathered all of His chosen congregation, but He chose not to use all of them. They were prepared, but after turning up for duty, they were sent home.

The parallel to the Church in the last days is easy to see. The Holocaust was to eliminate the Law of God and all Bible research in Europe and the world, and had the support of the Trinitarian churches of Europe. The persecution continues to this day, e.g. at Waco Texas in 1993, and in Rwanda, Africa. See Website

Thus because of the outcome of WWII, the Church was given 40 years (a generation) to develop, and can be likened to the 40 years of peace, under Gideon. This is the generation that Christ referred to in Matthew 24:34. His prophecy covered centuries into the future.

The first reduction of persons in Judges 7 was in accordance with the Law of God (Deut. 20). It was a screening process, along the lines "many called, but few chosen" (Mat. 20:16). This resulted in odds of 13 to 1 in favour of the enemy forces. This was a blow out from odds of 4 to 1 previously. The second reduction or selection was done by the way in which the assembled men approached water. The water symbolises the Holy Spirit, and exemplifies the way in which to approach God. Those who worship God in a discriminating way are able to be used. The worship must be towards the only True God, the Father (Lk. 4:8; Jn. 4:21-24; Phil. 3:3; Rev. 22:9).

Now the odds are 450 to 1 in favour of the enemy. Just the same odds Elijah faced when he took on the 450 priests of Baal, the Black Cassocked Ones, the Khemarim of the Bible. As Elijah destroyed them so also will Gideon’s force in the last days destroy the Baal system of this world.

Malachi 4:4-6 enjoins us to remember the law of Moses, which is God’s law imparted to Moses at Sinai by the Angel of YHVH. God also promises that Elijah the prophet will be sent before the great and terrible day of the LORD. He will be sent to restore all things. Despite any efforts on the part of the Church of God, the final restoration will not be complete until the nexus of the law is restored by Elijah. At present it rains on the just and the unjust, but with the restoration of the law of God, unless there is obedience to that Law, and to the keeping of God’s Holy Days, no rain will fall on that nation and the plagues of Egypt will rest on it (Zech. 14:16-19).

There is only a small remnant of the Church of God who is faithful to the Law and the Testimony of Jesus Christ in the last days (Rev. 12:17; 14:12; 22:14) and they, like Gideon’s small force will join battle with the Baal system. In Judges 7 Gideon’s 300 began the battle at the beginning of the middle watch, 10 p.m. In other words, just before midnight, when the Bridegroom (Christ) returns, as in the parable of the 10 virgins.

Gideon’s force won the battle, and in Judges 8 we see that 2 cities refused to help Gideon, and were punished. This prefigured the elements of the Church of God in the last days, some of which had known God, but fallen to idolatrous practices, and others who refused help on the grounds that they were not under any authority. They also will suffer punishment.

Gideon was asked to rule over Israel, after the victory, but he declined adamantly. But Gideon said to them, "I will not rule over you, nor shall my son rule over you; the LORD shall rule over you" (Judg. 8:23). Cromwell echoed these sentiments – he refused kingship and said "Christ, not man, is King".

The warning to the nations in the last days comes from Danite Ephraim (Jer. 4:15-17). The end result of the war is desolation (Jer. 4:22-27). That time is now at hand, the warning is being beamed all over the earth under the direction of the tribe of Joseph as Danite Ephraim. Each of that small force will be a light and a trumpet to Israel and the world.

The Church will be strengthened and purified for the task and God will achieve His will. Persecution and battle face the small force, but God’s word is their sustenance. "They will fight against you, But they shall not prevail against you. For I am with you" says the LORD, "to deliver you" (Jer. 1:19).