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The Last Pope:
Examining Nostradamus
and Malachy

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Nostradamus has made some startling prophecies that have come true. He has also made some that have been misunderstood and dismissed incorrectly. The purpose here is to examine and perhaps explain two prophecies he made which have a religious significance and one of which has come true and one of which is due to come into play in the near future. Malachy was a Catholic Archbishop of the twelfth century who wrote an uncanny list of every pope until the end. We will examine them both here. According to Malachy Francis I is the last pope.


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The Last Pope: Examining Nostradamus and Malachy


Nostradamus or Michel de Nostredame was a practitioner of medicine in Provencale, France. His writings were published at Lyons in 1555, as ‘centuries’ or groups of one hundred quatrains. His quatrains have been criticised as ramblings and ravings obtained under delusions and demonic influence. Whatever the basis, there is a simple and rational explanation to them and in some a startlingly true revelation, which could only be really understood after the event. The purpose of this paper is to look at some of these and to explain what they probably mean. One is a startling and true prediction concerning the murder of a pope. Others concern the possible commencement of what is described somewhat as the end of this phase of the control and life on Earth, as we know it.


Even if only one or two of Nostradamus’ predictions are true, we are still confronted with the fact of the matter. Also, even if the demons are capable of this performance and it can be laid at their feet, we are nevertheless faced with the fact that if it was not God giving this guidance, then the demons or some other agency has this demonstrated capacity outside of biblical prophecy to predict events. 


Another of the factors that come into play is that of the translations of the quatrains themselves from the medieval French. We will start with the death of Pope Pius XI.


Nostradamus wrote a number of works concerning the popes. There were also a number of works written by the Nazis in his name and some spurious quatrains were published during World War II.


One of the popes with which he seems to have been concerned was Pius XI.

At C.5:Q.92 he wrote:

Après le Siège tenu dix et sept ans,

Cinq changeront en tel révolu terme:

Puis sera l’un esleu de même temps

Qui des Romains ne sera trop conforme.


We see this text translated by De Fontbrune as:

After a Pontificate of seventeen years, five years will see changes that put an end to the revolution. Then at the same time will be elected one who is only too like the Romans.

This rendering has a series of implications about what was to happen in Rome over this period. The revolution aspect has been ignored to date, but that is in fact what is happening. Also, the last of the five popes was to be a foreigner, but more like the Romans than was considered desirable or wholesome.


The first time that the Seat (i.e. the papacy) was held for seventeen years was with Pius XI (1857-1939) who was indeed elderly. He was elected Pope on 6 February 1922 and died on 10 February 1939 after a pontificate of 17 years and four days (cf. De Fontbrune, Nostradamus 1: Countdown to Apocalypse, Pan Books 1983, p. 212).


He was succeeded by Eugenio Pacelli, a Roman of an aristocratic family who became Pius XII. He reigned nineteen years and died on 9 October 1958.


In 1956 a work was published at Fresno, California, written by a Catholic named Edward Connor (Prophecy for Today, Academic Library Guild, 1956). It was a series of discussions on the prophetic works of the Roman Catholic Church and included discussion of some works of Nostradamus and also on those of the Catholic prophets down through the ages, concerning the end of the age. The uncanny and startlingly accurate prophecies of Malachy O’Morgair, Archbishop of Armagh Ireland (died 1148), were coming to a close. On a visit to Pope Innocent II in Rome in 1139, he was granted a vision of all the popes of the future (ibid., p. 15). When coupled with those visions of Nostradamus and others, the prophecies showed that there might be a coming crisis for the Church. Nostradamus is dismissed by them as some of his prophecies seem to prophesy the downfall of the [Roman] Church (ibid., p. 10). They had interpreted a prophecy of Nostradamus as saying,

After the seat is held seventeen years five shall change in the same length of the years (ibid.).


They did not quote the full text as we see above. The first part of the quatrain they interpreted as meaning either that five shall change in five years – which did not happen as Pius XII was still on the throne – or, alternatively, it meant that five shall change in seventeen years, the number of the years of the duration of his papacy at that time. This they also dismissed as being unlikely as there were only a few months to go and Pius XII showed no sign of dying and was in good health. By the time they distributed the book it would be past time anyway. Why were they at pains to discredit Nostradamus? The answer was that he, and Malachy also, showed an end to the Roman Catholic Church – and soon. Also, in this prophecy, Nostradamus had seemingly predicted a fast turnover in popes at this end time, or so it seems, if it were to be in 17 years. The problem lay in the small number of popes left to go before the coming of the Messiah. We will examine this later.


What they had not taken into account was that Nostradamus had an uncanny ability to construct these quatrains, because they portrayed some very significant events. The problem lay in the French. The word ans in this context could mean year or years. In this case they constructed it as plural and interpreted it as meaning five years for the number of popes, or seventeen years for the same number of years of the reign mentioned.


Why is all that so important? The answer was that it was very important. As we know John XXIII succeeded Pius XII as Pope after his death in 1958. John died on 3 June 1963 and was succeeded by Paul VI. 


The Reign of the Five Popes

This first reign after the seat was held seventeen years by Pius XI, i.e. the reign of Pius XII, was also prophesied by Nostradamus but ignored. In the same century some thirty-six quatrains earlier at C.5:Q.56 he wrote:

Par le décès du très vieillard pontife,

Sera esleu Romain do bon aage:

Qu’il sera dict que le Siège debiffe

Et long tiendra et de picuant ouvrage.


De Fontbrune interprets this as meaning:

After the very aged Pope’s death, a middle aged pope will be elected. He will be accused of harming the Holy See and will last a long time, doing controversial work.


Pacelli was sixty-three when he was elected in 1939 and did last longer than Pius XI, and indeed, a very long time. He was also very controversial. From 1923, after the ascension of Pius XI in 1922, the churches had introduced some strange ideas in Germany such as euthanasia. Hitler merely restated the premise in 1939 as an order. The Lutheran and Roman Catholic churches were antidemocratic. They saw the union of church and state as enforcing only their system. Thus they actually reinforced the Nazi system as an extension of the one church and state. From 1932, the elements of the Roman Catholic and Lutheran Churches worked hand-in-hand with the Nazis to establish concentration camps and commence to eliminate all non-Trinitarians and specifically Sabbatarians, including Jews, from Europe. The Lutheran Church took over a concentration camp near Hamburg, as early as 1933.


The Catholics in Europe under Pius XII, assisted in the establishment of what was recently proven to be more than 10,000 camps, and it now seems certain that the total is of some 15,000 or more concentration and extermination camps. They attempted to deliberately and systematically exterminate the entire Sabbath-keeping or non-RC/Lutheran Bible scholarship from Europe. The Jews were only half of the Holocaust, and in fact it now appears certain that they were not even near half of the number of people murdered by the Nazi system in Europe. Hitler was not an aberration of 1930s Germany. He was a product of his time and conditioning under the Lutherans. With the help of the Vatican under Pius XII at the end of the war, the papacy helped Nazi war criminals to evade trial and used their influence to place them in South America and Australia. Some were used in Australia in security roles. Using this type of mentality perhaps did much damage to Australian residents. During WWII, the Roman Catholic Church under Pius XII aided and abetted, or at least condoned, the extermination of a large number of law-abiding citizens, many of whom had committed the sole crime in their eyes of being Jews or Sabbatarian (Unitarian) Christians, or of some other non-Catholic denomination. Nostradamus was himself of Jewish extraction. This fact has another significance as we will see.


However, our friends in California under Connor could hardly be writing a criticism of a living pope for the world to see and ask questions concerning his activities, could they? They were all at pains to hide it from the world. Malachy names this pope the Angelic Shepherd with incredible irony. No other single pope or person presided over the mass extermination, by his own people, of so many Sabbath-keeping Jews and Christians in the entire history of the Jewish tribe and the Christian religion. This entire matter will be examined in the forthcoming work The Holocaust: The Fifth Seal of Persecution (see also


The consequence of the error was to end in, at the very least, a failure to prevent murder, as we will see. In the end when the truth is finally told, and the deceitful historians in European universities admit the truth, the Roman Catholic Church will be seen for what it is and stand condemned in the eyes of the world. This is the controversial aspect of the activities of the Roman Curia under Pius XII, and both before and after his election.


John XXIII succeeded him on 28 October 1958 and he reigned until 3 June 1963. He was actually John XXIV but the previous John XXIII (1410-1415) (Baldassare Cossa: d. 1419) appropriately named Stag of the Siren by Malachy, had been totally evil with a harem of over 200 nuns. He also was a sodomite. He had been declared an antipope. They were embarrassed at this pope, although there were many as bad, and so they tried to reclaim the name John. He was termed The Shepherd and the Sailor. In John XXIII’s time another revolution was commenced in the church under Vatican II. Here the genuine concerns of the church were aired amid new schools of thought and attitudes were developed.


From this time the church attempted to review its position and doctrines, and this was to come to a head not all that long after, as we will see. The process later resulted in financial scandals, murder and a counter-revolution in the Vatican.


Giovanni Battista Montini, Paul VI, was the third pope, and in 1978 he was succeeded by Albino Luciani, John Paul I. This man was the fourth pope in the prophecy.  The five popes are thus: Pius XII, John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul I and John Paul II, covering the period from 1939 to 1978.


Catholic views of the prophecies

The work by Connor published in 1956 under the imprimatur of A.J. Willinger, Roman Catholic Bishop of Monterey-Fresno, shows some interesting comments regarding the five popes of the prophecy.


There was only one other interpretation not explored in the work by the Franciscans and that was that it was to be understood as five shall change in the same number of the year. Pius XI died in 1939 and that meant on this explanation that five were to change in 1978.


It was probably for that reason that we have it recorded by a number of authorities that John-Paul I went white on his election, and uttered these words: May God forgive you for what you have done in my regard (or on my account).


Why should he be so alarmed on becoming pope? The answer was that he knew the prophecies as well as any of the others.


Malachy had named this Pope De Midietate Lunae or From the half of the moon. Catholics were speculating that this pope would convert Islam and that was the meaning of the half moon. In other words, it was the crescent of Islam. Connor asks:

“Will the conversion of the Mahommedans-whose symbol is the crescent moon - take place in his reign” (p. 16).


The truth is much stranger than fiction. In one month of his election, John Paul I died in very strange circumstances in the Vatican. He lasted one moon and was cut off in the middle of the most far-reaching reforms the Vatican would ever have experienced. He was going to save it from itself and attempt to restore the faith that Jesus Christ had brought to mankind. Allegedly, he was going to rid it of its earthly wealth and put it back to where it should have been before the emperor Constantine destroyed it, by making it a power and the religion of the world power from the Edict of Toleration at Milan in 314. The other and more recent view was that he was also to clear the Vatican of the Masons in the Curia and elsewhere in the churches.


Before he could do that he died in mysterious circumstances. People within the Vatican who knew what happened called it for what they knew it to be, namely murder. The investigative journalist, David Yallop, was asked by sources within the Vatican to investigate the matter and write a book exposing how the pope was murdered. Yallop did that in a brilliant piece of investigative journalism called In God’s Name. He publicly accuses the Curial powers of murdering John-Paul I and challenges some of them to step outside of the Vatican. This has not happened. Fortunately, Yallop’s book is still available and was reprinted in 2007 with additional material.


Another work of interest is the book “Hitler’s Pope” by John Cornwell (1999) in which the author examines the actions of Pope Pius XII during the Nazi era. More information about where to purchase this book and an abridged version can be found at:


Of note is the Wikipedia article ‘Hitler’s Pope’: “More recently, Cornwell acknowledged that he had erred in ascribing evil motives to Pius when writing Hitler's Pope, and said he now found it "impossible to judge" the wartime pontiff's motives. Hitler's Pope remains a highly controversial book within [the] Catholic community that has inspired the writing of many other books on the subject.'s_Pope


Normally a pontiff indicates the type of pontificate he will have by choosing his name. In this case his successor, Karol Jozef Wojtyla, chose the name John Paul II, and one might have expected that he was to continue the reforms of the previous Pope John Paul I and the work that was started under John XXIII and Vatican II. Nothing could have been further from the truth.


Malachy and the list of the Popes

Malachy also signals that fact by the names he gave these popes. For centuries he named them by things such as the coats of arms they had, or that of their families, or such significant items that could be seen in hindsight. His accurate prophecies continued from the last decade of the twelfth century down through the centuries until the twentieth when they took a change in nomenclature, and which described their activities and pontificates more accurately. These are all listed alongside the names and rules of the popes in their entirety at Annex A.


Malachy’s names of the popes were seen as being very accurate and Connor in his work comments on this aspect. Connor dismisses the prophecies of Nostradamus in that if five changed and the seventeen years were up, then the age was drawing to its conclusion and the popes were on a very short and impossible list indeed. More importantly, it would indicate that a major catastrophe might be likely for such change in that short space of time. In all, Connor and the Catholic scholars failed in their entirety to deal correctly with the texts of Scripture, and their own and other prophecy in this regard.


After the death of John Paul I called the Half of the Moon, we see the ascension of John Paul II called De Labore Solis or From the Labour of the Sun. Connor speculates (Conversion of the pagans) after this name and goes on to De Gloria Olivae- From the Glory of the Olive with the speculation (Conversion of the Jews?).


In these terms we see great significance. The moon represented the Church in its original state, and also the calendar of the Church was lunisolar, based on the conjunctions of the moon for its annual Sabbaths, New Moons and Feasts. This was changed by the Roman system into a solar-based system, stemming from the sun-cults in seeking to destroy the true system of the original Church. They penetrated Christianity and transferred the day of worship to Sunday and then brought in the pagan or sun-cult festivals of Easter of the Baal-Istar system and of Christmas, the festival of the dies natalis Solis Invicti: the day of the birth of the Invincible Sun (see the paper The Origins of Christmas and Easter (No. 235)).


Here in the last three popes, we were to see the attempt at turning back the clock cut off in half flight and the replacement with the representative of the full-blown sun system. One might also comment that he came from an eastern worker country. Connor’s speculation is not far fetched, as they see it. In Roman Catholic eyes, they are the true church, in spite of the fact that they hold none of the doctrines of the Church founded by Christ and the Apostles. They believe they have the right to exterminate all opposition to themselves, and do just that whenever they have the power to do so. When they do not, they revert to espionage, intrigue and the destruction of individuals who disagree with them. This war has been going on unabated since 590 and even before and has continued since 1850 into the twentieth century, and will not stop until the church is destroyed, as prophesied, by the system arising now in the world.


This Pope is now dead and there are only two popes left on Malachy’s list. The current Pope, Benedict XVI, as we see is called From the Glory of the Olive.


As the Roman Catholic John Bosco predicted in the mid 1800s, he was elected very quickly on the death of the previous Pope John Paul II. If Bosco’s predictions are to be taken seriously, the mention of two columns and the dedication of one to the Virgin may well have a connection to Freemasonry, if we assume the columns are those of Boaz and Jachin of the Temple of King Solomon and referred to so much in Freemasonry. The tying of the ship of state to those columns as Bosco predicts by description is very serious indeed.


The dream in question was narrated May 30 1862 (from Forty Dreams of St. John Bosco).

"Suddenly the Pope falls gravely wounded. Immediately, those who are with him run to help him and they lift him up. A second time the Pope is struck, he falls again and dies. A shout of victory and joy rings out amongst the enemies; from their ships an unspeakable mockery arises.

But hardly is the Pontiff dead than another takes his place. The pilots, having met together, have elected the Pope so promptly that the news of the death of the Pope coincides with the news of the election of the successor. The adversaries begin to lose courage."

"The new Pope, putting the enemy to rout and overcoming every obstacle, guides the ship right up to the two columns and comes to rest between them; he makes it fast with a light chain that hangs from the bow to an anchor of the column on which stands the Host; and with another light chain which hangs from the stern, he fastens it at the opposite end to another anchor hanging from the column on which stands the Immaculate Virgin. 


Comment: To apply to Benedict XVI the prophecy must allude to John Paul II being once seriously wounded and then dying from his later Parkinson’s Disease etc., which is exactly what happened.


Malachy allegedly says that there will be another pope after De Gloria Olivae. That pope is called simply Peter the Roman. Malachy says simply that after that event the Terrible Judge will judge the people.


This is the end of the papacy.


So, Benedict XVI, From the Glory of the Olive, will be followed by a Peter the Roman, and after that the Catholics hold that “the terrible judge” will judge the people. They disregard the Bible revelation of the millennial reign of the Messiah from Jerusalem, as contained in Revelation 20:1-10, which all must happen before the Great White Throne Judgment in Revelation Chapter 20:11-15.

Revelation 20:1-10 Then I saw an angel coming down from heaven, holding in his hand the key of the bottomless pit and a great chain. 2And he seized the dragon, that ancient serpent, who is the Devil and Satan, and bound him for a thousand years, 3and threw him into the pit, and shut it and sealed it over him, that he should deceive the nations no more, till the thousand years were ended. After that he must be loosed for a little while. 4Then I saw thrones, and seated on them were those to whom judgment was committed. Also I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded for their testimony to Jesus and for the word of God, and who had not worshiped the beast or its image and had not received its mark on their foreheads or their hands. They came to life, and reigned with Christ a thousand years. 5The rest of the dead did not come to life until the thousand years were ended. This is the first resurrection. 6Blessed and holy is he who shares in the first resurrection! Over such the second death has no power, but they shall be priests of God and of Christ, and they shall reign with him a thousand years. 7And when the thousand years are ended, Satan will be loosed from his prison 8and will come out to deceive the nations which are at the four corners of the earth, that is, Gog and Magog, to gather them for battle; their number is like the sand of the sea. 9And they marched up over the broad earth and surrounded the camp of the saints and the beloved city; but fire came down from heaven and consumed them, 10and the devil who had deceived them was thrown into the lake of fire and sulphur where the beast and the false prophet were, and they will be tormented day and night for ever and ever. (RSV)


The reason they disregard this Book is that it shows clearly that the reign of Christ has not yet started and that the Roman Church cannot be acting as the delegates of Christ, as the god of this world (2Cor. 4:4). Revelation shows that Satan is not yet bound, and also that the rule of the world will be at Jerusalem and not Rome.


The Roman Church calls Revelation The Apocalypse so as to conceal the fact that it is the revelation of God to Jesus Christ and hence demonstrate the fact that Christ is not omniscient. Revelation identifies Rome as the seven-hilled city referred to as Babylon in the text.


The conjecture as to who the Glory of the Olive might be has been resolved. However, speculation was endless. Would it be Martini as many suggested, or would he be a Jesuit? Would Opus Dei allow it with the current war raging between them and the Jesuits? Opus Dei has the numbers at 88,000-odd. Would he be a Spaniard that they wanted, or someone from one of their enclaves, or from their power cells in the Americas? Or could he have been a compromise candidate? Could it even have been a Jew? It could have been a Jew. There was one candidate, one last-ditch attempt at placing the system together before the coming of the Messiah. After all, they could have said, “We converted the Jews”, or could they? The Cardinal Archbishop of Paris was a Holocaust victim who was taken and raised by Roman Catholics. He is now dead.  However, that union had to take place after more pressing amalgamations. These will occur now, as we will see.


Nostradamus has a prophecy (C.5:Q.49; Lorie, p. 152) that appears to relate to this possibility.

Nul del’Espangne

Mais de l’antique France

Ne sera lu pour la

Tremblante nacelle,

A l’ennemi sera faite fiance,

Qui dans son regne fera peste cruelle.


Translated this means:

Not from Spain

but from Ancient France

one will be elected for the trembling ship,

to the enemy will make a promise, who in  his reign will cause a terrible plague.


So here we see the one elected is for the trembling ship. This line was a reference both to the ill health of John Paul II and the true state of the Catholic Church. He is seen to be making a promise to the enemy. Judah might have rightly seen this as being the case. However, there are more pressing behind-the-scenes enemies and mergers to be attempted. That is why Australia’s RC Cardinal Pell said that we would all be surprised by what this pope does.


Will all the khemarim, the black-cassocked ones of the Baal sun-system be allowed to come together in order to resist the soon coming Antichrist of the Catholic prophecies? This concept is examined in the paper The Messages of Revelation 14 (No. 270). The movement of the false system must take place from Rome, be consolidated and go to Jerusalem in accordance with the Bible system. A Jew would seemingly have been an ideal candidate for this process. However, that was not to be.


Under Charlemagne, King of the Francs, ancient France was the creator of the Germanic Confederation of the Holy Roman Empire in Europe. The Empire of Charlemagne was not simply French-speaking, but consolidated within it the Germanic tribes and also the southern Danes. That is now Europe.


Thus, the Spanish-speaking world wanted a Spanish or Spanish-speaking pope and they should have prevailed by weight of numbers, but they did not prevail. A European, but not a Spaniard or even an Italian, was elected so that he might consolidate Europe and the factions of Protestantism and the secret societies. That is what has been going on now for some time behind the scenes.


Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger has been working for decades at consolidating doctrine in the church from his position as head of the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. What he wanted to do he has already done on a doctrinal basis. The Inquisition has already been established, and both he and John Paul II set the groundwork in place in 1993. The Catholic lay-author, the late Morris West, said this at the time in criticism of what had been set in place.


They see an agenda of consolidation before the Last Days. However, their agenda is demonstrably anti-biblical.


The Catholic prophecies have foretold of the Antichrist coming for centuries. They are strangely garbled and are actually a mixture of prophecies, which deal with a number of soon-coming prophetic events. The Bible tells of a number of things that have to be in place before the Messiah comes. One is the restoration of the Gospel and its preaching to all nations together with the warnings of the Last Days (cf. Jer. 4:15 and the paper The Warning of the Last Days (No. 044)). The voice of the Last Days, warning of the coming of the Messiah, is to be of Dan and Ephraim which appears to be the new tribe of Joseph referred to in Revelation 7. After that period we will see the Two Witnesses and the final persecutions and wars (cf. the paper The Witnesses (including the Two Witnesses (No. 135)).


The Catholic Prophecies speak of an Antichrist of Dan who is killed by the coming of Enoch and Elijah. We would expect the Witnesses of the Bible text to be Enoch and Elijah, as they were the only ones “taken” by God and the purpose was not stated.


At C.1:Q.96, Nostradamus foretells of an iconoclastic prophet, using refined language to continually educate, who is raised in the Last Days.

Celuy qu’aura la charge de destruire,

Temple et sects changes par fantasie,

Plus aux rochers qu’aux

Vivans vienra nuyre,

Par langue ornee d’oreilles ressaisies.


Translated this means:

He that will have the responsibility to break down temples and sects altered through fantasy, will come to harm more the rocks than the living, through ornate language ears will continually be filled.

This is obviously a major re-education process of mankind in the Last Days to eliminate the idolatrous image-worshipping systems of the religions of the Earth. Thus, Nostradamus sees an iconoclast rising in the Last Days to fulfil a mission achieved through ornate language. This is a reference to Ogmius, who chained the ears of his listeners with rhetoric. The anagram used by Nostradamus for Ogmius was Logmion.


The name of the last Pope

What name will the last pope have? If we can rely on visions of the popes as an indicator, we might take this one more seriously. This pope was the first to be appointed under the papal doctrine of infallibility, although here he was not speaking ex cathedra. During an audience with the general Chapter of the Franciscans in 1909, Pius X (1835-1914) fell into a semi-trance with his head sunk on his chest, and after a few minutes he came to and opened his eyes with a look of horror on his face. He reputedly cried out:

What I have seen was terrible… Will it be myself? Will it be my successor? What is certain is that the Pope will quit Rome, and in fleeing from the Vatican he will have to walk over the dead bodies of his priests. Do not tell anyone while I am alive (cf. Stephen Skinner, Millennium Prophecies, Carlton, p. 75).


Obviously, Rome – and specifically the papacy – is seen as the enemy in this invasion of Rome. What events are happening now that might justify or cause these events? The answer is the coming war with Islam and the role of the papacy in precipitating that war.


The prophecy of the fleeing pope would not apply to the Glory of the Olive, who is Benedict XVI and hence not Pius, but will it apply to the so-called Peter the Roman? Will he take the name Pius XIII or will it be bestowed on him as a result of these actions? If bestowal of the name by action is the case then it could be either one. One thing of which we can be certain is that the city will be destroyed and they will flee from Rome. There are a number of other aspects however, that must occur when the false prophet is set up in Jerusalem.


The Glory of the Olive

The pope known to prophecy as the Glory of the Olive took the title Benedict XVI.  Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was a Bavarian Cardinal of the RC Church, who served as the Head of the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Originally termed the Holy Office, it was anything but that, and came to be termed by academics such as Professor Roth, as the Unholy Office due to the scandalous conduct of the Inquisition over the years. For an indication of what it did, look at the paper Role of the Fourth Commandment in the Historical Sabbath-keeping Churches of God (No. 170).


Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was renowned for his inflexible denunciation of matters that impinged upon the dominance and so-called magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church. His apologists have said that he is really not that way at all. At 78 he is the oldest pope elected for 275 years since Clement XII in 1730.  Why did they elect someone so old and what does that mean for those who are not Roman Catholics?


 It was a very short conclave and a decision was reached very early. Such a quick election was foreshadowed by the Roman Catholic prophet John Bosco in the nineteenth century, as we see in the quote above. So, obviously, the numbers were there and the decision reflected the consensus of the voting Cardinals, as it was not long enough in conclave to go to simple majority vote. If the two columns referred to by Bosco are symbols of Freemasonry, perhaps it may indicate that is a major step in the agenda. Indeed, it has to be so for Satan to give all of his power to the Beast for the last phase of world domination.


It was said that he was chosen as a "transitional" pope who would fulfil the unfinished business of John Paul's quarter-century papacy, yet not be another long-term pope. Certainly John-Paul II created enough Cardinals to ensure his supporters carried through his agenda. Benedict XVI himself said his papacy would be very short. But much can happen in a short time.


At the ascension of Benedict XVI, two-thirds of the world’s Roman Catholics lived in the Southern Hemisphere. Africa was the largest growth area and South America had the most RCs, but also a great attrition rate. It was hurting, and wanted a pontiff. Yet numbers on the ground did not translate into numbers of voting Cardinals. Europe was also hurting. Paganism is on the rise. North America is seeing the RC system as increasingly irrelevant. Affluence and immorality are seeing people adopt other religious systems such as paganism and Buddhism in order that the people might pursue their immoralities without being hampered by the problems of conscience and moral censure.


When Cardinal George Pell of Australia addressed the Australian Roman Catholics he said that the New Pope was “one of us”. “He was a European.” Pell said this as though Australia was somehow attached as an appendage of Europe and not off the far edge of South-East Asia and among the Southern Hemisphere’s RC majority. What was significant was that all the competing interests of the Jesuits and Opus Dei and all the factions could suppress their divisions in the face of what they perceive as a serious threat to their existence and European supremacy.


Cardinal Pell stated at the time that there would be significant changes under this new Pope. To do that there had to be changes in his perceived agenda and presentation. The Cardinals were allegedly looking for collegiality and they wanted change to bring in the Protestant churches under the Roman system.


Joseph Ratzinger stated that he wanted to be known as a man of peace during his pontificate. But how does all that square away with his known history? How would he change to absorb the Protestants and reform the Trinitarian apostasy?


Born in 1927, he was raised in Nazi Germany. He allegedly deserted from the army at the end of the war, but we might expect him in his old age to revert to the conditioning of his youth.


He was known as being totally against multiculturalism. He reportedly regarded it as Europeans “fleeing away from their own”. He is on record as opposing Turkey’s entry to the EEC and Europe. He is known to be anti-Islam.


His election was also seen as a disaster for the homosexual lobby or “Gay and Lesbians”. The Abortion Lobby saw him as a disaster. In short, he promised to be the most divisive pope in a century. Yet, Malachi names him as the Glory of the Olive, which is a symbol of peace … or is it?


Although the Benedictine Order of monastics comes from St. Benedict of the sixth century, another name for the followers of St. Benedict is the Olivetans. They are a minor order following the rule of Benedict Tolomei of Siena who established the order at Accona south of Siena, Italy in 1313. Others joined the original three men and in 1324 John XXII approved the formation of the order. Olive trees abound there. They wear white habits, perhaps to reflect that fact. The Benedictines were also inquisitors from the early days. They were superseded in that role after the Dominican Order was founded. The Church of God suffered under both, and also under the Franciscans later. The name The Glory of the Olive and the choice of Benedict may have referred to this early and unholy aspect of the Order’s behaviour.


Umberto Ecco expressed the conflict in theology and thinking fairly interestingly in the work Name of the Rose. There the dialogues between the Franciscans and the Benedictines were expressed in the conversations between William and the Benedictines where the discussion concerned the question, “Did Christ laugh?” The Benedictine said, “It is nowhere written that he laughed, but William said it is not contrary to reason that he laughed”.   In this exchange we see the complex question of documented history versus the process of reason that marked the transition of the new orders of the Catholic system. The Benedictines represented an old approach against the new age of reason. Thus it is of note that the Benedictines in Germany saw Cardinal Ratzinger suppress the intrusion of Zen Buddhist techniques under the Benedictine Zen master Fr. Willigis Jäger, 76, also known by his Zen name of Ko-un Roshi. The decision was made public on 5 February 2005 by the Würzburg diocese, where Jäger’s Münsterschwarzach Abbey is located. Fr. Nokter Wolf, the abbot primate of the Benedictine order stated that the decision came from Cardinal Ratzinger.


Jäger was faulted for playing down the Christian concept of God as a person in his work as a spiritual guide, and for stressing mystical experience above doctrinal truths. Jäger is well known in the German-speaking world as a spiritual teacher. In 1972, he met the Japanese Zen master Yamada Roshi of the Sanbo Kyodan School. In 1975, he moved to Kamakura in Japan and spent six years studying Zen. The core of Zen is a body of spiritual techniques derived from the Buddhist tradition. In 1981, Jäger was authorized by the Roman Catholic system to train students in Zen. The result had been unacceptable to the Inquisition and had divided the prayer structure of those affected from the core of the Order.


A recent report also disclosed that Franciscan authorities say that Fr. Josef Imbach, 56, has been assigned a year of “reflection”, amounting to a suspension. Though a Franciscan spokesperson would not elaborate on the motive for the action, Imbach had revealed that Cardinal Ratzinger was carrying out an investigation of his 1995 book on miracles.


Imbach said at the time that he was accused of not believing in the divinity of Jesus, of refusing the magisterium of the church, of describing the Gospels as teaching texts rather than historically reliable accounts, and of excluding the possibility of miracles. He denied holding these views.


Thus there are moves in Germany and in Europe towards what might be described as non-Christian views. The reality is that the Church is in damage control. Paganism and Transcendental Meditation are rife and escalating.


There is also a large number of people in the Roman Catholic Church who believe that John Paul II was an anti-pope. They are termed seder vacantist, meaning that the seat of the Bishop of Rome was vacant due to heresy.


It might be said that in effect we are also seder vacantists. The position of the Church of God was that the see of the Bishop of Rome became vacant in 154-192 CE with the election of Anicetus to the see of Rome and the introduction of the Easter heresy and subsequent heresies and the schism forced by Bishop Victorinus (Victor) in 192 CE. That marked our split with Rome (see the paper The Quartodeciman Disputes (No. 277)).


The election of Joseph Ratzinger was a step towards reassuring the old guard that things were not really changing.  The aim was stated to be to get a smaller and more pure church that was not under the influence of these heresies. What might have resulted? The least likely was Protestant ecumenical absorption, but that is what we were led to believe might have occurred.


One of the things suppressed by the curial system – and specifically by John-Paul II and by Ratzinger – was the third secret of Fatima.


The third secret of Fatima is now widely acknowledged to be in two forms, and the major thrust of the third declaration was that a pope would be killed by soldiers, among many of his priests. These prophecies are examined herein.


This also follows the vision of Pius X where he said that a pope of his name would leave Rome over the bodies of his priests. The third vision of Fatima was held to have been fulfilled when John-Paul II was shot, but that is impossible and is recognised as being impossible. Clearly, Pius’ vision says the pope is of his name and thus Benedict XVI cannot fulfil this vision. However, the creation of a war with Islam is not only a possible agenda that might precipitate the circumstances that will see the destruction of the see of Rome but also the removal of the Roman Catholic system from there and from the world in general. 


What appears to be the case is that this short period ahead will see the deliberate polarisation of Christianity and Islam, and the culmination of World War III in the aftermath that sees the destruction of Rome and its see.


In order to get the church to a pure state the trappings of paganism over the centuries have to be stripped away. In order to maximise the numbers of the church the see at Rome prostituted everything from the middle of the second century onwards.


We need to look at the story of the first bishop of Rome. They call him Pope Linus now, but they did not have popes in those days. His father Caratacus (Latin for Caradog) was taken to Rome and held captive there in the “House of the Britons”.  As king of the Cantii from 40 CE and the Catuvellauni and Silures from 43-51 CE, he led the British forces against the Romans under Claudius. He was defeated in Kent at the Battle of Medway and fled west to the lands of the Dobunni in Gloucestershire, but was again forced further west by Roman advances. He gained the support of the Silures and Ordovices in South and Central Wales, and from 47 onwards they maintained a guerrilla war against the Romans. He was finally defeated at the Severn in the Cambrian Hills of Northern Wales leading an army of 15,000 Britons against the Romans. His brother and children were taken captive to Rome. He escaped to the land of the Brigantes hoping to raise more troops, but was betrayed by Queen Cartimandua who had already made a deal with the Romans and handed him over to them. He and the family were taken to Rome in chains. Because he had been so powerful and his reputation so well known Claudius displayed him. Claudius spared his life and pardoned him after he made a rousing speech that impressed Claudius deeply. The family lived in comfort in Rome and he died probably around 54 CE. The family remained there in Rome, living comfortably, and at least some returned to Britain perhaps around 60 CE (see the paper The Origin of the Christian Church in Britain (No. 266)).    


The family became members of the Church in Rome. They were exposed to and knew Paul intimately. Linus ultimately became bishop at Rome after the death of Paul. His brother Cylin had a daughter that married his cousin’s son, the grandson of Caradog’s brother Arviragus. This man was Coel I son of Marius. It was this line that returned to Britain and certainly brought the true Faith with them. They were Sabbatarians and had the same Faith as we follow today. Linus was a Sabbatarian and kept the Passover and Feasts and the food laws as we do. They were Unitarians who believed that Christ was the Great Angel that gave the Law to Moses at Sinai and who was the elohim of Israel referred to in Psalm 45:6-7 and Hebrews 1:8-9. These teachings are to be found to this day in the writings of Justin Martyr, who followed Linus about a century later in Rome.


It is thus bizarre to the Church of God to see a pope trying to return to a paganised structure that has been inflicted on Christianity by corrupt Roman priests for power and influence. The end result of their syncretic heresy will come to full bloom over the short reign of Benedict XVI. At the end they will be taken away to make way for the restoration of the true Faith once delivered to the saints. Only when Rome embraces the faith of Linus and his family will they return to Christianity.


Benedict XVI was seemingly concerned with syncretism as he saw it, yet he espoused doctrines that would have seen him disfellowshipped by the early Church as an idolater and a Gnostic heretic. He referred to Irenaeus, bishop of Lyon at the end of the second century in his comments, yet believes very little of what Irenaeus actually believed.


These divisions in the Roman Catholic Church are very deep. The problems in the Anglican, Lutheran and Orthodox churches are also very deep and serious. Ratzinger had not been supportive of these faiths nor had he been sensitive to their inclusion. After his election it was suggested he might reverse this approach. This multi-marriage will be one of convenience in the face of adversity.


Much of the rhetoric of the Roman curial system has been to appear to be strong and appeal to the Protestant conservatives in order to lure them back into the Roman Catholic fold. Those churches are in the process of splitting. The Roman Catholics are trying to appear as though they are against homosexuality when in reality they are permeated with it at all levels.


The English language surveys show that over one-third of them are openly professing homosexuality when it is expressly forbidden by the Vatican. The double standards are difficult to follow for the casual observer.


The fact is that these problems are simply seen as expediency in a long-term gambit for control and power. Malachi Martin was murdered before he wrote his final work, which would have exposed it. Nevertheless, he still wrote and seemed to have demonstrated that Satan was enthroned in the Vatican as god by the Curial system.


However, time is running out. Their own prophecies say that they have one pope left to go. This pope will have a short reign by his own comments. Perhaps even that will be too long for some. Even so there will be a great threat to the very existence of the Roman Catholic system. One reign will be short and the second reign will be cut short. Then, by their own words, Rome will be destroyed and “the terrible judge” will judge the people.


The Whore of Revelation

In the Book of Revelation we have a great Whore, who commits sins with the kings of the Earth and she is drunk on the blood of the saints. She sits over many nations and peoples and tongues. A woman symbolises a church and there is only one church on the planet that fits this description.

Revelation 17:1-18 Then one of the seven angels who had the seven bowls came and said to me, "Come, I will show you the judgment of the great harlot who is seated upon many waters, 2with whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and with the wine of whose fornication the dwellers on earth have become drunk." 3And he carried me away in the Spirit into a wilderness, and I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast which was full of blasphemous names, and it had seven heads and ten horns. 4The woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet, and bedecked with gold and jewels and pearls, holding in her hand a golden cup full of abominations and the impurities of her fornication; 5and on her forehead was written a name of mystery: "Babylon the great, mother of harlots and of earth's abominations." 6And I saw the woman, drunk with the blood of the saints and the blood of the martyrs of Jesus. When I saw her I marveled greatly. 7But the angel said to me, "Why marvel? I will tell you the mystery of the woman, and of the beast with seven heads and ten horns that carries her. 8The beast that you saw was, and is not, and is to ascend from the bottomless pit and go to perdition; and the dwellers on earth whose names have not been written in the book of life from the foundation of the world, will marvel to behold the beast, because it was and is not and is to come. 9This calls for a mind with wisdom: the seven heads are seven mountains on which the woman is seated; 10they are also seven kings, five of whom have fallen, one is, the other has not yet come, and when he comes he must remain only a little while. 11As for the beast that was and is not, it is an eighth but it belongs to the seven, and it goes to perdition. 12And the ten horns that you saw are ten kings who have not yet received royal power, but they are to receive authority as kings for one hour, together with the beast. 13These are of one mind and give over their power and authority to the beast; 14they will make war on the Lamb, and the Lamb will conquer them, for he is Lord of lords and King of kings, and those with him are called and chosen and faithful." 15And he said to me, "The waters that you saw, where the harlot is seated, are peoples and multitudes and nations and tongues. 16And the ten horns that you saw, they and the beast will hate the harlot; they will make her desolate and naked, and devour her flesh and burn her up with fire, 17for God has put it into their hearts to carry out his purpose by being of one mind and giving over their royal power to the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled. 18And the woman that you saw is the great city which has dominion over the kings of the earth." (RSV)


There is only one city and one church that have had dominion over the kings of the Earth. No other church or people have killed so many millions of Bible-believing Christians. Notice Revelation terms the false religious system the mother of harlots. That means that there must be a series of daughters with the same doctrines who also commit fornication with the kings of the earth. The Lutheran Church came from the same system and is going back into the same system in the very near future. That church also assisted in the extermination of the saints over a long period of time. During the Nazi era, as early as 1933, this church took over from the SA and ran concentration camps. One of the categories the Nazis had in the camps was that of Bibelforscher or Bible Researcher. Anyone who was not a so-called orthodox Trinitarian of Catholic or Lutheran persuasion was interned and killed. They assisted in the extermination of the cream of Bible scholarship in Europe in the twentieth century, but what is not understood is that they had been doing that in conjunction with the Catholics since they were established in the Reformation. The history of their persecution of the Sabbath-keeping Churches is seen from an examination of the work by R. Samuel Kohn, The Sabbatarians in Transylvania (trans. T. McElwain and B. Rook, CCG Publishing, 1998; see also the Foreword by W. Cox).


The ten horns of the system are the same as the ten toes of Daniel chapter 2. These national systems, which had been established by the religious Whore and which we have known as the Holy Roman Empire (590-1850), turn on the Whore and her harlot daughters and destroy them in the Last Days. God hates this Whore and has put it into the hearts of the union of the ten to turn on the Whore. God has given it to them to give their kingdoms in this union to the Beast until the Words of God shall be fulfilled. The woman is the organisation which formed the church, and which also ruled over the seven hills of Rome.


This union of the Beast makes war with Christ and his called and chosen and faithful (Rev. 20:14). These are the elect that keep the Commandments of God and the Testimony of His Christ. The dragon is wrath with them, and the woman or church they are, and tries to destroy them over the entire period of their existence (Rev. 12:17; 14:12).


These prophecies of their own leaders have been given to them, so that they may know and fear God. In the end, the system they tried to create will come to power for one hour with the Beast, in order to fulfil the will of God and the prophecies of Scripture, as Scripture cannot be broken (Jn. 10:34-35).


Thus it is not surprising that Pius X (named Burning Fire by Malachy) (1903-1914) had a vision where he saw his namesake walk out of the Vatican and Rome over the dead bodies of his priests. His successor was named by Malachy Religio Depopulata, which is Religion Devestated (or depopulated). Benedict XV reigned from 1914-1922. This had much more to it than simply being the pope of the period of World War I. From that period the destruction of the Sabbatarians and other sects in Armenia was commenced and a million Armenians were exterminated in mass shootings. His successor saw the elimination of the Bektashi in Turkey, with some one to two million Sabbatarians, among the five million-odd Bektashi there, simply disappear from 1927 onwards.


In the 1990s the systematic destruction of the independence of the Serbs was undertaken, and Islam was forced into continual conflict.


Over the next years to 2027 hundreds of millions of people will be forced into needless wars and nations will disappear through the political aspirations of this system.


When the full story is told – when the full horror of what these people really are is told – the Beast will stone them all in the streets. Great is the mighty God who judges them, and who has given them over to the Beast in the Last Days to bring His will into place.


In the Last Days, prior to the coming of the Messiah, the two Witnesses will stand in Jerusalem clothed in sackcloth (Rev.11:3-13). This event occurs after the events in Revelation 11:1-2. These events are explained in the paper Measuring the Temple (No. 137). The Witnesses will be given the powers of Elijah. God says that He will send Elijah the prophet before the great and terrible day of the Lord and he will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the children to the fathers lest God smite the Earth with a curse (Mal. 4:5-6). They will restore all things. The thing they will finally restore is the Nexus of the Law of God. This nexus was broken by Satan under his system and the Blessings and the Curses of the Law are imperfectly applied (cf. the paper The Blessings and the Curses (No. 075)). At present it rains on the just and the unjust.


When the Nexus of the Law is restored it will no longer rain on the just and the unjust alike. Under these two prophets the gods of this world will be stuffed down the throats of the people who will seek to kill them, but will not be able to kill them until the 1260 days of their prophesying are over. The Witnesses will be left to lie in the streets for three and one-half days and after that they will be resurrected and ascend in full view of the people. From this point on, Messiah will commence to deal with the planet and will establish his headquarters at Jerusalem.


None of these prophecies can be explained or accepted by Trinitarianism, as it strikes at the very notion of a powerful church system at present on and in control of the planet under Jesus Christ. Also, the Bible shows that the reason the heavens are shut up is to enforce God’s Calendar. If the Feasts, New Moons and Sabbaths of the Bible are not kept there will be no rain in due season and the plagues of Egypt will be inflicted on the nations of the world (cf. the paper God’s Calendar (No. 156)).


The end of Roman Catholic Prophecy

The Roman Catholic Prophets and Nostradamus have given a series of prophecies that we might summarise as follows:

·         There are a series of popes in the Last Days that are involved in a revolution that is ended by a pope who is not Roman, but is too much like them. This pope is called From the labour of the sun. This seems to indicate the fulfilment of the works of the Sun system.

·         The late Pope John Paul II was a Pole who was dedicated to the establishment of the Mother-goddess system under the guise of Mary. The mother of Christ was named Mariam and not Mary, but this is alleged to be the name of Messiah’s mother and she has been elevated now even as a fourth member of the so-called Godhead (cf. the paper The Virgin Mariam and the Family of Jesus Christ (No. 232)). This is the true labour of the sun. The sun cults were dedicated to the Baal-Istar system with the veneration of Istar as Venus under the triune system. This Istar is the Ostar or Easter of Europe. In this period the Queen of Heaven is elevated and the Assyro-Babylonian system of sun worship is restored. All this is done to divorce mankind from the Laws of their One True God. His major labour of the sun, and to which the title of Malachy perhaps emphasises, is the release of the sun systems’ revelations of the Mother Goddess of Fatima. As one of his later(?) acts he released the third vision of Fatima, which will be examined separately.


·         There are two popes to go. One, now reigning, From the Glory of the Olive, Benedict XVI and the other a Peter the Roman, who is held to be the last pope.


·         Pius X held that one of these popes would leave Rome over the bodies of his priests, and he may have had the title ‘Pius’.


·         There is no millennial system in the Roman Catholic structure, and they ignore masses of Bible texts dealing with this matter. Thus the next phase for them is to go straight to the judgment, which the Bible places at the end of the millennial reign from Jerusalem.


·         The texts concerning the Antichrist will be examined separately.


The Time-frame

The longest-lived popes have reigned no more than 23 or so years. Pius VII (Barnaba Chiaramonte called The Rapacious Eagle by Malachy) reigned from 14 March 1800 – 20 July 1823. Leo XIII reigned from 20 February 1878 - 20 July 1903. Two other popes this century reigned 17 and 19 years respectively, and John Paul II reigned 26 years. The average is much less. One pope has to leave over the bodies of his priests according to Pius X. However, the visions of Fatima add another dimension to this prophecy with the death of a pope and with his priests killed by soldiers.


Scripture and God’s Calendar indicated some major activities during this period. One is the overthrow of the Whore by the Beast system before the coming of the Messiah, as we see from Revelation above. Thus the overthrow of this false system occurs prior to the return of the Messiah.


Daniel also says that the Wars of the King of the North and the South occur in the Last Days from the occupation of Jerusalem by the king of the North, and that system is alarmed and goes into the north and east and exterminates many (Dan. 11:41-44). This is a war in the Russian Steppes and this northern power is victorious, but finally he comes to his end with none to help him.


So we might look at the reign of Karol Jozef Wojtyla, John Paul II. He became pope on 16 October 1978. He reigned 26 years. At the end of 2001 he equalled the reign of Pius VII. He was to announce his abdication on medical grounds in 2001, and his will confirmed that intention, but reigned until his death after Easter 2005. Benedict XVI is the oldest pope to be elected for 275 years, since Clement XII in 1730. The reign of Benedict XVI will not be a long one. The other long reign on similar dates to John Paul II was that of Leo XIII above. Peter the Roman was expected to be in office from 2012/13 and at the latest, 2025. The possibility exists that the name Peter the Roman is a play on the fiction that Peter the Jew was the first pope and that he founded the papacy. This may be nothing more than a final thrust of this prophecy at the entire system (see also the Addendum). It concerns the removal of the priesthood and the return to the primitive church, for that is indeed what the Bible says is to happen. In fact, we may be looking at Benedict XVI as the last real pope in the sense that it is understood today. The first recorded Bishop of Rome after the Apostle Paul was Linus the Briton. He was son of Caratacus or Caradog, imprisoned and pardoned by Claudius in Rome, as we saw above. This religion of the early Church will be the one to which the entire system is restored in the Last Days at the return of Messiah.


[Note: according to Hyppolytus, the first bishop of Rome was Linus, not Peter (cf. Hippolytus, Book XLIV; ON The Twelve Apostles Where Each OF Them Preached, And Where HE Met His End).  That is why they called him an antipope.


Iraeneus also clearly states that Linus was the first bishop of Rome (cf. Iraeneus, Against Heresies, Volume I, Book III, Chapter III, Para 3) (ANF, Vol. 1, p. 416).]


The last pope and his entire system are removed from office according to Bible prophecy. At the latest, his priests, or perhaps even those of his predecessor, will be dead in the streets. From their own prophecies, we might then legitimately expect to see an end to what we understand as the Roman Catholic Church between 2012/13 and 2025 or thereabouts, or even earlier. God will use them to accomplish His ends before their destruction.


Thus we are due to see massive changes in world events and the structure of the control of the world over the next 14 years. This is entirely in accord with Bible prophecy.


The time of the activities of God is determined according to His Calendar, and according to that system and within prophecy. Christ said that men seek a sign but no sign was given to his ministry other than the Sign of Jonah (cf. the paper The Sign of Jonah and the History of the Reconstruction of the Temple (No. 013)).


The Bible system works on the Jubilee. A Jubilee is fifty years in duration. Forty jubilees are exactly two thousand years. The number forty has a great significance to Bible prophecy and also to the ministry of Messiah.


The Jubilees fall in the years 27 and 77 of the centuries of the current era (see the papers Reading the Law with Ezra and Nehemiah (No. 250) and Significance of the Year 2000 (No. 286)). The next Jubilee is in the year 2027 from Atonement to Atonement of the Sabbath and Jubilee years. 2028 is the start of the Forty-first Jubilee since Messiah and the Fiftieth Jubilee or Jubilee of Jubilees since the restoration of the Law and the Temple under Ezra and Nehemiah. This has tremendous significance.


The most important factor is that the Sign of Jonah has a number of aspects to it. It proceeded on a year-for-a-day basis and then on a Jubilee for a year-and-a-day basis in the Last Days.


Nineveh was given forty days to repent after one day’s entry and two days’ preaching by Jonah, after he was three days and three nights in the belly of the great fish. Nineveh repented.


Judah was given part of a year’s preaching by John the Baptist and then two years’ preaching by Messiah and forty years to repent. They did not repent. Messiah was crucified on 14 Abib in the year 30 CE. Judah was then given until 70 CE to repent. They martyred Christ’s brother James in 63 CE and commenced the last week of years of the seventy weeks of years in Daniel 9:25-26. On 1 Abib or 1 Nisan of 70 CE Jerusalem was surrounded by a Roman army under Titus and, by Atonement of 70 CE, Jerusalem and the Temple were destroyed and the entire structure levelled to the ground. In the sacred year 70-71 CE, before 1 Abib 71 CE, the Temple at Leontopolis in Egypt was closed by order of Vespasian and Judah went into captivity for the remainder of the forty Jubilees, until the time of the end and their conversion before the Advent and millennial reign of the Messiah.


The Church then went into the wilderness on a Jubilee-for-a-year basis to Israel in the wilderness at the Exodus. The nations were all given 40 Jubilees to repent and they did not repent. The forty Jubilees run out in 2027 and this world will be brought to repentance by force. The Nexus of the Law will be the force of the restoration to peace. The false religious systems of this world will be destroyed and the armies of this world will also be destroyed. This timetable is covered in the paper Outline Timetable of the Age (No. 272).


Messiah will cut this time short otherwise there will be no flesh saved alive (Mat. 24:20; Mk. 13:22).

Matthew 24:15-28  "So when you see the desolating sacrilege spoken of by the prophet Daniel, standing in the holy place (let the reader understand), 16then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains; 17let him who is on the housetop not go down to take what is in his house; 18and let him who is in the field not turn back to take his mantle. 19And alas for those who are with child and for those who give suck in those days! 20Pray that your flight may not be in winter or on a sabbath. 21For then there will be great tribulation, such as has not been from the beginning of the world until now, no, and never will be. 22And if those days had not been shortened, no human being would be saved; but for the sake of the elect those days will be shortened. 23Then if any one says to you, `Lo, here is the Christ!' or `There he is!' do not believe it. 24For false Christs and false prophets will arise and show great signs and wonders, so as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect. 25Lo, I have told you beforehand. 26So, if they say to you, `Lo, he is in the wilderness,' do not go out; if they say, `Lo, he is in the inner rooms,' do not believe it. 27For as the lightning comes from the east and shines as far as the west, so will be the coming of the Son of man. 28Wherever the body is, there the eagles will be gathered together. (RSV)


The early arrival of the Witnesses and the Messiah would seem to be for at least seven years prior to the Jubilee of 2027. This is in accordance with the various Bible prophecies as explained in the paper The Fall of Jericho (No. 142).


Nostradamus’ corroboration of the Bible time-frame

Is there any evidence from Nostradamus that he was using the Bible time-frame and working according to the Jubilees? Yes, there is such evidence and it appears he was working along these lines using the date of 2020 for the world peace we expect from the subjugation of the nations.


In Century 10, Quatrain 89, which is placed between predictions of dire events, we see the period of the shortfall of at least seven years and the time of the Jubilee of Jubilees.

De brique en marbre seront les murs reduicts,

Sept et Cinquante années pacificque,

Joye aux humains, renoüé l’aquaduict,

Santé, grands fruits, joye et temps mellifique.


David Ovason recognises the rare gentleness in this quatrain and holds it to be a brilliant astrological quatrain. It must be remembered that at this time astrology and astronomy had not been separated and this was the accepted way of describing time in long-term events. Ovason rightly debunks any reference to 1945 based on subsequent events and then renders the quatrain as follows:

The walls will be reduced from brick to marble,

Seven and fifty peaceful years,

Joy to humans, renewed the aquaduct,

Health, great fruit, joy and sweet times.

(D. Ovason, The Nostradamus Code, Arrow Books 1997, p. 443.)


The seven and fifty peaceful years are a Jubilee plus seven years. It could thus be deduced, given the constraints of the other prophecies he made and the Catholic prophecies themselves referred to herein, to refer to the seven years prior to the Jubilee in 2027 and the fifty years refers to the great Jubilee of Jubilees in 2028-2077. Ovason refers to Rodney Colin attempting to draw up a fifteen-year cycle to war who says that: ‘In fact, war is continuous, and (the measured) peaks seem only to represent its moments of maximum tension’ (ibid., p. 444).


To understand this peace prophecy of Nostradamus without external reference Ovason holds that we must look also at C.9:Q. 83. He then resorts to the explanation of the Air trigons rather than refer simply to the biblical calendar. He then places the text with the next conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, which is in 2020, thus making the text of the third line renoüé l’aquduict refer to the conjunction on 21 December 2020, occurring in the first degree of Aquarius (00.29 mins.). He explains this renewing of the aqueduct as the renewal of Aquarius after an absence of centuries. This conjunction has not occurred for over 800 years. The last two lines actually read in full:

Joy to humans, renewed the aquaduct,

Health, great fruit, joy and sweet times.


This represents the joy to mankind we might expect of the bounty after an extensive Third World War and the restoration of Messiah. The last seven years of war and the restoration of Messiah are over the same period of time as we see from the other texts.  The granting of health is from the text at Ezekiel 47:6-12.

Ezekiel 47:6-12 And he said to me, "Son of man, have you seen this?" Then he led me back along the bank of the river. 7As I went back, I saw upon the bank of the river very many trees on the one side and on the other. 8And he said to me, "This water flows toward the eastern region and goes down into the Arabah; and when it enters the stagnant waters of the sea, the water will become fresh. 9And wherever the river goes every living creature which swarms will live, and there will be very many fish; for this water goes there, that the waters of the sea may become fresh; so everything will live where the river goes. 10Fishermen will stand beside the sea; from En-ge'di to En-eg'laim it will be a place for the spreading of nets; its fish will be of very many kinds, like the fish of the Great Sea. 11But its swamps and marshes will not become fresh; they are to be left for salt. 12And on the banks, on both sides of the river, there will grow all kinds of trees for food. Their leaves will not wither nor their fruit fail, but they will bear fresh fruit every month, because the water for them flows from the sanctuary. Their fruit will be for food, and their leaves for healing." (RSV)


The aqueduct is the healing waters that go from the Temple to the sea and the Arabah and heal the seas and the waters. The trees that grow beside these waters are for the healing of the nations. Thus we are not dependent upon some Aquarian theology for this text but rather on the biblical scenario, which can be identified, as may well be the case here, with a major 800-year conjunction in the same year. The sense of renew in the French means to resume. This is a great restoration and can only refer to the Messianic restoration of the Law of God and the power of God as we saw in the Garden of Eden.


In the same way, another Quatrain (C.X:Q.72) he has given marks the start of the period in question. It has been grossly misinterpreted by commentators.

L’an mil neuf cens nonante neuf sept mois

Du ciel viendra un grand Roy d’effrayeur

Resusciter le grand Roy d’Angoulmois.

Avant apres Mars regner par bon heur.


This quatrain is rendered by Ovason:

The year one thousand nine hundred and ninty-nine seven months.

From the sky will come a great King of alarm

To bring back to life the great King of Angoulmois.

Before after Mars reigns by good fortune.


The text has been interpreted according to the civil calendar as July 1999. However, as we have seen it may well be that we are looking at the sacred Calendar in these quatrains. The Seventh month contains the Day of Trumpets, Day of Atonement and Feast of Tabernacles.


The significance for this is that from the 21st year of the Fortieth Jubilee (i.e. 1998) in the Sabbath year, the Law had to be read in accordance with the Law of God itself. From this time the Law then has to be promulgated to all the nations in preparation for the Witnesses and the restoration of the Law and the planet to God.


Thus the warning of Jeremiah 4:15 is to be undertaken by the Church of God in preparation for the coming of the Messiah. This is to be done by modern communications using satellite technology and the Internet, which was the concept of the alarm coming from the sky.


This will bring back to life the great king of Angoulmois. The King of Angoulmois was the Messiah as head of the true Church, which at the time of Nostradamus was persecuted almost into extinction and later resulted in the transfer of the Huguenots to Protestant Trinitarianism and their transplanting in South Africa and elsewhere in the Commonwealth. However, at the time of Nostradamus they were Unitarian Sabbatarians of the Waldensian system, persecuted under the Albigensian crusades. They had some protection under the Counts of Toulouse and also Francis I who appears in other references of Nostradamus.


The interpretation of Angoulmois as King of the Mongols is as Ovason says (p. 461) sheer nonsense. Ovason breaks this word into three units: ANG-OUL-MOIS.

ANG is an apocope for Ange, French for Angels.

OUL is held to be a term that divides the word into meaningful structures.

Ol is the name for one of the archangels of the Zodiac found in the medieval literature and calendars, and for Nostradamus it would have referred to Verchiel in the magical scala of Agrippas’s widely read De Occulta Philosophia (Ovason, pp. 461-464).

MOIS is French for month.


Thus we are looking at the concept of a play on calendars, both pagan and biblical in this quatrain. The Gregorian calendar did not come into general use in France until 1582, well after this quatrain and Nostradamus’ writing. The rulers of months and the months themselves were seen as being equated.


The king of the Seventh biblical month is the Messiah who comes at Trumpets. This was the Angel of Great Counsel of Isaiah 9:6 in the Septuagint (LXX), identified with Jesus Christ by the early and pre-Reformation Church.


The Seventh month of the solar calendar is ruled by Leo who represents the sun. Sol is the source of Ol and Oel is an anagram for Leo (cf. Ovason, op.cit., pp. 462-463). The Archangel who represented this sign in early theology was Michael. The Archangel Michael (Jude 9) is the great prince who was identified as the defender of Israel (Dan. 10:13, 21) and the defender of the Church and head of the angels of Heaven (Dan. 12:1; Rev. 12:7), and the Angel of the Old Testament. Thus, Michael was identified as Jesus Christ by the pre-Reformation Waldensian or Albigensian system and subsequent Churches of God. So, we are dealing with the activities of Jesus Christ here and through his servants the elect in the Church. It does not matter which way this text was interpreted in terms of the pagan solar calendar or the Bible lunisolar calendar.


As this time is now past, we can look at what transpired and see what was meant by this text. In 1998 the Church of God restored and read the Law of God as required for the first time since the Waldensian pre-Reformation system, and perhaps for the first time in fifteen hundred years since the extermination of the Desposyni. The Roman Catholic Church ordered and arranged the extermination of the family of Jesus Christ throughout the Empire in the fourth and fifth centuries, from the conference of 318 at Rome (cf. the paper The Virgin Mariam and the Family of Jesus Christ (No. 232)).


In 1999 the Law and the warnings were translated and placed on the Internet in multiple languages from the Seventh month onwards.


The nations will now be measured and dealt with under the time-frames examined here and in the work Outline Timetable of the Age (No. 272).


The final line referring to Before and after Mars reigns by good fortune (or as some render it as happily), is a reference to the fact that it is only by the grace of God that the demons are allowed to continue to reign. The wars of the end are allowed through the power of God within the time He has given Satan. These wars are in total disregard for the Laws of God. In the not too distant future Messiah will return to put an end to war.


Until that time there is to be a long-term conflict, commencing in the near future. Nostradamus attempts to place the conflict and holds that it will be twenty-seven years in duration.

Chefs d’Aries, Jupiter and Saturne,

Dieu éternel quelles mutations,

Puis par long siècle son maling temps retourne

Gaule et Italie, quelles émotions.

This can be best seen as:

Chiefs of Aries, Jupiter and Saturn,

God Eternal what changes,

After a long century the evil times return

What troubles in France and Italy (C.1:Q.51).


This is a reference to the long twentieth century, a day longer by Gregorian rules, but made so by interminable war and yet when it ends the evil times return. The Eternal God initiates these changes. In other words, we are dealing with the prophecies of the wars of the end and the destruction of the order of the current world. This century ends and the next one starts on 1 January 2001 by the solar reckoning and their calendar structure (see also the paper Significance of the Year 2000 (No. 286)).


The prophecies concern terrible troubles in France and Italy.


The duration of the last wars of the Antichrist is seen to cover the period from the end of the twentieth century up to the Jubilee. Nostradamus indicates his view in C.8:Q.77.

L’antichrist trois bien tost annichilez

Vingt et sept ans sang durera sa guerre:

Les heretiques morts, captifs exilez,

Sang corps humain eau rougie greler terre.


De Fontbrune interprets this as:

The Antichrist will soon annihilate three countries.

The war he will wage will last twenty seven years. Opponents will be put to death and prisoners deported. Blood from bodies will redden the water, the land will be riddled with blows [missiles bombardments].


De Fontbrune’s interpretations are just that and he does not deal with the text faithfully in some cases. In this text the words The Heretics are rendered as simply opponents. We are actually dealing with a religious war. This war is held by interpreters to continue for the first twenty-seven years of the twenty-first century until 2027.  This religious war is now underway. The Antichrist might now be in power.


There is an obvious overlap in the interpretations making the war go for 27 years, yet the peace structure starts at 2020. This has an answer, if we understand that the subjugation of Canaan was not done at once. Christ appears as the Captain of the Army of the Lord to Joshua and Jericho fell in the seven days, but the subjugation was progressive. So too in the last seven years of the Jubilee and this era will there be progressive peace.


This should be complete by the last year of the last cycle in 2025 in order for the treble harvest for the Sabbath and Jubilee to take place in 2026 and 2027.


The Millennium of Nostradamus

We see this theme emerge from another prophecy of his, again translated by Lorie (p. 99).

After that Antichrist will be the infernal prince again, for the last time. All the kingdoms of Christianity will tremble even those of the infidels, for the space of 25 years. Wars and battles will be more grievous and towns, cities, castles, and all other edifices, will be burned, desolated, and destroyed, with great effusion of vestal blood, violations of married women and widows, and suckling children dashed and broken against the walls of towns. By means of Satan, Prince Infernal, so many evils will be committed that nearly all the world will find itself undone and desolated. Before these events some rare birds will cry in the air: Today, today, and some time later will vanish. After this has endured for a long time, there will be almost renewed another reign of Saturn, and a golden age. Hearing the affliction of his people, God the creator will command that Satan be cast into the depths of the bottomless pit, and bound there. Then a universal peace will commence between God and man, and Satan will remain bound for around a thousand years, and then all unbound.

This is a direct reference to Revelation 20:1-10 as seen above.


The massacres referred to above have been engendered by the Trinitarian system itself. The violence is now escalating. Africa is seeing these atrocities on a daily basis and even now is seeing enforced cannibalism and the massacre of women and children.


Nostradamus shows that the catastrophe to the Earth will see the demise of the clergy in that process. The Earth will be destroyed progressively and be arid for a generation of forty years, and then with the appearance of floods it will be regenerated. He uses the iris as an example of the process.

Mars nous menace par sa force bellique,

Septante fois fera le sang épandre:

Auge et ruine de ‘Ecclésiastique et plus ceux qui

Deux rien voudront entendre. Faux à létang

Joint vers le Sagittaire en son haut AUGE de

L’exaltation, peste, famine, mort de main militaire:

Le siécle approche de rénevation.

Par quarante ans l’Iris n’apparaitre,

Par quarante ans tous les jours sera vu:

La terre aride en siccité croåtra,

Et grands déluge quand sera apercu.


This text is translated:

Mars threatens us with his warlike strength, seventy times will he caused blood to flow: fall and ruin of the clergy and more for those who will wish to understand nothing from them. The scythe joined to the pond towards Sagittarius at the height of its ascendant, plague, famine, death by military hand: the century approaches its renewal. For forty years the Iris will not appear, for 40 years it will be seen every day: the arid earth will grow drier and great floods when it will appear (P. Lorie, ibid., p. 94).


Thus the wars and Global Warming before them (see the paper Global Warming and Bible Prophecy (No. 218)) set off an ecological disaster which proceeds into the Millennium and then is restored some years into the Millennium with a generation of heavy rains or restorative flooding. This is also explained in part in Ezekiel as quoted above. The forty years relates to the period given for repentance of the nations from 1987 to 2027 (cf. Measuring the Temple (No. 137)). 


The end times deal with the prophets and the Witnesses and the armies of Israel in the final establishment of the Kingdom of God under Messiah. The whole process will be dealt with in the works on The Antichrist and the wars of the end.


The end of Trinitarianism in Europe

Trinitarianism and the symbol of the cross will be driven out of Europe over this period. The next Quatrain (C.6:Q.80) indicates the emergence or invasion by the Islamic system from Africa and seemingly from Islamic Morocco and the destruction of Trinitarianism.

De Fez le regne parviendra à ceux d’Europe,

Feu leur cité, et lame tranchera:

Le grand d’Asie terre et mer à grand troupe,

Que bleux, pers, criox à mort déchassera.


This Islamic incursion obviously is held to weaken Trinitarianism significantly, and some writers (such as Peter Lorie) hold this to be the time of the destruction of the Catholic Church. It should not be forgotten, however, that the forces of the South push at the king of the North. In the end, after a great deal of destruction in Europe we know from the Bible texts that this system of the Kings of the North from Europe invades the Middle East prior to the wars of the Fifth and Sixth Trumpets, which kill over a third of mankind (cf. the papers The Seven Seals (No. 140) and The Seven Trumpets (No. 141)).


Germany was also held in this process to break up into many pagan sects in the final thrust until it finally returned to paying the true tithe.

En Germaine naitront diverses sectes,

S’approchant forte de l’heureux paganisme,

Le coeur captif et petites receptes,

Feront retour a payer le vrai dime (C.3 :76).


Translated, it means:

In Germany will be born different sects, approaching strongly to happy paganism,

the heart captive and receptive to detail,

they will return to pay the true tithe

(cf. P. Lorie, Nostradamus:The Millennium and Beyond…, Bloomsbury, 1993, p. 146).


It may be that the removal of the papacy from Rome over the bodies of the priests follows on from its destruction in the invasion of France and Italy in this move from North Africa. Certainly, the Bible states that the King of the South pushes at the King of the North and we are taught to expect the destruction of the seven-hilled city called Mystery Babylon in the Last Days.


The northern system can be expected to relocate from Rome to Jerusalem some time in this process. We then see the head of the system sitting in the Temple of God declaring himself to be God. This extension of the process, started last century in Rome, will be finally destroyed when the false prophet is killed at the Advent of Messiah.


The German system will become receptive to correct biblical teaching and in the end they will return to the Laws of God and pay the true tithe. At present they have a false system of allocation to the church system in place.


The Advent of the Messiah

People will be in no doubt as to the coming of the Messiah. Moreover, he will be preceded by a series of activities. The first is the warning of the Last Days and the clear speaking of prophecy so that people at the end times may understand. God does nothing except that He first warns the people through His servants the prophets. The next phase is the rule of the two Witnesses who speak with great power and authority from Jerusalem and have the power to shut the heavens and bring fire down from Heaven during the period of the ministry. They will be opposed by the false prophet, killed and then left in the streets for three and one half days. Then Messiah will come. He will slay the false prophet with his coming and remove all false religion from Jerusalem and the environs and progressively from the world.


From that time all of the nations will be subject to the Nexus of the Law of God for one thousand years, and then in and from the Second Resurrection. This planet will then be run according to the Laws that Christ gave to Moses at Sinai, as mediator for the One True God. From that time on the demons will be placed in the bottomless pit until they are to be judged at the end of the millennial system. The Messiah will establish his system. At present, the false religious teachers are saying that the Antichrist will establish the Law of Moses from Jerusalem. That is exactly what the Bible says Messiah will do. We will examine that aspect in the papers on The Antichrist (see 2012 and the Antichrist (No. 299D) and Antichrist in Early Church Theology and the Last Days (No. 299F)).


What we can be sure of by that time is that the entire Trinitarian system in Europe will be destroyed. Every black-cassocked priest in their system will be either dead or on their knees in abject repentance, and their system will be no more. This will all be within the Sign of Jonah and the Jubilee of 2027.


This evil and adulterous generation looks for a sign, but there shall be no sign given it other than the Sign of Jonah. It shall become worse than the worst days of Sodom and Gomorrah in these Last Days. They will not repent and thousands of millions of people will die needlessly, simply because of a false religion and the work of demons that will not obey the Laws of the Living God and His Calendar system.


Come out of her my people lest you share in her judgment.



Most of us are aware that Pope Benedict XVI announced on Monday the second day of Adar of the sacred year 2012/13 he will resign this month on 28 February or 19 Adar, following Purim, because of his advancing age in a fast-changing world. He will become the first pontiff in 719 years to step down of his own free will. The 85-year-old stepped down on February 28 after just eight years in office, making his one of the shortest pontificates in modern history and stunning the world's 1.1 billion Catholics. The day of his announcements resulted in a massive increase in access to the CCG site for the papers dealing with these matters. The materials have been on the site for many years and we anticipated that this year would begin the sequence of the final wars and economic crisis of the last days.


This next pope according to Malachy archbishop of Armagh Ireland is to be Peter the Roman. He is the last prophesied pope. The complete list of these popes and their coats of arms and meanings of their prophetic names are contained in Appendix A below. Then Christ comes and the Roman Catholic Church comes under judgment and ceases to exist. Pius X prophesied that he would bear the name Pius which is Pius XIII.  It was prophesied he would leave Rome over the dead bodies of his priests. That is now seen as a false prophecy unless there is an unforseen change. This pope who just resigned adopted the name Benedict XVI and Malachy called him "from the Glory of the Olive." The olive is the emblem of Benedict and the Benedictines. Thus we anticipated that he would take that name.


Petrus Romanus or Peter the Roman presides over a tribulation and a great crisis in the church. The Curial See will be moved from Rome to Jerusalem in his reign. It will be moved along with the centre of NATO administration and that of the Antichrist who will reign for 42 months from Jerusalem.


It is no accident that Benedict resigned in this last month of the sacred year 2012/13. It was essential that the final preparations for the last days of the Roman Catholic Church be made under this last pope who will face a great tribulation and one which Benedict was totally unable to face given his age and state of health. It was reportedly foretold by the Jesuit Rene Thiebaut ca. 1950 as occurring in 2012, which sacred year it was.


The details of the preparation and conflicts of the Last Days and especially covering the period 2012 and 2013 were covered in the paper 2012 and the Antichrist (No. 299D). The Satanic system is preparing to enforce the New World Order (NWO) on the world. This was to be achieved from the solstice period on 21 December 2012. The year 2013 was to be the year in which the figures of the final conflict were to be installed. The Antichrist had to be installed to take over the final NWO and the last pope had to be installed to preside over the final destruction of the Mystery and Sun Cults. These aspects are covered in the papers World War III Part I: The Empire of the Beast (No. 299A) and WWIII Part II: The Whore and the Beast (No. 299B).


The last key religious figure of world pseudo-Christianity is the person referred to in Revelation as the False Prophet. It therefore follows that the last head of the major religious faction who is referred to as the False Prophet must be the last head of the Roman Catholic Church as he is killed by Christ at his return along with the leader of the Beast system who is known as the Antichrist in the text of Revelation. Malachy’s prophecy says that after Peter the Roman the “Terrible Judge will judge the people.” The Terrible Judge is of course Christ and the text in Revelation says that he returns and destroys the Babylonian system which is the Mystery and Sun Cults referred to as Mystery Babylon the mother of harlots that commits fornication with the kings of the earth.

As usual the calling of the conclave of cardinals fuels a rush of speculation and money is placed with the bookies which is a good indication of the speculation and thoughts of a large number of people.


To follow Malachy the person selected should bear the name Peter and be a Roman. However he cannot be the bishop of Rome as it is to that seat that he is to be elected. There were a number of people mentioned as “papabile” or likely candidates for the papal office. Of those mentioned the only one that was actually in Rome was the Cardinal Peter Turkson who was in charge of, as head of, the African bishops and he a Ghanaian. There were 18 African cardinals eligible. Turkson was considered to be a favourite candidate but he advanced himself as a candidate, which was a great mistake. Another favourite was Francis Cardinal Arinze. He is cardinal of Velletri-Segni a diocese immediately adjacent to Rome which he took over from Benedict XVI. He is Nigerian. The most favoured Italian was the Cardinal of Milan Archbishop Angelo Scola.  Another was the French speaking Marc Ouellet of Canada favoured to win with the Irish. He is a theologian and head of the world’s Catholic bishops. Other candidates were from Sao Paulo in Brazil and from the Philippines and various other countries at increasing odds among the bookmakers.


The election of a pope is fraught with uncertainty. The last to resign of his own free will was Celestine V in 1294. He was a hermit and made a mess of it and resigned due to the pressure. The cardinals have often been so jealous of one another that they have picked an old pope to make sure the reign was short as they did with Cardinal Ratzinger who was the oldest pope ever elected as Benedict XVI. They have gone outside and elected hermits and priests. Some have been infamous and deposed or sold the office to marry and when they were rejected they regained the papacy by force of arms as did Benedict’s namesake. The office has been held by the greatest scoundrels ever to sully the Christian faith.


Online betters were tipping an African pope as the most likely which was never to happen. A quarter of the voting cardinals are Italian. The last non-Italian before John Paul II was Adrian VI who died in 1523.


The problem facing the Roman Catholic Church and those protestant daughters that sprung from her is that the church in Europe is in disintegration. So while the churches in Africa and South America are faring fairly well the church in Europe is in disarray and there is need to build it up. Thus there is great pressure to appoint someone that will appeal to and consolidate the church in Europe. That is the reason why both John Paul II and Benedict XVI were chosen. The result for both has been the reverse. John Paul II allowed the church to be destroyed as Malachi Martin points out in his work Windswept House. In that work he points out that in 1963 at the Availing Time under Paul VI the Angel Lucifer or Satan was enthroned in the Vatican as the god of this world and of the church. This was explained in the paper 2012 and the Antichrist (No. 299D) above. The selection of an Argentinian cardinal of Italian descent was probably a compromise in that direction.


In the Last Days the Empire of the Beast is given the power of Satan and turns on this Babylonian whore and destroys it. That is happening now as we watch. The world is turning on the RCC due to its serious sexual scandals and this will continue. More particularly the Islamic developments to establish Fundamentalist Islam will continue to develop and escalate in the Wars of the End. Rome will be a target and the priests will be attacked over the next period up until the coming of the Messiah and through the vials of the wrath of God until it is destroyed. This is explained in the paper The Wars of the Last Days and the Vials of the Wrath of God (No. 141B).


If Malachy is correct this will be the Last Pope. If he is not and there is another then we have no idea who that may be, with the exception of the failed prophecy of Pius X regarding Pius XIII. However, Malachy has been correct for each and every pope and nominated them by coats of arms or houses and in the last sequence by their characteristics and reigns. The other problem is that the sequence of the Last Days according to Bible prophecy is too short to leave much room for another pope.  The 120th Jubilee is in 2027 and hence the end of the 6000 year of Satan’s rule and Messiah should be here well before then; and the prophecies do not allow the Sun Cults to go on after Messiah gets here. Thus we are looking at a maximum of 14 years for the existence of the world’s religious system under the Mystery and Sun Cults to continue. The likely duration is seven years.


John Paul II and Benedict XVI tried to mobilise the world’s systems to work in harmony with them but they were unsuccessful and the ongoing war with Islam will commence the complete destruction of this religious system. The push against Rome will see the priests in the Vatican die and the pope and his entourage will leave over their dead bodies according to their own prophecies. Malachy says simply that he will lead them in a turbulent time. Daniel says that the city on seven hills will be destroyed and its end will come with a flood. 


The papacy has tried to rule this Beast of the Ten Horns, the Beast of the Last Days, which are the Ten Toes of iron and miry clay which are the end of the Babylonian idol of Daniel chapter 2.  However, prophecy says that Christ as the stone uncut by human hands comes and strikes this Beast on the toes and destroys it. 


We would thus expect this last religious leader, Francis I, to attempt to work with the great civil leader at the head of this financial and military system but he will fail and the Beast destroys this system and their leaders are both killed by Christ at his coming.


There is a great financial crisis being developed by the NWO now so that it goes hand in hand with the change of this leadership. The leadership of the See was vacant from 28 February. In the period between the resignation and the election of a new pope, the Catholic Church was governed by Secretary of State Tarcisio Bertone. Benedict XVI retired to Castel Gandolfo and then to a monastery in the confines of the Vatican.


The closed-door conclave of cardinals was held in the Sistine Chapel from the New year of 12 March and its decision was famously announced with a puff of black or white smoke to indicate whether a nominee has been selected or not. The new pope was then announced immediately afterwards with the cry "Habemus Papam" and he appeared on 13 March 2013 before the crowds of faithful in St Peter's Square. The decision to bring the conclave forward was actually contrary to canon law and rendered the election uncanonical as the requirement in recent edicts was to commence the conclave between fifteen and twenty days and this was in twelve days after the seat was vacated. This fulfilled another prophecy of Francis Assisi as we will see.


The pope was to be elected before the Easter Sunday of the Sun System on 31 March which this year is the Wave Sheaf Offering of the Temple Calendar in the Feast of Unleavened Bread. That did not happen. It is also significant that the year 2013 is one of the very few where the Jews under the Hillel system are forced to hold their feasts and holy days on the correct days according to the Temple Calendar. Thus by default these offshoots of the WCG system in the Churches of God are forced to actually keep the correct calendar.


Nostradamus had this to say of this time:

Par Mars contraire sera la Monarchie,

Du grand pescheur en trouble ruyneux:

Ieune noir rouge prendra la hierarchie,

Les proditeurs iront iour bruyneux.  C6Q25


Through Mars adverse [a time of war] will be the monarchy

Of the great fisherman [the pope] in trouble ruinous

A young black red [a young black Cardinal] will seize the hierarchy

The predators acting on a foggy day. (Nostradamus 625)


The medieval French can also mean:

By Mars adverse [late march or by conflict] the Monarchy will be overthrown, 

Of the great sinner [rendered fisherman] in ruinous trouble,

The young black red will take the hierarchy,

The predators will act on a day of drizzle.


The French word proditeurs is now traitors but it may have been used from the Latin to indicate spoilers or plunderers. The use of pescheur which means sinner and rendered as fisherman is a play on words and refers to the sins of the church, which have never ceased. This also probably refers to the Man of Sin of the great apostasy of Revelation. The term young may refer to the fact that the new pope was rapidly promoted a Cardinal.


The conflict mentioned in the quatrain may actually refer to the factions in Rome itself which forced the resignation of Benedict XVI. The factions are headed by Cardinals Bertone, Sodano and Bagnasco. These factions will carry on into the conclave. The resolution of the factions was to seek alternatives outside of the Curia and maintain its power.  The new pope needs to sweep very clean and oust these cardinals from the Curia itself. Ongoing conflict is assured.


So the papacy seized in troubled time by a young black cardinal or archbishop marks the end of the papacy in ruinous times. How was that prophecy fulfilled?


The Roman church is in serious trouble because of the scandals that beset it now and there is no telling where it will end. An alternative is that the curial war that is escalating will continue from March this year and the conflict is yet to occur after the election of “Peter the Roman.”


The predators acting on a drizzly day was correct as it was raining on and off that day and there may have been the deal struck that the Curia was seeking.


There were a number of candidates that might have qualified as Peter the Roman. A leading candidate was Cardinal Tarcisio Pietro Evasio Bertone, the Cardinal secretary of state, who was born in Romano, Italy. His name could, therefore, be rendered Peter the Roman. He took over the papacy from 28 February until the election. So in a sense this part of the prophecy will be fulfilled prior to the conclave.


Cardinal Peter Turkson of Ghana is the current president of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace in Rome.  He is head of the African bishops.


In the month of March a further great financial crisis will occur to establish the NWO and the financial system of the Beast. As it was immediately before the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) in 2008 the Baltic Dry Index (BDI) collapsed. The BDI is a critical measure of world trade. This year 2013 it again commenced to collapse and indicated that world trade was at a standstill.  Thus a further crisis was to unfold by April. The currency wars are heating up and devaluation is being orchestrated to ensure trade advantages through lower currencies. The lesser powerful currencies will suffer significantly and escalate stopping their trade.  


Trade war will follow as will general warfare soon after. 


[Note also an important publication re the actions of Benedict XVI and the crisis in the church and the possible reasons behind his decision to resign:

Pope Benedict to seek immunity and protection from Italian President Giorgio Napolitano on February 23 ]


In the first week of the 36th year of the 120th jubilee we saw the conclave develop. This year is the first year of the new cycle which is the sixth cycle of the jubilee period. The jubilee of this 50 year period marks the 6000 years since the closure of Eden and the cursed earth under the rule of Satan. In this cycle we expect Satan to be confined to the bottomless pit for 1000 years until the end of the millennial reign of Christ when he will be released again to deceive the earth for the last time and the last conflict described in Revelation chapter 20. We as the members of the Body of Christ have to be prepared for the Witnesses and the coming of the Messiah any time in this cycle and certainly by the next (see also the paper Advent of Messiah Part I: (No. 210A)).


On the New Year the red robed priests of the Triune system met to elect a new leader. It is no accident that they met on New Year’s Day, the New Moon of the Month of Abib, to take this decision. This is probably the last of the system of the Whore and it will all be destroyed by Christ when he comes. It is quite interesting that the timeframe of the Bible prophecies coincides so neatly with the timeframe of the prophecies of the Whore in their length of popes and actions in bringing to a close this infected system of the Triune god. These Triune prophecies and identities are outlined in this paper. This will end the rule of the Whore in this sequence with the Beast.


It seems that Nostradamus may actually have nailed this pope pretty well as we see in his quatrain above (C6Q25).


The newly elected pope is Argentine cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio. He is a Jesuit. At 76 he can hardly be described as young but this was his second run and he was beaten to the post by Benedict XVI over seven years ago and could have been described as that when he first faced election and certainly when he was promoted to cardinal in 2001. He certainly can be described as a black red. Jesuits are often termed “black robes” and the Superior General of the Jesuits is often referred to as “the black pope.” He is now both and the European media is describing him as exactly that in their articles. He is the first Jesuit to be elected pope. He was leader of the Jesuits in South America and is now pope. He is of Italian extraction and his family moved to Argentina from Italy. He may well be of Roman extraction. He has taken the name Francis I after Francis of Assisi (and Francis Xavier, founder of the Jesuits, in what may be mixed signals). He is a conservative and opposed to gay marriage, abortion and condoms and is supportive of social justice.


Cardinal Bergoglio (It.) took the name of Saint Francis of Assisi, Italian San Francesco d’Assisi, baptized Giovanni, renamed Francesco, full name Francesco di Pietro di Bernardone (born 1181/82, Assisi, duchy of Spoleto [Italy]—died October 3, 1226, Assisi; canonized July 16, 1228; feast day October 4), founder of the Franciscan orders of the Friars Minor (Ordo Fratrum Minorum), the women’s Order of St. Clare (the Poor Clares), and the lay Third Order. In naming himself after Francis he also took the second name hence “Peter the Roman.” Francis prophesied that this last pope of the Tribulation would not be canonically elected and that proved to be correct as they unlawfully moved the conclave forward to March 12 and 13 to use the number 13 as the stamp of this one’s ministry. Bullinger has reference to 13 in the Bible and it is the symbol of Satan and rebellion (cf. Companion Bible notes and Appendices).


He will have serious problems to face as the major faction in the Curia is determined by sexual orientation and the Curia reportedly invested $US26 million for 20 apartments in an apartment building which also houses the largest gay sauna in Italy. The pressure on the church will ramp up now as Satan has given his power to the Beast, which hates this church system and is now commencing to destroy it on a progressive basis. The curial system and the Italians who control 25% of the entire vote stated that they would support a South American if the candidate agreed to support them when elected and it may be that the deal was sorted out on the rainy day of the voting on March 13, 2013, hence the term “plunderers.” The voting occurred on the 13th day of the Third Month of the pagan Calendar in 2013 of their date and the Pope appeared at 8:13 PM which was 3:13 Eastern time in the US. None of this is insignificant. In God’s Calendar it was the 3rd day of the First month and the conclave started on New Year’s Day.


Another quatrain by Nostradamus reads:

Quatrain II.41

"The great star for seven days shall burn

So nakedly clear like two suns appearing

The large dog all night howling

While the great Pontiff shall change his territory."


In November 2013 the second comet for the year, Comet Ison C2012 S1 is due to arrive and will allegedly be so bright as to outshine the moon, if it survives the encounter with the sun. It will be visible with the naked eye in late October and will pass near the sun in late November and be visible during the day. It may be this comet or perhaps another one as yet unknown will occur. In 2014 Comet Siding Spring C2013A1, discovered in Australia by Robert McNaught at the observatory at Siding Spring NSW, is thought to probably collide with the planet Mars on October 19, 2014 and being 3-5 kilometres in size it will create a sight that will probably be equivalent to the event that led to the extermination of the dinosaurs.

This following may also apply later or may have nothing to do with this sequence:
Quatrain VI.6:

There will appear towards the North

Not far from Cancer the bearded star:

Susa, Siena, Boeotia, Eretria,

The great one of Rome will die, the night over.

What is certain is that this next cycle will be the most decisive and volatile in human history to date. The Messiah will act to establish the millennial system by the jubilee in 2027. Pray we are all accounted worthy to participate in the system with him.


Fatima update 21/09/2018

The demons have warned their servants in the church of the Whore at Rome of the consequences of the coming of Christ and of the prophecies of the Gospels and of Revelation following on from Daniel. This “prophecy” or “vision” was done through the so-called utterings of the appearance of the “Virgin” to the children at Fatima. The Third secret at Fatima is actually two secrets part 3A and part 3B or the Fourth Secret of Fatima.  The paper Fatima Part 3A concerns a vision of the death of the last pope on a Hill near the city. It is 62 lines. They assume the city is Rome. The vision says that the city has been destroyed and many soldiers shoot the pope and kill him by execution. That has been read and the papacy from Pius XII tried to account for it in various ways and then later as the attempt on John-Paul II and the danger is over. However that was one assailant and one shot and he lived for a further 25 years. That view does not answer the vision of 3A.  However, the Paper 3B is of 20-25 lines on a letter in the Vatican papal apartments in a compartment in the wooden desk “Barbarigo.” (This was reportedly openly stated by Archbishop Capovilla.) This text concerns the words from the “Virgin.” The two envelopes were to be opened in 1960 by the bishop of Fatima or the cardinal patriarch of Lisbon. They were read also in 1955 from records. Two texts were read by the popes, Paul VI in 1963, then and again in 1978 by John Paul II (not 1981 as claimed). It concerns the corruption of the Roman Church worldwide and the massive destruction that eventuates in the final conflicts. Massive explosions in the seas also are accompanied by tidal waves and inundations such as we dealt with in Part I.  


The vision also shows the dogma of the faith was to be preserved in Portugal but the inference is that there is a worldwide dogmatic crisis which is also what Pius XII predicted in 1931. That is now upon the Whore worldwide. Also a reference exists to the tail of the dragon and the third of the stars of heaven. The demons know this text refers to them but the Catholics think it refers to the leaders of the church. It is correct that they refer to the both elements as the demons are extant in the leadership. Also the Fires that come from heaven are also extant in 3B. They refer to both comets and the power of the Witnesses.


Cardinal Bertone’s denials regarding 3B and that 3A as the authentic text are now refuted universally. This aspect was also explained in the paper Wars of Amalek Part III: Armageddon and the Vials of the Wrath of God (No. 141E).


The timing and outline of the sequence of the coming of the Messiah were given under the papers Advent of the Messiah Part I (No. 210A) and Advent of the Messiah (No. 210B). The process in this series shows the systematic destruction of the Roman Church and the world’s false religions. That cannot be given to the world as the Roman curia is afraid that the church might react and cleanse it of its evil. However, only Messiah can do that to rid it of its demons and its sodomy.


Francis I Dying. 

On 9 December 2021 it was reported from inside the Vatican (Newsmax and Vincent Quill) that Pope Francis has had a colon procedure and that he is dying and is not expected to live beyond 2022.  He has been a divisive figure in Roman church politics with his Globalist views and policies.


The Roman prophecies, e.g. Malachy (above and 288A) end with him as the Last Pope. In the writing of this paper it was observed by the writer that he was not canonically elected and that Francis of Assisi observed that he was not going to be canonically elected centuries ago. In that view, he was not legally officially the pope. Also the prophecies of Fatima do not seem to be able to apply to this pope for the end results of 3A and 3B above.  It is now reported that the Vatican is preparing for a conclave to be convened once the 84 YO Pope Francis dies, which they expect to happen this year. There may be a successor elected this year, once he dies and, if so, that would complete the sequence with Peter the Roman, provided he is canonically elected. Another alternative may be that, with the declaration of hostilities expected to break out in the near future, the Vatican rule may be destroyed in the hostilities and Francis killed in accordance with the prophecies of Fatima. Whatever the case, the Antichrist and the False Prophet will be destroyed by Christ at his coming, with the Loyal Host (Commentary on Revelation (F066iv, v).


Update 4th January 2023

We have now seen the death and lying in state of Benedict XVI.


Francis I is dying of cancer as is reported.


Benedict XVI was reported as saying at the time of his death “Lord, I love you!”


The final wars of the end will commence soon and forced occupations will occur from the east and the Fatima 3A and 3B reports will ensue. That would require the Vatican to be attacked, if what the reports say have credibility as reported above re the location in the desk Babarigo.



Annex A


Taken from: Saints and Sinners: A History of the Popes, Eamon Duffy, Yale University Press in association with S4C., 1997.

(St.Malachy’s names are taken from Appendix A of Prophecy for Today, Edward Connor, Academy Library Guild, Fresno, California, 1956.)

Appendix A. Chronological List of Popes and Antipopes

Dates for first 15 are approximate, and for first 5 (excluding Clement) are arbitary.

Where a pope assumed a new name on election, his baptismal name is given in brackets.

Asterisk denote Antipopes.








St Linus





St Anacletus





St Clement





St Evaristus





St Alexander I





St Sixtus I





St Telesophorus





St Hyginus





St Pius I





St Anicetus





St Soter





St Eleutherius





St Victor





St Zephyrinus





St Callistus





St Hippolytus





St Urban I





St Pontian



21 July 230 – 28 Sept.230


St Anterus



21 Nov.235 – 3 Jan.236


St Fabian



10 Jan.236  – 20 Jan. 250


St Cornelius



Mar.251 – June 253





Mar.251 – 258


St Lucius I



25 June 253 – 2 Mar.254


St Stephen



12 May 254 – 2 Aug.257


St Sixtus II



Aug.257 – 6 Aug.258


St Dionysius



22 July 260 – 26 Dec. 268


St Felix I



3 Jan.269 – 30 Dec.274


St Eutychian



4 Jan.275 – 7 Dec.283


St Gaius (Caius)



17 Dec.283 – 22 Apr.296


St Marcellinus



30 Jun.29?:died 25 Oct.304


St Marcellus





St Eusebius



18 Apr.-21 Oct. 310


St Miltiades



2 July 311 – 10 Jan.314


St Sylvester I



31 Jan. 314 – 31 Dec.335


St Mark



18 Jan. – 7 Oct.336


St Julius I



6 Feb. 337 – 12 Apr. 352





17 May 352 – 24 Sept.366


St Felix II



355 – 365


St Damasus I



1 Oct.366 – 11 Dec. 384





366 – 7: died 385


St Siricius



17(?) Dec.384 – 26 Nov. 399


St Anastasius I



27 Nov.339 – 19 Dec.401


St Innocent I



21 Dec.401 – 12 Mar.417


St Zosimus



18 Mar.417 – 26 Dec. 418





418: died 423


St Boniface



28 Dec.418 – 4 Sept.422


St Celestine I



10 Sept.422 – 27 July 432


St Sixtus III



31 July 432 – 19 Aug. 440


St Leo I (the Great)



29 Sept.440 – 10 Nov.461


St Hilarus (Hilary)



19 Nov.461 - 29 Feb.468


St Simplicius



3 Mar.468 – 10 Mar.483


St Felix III (II)



13 Mar.483 – 1 Mar.492


St Gelasius I



1 Mar.492 – 21 Nov.496


Anastasius II



24 Nov 496 – 19 Nov.498


St Symmachus



22 Nov.498 – 19 July 514





498-499, 501-506: died 508


St Hormisdas



20 July 514 – 6 Aug.523


St John I



13 Aug.523 – 18 May 526


St Felix IV (III)



12 July 526 –22 Sept.530







Boniface II



22 Sept.530 – 17 Oct.532


John II



2 Jan.533 – 8 May 535


St Agapitus I



13 May 535 – 22 Apr.536


St Silverius



8 June 536 – 11 Nov. 537:
deposed. Died 2 Dec.537





29 Mar.537 – 7 June 555


Pelagius I



16 Apr 556 – 3 Mar. 561


John III



17 July 561 – 13 July 574


Benedict I



2 June 575 – 30 July 579


Pelagius II



26 Nov.579 – 7 Feb.590


St Gregory I (the Great)



3 Sept.590 – 12 Mar.604


St Sabinian



13 Sept.604 – 22 Feb.606


Boniface III



19 Feb.- 12 Nov.607


St Boniface IV



15 Sept.608 – 8 May 615


St Deusdedit



19 Oct.615 – 8 Nov.618


Boniface V



23 Dec.619 – 25 Oct.625


Honorius I



27 Oct.625 – 12 Oct.638





28 May 640 – 2 Aug.640


John IV



24 Dec.640 – 12 Oct.642


Theodore I



24 Nov.642 – 14 May 649


St Martin I



5 July 649 – 17 June 653:
deposed, died 16 Sept.655


St Eugenius I



10 Aug.654 – 2 June 657


St Vitalian



30 July 657 – 27 Jan.672


Adeodatus II



11 Apr.672 – 17 June 676





2 Nov.676 – 11 Apr.678


St Agatho



27 June 678 – 10 Jan.681


St Leo II



17 Aug.682 – 3 July 683


St  Benedict II



26 June 684 – 8 May 685


John V



23 July 685 – 2 Aug.686





21 Oct.686 – 21 Sept.687










687: died 692


St Sergius I



15 Dec.687 – 9 Sept.701


John VI



30 Oct 701 – 11 Jan.705


John VII



1 Mar.705 – 18 Oct.707





15 Jan. – 8 Feb.708


Constantine I



25 Mar.708 – 9 Apr.715


St Gregory II



19 May 715 – 11 Feb.731


St Gregory III



18 Mar.731 – 28 Nov.741


St Zacharias



3 Dec.741 – 15 Mar.752


Stephen II (III)



26 Mar.752 – 26 Apr.757

In March 752 an elderly presbyter, Stephen was elected pope, but died before he was ordained bishop. His successor, confusingly, was also called Stephen. Under modern canon law, however, a man is pope from the moment of election. Some modern Roman Catholic lists therefore count the first of these two Stephens as Pope Stephen II, with a consequent disturbance of the numbering of all subsequent  Stephens. He is omitted from our list, but the variant numberings are noted.


St Paul I



29 May 757 – 28 June 767





767 – 768







Stephen III (IV)



7 Aug.768 – 24 Jan.772


Hadrian I



1 Feb.772 – 25 Dec.795


St Leo III



27 Dec.795 – 12 June 816


Stephen IV (V)



22 June 816 – 24 Jan. 817


St Paschal I



24 Jan.817 – 11 Feb.824


Eugenius II



5/6 June 824 – 27 Aug. 827





Aug. – Sept.827


Gregory IV



end of 827 – 25 Jan.844







Sergius II



Jan.844 – 27 Jan.847


St Leo IV



10 Apr. 847 – 17 July 855


Benedict III



29 Sept.855 – 17 Apr.858


Anastasius Bibliotecharius




St Nicholas I (the Great)



24 Apr.858 – 13 Nov. 867


Hadrian II



14 Dec.867 – Dec.872





14 Dec. 872 – 16 Dec. 882


Marinus I

(Martin II)


16 Dec.882 – 15 May 884


St Hadrian III



17 May 884 – Sept. 885


Stephen V (VI)



Sept.885 – 14 Sept.891





6 Oct.891 – 4 Apr.896


Boniface VI



Apr. 896


Stephen VI (VII)



May 896 – Aug.897





Aug. – Nov.897


Theodore II



Nov/Dec. 897


John IX



Jan.898 – Jan.900


Benedict IV



May/June 900 – July/Aug.903


Leo V



murdered 904





903 –904


Sergius III



29 Jan.904 – 14 Apr.911


Anastasius III



Apr./June 911 – July/Aug.913





Aug.913 – Mar.914


John X



Mar./Apr.914 – May 928:
deposed, murdered 929.


Leo VI



May – Dec. 928


Stephen VII (VIII)



Dec.928 – Feb.931


John XI



Feb./Mar.931 – Dec./Jan.935/6





3(?)Jan.936 –13 July 939


Stephen VIII (IX)



14 July 939 – Oct.942


Marinus II

(Martin III)


30(?) Oct.942 – May 946


Agapitus II



10 May 946 – Dec 955


John XII



16 Dec.955 – 14 May 964





4 Dec.963 – 1 Mar.965

Because John XII was deposed by the Emperor Otto I, the validity of Leo VIII’s election has been contested, and he is included as an antipope in many lists. The Roman Catholic Church’s official list of popes, as printed in the Annuario Pontifico, recognises him as a true pope.


Benedict V



22May – 23 June 964:
deposed,  died 966.





1 Oct.965 – Sept.972


Benedict VI



19 Jan.973 – July 974


Boniface VII



June-July 974
Aug.984-20 July 985


Benedict VII



Oct.974 – 10 July 983


John XIV

(Peter Canepanova)


Dec.983 – Aug.984


John XV

(John Crescentius)


Aug.985 –Mar. 996


Gregory V

(Bruno of Carinthia)


3 May 996 – 18 Feb.999


John XVI



Feb.997 – May 998: died 1001


Sylvester II

(Gerbert of Aurillac)


2 Apr.999 – 12 May 1003



(John Sicco)


16 May – 6 Nov.1003



(John Fasanus)


25 Dec.1003 – June/July 1009


Sergius IV

(Pietro Buccaporca: “Pig’s snout”)


31 July 1009 – 12 May 1012


Gregory VI



May – Dec. 1012


Benedict VIII

(Theophylact II of Tusculum)


17 May 1012 – 9 Apr.1024


John XIX

(Romanus of Tusculum)


19 Apr.1024 – 20 Oct.1032


Benedict IX

(Theophylact III of Tusculum)


21 Oct.1032 – Sept.1044
10 Mar.- 1 May 1045
8 Nov.1047 – 16 July 1048:
deposed, died 19055/6


Sylvester III

(John Crescentius)


20 Jan.- 10 Mar.1045:
deposed. died 1063.


Gregory VI

(John Gratian)


1 May 1045 – 20 Dec. 1046:
deposed, died 1047.


Clement II

(Suidger of Bamberg)


24 Dec.1046 – 9 Oct. 1047


Damasus II

(Poppo of Brixen)


17 July – 9 Aug. 1048


St Leo IX

(Bruno of Egisheim)


12 Feb.1049 – 19 Apr. 1054


Victor II

(Gebhard of Dollnstein-Hirschberg)


13 Apr.1055 – 28 July 1057


Stephen IX (X)

 (Frederick of Lorraine)


2 Aug.1057 – 29 Mar.1058


Benedict X

(John Mincius)


1058-59: died 1074


Nicholas II

(Gérard of Lorraine)


6 Dec.1058 – July 1061


Alexander II

(Anselm of Baggio)


30 Sept.1061 – 21 Apr.1073


Honorius (II)

(Peter Cadalas)


1061-64: died  1072


St Gregory  VII



22 Apr.1073 - 25 May 1085


Clement III

(Guilbert of Parma)


1080, 1084-1100


Bl.Victor III

(Desiderius of Monte Cassino)


24 May 1086 – 16 Sept.1087


Bl.Urban II 

(Odo of Largery)


12 Mar.1088 – 29 July 1099


Paschal II  

(Rainerius of Bieda)


13 Aug.1099 – 21 Jan.1118





Sept. 1100 – Jan 1101: died 1102







Sylvester IV





Gelasius II

(John of Gaeta)


24 Jan.1118- 29 Jan.1119


Gregory (VIIII)

(Maurice Burdanus -‘the donkey’)


1118-21: died c 1140


Callistus II

(Guido of Burgundy)


2 Feb.1119 – 14 Dec.1124


Honorus II

(Lambert Scannabecci)


21 Dec.1124 – 13 Feb.1130


Celestine II



1124: died 1126


Innocent II

(Gregorio Papareschi)


14 Feb.1130-24 Sept.1143


Anacletus II

(Pietro Pierleoni)




Victor IV

(Gregorio Conti)




Celestine II

(Guido di Castello)

From a Castle on the Tiber

26 Sept.1143 – Mar.1144


Lucius II

(Gherardo Caccianemici)

The Enemy Routed

12 Mar.1144 – 15 Feb.1145


Bl.Eugenius III

(Berbardo Pignatelli)

Of the Highest Mountain

15 Feb.1145 – 8 July 1153


Anastasius IV

(Conrad of Rome)

The Suburban Abbot

8 July 1153 – 3 Dec.1154


Hadrian IV

(Nicholas Breakspear)

From the White Country

4 Dec.1154 – 1 Sept.1159


Alexander III

(Orlando Bandinelli)

From the Watchful Goose

7 Sept. 1159 – 20 Aug.1181


Victor IV

(Ottaviano of Monticelli)

Out of the Loathsome Prison

1159 – 64


Paschal III

(Guido of Crema)

Road on the Further Side of the Tiber

1164 – 68


Callistus III

(Giovanno of Struma)

From the Hungary of Tusculum

1168 – 78


Innocent III

(Lando o Sezze)


1179 – 80


Lucius III

(Ubaldo Allucingoli)

Light in the Gate

1 Sept.1181 – 25 Nov.1185


Urban III

(Uberto Crivelli)

The Sow in the Sieve

25 Nov.1185 – 20 Oct.1187


Gregory VIII

(Alberto di Morra)

Sword of Lawrence

21 Oct. – 17 Dec.1187


Clement III

(Paulo Scolari)

He Will Come Out of the School

19 Dc.1187 – Mar.1191


Celestine III

(Giacinto Boboni)

From the Animal Country

30 Mar.1191- 8 Jan.1198


Innocent III

(Lothar of Segni)

A Signed Count

8 Jan.1198 – 16 July 1216


Honorius III

(Cencio Savelli)

A Canon from the Side

18 July 1216 – 18 Mar.1227


Gregory IX

(Ugolino dei Conti di Segni)

The Bird of Ostia

19 Mar.1227 – 22 Aug.1241


Celestine IV

(Goffredo da Castiglione)

The Sabine Lion

25 Oct. – 10 Nov. 1241


Innocent IV

(Sinibaldo Fieschi)

Count Lawrence

25 June 1243 – 7 Dec.1254


Alexander IV

(Rainaldo dei Conti di Segni)

Sign of Ostia

12 Dec.1254 – 25 May 1261


Urban IV

(Jacques Pantaléon)

Jerusalem of Champagne

29 Aug.1261 – 2 Oct.1264


Clement IV

(Guy Foulques)

The Crushed Dragon

5 Feb.1265 – 29 Nov. 1268


Bl.Gregory X

(Tedaldo Visconti)

The Snake-man

1 Sept.1271 – 10 Jan.1276


Bl.Innocent V

(Pierre of Tarantaise)

The French Preacher

21 Jan.- 22 June 1276



(Ottobono Fieschi)

The Good Count

11 July – 18 Aug.1276


John XXI

(Pedro Juliano, ‘Peter of Spain’)

The Tusculan Fisherman

8 Sept. 1276 – 20 May 1277

Because of a mistake in the medieval numbering, no pope has ever borne the title John XX.


Nicholas III

(Giovanni Gaetano Orsini)

A Well-formed Rose

25 Nov.1277 – 22 Aug.1280


Martin IV

(Simon de Brie (or Brion)

From the Treasury of Martin with the Lilies

22 Feb.1281 – 28 Mar.1285


Honorius IV

(Giacomo Savelli)

Of the Leonine Rose

2 Apr.1285 – 3 Apr.1287


Nicholas IV

(Girolamo Masci)

A Woodpecker Amidst the Food

22 Feb.1288 – 4 Apr.1292


St Celestine V

(Pietro del Morrone)

Elevated from the Hermitage

5 July – 13 Dec.1294: resigned, died 1296.


Boniface VIII

(Benedetto Caetani)

From the Benediction of the Waves

24 Dec.1294 – 11 Oct.1303


Bl.Benedict XI

(Niccolo(2) Boccasino)

A Preacher of Patera

22 Oct.1303 – 7 July 1304


Clement V

(Bertrand de Got)

Of the Aquitanian Fesses

5 June 1305 – 20 Apr. 1314



(Jacques Duèse)

Of the Bony Shoemaker

7 Aug.1316 – 4 Dec.1334


Nicholas (V)

(Pietro Rainalducci)

The Schismatic Crow



Benedict XII

(Jacques Fournier)

The Cold Abbot

20 Dec.1334 - 25 Apr.1342


Clement VI

(Pierre Roger)

Of the Rose of Arras

7 May 1342 – 6 Dec.1352


Innocent VI

(Etienne Aubert)

From the Mountain of Pammachius

18 Dec.1352 – 12 Sept.1362


Bl.Urban V

(Guillaume de Grimoard)

The French Viscount

28 Sept.1362 – 19 Dec.1370


Gregory XI

(Pierre Roger)

A New Man from a Strong Virgin

30 Dec.1370 – 27 Mar.1378


Urban VI

(Bartolommeo Prignano)

Out of the Teeming Hell

8 Apr.1378 – 15 Oct.1389


Clement VII

(Robert of Geneva)

Of the Apostolic Cross

1378 – 94


Boniface IX

(Pietro Tomacelli)

The Mixed Cubes

2 Nov.1389 – 1 Oct.1404


Benedict XIII

(Pedro de Luna)

Moon of Cosmedin (1394-1424)

28 Sept.1394 – 26 July 1417: died 1423.


Innocent VII

(Cosimo Gentile dei Migliorati)

Of the Better Star

17 Oct.1404 – 6 Nov.1406


Gregory XII

(Angelo Correr)

Sailor of the Black Bridge

30 Nov.1406 – 4 June 1415: abdicated at Council of Constance, died 18 Sept. 1417.


Alexander V

(Pietro Philargi)

Scourge of the Sun

1409 – 10



(Baldassare Cossa)

Stag of the Siren

1410-15: died 1419


Martin V

(Odo Colonna)

Pillar of the Golden Awning

11 Nov.1417 – 20 Feb.1431


Clement VIII

(Gil Sanchez Munoz)


1423-29: died 1446.


Benedict (XIV)

(Bernard Garier)


1425 - ?


Eugenius IV

(Gabriele Condulmaro)

The Celestial She-Wolf

3 Mar.1431 – 23 Feb.1447


Felix V

(Amadeus of Savoy)

A Lover of the Cross

1439-49: died 1451


Nicholas V

(Tommaso Parentucelli)

Of the Humble Moon

6 Mar.1447 – 24 Mar.1455


Callistus III

(Alfonso Borgia)

The Browsing Bull

8 Apr.1455 – 6 Aug.1458


Pius II

(Aeneas Silvio Piccolomini)

Of the Goat and the Inn

19 Aug.1458 – 15 Aug.1464


Paul II

(Pietro Barbo)

Of a Stag and a Lion

30 Aug.1464 – 26 July 1471


Sixtus IV

(Franscesco della Rovere)

Franciscan Fisherman

9 Aug.1471 – 12 Aug.1484


Innocent VIII

(Giovanni Battista Cibo)

Precursor of Sicily

29 Aug.1484 – 25 July 1492


Alexander VI

(Roderigo de Borgia)

An Alban Ox in the Port

11 Aug. 1492 – 18 Aug.1503


Pius III

(Francesco Todeschini)

Of a Little Man

22 Sept.- 18 Oct.1503


Julius II

(Giuliano della Rovere)

The Fruit of Juniper Will Avail

1 Nov.1503 – 21 Feb.1513


Leo X

(Giovanni de’Medici)

Of the Gridiron of Politian

11 Mar.1513 – 1 Dec.1521


Hadrian VI

(Adrian Dedel)

The Lion of Florentius

9 Jan.1522 – 12 Sept.1523


Clement VII

(Giudo de’Medici)

The Flower of the Pill for the Sick

18 Nov.1523 – 25 Sept.1534


Paul III

(Alessandro Farnese)

The Hyacinth of the Physician

13 Oct.1534 – 10 Nov.1549


Julius III

(Giovanni del Monte)

Of the Mountain Crown

8 Feb.1550 – 23 Mar.1555


Marcellus II

(Marcello Cervini)

The Weak Grain

9 Apr.- 1 May 1555


Paul IV

(Giovanni Pietro Caraffa)

Of the Faith of Peter

23 May 1555 – 18 Aug.1559


Pius IV

(Giovanni Angelo Medici)

The Medicine of Aesculapius

25 Dec.1559 – 9 Dec.1565


St. Pius V

(Michele Ghislieri)

The Angel of the Wood

8 Jan. 1566 – 1 May 1572


Gregory XIII

(Ugo Buoncompagni)

A Half-body of the Balls

14 May 1572 – 10 Apr.1585


Sixtus V

(Felice Peretti)

The Axis in the Midst of the Sign

24 Apr.1585 – 27 Aug.1590


Urban VII

(Giambattista Castagna)

Of the Heavenly Dew

15-27 Sept.1590


Gregory XIV

(Nicolo(2) Sfondrati)

From the Old City

5 Dec.1590 – 16 Oct.1591


Innocent IX

(Giovanni Antonio Fachinetti)

A Pius City in War

29 Oct. – 30 Dec. 1591


Clement VIII

(Ippolito Aldobrandini)

Cross of Romulus

30 Jan.1592 – 5 Mar.1605


Leo XI

(Alessandro de’Medici)

Man of the Waves

1-27 Apr.1605


Paul V

(Camillo Borghese)

A Perverse Race

16 May 1605 – 28 Jan.1621


Gregory XV

(Alessandro Ludovisi)

In the Tribulation of Peace

9 Feb.1621 – 8 July 1623


Urban VIII

(Maffeo Barberini)

The Lily and the Rose

6 Aug.1623 – 29 July 1644


Innocent X

(Giambattista Pamfili)

The Joy of the Cross

15 Sept.1644 – 1 Jan.1655


Alexander VII

(Fabio Chigi)

The Guardian of the Mountains

7 Apr.1655 – 22 May 1667


Clement IX

(Giulio Rospigliosi)

The Star of the Swans

20 June 1667 – 9 Dec.1669


Clement X

(Emilio Altieri)

Of the Great River

29 Apr. 1670 – 22 July 1676


Bl.Innocent XI

(Benedetto Odescalchi)

The Insatiable Beast

21 Sept.1676 – 11 Aug.1689


Alexander VIII

(Pietro Ottoboni)

Glorious Penance

6 Oct.1689 – 1 Feb.1691


Innocent XII

(Antonio Pignatelli)

Portcullis in the Gate

12 July 1691 – 27 Sept.1700


Clement XI

(Gianfrancesco Albani)

The Encircling Flowers

23 Nov.1700 – 19 Mar.1721


Innocent XIII

(Michelangelo de’Conti)

Of the Good Religious Order

8 May.1721 – 7 Mar.1724


Benedict XIII

(Pietro Francesco Orsini-Gravina)

A Soldier at War

27 May 1724 – 21 Feb.1730


Clement XII

(Lorenzo Corsini)

The Lofty Column

12 July 1730 – 8 Feb.1740


Benedict XIV

(Prospero Lorenzo Lambertini)

A Rural Animal

17 Aug.1740 – 3 May 1758


Clement XIII

(Carlo della Torre Rezzonico)

The Rose of Umbria

6 July 1758 – 2 Feb.1769


Clement XIV

(Lorenzo Ganganelli)

The Nimble Bear

19 May 1769 – 22 Sept.1774


Pius VI

(Giovanni Angelo Braschi)

The Apostolic Wanderer

15 Feb.1775 – 29 Aug1799


Pius VII

(Barnaba Chiaramonte)

The Rapacious Eagle

14 Mar.1800 – 20 July 1823



(Annibale della Genga)

The Dog and the Serpent

28 Sept.1823 – 10 Feb.1829



(Francesca Saverio Castiglione)

A Religious Man

31 Mar.1829 – 30 Nov.1830


Gregory XVI

(Bartolommeo Cappellari)

From Balnea in Etruria

2 Feb.1831 – 1 June 1846


Pius IX

(Giovanni Maria Mastai-Ferretti)

Cross from a Cross

16 June 1846 – 7 Feb.1878



(Gioacchino Vincenzo Pecci)

Light in the Heavens

20 Feb.1878 – 20 July 1903


Pius X

 (Giuseppe Melchior Sarto)

Burning Fire

4 Aug.1903 – 20 Aug.1914


Benedict XV

(Giacomo della Chiesa)

Religion Devastated

3 Sept.1914 – 22 Jan.1922


Pius XI

(Achille Ratti)

Intrepid Faith

6 Feb.1922 – 10 Feb.1939


Pius XII

(Eugenio Pacelli)

The Angelic Shepherd

2 Mar.1939 – 9 Oct.1958



(Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli)

The Shepherd and the Sailor

28 Oct.1958 – 3 June 1963


Paul VI

(Giovanni Battista Montini)

Flower of Flowers

21 June 1963 – 6 Aug.1978


John Paul I

(Albino Luciani)

From the Half of the Moon

26 Aug. – 28 Sept.1978


John Paul II

(Karol Jozef Wojtyla)

From the Labor of the Sun

16 Oct.1978 - 2 April 2005


Benedict XVI

(Joseph Ratzinger)

From the Glory of the Olive

19 April 2005 – 28 Feb. 2013


Francis I

(Jorge Mario Bergoglio)

Peter the Roman?

13 March 2013 -


Malachy’s names taken from Appendix A: The Complete Prophesy of St. Malachy

Concluding paragraph of Appendix A:

In the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church there shall reign Peter the Roman who will feed his flock amid many tribulations, after which the seven-hilled city will be destroyed and the terrible judge will judge the people.


[Note: St Hippolytus denoted in the text above as an antipope was never declared a pope or an antipope. He was bishop of Ostia Attica the port city of Rome and was a thorn in the side of the popes in Rome as he continually denounced them for the sinners they were. His histories and writings had to be discredited and the only way they did that was by declaring him an antipope.]