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Timetable of the World Wars and the Kings of the East


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This text deals with the sequences and timings of the conflicts that will come to be known as World Wars I, II and III and the Battles that involve the Wars of Armageddon and the Vials of the Wrath of God. It adds to the Outline Timetable of the Age which events are also listed in paper 272.



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Timetable of the World Wars and the Kings of the East

It is worthwhile examining the activities at the beginning of the twentieth century and the sequence of the wars that occurred exactly 100 years ago.


From the Jubilee of 1877 the Islamist and Arab nationalist opposition to Europeans had been developed to the extent that by 1882 opposition to European influence and settlement in the Middle East led to growing tension amongst native groups and leaders, especially in Egypt which then, as now, was the most powerful, populous, and influential of Arabian nations. The most dangerous opposition during this period came from the Albanian and Mamluke dominated Egyptian army which saw the reorientation of economic development away from their control as a threat to their privileges. They then, as now, in the Egyptian modern Army had a distinct place in Egyptian society and they are still more or less playing out the part they were acting in nineteenth century Egypt. Their direction of influence has simply changed and is less terrorist aligned.


A large military demonstration in September 1881 forced the Khedive Tewfiq to dismiss his Prime Minister and rule by decree. Hundreds of European and allied Egyptian persons were murdered and thousands more were targeted for terrorism. Many of the Europeans retreated to specially designed quarters suited for defence or to heavily Christian and European settled cities such as Alexandria.


As a result, in April 1882, France and Great Britain sent warships to Alexandria to bolster the Khedive amidst a turbulent climate and protect European lives and property. In opposition, Egyptian nationalists spread fear of invasion throughout the country to bolster Islamic and Arabian revolutionary action. The Khedive Tewfiq moved to Alexandria for his own safety. Army officers led by Ahmed Urabi had begun to take control of the government. By June 1882, Egypt was in the hands of nationalists opposed to European domination of the country and the new army revolutionary government began nationalizing all assets in Egypt. Subsequently, anti-Christian and anti-European Arabs infiltrated Alexandria and began terrorizing the populace eventually seizing parts of the city.


A British Naval bombardment of Alexandria managed to counter the revolutionary terror in the streets of the city. However, nationally it had little effect on the opposition. To prevent the intervention of outside powers or the seizure of the canal by Islamists in conjunction with an Islamic revolution in the British Empire of India, the British led an Anglo-Indian expeditionary force at both ends of the Suez Canal in August 1882. At the same time French forces landed in Alexandria and the northern end of the canal in conjunction with the British Forces. Their conjoined forces then manoeuvred to meet the Egyptian army. The combined Anglo-French-Indian army easily defeated the Egyptian Army at Tel El Kebir in September and took control of the country putting the Khedive Tewfiq back in control.


The purpose of the invasion had been to restore political stability to Egypt under a government of the Khedive and the international controls which had been put in place to streamline Egyptian financing since 1876, which was the Biblical Sabbath year and Jubilee of 1876-77. Some think it unlikely that the British expected a long-term occupation from the outset; however, Britain's Chief Representative in Egypt at the time, Lord Cromer, viewed Egypt's financial reforms as part of a long-term objective. Cromer reportedly took the view that political stability needed financial stability, and embarked on a program of long term investment in Egypt's productive resources, particularly the cotton industry which was the mainstay of Egypt’s export earnings.


In 1906, British rule in Egypt was questioned with the Denshaw Incident. The German Empire set up what was to become a serious long-term problem which would carry on into two world wars and then into post WWII conflicts and on into what will be WWIII at the end of this final period up to the Jubilee of 2027.  By 2006 the financial crisis that was to disrupt the global system was set up and in 2007 was unleashed in Europe and the Rest of the World by corruption in the US and in Europe. The Germans, from 1906, began re-organizing, funding, and expanding anti-Christian, anti-European, and especially anti-British revolutionary nationalist movements. For the first quarter of the 20th century, Britain's main goal in Egypt was penetrating these groups, neutralizing them, and attempting to form more pro-British nationalist groups with which to hand on further control. This was thwarted and by the beginning of World War One (WWI) Germany had successfully formed a series of revolutionary nationalist and liberation groups against Anglo-French colonial authorities around the world. Most of these groups continued on to form post-WWII anti-colonialist groups which eventually forced the removal of British and French rule in Africa, India, and Asia. British colonial authorities attempted to reorganise and develop their less radical opponents with entrance into the League of Nations, including the peace treaty of Versailles. The very nature of its punitive actions against Germany and the Nationalist ambitions of the Nazis saw the League doomed to failure as it could not control the nations involved. The Anglo-French agreements (Sykes Picot Treaty) set the stage for the later divisions and Islamist conflicts almost one hundred years later. Syria was one such agreement from the French as was the West African nations, and as was Egypt and Palestine and East Africa for the British and the divisions in Asia also. German intrigue continues to this day and Germany has worked with Iran to undermine the effort of the Europeans and the US to deal with Iran in Geneva in 2013 and on into 2014 as we will see below.


In part of the reorganisation in Egypt, the Wafd Party was invited and promised full independence in the years ahead. British occupation ended nominally with the UK's 1922 declaration of Egyptian independence, but British military domination of Egypt lasted until 1936. In 1939 the British Forces were back in occupation of Egypt for WWII. The Axis forces were defeated decisively at El Alamein. The pro-Nazi French Foreign Legion in Syria was then defeated by the Australians before their return to the Pacific Theatre.


In 1953, Egypt declared independence and in 1956 seized the Suez Canal. This was part of the prophecies concerning the fall of Egypt and its seizure of independence in a sequence of 2520 years or seven prophetic times from 605 BCE to 565 BCE with Egyptian independence (thus 1956 with Suez) and then to 525 BCE with Cambyses’ Invasion.  2520 years from Cambyses’ Invasion and occupation of Egypt was 1996 which marked the end of the Time of the Gentiles within the prophecies of Daniel (see the paper Fall of Egypt (No. 036) and Fall of Egypt Part II (No. 036_2)).


In 1897, the Sixth year of the cycle, we saw the First Zionist Congress held. This set in train a number of events that also saw the British Empire move towards establishing the Jewish Homeland.


In 1912, the Sabbath Year, the Italians began to move into North Africa also. As we saw, the European nations began to move towards world war with the actions of Germany and the Austro-Hungarians.  Between 1912 and 1914 Europe began to stumble into WWI through its imperialist ambitions.  By 1916 Europe had developed into the major conflagrations that saw the demise of massive numbers of its people (e.g. The Somme and the Western Front and with Russia on the Eastern Front). This conflict was exactly seven prophetic times or 2520 years from the Battle of Carchemish and the establishment of the Babylonian Empire.


In 1917, the Commonwealth forces took Palestine at Beersheba. Then the Balfour Declaration was made for the establishment of the Jewish Homeland and Australia took Jerusalem. That sequence of events is explained in the paper The Oracles of God (No. 184).


In 1918, the Ottoman Empire fell with the defeat of Germany and was ultimately placed as a NATO ally with the Northern forces of the biblical King of the North.


Because Italy fought on the Allied side against the Germans and Austro-Hungarians in WWI they kept their African possessions through until WWII. Mussolini established fascist rule in Italy and joined the Axis powers. As a result the significant Italian forces in Africa engaged the Allied forces there in East Africa from 1940-1941. The Italians were defeated in East Africa at the Battle of Gondar in November 1941. The North African Campaign took place on the Italian declaration of war on 10 June 1940 to 13 May 1943. It included campaigns fought in the Libyan and Egyptian Deserts as the Western Desert Campaign (also known as the Desert War) and in Morocco and Algeria in Operation Torch and In Tunisia under the Tunisian Campaign. The Italian forces under the 10th Army collapsed under the Allied counter offensives in Operation Compass from November 1940. The Germans reinforced them with Rommel and the Afrika Korps, and they were finally defeated at the Second Battle of El Alamein. Operation Torch in late 1942 was fought by US forces to satisfy Russian demands to draw German forces away from the Russian front and allowed the US to fight on a limited front in North Africa. It was fought against Vichy French forces allied with the Germans and who subsequently capitulated.


It is important to now look at the situation 100 years later. From the Zionist conference of 1897 we see in 1997 the establishment of the Empire of the Beast with the last union of the Ten Toes of Daniel chapter 2. This will see Jerusalem occupied within the thirty years and before the Advent of the Messiah. They will rule there for forty-two months and will be defeated and removed from there by the Messiah.


From the Sabbath year 2012, exactly 100 years from the conflicts in the occupation of North Africa and the beginning of the Wars of the End, we see the Islamist conflicts in the Middle East developed to the point of genocide and the call by Egypt under the Muslim Brotherhood and with Iran for the genocide of Israel from 2013. Syria was placed in civil war and in 2014 in May will be at the end of the 40 years from their last attempt at the occupation and genocide of Israel in the Yom Kippur War. God will deal with them after the Second Passover. At present Syria is being forced to remove its biochemical weapons so critical in the war of the Fifth Trumpet. The Norwegians are trying to facilitate that now. Delay is the key word and Iran is also delaying any controls as we will see. The Middle East will then be faced with the major wars that they saw from 1914-1918. These wars will involve Europe as it did in 1914-1918. Russia will also be involved as it was before 1918 until their conflict saw them withdraw under the Bolshevik revolution. 


The four years of this conflict of 1914-1918 will see the 100 year span from 2014-2018 but the 100 years from the Seven Times of Carchemish will end in 2016.  We would thus expect the period of 2016-2024 to be the most conflagratory. 2016-2024 may well see Russia involved in the World War with the Kings of the North fighting and then occupying the Middle East ruling from Palestine and from Gaza to Jerusalem.


The period to 2018 would expect to see the Great War of WWIII continue until this period and then from  2021 to 2025 we would expect to see the Messiah deal with the world under the Vials of the Wrath of God. The agreement on the Armistice was reached prior to the date in November and we would expect to see the activities of the Messiah from the Last Holy Day of Tabernacles after the period of the Witnesses to the beginning of the Treble Harvest year of 2025.


The period 1947-1997 or 50 years saw the War for Jewish Independence fought and the Arab armies defeated. This last 50 years was the last period until the end of the Time of the Gentiles and in 1997 the structure of the Empire of the Beast was formed for the Last 30 years of the Last Days (see also the papers World War III: Part I The Empire of the Beast (No. 299A) and WWIII Part II: The Whore and the Beast (No. 299B)).


In 1967, Jerusalem was retaken in the Six Day War. This event was part of the Heavenly Signs (see the paper The Heavenly Signs of the Sixth Seal in Context (No. 038B)). This period 1967-1997 was the period of the Mourning for Aaron as the Temple was reclaimed but unable to be occupied except for the Wailing Wall. In 1997 we saw the beginning of the end of the last thirty years in the wilderness.  This was the Mourning for Moses.  At the return of the Messiah for the period prior to 2025 we will see the First Resurrection of the Dead (see the paper Heaven Hell or the First Resurrection of the Dead (No. 143A)). At the end of this period we will see the restoration and relocation of the nations at the Jubilee of 2027, and the beginning of the Millennium in the Holy Land under Messiah and the new world government of the Messiah from 2028-3027, with the Second Resurrection of the Dead and the Great White Throne Judgment No. 143B) from 3028-3127.


The Kings of the East

Above we dealt with the sequence of events from the 117th Jubilee in 1886-7 dealing with the build up to the wars of the end.  Those dates and sequence are being added to the text of the paper Outline Timetable of the Age (No. 272).


Here we will deal with the development of the wars in the East over Asia and the Pacific and the lead up to the move against Messiah in the Middle East by these armies of the Kings of the East. The Chinese Communist party and the People’s Liberation Army are preparing for a series of wars of reclamation. Their propaganda organs are publishing the likely plans of the sequence and the timings of these wars of reclamation.  The Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) blog The Strategist has published (26 Nov 2013) an article on those perceived necessary wars by Geoff Wade, visiting fellow of the College of Asia and the Pacific of the ANU, to that effect. The PLA are dealing with a likely 50 year plan for these wars and the published areas of reclamation are enough to make the entire Asia and the Pacific feel somewhat nervous. One could observe it is just like it was in pre-WWI, and we have observed that is so in the West and it seems that these Eastern nations are also bumbling along to chaos from China to Japan to the Koreas and to India and Pakistan and South East Asia. Indonesia is building up at a faster rate than ever in its entire history.


Geoff Wade says: “A more troubling example of irredentism can be seen in an article which appeared on the website of the Chinese news agency Zhongguo Xinwenshe (Chinese, English translation here) in July this year. Entitled ‘Revealing the Six Wars China Must Fight in the Coming 50 Years’ (曝光中国在未来50年里必打的六场战争), the article is another manifestation of the hyper-nationalist attitude seen within some parts of the PLA. However, that an article of this nature was carried by a PRC national news agency suggests that it was approved at a very high level. The six ‘inevitable’ wars suggested in the article’s title are presented in the chronological order in which they will take place:

The war to unify Taiwan (2020–2025)

The war to recover the various islands of the South China Sea (2025–2030)

The war to recover southern Tibet (2035–2040)

The war to recover Diaoyutai and the Ryukyus (2040–2045)

The war to unify Outer Mongolia (2045–2050) (a claim from the Qing Dynasty)

The war to recover the territory seized by Russia (2055–2060)

Claims to Taiwan have been a part of PRC policy since 1949, and military action has never been ruled out, but a specific timetable for such action has never been suggested. In a remarkable coincidence, the Taiwan military has just announced that the PRC will have the military capacity to take Taiwan by 2020. In terms of a South China Sea war, little imagination is needed to see the current argy-bargy in the region extending into a military conflict. Regarding the third proposed war, China’s claims to the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh (PDF) have been a thorn in China-India relations for decades, but the extent of Chinese claims over Tibetan cultural areas in the Himalayas remains unspecified.”


The 2020 date would involve the Taiwanese alliances anyway but it will happen before then. We will see from the 1938 map published by China below that the areas claimed extend far beyond China’s boundaries and include all of Tibet and the area of Northern India with the states from Southern Tibet all the way east to the Malay Peninsular and right up to the islands in the East China Sea in current dispute with Japan and all the way around Japan and including the Russian territories in dispute with Japan and into the Russian and Mongolian territories themselves. China will extend these territories into Indonesia in accordance with their claims under the Yuan dynasty as we saw in the text in Mysticism (Mysticism Chapter 8 East Asia - China and Japan (No. B7_8); Mysticism Chapter 9 South East Asian Systems (No. B7_9)).


The time frame of 50 years is unfortunately far too extended as Bible prophecy tells us. Revelation 16:12 shows us that the drying up of the Euphrates system is preparatory to the coming of the Kings of the East over them on the march to Jerusalem. These armies are to be brought down to Armageddon to be destroyed. They will come down after Messiah destroys the forces of the Kings of the North at his return. Thus if the six thousand year structure, under the 120 jubilees from the closure of Eden, is the time frame, then they have to be brought down from the destruction of the king of the North, as we see from Daniel 11:40-45. The war of the end under Messiah is prophesied from Daniel 12:1-3 as follows.


Daniel 11:40-45 "At the time of the end the king of the south shall attack him; but the king of the north shall rush upon him like a whirlwind, with chariots and horsemen, and with many ships; and he shall come into countries and shall overflow and pass through. 41He shall come into the glorious land. And tens of thousands shall fall, but these shall be delivered out of his hand: Edom and Moab and the main part of the Ammonites. 42He shall stretch out his hand against the countries, and the land of Egypt shall not escape. 43He shall become ruler of the treasures of gold and of silver, and all the precious things of Egypt; and the Libyans and the Ethiopians shall follow in his train. 44But tidings from the east and the north shall alarm him, and he shall go forth with great fury to exterminate and utterly destroy many. 45And he shall pitch his palatial tents between the sea and the glorious holy mountain; yet he shall come to his end, with none to help him.


Note in the sequence the King of the North is forced to occupy and fight wars with the Middle East system but then he is alarmed by news from the East and the North and then goes out to utterly destroy many.  The War of the Fifth Trumpet forces the NATO forces to occupy the Middle East. However the military alliances of Russia and China drag them into the War of the End or WWIII proper. This is the War of the Sixth Trumpet which kills a third of mankind.  It is all out thermonuclear war. China has been called into this by its alliances, and as a result of its agreements the six wars it sees as necessary will be achieved by consensus in the reorganization and the rapid and escalating wars. With the destruction of the King of the North by Messiah they are then forced to either capitulate or fight. They were allowed to reorganise by the King of the North in the conflicts at the end of the Sixth Trumpet but they were dependent on the King of the North for so-called world peace. The time frame of the wars before Messiah are as follows. 


Between the years prior to the Witnesses NATO is forced to occupy the Middle East in the nations listed from Daniel 11:40-43. Russia, with the complicity of China, has already entered the Middle East from 2016. It will proceed to force the escalation of the War of the Fifth Trumpet which is a biochemical war into the release of the Four Angels at the Euphrates from Tartaros for this final phase. It is then followed by the war of the Sixth Trumpet. In this war a third of mankind are killed. The destruction is so great that Christ is then sent back as we have examined in the paper Advent of the Messiah (No. 210A).


Daniel 12:1-3 "At that time shall arise Michael, the great prince who has charge of your people. And there shall be a time of trouble, such as never has been since there was a nation till that time; but at that time your people shall be delivered, every one whose name shall be found written in the book (RSV).


Then the sequences of the First and Second Resurrection will be set in motion:

2And many of those who sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt. 3And those who are wise shall shine like the brightness of the firmament; and those who turn many to righteousness, like the stars forever and ever.


From the First Resurrection we see the elect put together in Jerusalem and then Christ having destroyed the Antichrist, and the False Prophet brings the Forces of the North or NATO down to Armageddon in the valley of the splitting of the Mount of Olives. This sequence begins the Vials of the Wrath of God (see the paper Wars of the Last Days and the Vials of the Wrath of God (No. 141B)). The alliance of the Kings of the East would be reorganised under the Beast Power after their defeat by NATO in the War of the Sixth Trumpet as were the old Soviet systems. This was prior to the Witnesses being sent by God to Jerusalem. They preached for 1260 days and then were killed and allowed to lie in the streets for 3.5 days and then were resurrected at the advent of the Messiah (see the paper The Witnesses (including the Two Witnesses (No. 135)). At this time Michael shall take charge with the shout of the Archangel and the sound of the Trumpet and the war machines of these nations will be systematically destroyed and subjugated.  All the NATO forces and its financial systems and its religious structure will be destroyed. The entire North American military systems will be destroyed. 


Who are the Kings of the East?

They are every military power in the Asia Pacific Region.


The North Koreans may well force a conflict as a result of the rise of the military power of the generals under Kim Jong-un. The shock caused by the execution of Chang Song-thaek (and the arrest and future execution of many of the family of this uncle of Kim Jong–un) contrary to ancient Confucian ideals has given rise to speculation, re Kim’s wife and serious unrest. The South Korean intelligence system was expecting a military action before April 2014 but it is now expected by March 2018 . This may well precipitate, through this bumbling ineptitude, the wars in the East as it did in the West a century before it. The security zone imposed over the Japanese claimed islands may have the same effect. So also the conflicts with Vietnam and the Philippines in the South China Sea, which may well bring in India. The Islamic conflicts would cause Chinese involvement from the Russian alliance with Iran and Syria and the Chinese Alliance with Pakistan causing a conflict of interest with Saudi Arabia. From Passover 2014 the military actions continued to escalate both in the West and in the East. War is anticipated from 2018.


Every single military power on the planet will be annihilated if not before then finally at Armageddon (see the paper War of Hamon-Gog (No. 294) as well as the Wars of the Last Days and the Vials of the Wrath of God (No. 141b) above). The nation of Israel and the nations that are part of its federation through Jordan and Lebanon and Syria and Southern Iraq will establish a regional clean-up squad and they will spend seven months burying the dead and then seven years with a designated branch that continues burying those found and the refuse. The materials and supplies will provide metals and supplies for the federation of Israel and allied nations for years to come. None of these things need to happen.  Not one single nation of the Kings of the East needs to be destroyed with their armies. They simply have to repent but they do not.  The Hindus and Buddhists and Animists and those Muslims that do not understand the Koran, and the Talmudic Judaisers, and the Mariolaters and Sun cult worshippers in the Trinitarian system not destroyed in Europe will all be dealt with and subjugated. The beings of the First Resurrection of the Great Multitude will be sent out to the nations of the world. They will destroy every religious system on this planet and restore the Laws of God and the Sabbaths, New Moons and Feasts and will enforce them on pain of death (Isa. 66:23; Zech 14:16-19). This is Scripture and Scripture cannot be broken (Jn. 10:34-36).


The restoration of Israel will be effected by a massive Exodus greater than that from Egypt. They will be identified and sent to Israel by all conveyances, on horses and chariots and wagons and by every means to re-establish their clans and people (Isa. 66:15-23). Every nation will send its representatives to the Temple which will be rebuilt at Jerusalem and they will worship there at the Feast and take their instructions back to each nation when they have finished at the Temple. There will be no more war for a thousand years from 2025 to the release of Satan from 3019 for the final conflict and the Second Resurrection of the Dead. (See the paper Second Resurrection of the Dead and the Great White Throne Judgment No. 143B).)


As Geoff Wade says: “None of the above wars are endorsed by current PRC policies, and some Chinese claim that the article represents only the views of radical hyper-nationalists. However, the claims to territories which this article avers need to be ‘recovered’ through warfare are long-standing and are remarkably congruent with a 1938 map of ‘China’s shame’ authorised by the Ministry of the Interior of the Republican Government which shows the areas torn from China by imperialists—European and Japanese. (See map below) The ‘lost’ Chinese territories on this map include not only the Russian Far East, the Ryukyus, Taiwan and the South China Sea, but also Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, the Malay Peninsula and Singapore, Myanmar, Nepal, parts of Pakistan and most of Central Asia.”  Enough to make us all worry is it not?


The Coming Wars

As mentioned above, South Korean intelligence is certain that North Korea will act militarily before April 2014 to cover up their problems at home.  Kim Jong-un made his announcement telling a large composite unit on 25 December 2013 to prepare for war at immediate notice and this state of Alert is ongoing through 2018. Deaths and assassinations are also possible in this situation. The Ukraine is reaching crisis also. In Asia it is just like it was in 1914 in Europe.  Add the Middle East to the mix and it will blow anytime.


Russians have issued the following article headed Gulf monarchies afraid of Iran, getting ready for big war on 24 December, with the sub-title Arab Persian Gulf kingdoms are building a 100,000-strong collective defense force to counter an alleged threat from Iran.


“In the middle of December, the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf, which comprises Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Saudi Arabia, unveiled plans to establish a joint military command with headquarters in Riyadh. A Saudi general is expected to be appointed the joint troops’ commander. The Gulf monarchies already have a similar though smaller rapid reaction force. Its expansion indicates that political and military cooperation between the Gulf Arab nations has entered a new level, said Yelena Melkumyan, a Russian orientalist and professor at the Russian State Humanitarian University’s Middle East Department.


‘The Gulf monarchies are beefing up their joint troop contingent and are giving significantly more attention to military cooperation. On the one hand, they seem to continue doing what they were doing in the past, but on the other hand, new realities are forcing them to focus more on defense matters. They fear a growing threat from Iran. Tehran is currently in talks with Washington. It signed a preliminary nuclear agreement in Geneva. So the Gulf nations realize that things are beginning to change. In the past, they hoped for the deterring role of the United States in confrontation with Iran, but now they have to rely more on their own,’ Prof. Melkumyan told the Voice of Russia.


‘The Gulf nations have much in common – all of them monarchies, all Sunni-dominated and all thriving thanks to hydrocarbons. Yet, it would be wrong to think that their alliance is monolithic. There are in fact deep differences inside the bloc. However, the rise of their Shia big neighbor – Iran - has prompted them to drop petty squabbles and team up against a common threat,’ said Vasily Kuznetsov, a senior research fellow at the Institute of Middle East of the Russian Academy of Sciences.


“The situation in the Persian Gulf is becoming more serious. There are two equally strong rival powers – Saudi Arabia and Iran. The Gulf Cooperation Council was specifically designed to unite the Gulf monarchies against Iran. The threat is real and it’s a no-nonsense fight. But no Gulf army has any chance against the Iranian army as far as combat efficiency is concerned. No matter how well it is armed, the Iranians will still be better at war. Still, I would say that a military conflict between the Gulf nations and Iran looks pretty unlikely for a variety of reasons, above all, the highly pragmatic nature of both the Iranian and Saudi regimes. The establishment of the joint Gulf defense seems to me a political move and a positive one for the Gulf nations as it shows their ability to reach consensus, rather than a response to new realities in the security sphere.”


The reporting journalist Sergey Duz also suggested that it could also be a pick at Washington which, in Riyadh’s opinion, is going too far in adjusting its relations with Tehran. One needn’t be a prophet to understand that Riyadh’s ‘independent’ foreign policy ends one meter from the line of the breakup of strategic partnership with Washington. The United States is Saudi Arabia’s sole security guarantor in the Middle East.


It is the Russian view that the Persian Gulf defense alliance may potentially have a negative impact on the region as it actually fuels tension between Riyadh and Tehran.  More details are at


The Russians are faced with the consequences of their alliance with Iran and the fact that they may well be plunged into full scale war with the West over this escalation and the views of the Sunni alliance against their Shia opponents in Iran and Syria.  The major cause of the problem is that the Russians and Chinese simply do not understand that their failure to deal with the Syrian crisis and their misuse of the powers of the Security Council has simply caused the Middle East to regard them as worse than useless and an actual threat to world peace and they must simply prepare to deal with Iran themselves and if necessary Russia as well. This alliance will be 100,000 troops. By the time this is finished it will be 200,000,000 troops and one third of the world will be dead and the further devastation will simply escalate until Christ is sent back on the death of the Two Witnesses after their 1260 days teaching and 3.5 days in the streets (see the paper The Witnesses (including the Two Witnesses) (No. 135)). It is only then that these morons in the US that teach that Herbert Armstrong was Elijah will actually get the message that they were wrong and they are in the Second Resurrection with all the others that were wrong and taught false doctrine including that idolatry.  So also with the Talmudic Jews in Jerusalem and the Sunni and Shia Muslims that also taught false doctrine and inflicted this disaster on the world. Modern Christianity does not understand that it is they based on Sunday worshipping Trinitarianism that is the central system of Antichrist that Christ will return to destroy and wipe from the face of the earth (see the paper Doctrine of Antichrist (No. 243B)).       


Iran and Germany

It is now common knowledge throughout the world that Iran and Germany are in talks in Germany discussing what is occurring in the Geneva conference with the Western Nations regarding their removal of a nuclear production capacity.  Germany is coming to an agreement regarding the oil pipeline from Iran across into Europe and the oil supplies guaranteed by the removal of sanctions. The full details of this activity will emerge in the problems that follow and the Germans will now face the problems that for the last 120 years are of their own making. The sanctions regarding the machinery used for the enrichment of uranium in the centrifuges is being exempted from the sanctions against Iran by Germany plus many other things.


The end result will see the escalation of the conflict such that the EU and Russia cannot be trusted and what they may end up doing is anyone’s guess. US action may well see some strange bedfellows and we will see in all this the Antichrist emerge very soon.


The US is also very concerned over the Iranian development of new centrifuges. This is now so much so that US Democrat and Republican joint worries re the new Iranian centrifuges are calling for the requirement for tougher sanctions. This is opposed by US President Obama but they will get a new bill passed through congress with a joint Democrat and Republican vote with a 67 plus majority which will make the bill veto proof.


One does not have to be all that bright to see that the development of much faster centrifuges to enrich uranium is totally unnecessary for nuclear power generation.  The speed is only necessary if one determines to make a nuclear weapon more speedily.  Iran’s development of these much faster centrifuges telegraphs an intention to make nuclear weapons as fast as possible.


This is also accompanied by a move into more futurist weaponry for an advanced military capacity both by the US and by Russia.  Both have announced movement into these areas of laser, cyborg, robotics and space based systems and IT technologies. So there is no doubt as to Russia’s views. Putin made mention of futuristic weaponry last year in a presidential campaign article.

"Space-based systems and IT tools, especially in cyberspace, will play a great, if not decisive role in armed conflicts. In a more remote future, weapon systems that use different physical principles will be created (beam, geophysical, wave, genetic, psychophysical and other types of weapons). All this will provide fundamentally new instruments for achieving political and strategic goals in addition to nuclear weapons," he wrote.


Phsycotrophic or psychophysical warfare and drugs will be used widely. We have been testing these methods for decades. We are on the verge of destroying the human race with science we barely understand.               


We can trust nobody. Our trust must be in God. Pray that we get the Witnesses soon as we cannot see the Messiah until 1263.5 days after the Witnesses take up their places on the Temple Mount. Scripture cannot be broken and the world has to be formally warned.  God has said He will send us the prophet Elijah before the great and terrible day of the Lord to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the children to the fathers lest he strikes the earth with a curse (Mal. 4:5-6). He will come with his ancestor Enoch and we will see the Nexus of the Law of God reintroduced.                                                  


Map A attached.



Chinese 'national map of shame' (1938)