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Advent of the Messiah:

Part II


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The Return of the Messiah or the Second Advent is the most pivotal event in human history. Most people do not believe that it will occur and most so-called Christians think that when it happens they will go to heaven and the ones they hate will all go to hell.



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Advent of the Messiah Part II

Continuation from Part I

Christianity has been taken over by Gnostic heretics and pagans as has been Islam.  Both Christianity and Islam have been destroyed by the doctrines of the Mystery and Sun cults as has Judaism also.                                       


In the paper Wars of the End and the Vials of the Wrath of God (No. 141B) we saw the sequence of the wars and how they develop in the Middle East and the work of the Two Witnesses from Jerusalem. We know that 3.5 days after they are killed in Jerusalem that Christ comes and the First Resurrection of the dead occurs of which they are the two immediate on site resurrections.


God does nothing save He warns the people through His servants the prophets. He also uses the Sacred Calendar and the time frames associated with warnings, grace and repentance to deal with the people.


Yom Kippur is holiest day of our calendar, along with the symbolism of the Lord's Supper.  The year 2013 was a particularly important anniversary and marks an important phase in the steps toward the Return of the Messiah.  It is 40 years since the Yom Kippur War of 1973.  Forty years is the period allocated for repentance. The following is a recognised historical record of the war from the Jewish Virtual Library (


"On October 6, 1973 — Yom Kippur, the holiest day in the Jewish calendar (and during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan) — Egypt and Syria launched a coordinated surprise attack against Israel. The equivalent of the total forces of NATO in Europe was mobilized on Israel's borders. On the Golan Heights, approximately 180 Israeli tanks faced an onslaught of 1,400 Syrian tanks. Along the Suez Canal, fewer than 500 Israeli defenders with only 3 tanks were attacked by 600,000 Egyptian soldiers, backed by 2,000 tanks and 550 aircraft.


At least nine Arab states, including four non–Middle Eastern nations (Libya, Sudan, Algeria, and Morocco), actively aided the Egyptian-Syrian war effort. A few months before the attack, Iraq transferred a squadron of Hunter jets to Egypt. During the war, an Iraqi division of some 18,000 men and several hundred tanks was deployed in the central Golan and participated in the October 16 attack against Israeli positions. Iraqi MiGs began operating over the Golan Heights as early as October 8 — the third day of the war.


Besides serving as financial underwriters, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait committed men to battle. A Saudi brigade of approximately 3,000 troops was dispatched to Syria, where it participated in fighting along the approaches to Damascus. Also violating Paris's ban on the transfer of French-made weapons, Libya sent Mirage fighters to Egypt. Other North African countries responded to Arab and Soviet calls to aid the front-line states. Algeria sent three aircraft squadrons of fighters and bombers, an armored brigade, and 150 tanks. Approximately 1,000 to 2,000 Tunisian soldiers were positioned in the Nile Delta. Sudan stationed 3,500 troops in southern Egypt, and Morocco sent three brigades to the front lines, including 2,500 men to Syria.

Lebanese radar units were used by Syrian air defense forces. Lebanon also allowed Palestinian terrorists to shell Israeli civilian settlements from its territory. Palestinians fought on the Southern Front with the Egyptians and Kuwaitis.”


Jordan’s King Hussein, who had committed the Arab Legion of Jordan to the war in 1967, did not make the same error and appeared not to be informed this time perhaps as a security measure. Prudence ensured he did not commit against the superior Israeli forces this time and he escaped. It ensured that Israeli forces did not have to fight on a third front.  He still sent two of his best units to Syria and three artillery batteries participated in the assault carried out by approximately 100 tanks.


The United States, Portugal and the Netherlands supported Israel in the October War and because of that had oil embargoes imposed upon them by the Arab oil producers. Gas prices quadrupled in the US and long delays occurred. Several US oil companies collaborated with the Arab countries against the interests of the US and lobbied for more US support for the Arabs and less for Israel. The Arabists in the State department and these Oil companies lobbied hard to convince the American people that Israel was to blame for US hardship and it was more important for the US to ally itself with the Arabs.


The map at reference shows the dispersal of forces in the region in Syria.




“The oil embargo was lifted in March 1974, but the United States and other Western nations continued to feel its effects for years to come (loc cit).


The IDF was thrown onto the defensive during the first two days of fighting. However, Israel mobilized its reserves and began to counterattack. Israeli forces were having little success in stopping the Egyptian onslaught in the South but the Sinai Desert was a large buffer zone between the fighting and the heart of Israel.


However, in the north, where the Syrians had swept across the Golan and threatened Israel's population centres, forcing most of the reserves to be shifted to the Golan the reinforced Israeli forces stopped the Syrian advance. They forced a retreat, and began their own march forward toward Damascus.


It should be remembered forty years afterwards that the Soviets were completely behind the Arab invasion of Israel and its anticipated genocide. From 9 October 1973 they began a massive airlift of weapons totalling 8000 tons of material. Israel received some ammunition and spare parts from the US but was refused other support.  Kissinger decided that the US could not allow the Soviet allies to win the war as a political lesson to the Arabs for US prestige and to ensure US leverage for a post-war settlement.


Thus on October 12, Nixon ordered a round the clock emergency airlift to Israel carrying spare parts, Tanks, Bombs, and helicopters.  NATO hampered this airlift by limiting the use of airbases due to Arab threats and that is still a weakness with NATO forces. The sole exception was Portugal which became a base for the operation.


“Between October 14 and November 14, 1973, 22,000 tons of equipment were transported to Israel by air and sea. The airlift alone involved 566 flights. To pay for this infusion of weapons, Nixon asked Congress for and received $2.2 billion in emergency aid for Israel.” (ibid).

The Battle in Egypt

“In the greatest tank battle since the Germans and Russians fought at Kursk in World War II, roughly 1,000 Israeli and Egyptian tanks massed in the western Sinai from October 12 through 14. On October 14, Israeli forces destroyed 250 Egyptian tanks in the first 2 hours of fighting. By late afternoon, the Israeli forces had routed the enemy “ (ibid).


Israeli General Ariel Sharon had been ordered not to cross the Suez Canal until after the main Egyptian force had been defeated in the Sinai. On the defeat, Sharon sent Israeli paratroopers across the canal and established a bridgehead. By 18 October, Israeli forces were marching towards Cairo with little opposition. This victory was seen as a humiliation for the Egyptians, and posed a further political problem were they to take Cairo. In the North, the Israeli troops were on the outskirts of Damascus, easily within artillery range of the Syrian capital.


Meir ordered the IDF to halt the assault on Damascus and they then concentrated on recapturing Mt Hermon, the key Israeli radar and observation post, and on 22 October Israel again controlled the Golan Heights.


Although Israel lost 114 planes during the war, there were only 20 lost in aerial combat, and Israeli pilots shot down at least 450 Arab aircraft in dogfights.


US-Soviet conflict

The war came to the brink of nuclear war as the Soviets were faced with the Arab collapse and the potential invasion of Damascus, which is still their ally, and they are defending it to this day.


On October 12, the Soviet ambassador informed Kissinger that his government was placing troops on alert to defend Damascus.


With the losses in Egypt over the period 12-24 October the situation became even worse. In Egypt, Cairo was threatened. The Egyptian Third Army was surrounded, and Israel would not allow the Red Cross to bring in supplies. At this point, Sadat began to seek Soviet help in pressing Israel to accept a cease-fire.


“On October 24, the Soviets threatened to intervene in the fighting. The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) reported that the Soviet airlift to Egypt had stopped and that it was possible the planes were being prepared to change the cargo from weapons to troops. Responding to the Soviet threat, Nixon put the U.S. military on alert, increasing its readiness for the deployment of conventional and nuclear forces” (ibid).


Nixon was involved in Watergate and some suspected he was diverting attention from the crisis at home.  However, this period was the closest the US and the Soviets had come to war since the Cuban missile crisis of 1962.  The soviets saw reason and did not send troops. This was the second time but the Bible shows clearly that the third time in the near future will not see peace follow.


It is important to realise that the Soviets showed no interest in peace while it looked like the Arabs would win. Also the UN under Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim had the same sentiments. They were both anti-Israeli. Once the Arabs were being systematically defeated they began to call for peace. The same is true after 40 years and they have learned nothing.


“On October 22, the UN Security Council adopted Resolution 338 calling for "all parties to the present fighting to cease all firing and terminate all military activity immediately." The resolution also called for the implementation of Resolution 242. The vote came on the day that Israeli forces cut off and isolated the Egyptian Third Army and were in a position to destroy it.


Israel reluctantly complied with the cease-fire, largely because of U.S. pressure, but also because the next military moves would have been to attack the two Arab capitals, something few believed would be politically wise. By the end of the fighting, 2,688 Israeli soldiers had been killed. Combat deaths for Egypt and Syria total[l]ed 7,700 and 3,500, respectively. “(loc cit).


With the work of Kissinger and the US, in January 1974, Israel and Egypt negotiated a disengagement agreement (Sinai I) thanks to Kissinger's “shuttle diplomacy”. The Sinai I accord allowed the Egyptians to retain control of the Suez Canal, freed the Third Army, and drew a cease-fire line on the east side of the canal, with a buffer zone between the two forces.


“A second disengagement agreement (Sinai II) was signed in September 1975, which called for the withdrawal of Israeli forces from two strategic passes in the Sinai and some surrounding territory. The Egyptians were not allowed back into this neutral zone. Instead, U.S. peacekeepers were deployed to monitor the area.”(ibid.)


The negotiations with the Syrians were more difficult. They had and still retain Soviet alliance and backing with Iran.


The Syrians renewed fighting from March to May 1974 by firing artillery on Israeli positions killing 37 Israeli soldiers.


In May 1974 a separation of forces agreement was finally signed that created a UN–policed buffer zone, a reduction in troop deployment, and the return of the town of Kuneitra to Syria.


The United States rewarded Syria for the agreement with a modest grant of financial assistance which was the first in 30 years. It was granted in the hope of building a new relationship with the regime of Hafez Assad and encouraging him to negotiate a peace agreement.


As Nixon's successors would discover and as we now see, Assad was happy to take whatever the United States was willing to offer, but the Assad regime of both Hafez and subsequently his son, Bashar Al Assad, gave nothing in return. Rather than join the peace process, Hafez Assad became one of the leaders of the Rejectionist Front. This is followed today by his son.


In the 1973-4 period Hafez Assad was also determined to impede Israeli-Egyptian negotiations. He feared, and correctly as history was to demonstrate, that an agreement between them would reduce Egypt's willingness to fight for the Arab cause and that Sadat would accept a separate deal with Israel that would not address Syrian grievances.


The aftermath of this saw Golda Meir resign from political office due to her role in the initial failures as well as Moshe Dayan whose career was now in tatters.


The Assad regime under both father and son strengthened their armed forces with newer Russian weaponry and biochemical agents in over 50 locations in Syria.


The current collapse in Syria is a sectarian conflict between the Sunni majority with terrorist elements assisting them and Shia/Allowite minorities and Christians battling to survive the Islamist terrorists with many forced to support the regime even though they are opposed to it and its methods.


Russia and China are using their positions on the UN Security council to veto any UN actions in Syria. A ploy to forestall US military strikes in Syria has seen Russia attempt to persuade Syria to hand over its chemical weapons to the UN inspectors and have them destroyed. The end result will be to see the Regime use this ploy to allow the relocation of the chemical weapons to Islamist elements for use against the West. The war will become disbursed. Given the current division between Sunni and Shia effectively divorcing cooperation between Egypt and the other Sunni states and the Russian/Shia alliance between Russia, Iran, Syria and potentially Lebanon, only a direct attack on Israel by these Shia states will unite the Islamic states. Egypt, under the Muslim Brotherhood have called, with the support of Iran, for the complete genocide of the Israeli people in 2013. This will now be forestalled by Russian action to obtain the agreement for the destruction of Syria’s Biochemical Weapons and they have sought to obtain extension to mid 2014 for the destruction. The US and the UK/France and NATO hope to be able to contain the Syrian conflicts by this method. It is bound to fail as we see from the details of the Wars of the Fifth and Sixth Trumpets in Revelation as detailed in the paper Wars of the Last Days and the Vials of the Wrath of God (No. 141b).


Up until September 2013 Syria denied it had any Biochemical weapons. Now it admits them and says it will move to destroy them.


The facts are that Syria has the third largest arsenal of them in the world behind the US and Russia. Coming after them are Egypt and Iran and who knows where China stands in that or the UK and France. The facts are that both Sunni and Shia powers possess them and they will proliferate. It is merely a matter of time and the world will suffer because of them. Russian and Chinese intransigence will see them suffer as a people.


The failure of the US in Iraq has seen the political position of the US drop and Obama is now faced with the legacy of Bush, and Blair in the UK, and Howard in Australia. The Congress is facing a serious problem and Obama has now asked congress to delay their vote until after this latest ploy unfolds re the Syrian weapons destruction. Syria is buying time and will only agree as far as it suits their political purposes. Great Britain voted against PM Cameron in a military strike and were amazed to find out that the UK had supplied the chemicals to make the Sarin Gas agents in Syria not eleven months previously. France has resolved to assist the US in its military strike but will now wait on the Congress vote. Syria with the backing of Russia and China will delay as long as they can. The delay seems aimed at repeating the period from October 1973 to May 1974.  Their duplicity will result in the collapse of the accord by Passover 2014 at the end of the 40 years given them for repentance.


So Israel is now faced, 40 years later, with a far messier situation and the world is once again on the brink of biochemical and nuclear war. The Bible refers to these wars as the wars of the Fifth and the Sixth Trumpets. The destruction or limitation of these biochemical agents is only a temporary measure and it is beyond doubt theologically that the Middle East will provoke these wars and that the power in the Euphrates basin will be incited by the four demons given power over them at this end time to precipitate the wars in immediate succession. These two wars will involve Europe and Asia and the Pacific powers with Africa in train (see the paper War of Hamon-Gog (No. 294)).


Has Israel repented of its heresy and falsehood? The answer is no. It is still using the Talmud to turn the Bible on its head. It is still operating its financial systems contrary to Bible Law. It is still running its religious systems according to the Babylonian Calendar and its intercalations which run contrary to the cycles of the heavens and according to the postponements introduced under the High Priest Hillel II in 358 CE some 328 years after the death of Christ and 278 years after God destroyed their Temple system and sent them into captivity in 70 CE at the end of the prophesied 70 weeks of years (see the papers The Sign of Jonah and the History of the Reconstruction of the Temple (No. 013) and War with Rome and the Fall of the Temple (No. 298)).


They are now about to be brought to Repentance in the process of the last days which is symbolised by the Day of Atonement in the Bible Calendar. The significance of Atonement is explained in the papers Atonement (No. 138) and Azazel and Atonement (No. 214 ).


Israel will be brought to repentance and will turn to be saved by Messiah at his return. That process will occur in the 1260 days over the preaching of the Witnesses on the Temple Mount in Israel (see the paper The Witnesses (including the Two Witnesses) (No. 135)).


In the not too distant future NATO will mishandle the situation with the Islamists and they will be forced into the wars of the Fifth and Sixth Trumpet. They will be forced to occupy the Middle East from the military conflict and Russia and China through their intransigence and manipulation of the Security Council. They will occupy Jerusalem with their administration from the Mediterranean Coast to Jerusalem. The False Prophet and the Antichrist will take up residence and as soon as they do God will send Elijah and Enoch to Jerusalem.


In that period of 1260 days Judah will be brought to repentance and then the Witnesses will be killed by this demonic beast system. Then the Messiah will come 3.5 days after they are killed and their bodies lie in the streets of Jerusalem.


In this period from the wars in the Middle East from 2013 to the return of the Messiah and afterwards to 2024, the entire world will be brought to repentance. Islam is still unrepentant following a false calendar and destroying the teachings of the Koran and ignoring the Laws of God as given to the patriarchs and to Moses and the elders of Israel. They distort the faith with the lies of the Hadith and the traditions of pagans. They mutilate their women and treat them like dogs. They revel in ignorance and brutality. They kill innocent men, women and children. Their violence is unabated and they are unrepentant and false sworn at the end of this 40 years allocated to them to repent.


God is about to bring the final wars of the end upon them and He will bring them to the Messiah and to repentance with fire and sword and with diseases and pestilence. The Middle East will not rest now until Shiloh comes and then only after their repentance and inclusion in the plan of God. Firstly, Elijah and Enoch will come to them and restore the Laws of God among them and the calendar and the proper system of worship, or they will die. Everyone that bothers themselves with Jerusalem will die. Gaza and Lebanon and Syria will face war and occupation and the NATO powers will come against Russia and China. Then they will return to Jerusalem and occupy Gaza and Jerusalem and Lebanon and Syria for 42 months. Only Jordan will escape out of their hands. They will control all of Egypt and also from Libya to the Atlantic and from Suez to the mountains of Ethiopia and to Somalia. They will have destroyed all of the powers of the Middle East to Russia prior to that period. Then they will face the Messiah. Their religious systems will be thrown down and their governments and administrations will also be destroyed and they will be brought to repentance. Then the whole world will send their representatives to Jerusalem each year at Atonement and they will celebrate Tabernacles and be instructed in their obligations of the coming year from year to year (Zech. 14:16-19). If they do not keep the Laws of God and His sacred calendar they will die (cf. also Isa. 66:23).


The wars will now escalate over the period 2013-2024. In 2025 God has promised the treble harvest of the sixth year of the Seventh Cycle prior to the Jubilee of the Seventh Sabbath at Atonement on to the Atonement of the Jubilee year in 2027. In 2027 from the Last Great Day in the Seventh Month all lands will be allocated according to the plan of God for the 1000 years of the Millennium which will begin its first sacred year from the New Moon of Abib 2028. That is Scripture and Scripture cannot be broken (Jn. 10:34-36).