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Safety in the Hand of God


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There is no Place of Safety outside of the hand of God, no matter what the Churches of God have been told in the 20th century.





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 Safety in the Hand of God

The matter was raised last New Moon and Sabbath International Conference about how Christians are losing sight of the original doctrines of prayer and the faith as taught by Christ and the Church from the First Century. Christ and the Church taught us to pray only to the Father and ask for things in the name of Jesus Christ. Prayer was to be only to the One True God who is the Father of all (cf. Teach us to Pray (No. 111); Praying to Christ or Beings other than the Father (No. 111B); Power of Prayer (111C)). It is always taken as a sign that if any priest or system commences to pray to Christ or any other entity that they have lost the power and understanding of the Holy Spirit and it is taken as a sign that the entity, either being of a Body or church, has lost understanding and is not part of the faith. Usually their actions will confirm that understanding in the eyes of the observers. After the destruction of the WCG and their spewing from the mouth of God their ministry was heard to utter this blasphemy and many were seen to engage in this false teaching, usually praying to Christ rather than to other entities.


So also the offshoots of the WCG system retained their false doctrines in Ditheism (No. 076B) and in Binitarianism and Trinitarianism (No. 076). None of these practices will retain the Holy Spirit (No. 117) nor will they allow the adherent to enter the First Resurrection (No. 143A). Remember there is only One True God Eloah who is The God or Ha Elohim, and He sent Jesus Christ, and on understanding that truth depends our eternal life (Jn. 17:3).


In the same manner, those who retain the false doctrine of the Place of Safety (No. 194) will be allowed to go through the trials of the Persecutions under the Witnesses and then, after their organisations are rejected and destroyed by Christ at his return, they will be denied entry to the First Resurrection and will then go through the tribulation and the Vials of the Wrath of God (cf. Wars of the End Part III: Armageddon and the Vials of the Wrath of God (No. 141E)). There are other false doctrines that will deny the adherent access to the First Resurrection such as the self righteousness and blasphemy attendant upon the adherence to the false doctrine of the Third Resurrection (cf. Fallacy of the Third Resurrection (No. 166)). Failure to repent of these false doctrines will ensure that the adherents will remain outside of the Body of Christ until after his return and until repentance they may not be given the chance to enter the millennial system. The assertion of a Third Resurrection in which those are raised simply to be destroyed in the Lake of Fire, which is in fact a crematorium of the bodies of the dead of the Second Resurrection, denies the Omnipotence and Omniscience and the perfect love of the Father and implies that God is not in total control of His creation and able to save all of the creation as He determines. It is self righteous blasphemy and is a mini version of the pagan Hell doctrine of the Trinitarians. It is false doctrine invented by the false ministry of the Idol Shepherd.


Each person hoping to enter the First Resurrection or the Millennium under Christ should look at all these irrational doctrines and say to oneself:  would we expect a Just and all Seeing, all Loving God, as Father of all and source of the Holy Spirit do that to anyone that was of His creation either of the Fallen Host or the Human Creation, whom He expects the Elect to guide through the Millennium and the Second Resurrection? How could such a mind be just? Where in the Bible is such a doctrine? The answer is obvious to any rational person.  It is an unjust doctrine and a mark of an unsound mind.   Such a doctrine, either of the originator, or the adherent, indicates that such a person is unfit to enter the First Resurrection or the millennial system under Christ. The entire basis rests on the need to control the congregation. To achieve it, as is discussed in (No.166 above), the text in Revelation 20 had to be split at verse 13 and, against all use of English, a Third Resurrection had to be invented, against the use of English and any other language including the Greek on which it is based. In order to defend the blasphemy against its critics the Blasphemers have had to resort to the standard fall back practice of defamation in the absence of any Biblical doctrine that supports such heresy.

In like manner the doctrine of the “Place of Safety” had to be invented to protect the uneducated Judaisers in the WCG from valid criticism. The first assertion involved a place somewhere in the North American Continent, usually in Canada, and then it was moved to Petra and the fiction was asserted by an appeal to fabrications based on the Relocation/Mislocation of Kadesh Barnea in Palestine. Usually the people uttering the explanations as doctrine had no idea of what they were saying and were not well enough educated to understand that the places to which they were referring were over a hundred kilometres apart. Not hampered by a knowledge of the facts, they proceeded to speak with great authority. They also were Judaisers keeping the Hillel Calendar not understanding that it was never used by the Temple or the Church from its inception under Christ and the Apostles (cf. God’s Calendar (No. 156)). They inserted the Hillel Calendar into the Churches of God (195; 195c). They then invented the false doctrine that Herbert Armstrong was Elijah, as God had said He would send Elijah as a Witness before the Great and Terrible day of the Lord (Mal. 4:5).  He was allegedly going to drive from Petra down to Jerusalem each day in his limousine to tell the world what to do.  Unfortunately he died in January 1986, and they (the Witnesses) are still as yet to come. He was a proven false prophet as we see in the text False Prophecy (No. 269). The Bible tells us what is to happen but the only thing that we do not know is the time of the Coming of the Two Witnesses of Revelation Chapter 11. We know that the voice of the Last Days is the prophet and group of Dan Ephraim of Jeremiah 4:15-27 (Warning of the Last Days (No. 044)). However, even they were not given that information and it could have happened anytime over the period 2012-2022/3. It was necessary to keep that date unknown as it will be immediately obvious when their arrival is known to calculate the exact date on which Christ would come as it is 1264 days to the day that Christ stands on the Mount of Olives (cf. Wars of the End Part II: 1260 Days of the Witnesses (No. 141D)). The Bible does not identify the Second Witness by name but there is only one other entity it can be and that is the patriarch Enoch who was the only other entity taken by God in His Chariot. Many Biblical authorities or religious prophets identify Enoch as the Second Witness over the centuries, as did the Churches of God (The Transfiguration (No. 096E) and Commentary on Jude (F065) (cf. also Antichrist in Early Church Theology and the Last Days (No. 299F)). If they do not arrive by the Jubilee that would extend the last thousand years of the system and the beginning of the Millennium and that does not fit into the Biblical time structure. The Demons and the Globalists of the NWO know exactly who they are and are working now flat out to deal with their arrival (cf. Climate Change 2021 and the New World Order (No. 218C)).


How will the elect be kept safe over the final years of the NWO in the last days and through the persecutions over the time of the Witnesses? The answer is simply they are under the protection of God and the Holy Spirit and the entire Angelic Host under Christ is sent to protect them over the entire period and we have all been protected over the Time of Jacob’s Trouble from 1916 to 1997 and from 1997 to 2027 as discussed in the texts in the Armageddon series. In order to see the Hand of God in Prophecy as the protection of the elect we should go to the prophecies that deal with the last days and look to the structure of how God shows He deals with the prophets and the elect of the congregation of Israel. The details are shown in the Commentary on Daniel (F027) in all its chapters and especially i, ii, iii, xii, xiii and then is linked with Ezekiel on the Fall of Egypt (P036) and (P036_2) . Note that in the Last Days the Great Tribulation will extend for 1335 days and at the end those that endure to the 1335th day will be blessed by the coming of the Angelic Host under Michael who is the Great Prince that stands for Israel over the centuries. The Messiah was given Israel as his inheritance at Deut. 32:8. In all of the instances in which the servants were tried according to their fidelity to the Laws of God and their obedience to the laws in each example in the chapters of Daniel they were protected from death and harm. So will it be in the end.


The First Holocaust was prepared for by the Globalists in 1932-1933 with the establishment of the Nazis but the real Holocaust lasted for 1260 days from 1941-1945 with the extermination of millions. Exactly 80 years later the final 1260 days will be setup up by the same Nazis and will last from 2021 to 2025. The virus system was prepared from 2003 and then released in secret from January 2018 by the criminal cartels operating the Wuhan Lab. The vaccines are the real bio-weapons and there are a series of other bio-weapons with the next in line being the Marburg type viruses and then weaponised Smallpox and who know how many others. That was the War of the Fifth Trumpet in the Wars of Amalek (No. 141C) and that will then lead to the Conduct of the War of the Sixth Trumpet (No. 141C_2). The conduct of the war of the Fifth Trumpet will lead to that of the Sixth Trumpet and will kill a third of mankind in what is known as WWIII. Our faith will determine our survival in the Hand of God as it did in the days of old (cf. also Faith (No. 020)).