Christian Churches of God

No. B7_A




Volume 1

The Origin of World Religions

(Edition 1.1 19900930-20050319)


In this paper we outline the contents of Mysticism Volume 1.




Christian Churches of God

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Contents of Mysticism Volume 1


Mysticism Chapter 1 Spreading the Babylonian Mysteries (No. B7_1)

Establishing the Nature of Mysticism

Theistic and Monistic Mysticism

Mystical Experience

Greek Influence on the Origins of Christian Mysticism

Philo and the God Who Speaks


The Extent of the Spread of Mysticism

The Ascent

Medieval Developments

Eastern Indo-Aryan Religion


Eastern Mystical Ascent

Mysticism in the Pacific


Maori Concepts

Tracing the Path


Mysticism Chapter 2 The Egyptian Gods and the Exodus (No. B7_2)


Moses’ Life as the Plan

The Second Forty Years

The Third Forty Year Period


1. The Serpents

2. Blood

3. Frogs

4. The Flies

5. The Plague of the Cattle

6. Boils

7. Hail

8. Locusts

9. Darkness

10. The Killing of the Firstborn

The Pillar of Fire and Cloud

Middle East Cosmology


Mysticism Chapter 3 The Golden Calf (No. B7_3)


The Finger of Ashirat

The Bull


Mysticism Chapter 4 Judeo-Christianity (No. B7_4)


Original Judeo-Christian Concepts


Overview: How God is One


The Godhead as Eloah, The Elohim, Morning Stars and the Sons of God

The Elohim

The Elohim as a Plurality

Morning Stars



The Spirit of Man and the Angelic Order

Original Millennial Doctrines


The Logos and Creation

Will and Nature


Christianity After the Edict of Toleration



War in Christianity

The Roman Army


Roman Persian Buffers

Concepts of God and the Christian Factions Prior to 590AD


Mysticism Chapter 5 Islam (No. B7_5)


Religious History to the Birth of Islam

Arab Beliefs

Tribal Dispositions and Power

The Rise of Islam


The Arabs in Islam and Later Doctrines


Expansion and Syncretism

Early Conquests


Islam in China

The Abbasids

Overthrow of the Umayyads


Loss of Territory

Economic Resources


Islamic Anthropomorphic Puritanism

Decline of the Abbasids

Later Indo-Aryan Influence on Islamic Theology

The Emergence of Mystical Syncretism in Islam

Sufi Mysticism


The Rise of Sufism


The Sufi Orders


Mysticism Chapter 6 Origins of the Indian Religious Systems (No. B7_6)


Early Aryan Religion


The Ramayana


Yoga, Pantheism and Monotheism


Indian Syncretic Pantheism


Indian Monotheism


Mother Goddess Theology in Asia


Developments of the Indo-Aryan System in the First Millennium CE


Mysticism Chapter 7 Buddhism (No. B7_7)


Liberation Theology


The Buddha


The Dharma


Monasticism in Buddhism


The Denial of Independent Existence


Bhakti as Faith and Infallibility


Arhants and the Mystical Ascent


Buddhism in Asia

The Revolution


The Development of Mystical Thought in Buddhism

The Diamond and Matrix Systems

The Medieval Systems


The Intrusion of the Mother Goddess Cult into Buddhism and the Development of Animistic Practices


The Goddess and Tantric Mysticism in Southeast Asia


Mysticism Chapter 8 East Asia - China and Japan (No. B7_8)


Origins of the Chinese


The Move from the West


Chinese Religion

Early Systems


Creation from Primodial Chaos and the First God




From Dualism to Singularist Tao


Taoist Pseudo-Monotheism


Mother Goddess Figures


The Taoist High Priest


The Taoist – Confucian Conflict


Syncretic Myths

The Kings of Heaven and Other Myths

Chinese Dragons

Indo-Aryan Time Myths


Prehistory and the Archaeological Record

Tracing the Bronze Age


The Chinese Dynasties


The Nexus

Isolating Early Chinese Occultists


Mysticism Chapter 9 South East Asian Systems (No. B7_9)


Original Religious Systems


Buddhism and Indianization in Southeast Asia


Southeast Asian History from the Twelfth Century


The Development of Islam in Southeast Asia Chinese Influence


The Origins and Method of Islam’s Arrival in Sumatra


The Spread of Islam under the Mongols


East and West Asian Mysticism Meet in Aceh


Nineteenth Century Islamic Theology in Southeast Asia


Modern Day Religion on Java


Mysticism Chapter 10 Summary of Volume 1 The Origin of World Religions (No. B7_10)