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The Last Great Day


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In this Lesson we aim to help children become familiar with the importance of the Last Great Day in the Plan of God.





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The Last Great Day



To familiarise the children with the importance of the Last Great Day in the Plan of God.



1.      Children will understand the meaning of the Last Great Day.

2.      Children will understand when the Last Great Day occurs yearly.

3.      Children will understand when the Last Great Day will occur in the future.

4.      Children will understand what the Last Great Day symbolises.

5.      Children will be able to list two reasons why we keep the Feasts.



God’s Holy Days (No. CB22)


Relevant Scriptures:

Leviticus 23:36

Numbers 29:35

Revelation 20:5; 21:1-2,10



Open with prayer.

Lesson on the Last Great Day – interactive questions with the children.

Activity associated with the lesson.

Close with prayer.



1. Read through the section on “The Last Great Day” in the paper God’s Holy Days (No. CB22), unless the lesson is read as a sermonette with the children present.


2. Children’s questions are in bold.  This is a general review of the material covered in the lesson. Rotate asking the questions to the children with each child participating. 


Q1. Whom do we worship?


A. The One True God, Eloah (Deut. 6:4; Jn. 17:3; 1Tim. 6:16; 1Jn. 5:20).


Q2. Are we to keep God’s Law?


A.  Yes  (Rev. 12:17; 14:12; 22:14).


Q3. Are God and His Law the same?


A.  Yes, they are holy, righteous, good, perfect and true. Just as the One True God is love (1Jn. 4:8) so too is God’s Law love (Rom. 13:10). Another interesting point is just as God is righteous, so too is His Law righteous (Ps.119:172). The Law is holy, good (Rom. 7:12) and true (Ps. 119:142). The Law is perfect (Ps. 19:7) and it is the perfect law of liberty (Jas. 1:25, 2:12). God’s perfect law of liberty is designed to establish us in a perfect relationship with Him and with each other. However, the Holy Spirit is necessary to be able to follow the perfect law of liberty properly. This will become clearer as we mature in the faith and keep the Law of God.


Q4. What do God’s Holy Days show us?


A.  God’s Plan of Salvation.


Q5. What did the Feast of Tabernacles show us?


A. The millennial reign of Christ on the Earth.


Q6. How long is a Millennium?


A. 1,000 years.


Q7. Will the Earth be perfect right away?


A. No, it will take time for the Earth to be healed after all the years of abuse and neglect.


Q8. What about the people, will they all obey right away?


A. If the people do not go up to Jerusalem they will not get rain in due season. Therefore, we know some people are not obeying the One True God (Zech. 14:16-19).


Q9. Will things improve during the Millennium?


A. Yes. In the Holy Mountain at Jerusalem, the wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them. And the cow and the bear shall feed; their young ones shall lie down together: and the lion shall eat straw like the ox. And the sucking child shall play on the hole of the asp, and the weaned child shall put his hand on the cockatrice' den. They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain: for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea (Isa.11:6-9, KJV).


Q10. What happens at the end of the thousand years?


A. Satan will be released and there will be the final last Great War when Satan and the fallen Host and people that lived during the Millennium fight with Messiah and the Saints. God, Messiah and the Saints prevail or win. Satan, the fallen Host, and all the rebelling human beings die the first death.


Q11. Does God want some people to die and be gone forever?


A. God does not want anyone to perish (1Pet. 3:9; 1Tim. 2:4; Titus 2:11) or die the second death. There will be no resurrection from the second death.


Q12. Does God even want to give the fallen Host a chance to repent and change?


A. Yes.  Since God created all things, it would appear all humans from Adam and Eve on and the fallen Host, will qualify for some position in God’s Government. Satan will never qualify to resume his former position of Light Bringer/Lucifer of Earth again. Messiah has been appointed to that position. In the future when Messiah returns he will take up his role as Light Bringer of the planet. Satan will then be bound for about 1,000 years (Rev. 20:7). Since God created all things, He can also destroy beings. Just as Jesus Christ was a spirit being and then was born a human, Satan and the fallen Host will also be made human (Isa. 14:16; Ezek. 28:16-19). Like all the people who ever lived and did not know God’s way, they will have a chance to qualify to be spirit beings again. However, they will not hold the same position that they once held before the rebellion.


Q13.  Is the Last Great Day kept as a Sabbath?


A. Yes. (Lev. 23:36; Num. 29:35).


Q14. What does the Last Great Day symbolise or picture?


A. It pictures the Second Resurrection.


Q15. How long is the Last Great Day?


A. 100 years (Rev. 20:5).


Q16. Is the Last Great Day a resurrection to punishment?


A. No. It is a resurrection to correction or teaching (Jn. 5:19). All the dead people will be resurrected or made alive at 20 years of age. Even those who died as babies, or old people, will be 20 years old when they are resurrected. They will have two Jubilee periods, or 100 years, to learn God’s ways and live them (Isa. 65:20).


Q17. Will people burn in hell forever?


A. Burning in hell is a false doctrine or teaching. God is loving and merciful. He wants people to have the benefits and blessings of His way of life. God is not cruel. He would not make people suffer forever. Satan would want us to believe that God is unfair and cruel rather than Satan is the one that is unfair and cruel.


Q18. What happens at the end of the Last Great Day?


A. Mankind and the Host are all obedient to God’s ways.


Q19. What does Messiah do then?


A. Once all are obedient to Eloah, the One True God, Messiah hands the planet back to the Father.


Q20. What happens to the planet and the people?


A. There will be a new Heaven and Earth, but there will no longer be any sea (Rev. 21:1). The New Jerusalem is coming down out of Heaven from God (Rev. 21:10). There will be no sun or moon, because the glory of God will give us light and the Lamb (Christ) will be the lamp of the city. The Temple has 12 gates and all the people of the Earth come into the Temple through one of the gates of each of the 12 tribes and 12 Apostles. God will be all in all (1Cor. 15:28; Eph. 4:6); man and Host will be working together in God’s Plan.


Q21. Do we know what happens next?


A. No. The Bible is unclear in regard to the next phase of the Plan. God will make that clear when it is time for us to know.


Q22. Why do we keep the Feasts?


A. Because God tells us to, and so we can learn to fear and worship Him more correctly (Deut. 4:10; 14:23; 17:19; 31:12,13). The Feasts are a time for rejoicing and reviewing and learning more of God’s Plan each and every year. Christ and the Apostles kept all the Sabbaths, New Moons and the Feasts (Col. 2:16). The Church has kept the Sabbaths, New Moons and Feasts for nearly two thousand years. In the Millennium the nations will keep these Sabbaths, New Moons and Feasts also (Isa. 66 23; Zech. 14:16-19).


Activity Section:


Activity A: Handover to Father


Supplies needed: 3x5 cards with: Second Resurrection of mankind and fallen Host are raised from the dead, live 100 years; when the whole planet is converted, mankind and the Host all obeying Eloah and keeping His Law. Messiah hands the Kingdom over to the Father; New Heaven and New Earth replace current Planet. Eloah moves His Throne to Earth. Have one large piece of tag board with Millennium written on the bottom and Eloah dwelling on Earth on the top.

Procedure: Have the children or teams of children come up and pick a card out of the hat. Once all cards are selected have the child who has the first card in the correct sequence place/glue the card above the Millennium and continue until you reach Eloah dwelling on Earth. Education and discussion can occur at each stage.


Activity B: Worksheet: Rank order the Last Great Day


Supplies needed: Worksheet, pens or pencils for the children.

Procedure: Review the lesson and have the children complete the worksheet.


Activity C: Making Flubber


Supplies needed: warm water, white glue, food colouring, borax (found in the laundry isle of most supermarkets, measuring cups).

Procedure: Before beginning to make the flubber, review with the children that God is in charge and because of Him both man and Host exist. Currently, both parts of the creation (man and Host) have different roles and parts to play. In the future we will all be one body and family. With the analogy we know from previous lessons, water frequently represents the Holy Spirit. In the future both mankind and the Host will be filled with God’s Holy Spirit. But currently man and Host are made of different substances: physical matter and spiritual “matter”. But just as with the making of the flubber, when the 2 containers are combined they make one substance or body, so it will be when all the world is converted and all mankind and spiritual Host are part of God’s Temple. We will all be one substance and work collectively under the will and direction of the Father. Continue to talk of the analogy as the flubber is made.



Container 1 (4 cup capacity)

1½ cups warm water

 2 cups white glue

Food colouring (a few drops)


Container 2

1 1/3 cups warm water

3 teaspoons borax

This version makes a lot of flubber. You may wish to reduce the amounts.


To Do and Notice:

  1. Mix the ingredients in each container thoroughly. What do they look like? How are they different?
  2. Pour container 2 into container 1. Gently lift and turn the mixture until only about a tablespoon of liquid is left. What do you observe? What does it feel like? The flubber will be sticky for a moment or two. Let the excess liquid drip off and the flubber will be ready.

What happens to the flubber when... it is stretched; rolled into a ball and bounced; stretched over the opening of a jar; has an object like a golf ball rolled on it? How do we respond with trials or testing? What holds us together when we feel like we will crumble or break apart?


What else can you do with flubber?


A Closer Look:

Flubber is a polymer made by a chemical reaction. Polymers are very long chains of repeating units. When the two solutions are combined, polyvinyl acetate chains (a polymer from the white glue) are linked together in a three-dimensional arrangement by borate ions (from the Borax) and other chemical bonds. This produces the thick, sticky polymer called flubber.


Have fun and enjoy the flubber! You can also check out the full Flubber experiment and the Flubber class/home activity.



Close with prayer.



Worksheet: Rank order the Last Great Day


Starting with number 1, place the following items in the correct order.


Second Resurrection of mankind and fallen Host


are raised from the dead.   ______  


Eloah moves His Throne to Earth. ______


Messiah hands the Kingdom to the Father. ______


New Heaven and New Earth replace current Planet. ______


Whole planet is converted. _______


People live for 100 years. _______