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Witchcraft and the Occult

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In this paper we will discuss Harry Potter, casting spells, the witches’ creed, “The Secret” (also referred to as the Law of Attraction) and the question: “Can one be a Christian Witch?” Also the question of amulets and charms, different forms and days of the occult (e.g. Halloween), a leader’s responsibility and a number of other related issues are discussed.




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Witchcraft and the Occult

Witchcraft and the occult have seen an unprecedented appeal and acceptance in society today. These things have such a strong influence that they are saturating every facet of society. It is openly promoted as we see it in books, toys, games, movies and television shows for children as well as adults. It is virtually impossible nowadays to avoid it. Harry Potter seems to have cast a spell over the entire world. Children are being indoctrinated on a deliberate, continual and systematic basis without ever knowing the consequences and dangers that go along with it.


Unfortunately, there are very few people today who know or, more to the point, care what the biblical position is when it comes to the subject of witchcraft and the occult. God’s word and biblical principles are being systemically eroded from society’s conscience.


We have reached a point now where religious groups warn that if the European Union’s new equality legislation should pass, evangelising could be legally regarded as harassment. We are indeed living in perilous times (2Tim. 3:1-7). Yet a healthy and thriving society is dependent on the understanding and obedience to God’s Word and Commandments. With this in mind it is vital that we know what God’s thoughts and instructions are on the topic of this paper.


What is Witchcraft?


So what exactly is witchcraft? Witchcraft is the means of extracting information or guidance and influencing events, objects, people and/or physical phenomena by mystical or paranormal means such as magic (magick) or sorcery. Its power comes from forming relationships or taking advantage of the spiritual forces that are felt to be in operation at that point in time.


This is achieved by entering the realm, which is known as the “axis mundi” or the “world axis” (the middle ground so to speak), where humans are able to make this contact with spirit beings (see Wikipedia under witchcraft, magic and Shamanism).


Occult Days of Worship


Halloween is said to be the day when making contact in the world axis is at its strongest. Halloween, otherwise known as “All Saints Day”, celebrates the dead.


We read that:

All Soul’s or All Hallows’ Day (November 1) was the Christian version of Samhain, the Celtic feast of the dead, named for the Aryan Lord of Death, Samana, “the Leveller”, or the Grim Reaper of ancestral ghosts. According to the pagan lunar calendar, festivals were celebrated on the “eve” rather than the day... Churchmen described it as a night of magic charms and divinations, reading the future with witches’ mirrors and nutshell ashes, ducking for apples in tubs of water (representing soul-symbols in the Cauldron of Regeneration), and other objectionable rites.


In Lithuania, the last European country to accept Christianity, the pagans celebrated their New Year feast at Halloween, sacrificing domestic animals to their god Zimiennik (Samanik; Samana).

(The Woman’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets, Barbara G. Walker, Harper & Row, Publishers, p.371-372).


Halloween was also a Celtic celebration, marking the end of the summer harvest and the beginning of the New Year. The satanic calendar recognises this fact and for that reason has given Halloween the status of a High Sabbath. This is not by any means a Sabbath or a day of celebration appointed or approved by God, nor could it ever be.


God has His own calendar and has determined the start of the year on the New Moon of the month of Nisan (or Abib). The New Moons (which are Sabbaths) commence every month of God’s sacred calendar. (See the papers God's Sacred Calendar (No. CB20); God's Holy Days (No. CB22); The New Moon Sacrifices (No. CB134) and 21-Day Sanctification Period (No. CB82).)


For this reason Satan has established his own counterfeit calendar. The entire planet has adopted it and it is known as the Gregorian calendar. It may come as a surprise to discover that most of the days this world celebrates, such as Mother’s Day, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Independence Day and Good Friday, just to name a few, find their actual origins as pagan days of sacrifice and worship. They are days in which pagan gods are honoured. These days are contrary to God’s Holy Days which Christ and the early Church kept and which are still kept today (see the papers Satan's Days of Worship (No. CB23); Why we don't celebrate Christmas (No. CB24) and The Origins of Christmas and Easter (No. 235)).


As Christians, we cannot be found celebrating or participating in Halloween or any alternative to Halloween no matter how creative or Christian the façade may be. No matter how we dress something up it doesn't change what it is.


We must be mindful that the days we keep do not have their roots in pagan worship because our Lord God is a jealous God; He only wants for our happiness. God does not want us to honour and observe days that are part of the occult calendar. God has established His own calendar, which all Christians have a duty to observe under the covenant agreement upon baptism into Spiritual Israel, the body of Christ (see the paper The Covenant of God (No. 152)). 


God’s Word on the Matter


God expressly forbids any association with or use of the occult or dark arts. The word occult means hidden or secret thing. The Lord God makes no secret of the fact that He considers it disgusting in His sight.


Deuteronomy 18:9-14  “When you arrive in the land the Lord your God is giving you, be very careful not to imitate the detestable customs of the nations living there. 10 For example, never sacrifice your son or daughter as a burnt offering. And do not let your people practice fortune-telling or sorcery, or allow them to interpret omens, or engage in witchcraft, 11 or cast spells, or function as mediums or psychics, or call forth the spirits of the dead. 12 Anyone who does these things is an object of horror and disgust to the Lord. It is because the other nations have done these things that the Lord your God will drive them out ahead of you. 13 You must be blameless before the Lord your God. 14 The people you are about to displace consult with sorcerers and fortune-tellers, but the Lord your God forbids you to do such things. (NLT)


So we see just from the above scripture that we are NOT to


·         perform child sacrifices

·         practice fortune-telling or sorcery

·         interpret omens

·         engage in any sort of witchcraft

·         cast spells

·         function as mediums or psychics

·         call forth spirits from the dead

·         consult with sorcerers and fortune-tellers

God repeatedly denounces those who practise witchcraft or sorcery and admonishes Israel not to participate in it (Ex. 22:18; Lev. 20:26, 27; 2Kgs. 9:22; Mic. 5:12).

Exodus 22:18 Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live. [translated also as poisoner]


Leviticus 20:26-27  To me, therefore, you shall be sacred; for I, the LORD, am sacred, I, who have set you apart from the other nations to be my own.27 “A man or a woman who acts as a medium or fortune-teller shall be put to death by stoning; they have no one but themselves to blame for their death.”(NAB)


Ancient Israel was condemned for its idolatry and witchcraft (Isa. 47:12, 13; Ezek. 13:18, 20). They were given warnings and were dealt with if repentance was not forthcoming. 


Ezekiel 13:18 This is what the Sovereign Lord says: Destruction is certain for you women who are ensnaring the souls of my people, both young and old alike. You tie magic charms on their wrists and furnish them with magic veils. Do you think you can trap others without bringing destruction on yourselves? (NLT)


Sadly, when we look around today we find ourselves in pretty much the same situation. People today still have an infatuation with magic charms, trinkets and so on. Yet God clearly shows that these magic charms are nothing more than traps that only bring destruction.


Ezekiel 13:20-23 “And so the Sovereign Lord says: I am against all your magic charms, which you use to ensnare my people like birds. I will tear them from your arms, setting my people free like birds set free from a cage. 21 I will tear off the magic veils and save my people from your grasp. They will no longer be your victims. Then you will know that I am the Lord. 22 You have discouraged the righteous with your lies, when I didn’t want them to suffer grief. And you have encouraged the wicked by promising them life, even though they continue in their sins. 23 But you will no longer talk of seeing visions that you never saw, nor will you practice your magic. For I will rescue my people from your grasp. Then you will know that I am the Lord.” (NLT)


There is nothing “Christian” about any magic charm. Many will be surprised to learn that this also includes the cross or crucifix, which is an ancient symbol that preceded Christianity (see the paper The Cross: Its Origin and Significance (No. 39)). An example of this can be seen in the resurgence of the occult symbol held by religious leaders of the bent or broken cross/crucifix, which bears a distorted figure of Christ crucified.


The wearing or use of a cross or crucifix breaks God’s Second Commandment in that: “You shall not make for yourself a graven image …” (Ex. 20:4-6; Deut. 5:8-9). Though one may argue it is a symbol of one’s faith, God wants us to worship Him in Spirit and in truth (Jn. 3:23-24) and not breach any of His Laws in the process. Therefore, a Christian comes to the conclusion that we are not to possess, let alone wear, carry or bow down to a cross or crucifix. It should have nothing to do with our worship to the One True God (see the paper Law and the Second Commandment (No. 254)).


Forms of the Occult


Many people today participate in activities that have their origins in the occult, which they may not even be aware of. Such things as reading our horoscope in magazines or newspapers, whether or not we believe in it or just dismiss it as mere fun, we are told not to practice or participate in the like.


Jeremiah 10:1-2 Hear the word of the Lord, O Israel! 2 This is what the Lord says: “Do not act like other nations who try to read their future in the stars. (NLT)


There are a number of occult practices that we should not actively participate in. Some are easily recognisable, while others are not. They are (but not limited to) any use or association with Wicca, Wiccan, (Wica), Witcha, witchcraft, magick (magic arts) whether deemed black or white magick (Deut. 18:10); astrology (Isa. 47:13-15; Dan. 2:2; 5:7); wizardry, sorcery, spell casting, tarot cards, tea and/or coffee cup reading, mediums (1Sam. 28:3-20); psychics or fortune-telling (Acts 16:16-18); clairvoyance, palmistry (i.e. reading one’s lines on his/her palm(s)); paganism or neo-paganism, Heathenism, Indigenous Spiritualities, Feng Shui, Satanism, Luciferianism, channelling, divination, enchantments and new age spiritualism. Séances are also forbidden. No attempt to contact the dead in any shape or form is permissible. 


Christians should also avoid any use of or participation with crystal balls, ouija boards, divining rods (used by what are termed water witches, to locate water) and even such things as eight balls (a fortune-telling device sold as a toy).


Children’s games that should be avoided are the ones like: Stiff as a Board – Light as a Feather, Bloody Mary etc. 


There are also a number of orders or organisations (more commonly referred to or known as secret societies) which compromise the relationship between a Christian and their heavenly Father and His appointed Saviour for creation, Jesus Christ and, therefore, should be avoided.




Also worth noting is the use of or participation of Yoga. The Webster’s New World Dictionary (1980) defines Yoga as a:


"… mystic discipline by which one seeks to achieve liberation of the self, and union with the supreme spirit, through intense concentration, deep meditation, and practices involving prescribed postures, controlled breathing, and so forth”.


This mystic discipline uses the chanting of mantras and the use of Tantras to heighten the liberation of the self.


One definition of Tantra is “continuity”.


The word is derived from the root tan, meaning: “to extend, stretch.” It is generally interpreted as “that by which knowledge/understanding is extended, spread out” (The Yoga Tradition, p 455).


According to Wikipedia

Tantra is a religious philosophy according to which Shakti is usually the main deity worshipped, and the universe is regarded as the divine play of shakti and shiva.


The Tantric practitioner seeks to use the prana (divine power) that flows through the universe (including one's own body) to attain purposeful goals. These goals may be spiritual, material or both. A practitioner of tantra considers mystical experience or the guidance of a guru imperative.


In the book, The Yoga Tradition, on page 457-458 under the sub-heading “Goddess Worship”, we read:

... the unifying element of all schools of Tantra is precisely the attention they pay to the feminine principle, called shakti (“power”) in Hinduism and depicted in iconography by such Goddesses as Kali, Durga, Parvati, Sita, Radha, and hundreds of other deities.


Often the feminine principle is simply referred to as devi (“shining one”)-the Goddess. The Goddess is, above all, the Mother of the universe, the spouse of the divine Male, whether he is invoked as Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma, Krishna, or simply Mahadeva (“Great God”).

(The Yoga Tradition by Georg Feuerstein, Ken Wilber).


Though the physical aspect of yoga has been said to have some benefits, we must be aware of its origins and purpose. It is not difficult to see that yoga finds its roots from and is unified in its worship of the “Mother Goddess” in one of her many forms. Yet we still find some who try to defend the use of yoga for Christians. They argue the point that Christians should not be prevented from knowing about or exploring other belief systems and the self-realisation that true spirituality brings.


Now this is not a call to ignorance but to one of understanding to the workings of a subtle, cunning serpent, who is the Devil (2Cor. 11:3). We should be able to see where the origin of the tantra’s devi (“shining one”) comes from. The Hebrew word rendered "serpent" in Genesis. 3:1 is Nachash (from the root Nachash, to shine), and means a shining one. The devi [used for a female goddesss where v is a quiescent w] and the devil are one and the same. Everything that is not of the truth, but is a lie, has one origin, Satan the devil, the father of lies (Jn. 8:44).


One should immediately see that the argument used to defend yoga is the same method that the devil used to deceive Adam and Eve into accepting the forbidden fruit (Gen. 3:4-6). Satan continues to use the same proven method he used in his first recorded dealings with mankind. He has masterfully portrayed yoga in the same light as something that is good for “mental” food and that it is to be desired because it is said to make one wise (because of the self-realisation of the spirituality that it supposedly brings).


If we partake of this fruit we, like Adam and Eve, will find ourselves separated from God. This inevitably results in pain, anguish and ultimately death. That is its true result. Satan fails to tell those who listen to him where it will eventually lead them. 


Genesis 2:16-17  And the Lord God commanded the man, “You may freely eat of every tree of the garden; 17 but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat of it you shall die.” (NRSV)


Today, every Christian finds him or herself in a spiritual war (Eph. 6:12). Taking part in yoga effectively removes part of the spiritual armour we are instructed to wear in this battle for our mind.  We are instructed to take the helmet of salvation(Eph. 6:17), not take it off. The helmet protects the head so that the fortress of our mind does not get penetrated from false teachings or exploited by the fallen Host. We’re told to stand firm and “stay alert” and be persistent in our prayers (Eph. 6:13, 18). Clearing or opening our mind, so to speak, drops one’s guard and allows the enemy free access. We must be on guard continually, for Satan is always looking for someone to devour (1Pet. 5:8). See also the paper The Helmet of Salvation (No. CB124).


The focus of our mediation should consist of all the works of God (Ps. 77:10-12; 143:5), His Word and His Law (Ps. 1:2; 119:48, 78; 148; Josh. 1:8).


Joshua 1:8 This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate in it day and night, that you may observe to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success.

Items and Customs of the Occult


A growing feature of the occult is the use or wearing of spiritual jewellery, amulets, charms, runes (which are more often than not pieces of wood which are inscribed with certain distinctive signs) all of which have their origins in paganism. This also includes talismans (which are small objects intended to bring good luck and/or protection to its owner) and pentagrams (a five pointed star within a circle). The Law of God makes no exception for any item of the craft or occult to be worn solely as a fashion item, accessory or statement. (For more information see the paper The Origin of the Wearing of Earrings and Jewellery in Ancient Times (No. 197).)


Today we find society filled with occultic and pagan symbols and traditions. We have air fresheners for motor vehicles in the shape of a Christmas or pine tree, some of which are even inscribed with the words magic tree. The Christmas tree finds its origins in the worship of the pagan god Attis (see the paper The Origins of Christmas and Easter (No. 235)). Thus we should be able to see that the prohibition applies to Christmas trees also.


Jeremiah 10:1-4 Hear the word that the Lord speaks to you, O house of Israel. 2 Thus says the Lord: Do not learn the way of the nations, or be dismayed at the signs of the heavens; for the nations are dismayed at them. 3  For the customs of the peoples are false: a tree from the forest is cut down, and worked with an ax by the hands of an artisan; 4 people deck it with silver and gold; they fasten it with hammer and nails so that it cannot move. (RSV)


Another thing that should be avoided is hanging up a horse’s shoe for its so-called protective powers. It has long been recognised in a number of countries, and used as a talisman for the preservation of buildings or premises from the wiles of witches or fiends. (See The Journal of American Folklore: Vol. 9, No. 35 (Oct – Dec 1896), p. 288.)


The hanging up or use of a clove of garlic to ward off evil is also forbidden. So are “dream-catchers”. Hung above the bed, this device is used as a charm to protect sleeping children from nightmares (see Wikipedia under Dreamcatcher Native American).


Where Does a Witch’s Power Come From?


Most witches believe a deity (spirit) is present in everything.  Witches, who can be either male or female, allow themselves to become vessels for these deities in order to try and gain the ability and energy to create change. This raises questions that need to be answered, such as: “Who are these spirit beings and where did they come from? What is the purpose of their existence, and why are some of them referred to as evil or wicked?”


The simple fact of the matter is that those who indulge in or practice witchcraft are knowingly or unknowingly giving credence (that is, credit, acceptance and authority) to Satan and the fallen Host. Satan and the demons are the actual power or energy behind witchcraft and the occult and it is their power that those who practice witchcraft try to access. Therefore, it stands to reason that any form of witchcraft or the occult is actually in worship to the being that was formally known as Lucifer, who is now known as Satan the adversary.


What is surprising though is that most who practice witchcraft deny the existence of the spiritual being known as Satan, or the other fallen Host who rebelled with him. They prefer to give these deities a more user-friendly identity. This is done by attaching a feminine or sociable theme so as to soften its impact on the uninitiated. What we’re actually dealing with is the Mother Goddess cult. The reasoning behind this is to give people the illusion that it is compassionate, having a strong ceremonial love of and for nature.


Casting Spells


Most, if not all, witchcraft involves some sort of spell casting. Some have tried to soften the negative depiction of casting spells to that of a prayer. Praying to any other being or deity other than God the Father is idolatry (Deut 5:6-8) (see the papers Who is God? (No. CB1) and Law and the First Commandment (No. 253)).


God hears the prayers of the righteous who ask in faith (Jas. 1:6) and answers their prayers accordingly. However, God doesn’t always answer prayers immediately or when we would like Him to.


The Lord God is the only being who knew how everything would end before creation began (Isa. 46:10; Acts 15:8). Since only God the Father is omniscient (without equal, knowing all true propositions, often stated as everything infinitely), He is able to determine whether or not a prayer is to be acted upon and, if so, when, where, and how the prayer can be best answered to maximise its impact or effect, and minimise any long-term damage.


When a witch casts a spell the idea or motive behind it is to fulfil the need(s) or more aptly the wants of an individual. It usurps God’s authority, omniscience and plan for salvation. It does not trust in or consider the wisdom or timing of God, who alone knows the result of all things. What witchcraft essentially promotes is the power of change without the need to be obedient, reliant and humble before the Eternal God. Therefore, witchcraft is rightfully termed a spirit of rebellion (1Sam. 15:23).


When a demon answers a request from someone undertaking witchcraft or the occult, it does not mean that it is acceptable in God’s sight. God’s Will must be sought in everything we do (Mat. 7:21; Lk. 22:42). That is the only basis for a harmonious and fruitful existence (2Sam. 22:31).


The Witches’ Creed


A creed is a code of conduct, principle or guideline one lives by. Witches, for example, follow a creed which goes along the lines,


If it harms none, do what you will”.


On the surface this may look and sound okay, but the fact is it’s quite deceiving.


Proverbs 14:12 Some people think they are doing right, but in the end it leads to death. (New Century Version)


What this creed is effectively doing is trying to return us back to a point in time when we, as a nation, had no king and the people did what was right in their own eyes. 


Judges 17:6 In those days there was no king in Israel; all the people did what was right in their own eyes. (NRSV)


When we look at it from a spiritual perspective, the king can refer to God the Father, who has always been our King, ruling forever, who cannot die or be seen by mankind.


1Timothy 1:17  To the King that rules forever, who will never die, who cannot be seen, the only God, be honor and glory forever and ever. Amen. (NCV)


Christ has been delegated authority from his Lord and King; Christ bears His name on his robe and thigh (Rev. 19:16).


What this creed fails to address (or more to the point disguise) is that anything that is outside the Will of God brings ruin to an individual and society. It inevitably leads to spiritual, physical, emotional, social and economic ruin and slavery. We are witnessing the first stages now socially and economically in the form of a global electronic concentration camp. Any other system, religion or code of conduct or governance other than the adherence to the Will and Commandments of God expressed in His Covenant cause hurt, isolation, desolation and destruction to everyone as well as the creation. That is why, at his return, Christ will re-institute the Laws of Moses as the foundation for godly living in the Millennium and beyond. God has given Christ the job of getting this planet to adhere to His Covenant of Peace, so this planet can resemble the Garden of Eden it was meant to be.

Isaiah 66:23 And  it shall come to pass That from one New Moon to another, And from one Sabbath to another, All flesh shall come to worship before Me,” says the Lord.


The witches’ creed makes the point: if it harms no one do what you will. In the Millennium and in the Kingdom of God, we will come to realise that only by doing God’s Will and keeping His Law does it harm none. For example, those nations that do not send their ambassadors to Jerusalem for the Feast of Tabernacles in the Millennium will not get rain in due season (Zech. 14:16-19).


This planet was purposely built for all of its inhabitants to flourish when the Word of God is observed and adhered to correctly and fully. Any other creed or code of conduct that is not the expressed Will of God cannot be of the truth or a source of light, and cannot bring any true lasting happiness or peace to the planet as a whole.


Isaiah 8:20 You should follow the teachings and the agreement with the Lord. The mediums and fortune-tellers do not speak the word of the Lord, so their words are worth nothing. (NCV)


Christians are instructed to cast down imaginations and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, and bring into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ (2Cor. 10:5).


Can one be a “Christian Witch”?


Satan, the father of lies, through the children of disobedience (Eph. 2:2), is in the process of spreading the lie that one can be a Christian witch. This comes about from merging aspects of mainstream Christianity with elements of witchcraft as well as New Age thinking. However, as we will see, it’s a contradiction in terms.


The fact is that it is impossible to be a Christian witch because the actual participation in witchcraft is in breach of the very laws of the God it claims to worship (Ex. 22:18).


Exodus 22:18 Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.


We are not advocating that we round up witches or burn witches at the stake as in times past. A Christian should reflect inwardly and understand that there is no room for any kind of witchcraft in his or her life. There is no hidden or secret wisdom or knowledge as to how we are to worship the One True God.  Jesus Christ is the only way, truth and light (Jn. 14:6) that leads us to God. Jesus Christ is the firstborn from the dead (Col. 1:18) and until his return, he is the only one to have risen from the dead and been given eternal life from his God and Father (Jn 20:17). God made Christ the only advocate between Him and us.


1John 2:1 My little children, these things write I unto you, that ye sin not. And if any man sin, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous:


This distorted concept that one can be a so-called “Christian witch” is promoted on the false assertion that God is not outside or above nature and the creation, but is within, behind or around nature. It makes the use and acceptance of witchcraft so much more palatable. A spiritual connection with God, through nature, is then put forward. Those who would make us believe that this is an acceptable form of worship would argue that they are worshiping [a] God and not nature itself. Yet, rather than worship God, those belonging to the Mother Goddess cult deliberately choose to believe lies.


Romans 1:25 Instead of believing what they knew was the truth about God, they deliberately chose to believe lies. So they worshiped the things God made but not the Creator himself, who is to be praised forever. Amen. (NLT)


Has God Changed His Stance on Witchcraft?


There is one thing we can count on and that is our Lord God does not change (Mal. 3:6). From start to finish we see that God does not accept any form of witchcraft or the occult to form any basis in which to worship Him.


It is important to note that witchcraft is one of the sins that God wants this planet to repent of so that it does not have to face the vials of the wrath of God described in the Book of Revelation for the end times.

Revelation 9:20-21 But the people who did not die in these plagues still refused to turn from their evil deeds. They continued to worship demons and idols made of gold, silver, bronze, stone, and wood—idols that neither see nor hear nor walk! 21 And they did not repent of their murders or their witchcraft or their immorality or their thefts. (NLT) (Emphasis added).


Those who indulge in or practice witchcraft will not inherit the Kingdom of God.


Galatians 5:19-21  The wrong things the sinful self does are clear: being sexually unfaithful, not being pure, taking part in sexual sins, 20 worshiping gods, doing witchcraft, hating, making trouble, being jealous, being angry, being selfish, making people angry with each other, causing divisions among people, 21 feeling envy, being drunk, having wild and wasteful parties, and doing other things like these. I warn you now as I warned you before: Those who do these things will not inherit God’s kingdom. (NCV) (Emphasis added)


We, as Christians, are called out of this world to be obedient to and worship the God Most High. The three main faiths today, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, all see Abraham as the origin for their faiths. He was called to separate himself so as to obey God and do what is right in God’s sight and be blameless (Gen. 17:1). Abraham obeyed God and kept God’s Commandments, statutes and Laws (Gen. 26:5). Nothing has changed for those of us who are now the children of the promise (Gal. 4:28), the spiritual descendants of Abraham.


1Peter 1:14 Obey God because you are his children. Don’t slip back into your old ways of doing evil; you didn’t know any better then. 15 But now you must be holy in everything you do, just as God—who chose you to be his children—is holy. 16 For he himself has said, “You must be holy because I am holy.”(NLT)


None of us is perfect when God first calls us and begins to deal with us. And this was true of the early church. They, like many of us today, had magic books and occult paraphernalia in their possession before they decided to confess their sinful practices and rid themselves of all things occultic and evil in God’s sight.


Acts 19:18-20 Many who became believers confessed their sinful practices. 19 A number of them who had been practicing magic brought their incantation books and burned them at a public bonfire. The value of the books was several million dollars. 20 So the message about the Lord spread widely and had a powerful effect. (NLT)


Today, this would be books as well as CDs, DVDs etc. on such topics as the study of magic, witchcraft and divination, astrology, tarot cards, fortune-telling, palm reading, interpreting dreams and so on. All things, Harry Potter and the like, fall under this category also. The reason being is that Harry Potter and company are the kind of real-life witchcraft the Bible condemns (Eph. 5:10-12, Deut. 18:9-12). They cast spells, call up the dead, read crystal balls and turn themselves into animals


The problem today is that many dismiss the witchcraft of Harry Potter, for example, as mere fantasy. These books, movies and games introduce children to the world of magic, spells and the dark arts at an impressionable age.  The level, depth and accuracy of the craft that is portrayed in them is quite serious and cannot be denied. Hollywood has used this tool as a gateway or stepping stone into the occult quite successfully with the aim of winning over parents and teachers alike so as to increase its legitimacy.


A Leader’s Responsibility


We see in the Bible, in the book of 1Samuel, that King Saul sought the counsel of a medium after the death of Samuel the prophet (1Sam. 28:7ff.) even though he understood that he was not permitted to do so under the law (Deut 18:9-14; Lev. 19:31).


Leviticus 19:31 “ ‘Do not go to mediums or fortune-tellers for advice, or you will become unclean. I am the Lord your God. (NCV)


A leader is required to have a copy of the Law and read from it every day of his life.

Deuteronomy 17:18-20 When he becomes king, he should write a copy of the teachings on a scroll for himself, a copy taken from the priests and Levites. 19 He should keep it with him all the time and read from it every day of his life. Then he will learn to respect the Lord his God, and he will obey all the teachings and commands. 20 He should not think he is better than his fellow Israelites, and he must not stop obeying the law in any way so that he and his descendants may rule the kingdom for a long time. (NCV)


We find that Saul cloaked his heart with evil intentions when he sought the help of the Lord God (1Sam. 28:6). He did not approach God in a spirit of humility. It seems he had it in his heart to seek a medium if the Lord refused to answer him. Saul was being tested. This is true of leaders today who proclaim a form of Christianity, yet all the while seeking the advice of astrologers, mediums and psychics and participating in ancient pagan rituals and sacrifices.


1Corinthians 10:21 You cannot drink the Lord's cup and the cup of demons: you cannot be joint-partakers both in the table of the Lord and in the table of demons. (Weymouth New Testament)


Saul found himself seeking a medium in disguise (1Sam. 28:8) because he knew it was forbidden.


1Samuel 28:6-8 … and so he asked the LORD what to do. But the LORD did not answer him at all, either by dreams or by the use of Urim and Thummim or by prophets. 7 Then Saul ordered his officials, "Find me a woman who is a medium, and I will go and consult her." "There is one in Endor," they answered. 8 So Saul disguised himself; he put on different clothes, and after dark he went with two of his men to see the woman. "Consult the spirits for me and tell me what is going to happen," he said to her. "Call up the spirit of the man I name." (GNB)


From our leaders down, we are not to seek answers from the dead, but rather be asking the Living God.


Isaiah 8:19 So why are you trying to find out the future by consulting mediums and psychics? Do not listen to their whisperings and mutterings. Can the living find out the future from the dead? Why not ask your God? (NLT)


No leader should seek counsel from mediums, fortune-tellers and the like. In times past we read that the king of Babylon, when standing at the head of two ways not knowing what to do, resorted to using divination, shaking his arrows and even going to the bizarre extent of looking at an animal’s liver hoping to see a sign to show him what to do (Ezek. 21:21). A leader must have a firm belief in God and seek His counsel and believe that every decision is entirely dependent on the Lord God.


Proverbs 16:33 The lot is cast into the lap, but the decision is wholly from the Lord (RSV).


The nations that dwelt in Israel’s inheritance before them were removed by God because they practiced magic and witchcraft.


Deuteronomy 18:14 The nations you will force out listen to people who use magic and witchcraft, but the Lord your God will not let you do those things. (NCV)


A leader who seeks the counsel of mediums not only places him or herself in danger, but the nation at large suffers as a consequence. Ancient Israel’s history repeatedly showed that when its leader(s) did evil in the sight of God, the populace soon followed suit, and inevitably the nation found itself in spiritual and/or physical captivity and slavery because of it.


Leaders of the United States of America, for example, from its Presidents down, are not guiltless in this matter. People of power and influence have been coming together annually for some 100 years at what is known as the “Bohemian Grove” in California, where the worship of idols (owl gods) and mock human sacrifices and demonic rituals, such as the “Cremation of Care”, take place. This is well documented. (A simple search on Bohemian Grove in Wikipedia or Alex Jones who infiltrated and publicly exposed this event at   confirms this). The worship of Baal is alive and continues to thrive even at the highest levels of society.  


When Israel’s leader(s) sought mediums and fortune-tellers God raised another to take their place (2Kgs. 9ff.) when the need arose to put things back in order.


2Kings 9:22 When Joram saw Jehu, he said, “Is all in order, Jehu?” Jehu answered, “There will never be any order as long as your mother Jezebel worships idols and uses witchcraft.” (New Century Version)


From chapter 23 of 2Kings we can see exactly what the pollution of Israel was. It was the worship of the sun system of the Babylonians and the Egyptians, as we saw from Sinai, being typified by the Golden Calf system (see the paper The Golden Calf (No. 222)). This system is still extant in the nations of Israel today in the form of Easter and Christmas (cf. the paper The Origins of Christmas and Easter (No. 235)).


For instance, when King Josiah came to power and realized that Judah had not been obeying the law of God, he quickly repented.  Through his advisors he sought counsel from the priests and the prophets. He commanded that all the idolatrous items be burned and he disposed of all the idolatrous priests (see the paper Josiah’s Restoration (245)).


2Kings 23:4 And the king commanded Hilkiah, the high priest, and the priests of the second order, and the keepers of the threshold, to bring out of the temple of the Lord all the vessels made for Baal, for Asherah, and for all the host of heaven; he burned them outside Jerusalem in the fields of the Kidron, and carried their ashes to Bethel. 5 And he deposed the idolatrous priests whom the kings of Judah had ordained to burn incense in the high places at the cities of Judah and round about Jerusalem; those also who burned incense to Baal, to the sun, and the moon, and the constellations, and all the host of the heavens. 6 And he brought out the Asherah from the house of the Lord, outside Jerusalem, to the brook Kidron, and burned it at the brook Kidron, and beat it to dust and cast the dust of it upon the graves of the common people. (RSV)


It was a difficult time when King Josiah turned his heart to obey God. Yet when he received God’s word he trembled at it and yielded to it, and was genuinely grieved at the dishonour done to God by the sins of his fathers and the people. For this reason God heard King Josiah because his heart was repentant, and he humbled himself before God (2Kgs. 22:19). That still holds true for leaders today who are willing to stand up and separate themselves from the hardened and rebellious hearts of those around them who do contrary to the Law of God.


The Secret (Law of Attraction)


Recently it has been popular among celebrities to talk about and promote a philosophy known as the “Law of Attraction” – otherwise known as “The Secret”. It is the belief that we can control what happens in our lives with our thoughts and feelings without the need to look to the Eternal God as the source of all goodness.


This method promotes the concept that thoughts have energy, which is then able to attract and ultimately obtain anything we desire. They say we can “build the image of the world we want to live in” just by thinking it. But is this the example we were given to follow?


The proponents of this scheme say that to get it to work, the concept of good (the only source being God) and that of evil (being Satan) must be removed so as to condition the mind into thinking that there is no right or wrong. The longer one believes in good or evil, the longer one remains disconnected from “the source”, which supposedly brings about all this change.


The Secret at its core is nothing new, nor is it a secret. It is a rehash of the usual well-worn tricks of mixing predictable clichés with magical thinking and then repacking it so it appears as some sort of hidden knowledge. It is nothing more than a take on New Age Thought.


What we are really dealing with is the Law of Subtraction. It subtracts God, the grace we now find in Christ, God’s Law and any obedience owed to Him from our hearts and minds. Establishing our thoughts on the things we want and obeying our inner sinful self is purely a system of self-worship. Anyone who adheres to this scheme or similar system can in no way please God.


Romans 8:5-8  Those who live following their sinful selves think only about things that their sinful selves want. But those who live following the Spirit are thinking about the things the Spirit wants them to do. 6 If people’s thinking is controlled by the sinful self, there is death. But if their thinking is controlled by the Spirit, there is life and peace. 7 When people’s thinking is controlled by the sinful self, they are against God, because they refuse to obey God’s law and really are not even able to obey God’s law. 8 Those people who are ruled by their sinful selves cannot please God. (NCV)


The Secret and/or the Law of Attraction can be viewed as being off-shoots of the New Age Movement. It is also a discrete way of introducing people to New Age philosophy. Its ultimate aim is to advance the idea that there are equally legitimate ways to God (the source of all goodness) other than going through Jesus Christ, the appointed mediator between God and man.


John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. (KJV)


It inevitably replaces God, who is the source of all truth, with its own ideals of what true enlightenment is. It is simply a way to remove God’s truth, expressed in His Word and Law from a person’s consciousness. Any person that believes that there is more than one path to God, other than through and in Christ, is not a Christian but a liar, and the truth is not in them.


Isaiah 8:20-21 Look to God’s instructions and teachings! People who contradict his word are completely in the dark. 21 They will go from one place to another, weary and hungry. And because they are hungry, they will rage and curse their king and their God (NLT)


The New Living Translation is written in simple English.  When we compare it to the King James Version we see the actual law and testimony, which today encompasses the Old and New Testament, are brought out more fully.


Isaiah 8:20 To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them. (KJV)


On the subjects of spirituality, Christianity or religion, any preacher, pastor, spiritual leader or self-styled guru that does not speak according to or in any way contradicts God’s law and the testimony is a liar, and there is no light in them, as the prophet Isaiah was inspired to write (cf. Isa. 8:20). Therefore, it is not hard to distinguish between those who are of the truth to those who are leading men and women astray. 


The Bible tells us that when we give our ways to the Lord, He will establish our thoughts and see to our needs.


Proverbs 16:3 Roll your works upon the Lord [commit and trust them wholly to Him; He will cause your thoughts to become agreeable to His will, and] so shall your plans be established and succeed. (Amplified Bible)


God is a God of love. He knows exactly what we need even before we ask Him.


Matthew 6:8 Don’t be like them, because your Father knows exactly what you need even before you ask him! (NLT)


God is the supreme ruler of the universe. It belongs to Him and He is in control. The Law of Attraction cannot over-ride or interfere with the Will, plan or power of God.

Proverbs 16:4 The Lord makes everything go as he pleases. He has even prepared a day of disaster for evil people. (NCV)


It is up to God how and when He blesses us. 


Ecclesiastes 9:1 This, too, I carefully explored: Even though the actions of godly and wise people are in God's hands, no one knows whether or not God will show them favor in this life. (NLT)


We can make plans, but ultimately it is the Lord God who determines our steps.


Proverbs 16:9 We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps. (NLT)


If we truly enjoy serving the Lord God and trust in Him, He will take care of us.

Psalm 37:4-5  Enjoy serving the Lord, and he will give you what you want. 5 Depend on the Lord; trust him, and he will take care of you. (NCV)


A Christian is reminded that all we need in this life will be added to us if we first seek God’s Kingdom and His righteousness.


Matthew 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.




It’s easy to see which god a nation serves and worships by the calendar they follow and from the days that nation celebrates or honours. Observing pagan days of sacrifice such as Christmas, Easter, Sunday, Halloween or Valentine’s Day does not honour the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in any way. God is not mocked (Gal. 6:7-10). He does not want us to worship Him on occult days of sacrifice. He wants us to worship Him on the Sabbaths, New Moons and Holy Days that He has prescribed in His Bible.


No part of our life or worship to God can have any connection to the workings of the occult. If we are to receive the blessings under the Covenant which are still binding today (see the paper Blessings and Curses From Deuteronomy 28 (No. CB68)) all of us, from our leaders down, have a responsibility to observe God’s Commandments and live within the Laws that will govern the Millennium.


There will be no one practicing, studying or using any form of the occult in the Millennium. Witchcraft and the occultist’s source of power, the demons, will be locked away for 1000 years (Rev. 20:2) for the millennial rule of Christ and the elect here on earth (Rev. 5:10). No one will be able to draw any power from any demon. This planet will be purged of its idolatry and witchcraft under Christ. There will be no rebellion allowed (1Sam. 15:23).


Most if not all of us have participated in some form of occultism knowingly or unknowingly. After reading this some may even find items in their possession that have their origins in the occult or dark arts. As Christians, we have to walk away from these snares of Satan and begin to take steps towards our loving Heavenly Father. This requires repentance on our part and the removal of any such items and connection to witchcraft and/or the occult not only from our midst but also from our minds. 


Romans 6:1-11  What shall we say then? Are we to continue in sin that grace may abound? 2 By no means! How can we who died to sin still live in it? 3 Do you not know that all of us who have been baptized into Christ Jesus were baptized into his death? 4 We were buried therefore with him by baptism into death, so that as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, we too might walk in newness of life. 5 For if we have been united with him in a death like his, we shall certainly be united with him in a resurrection like his. 6 We know that our old self was crucified with him so that the sinful body might be destroyed, and we might no longer be enslaved to sin. 7 For he who has died is freed from sin. 8 But if we have died with Christ, we believe that we shall also live with him. 9 For we know that Christ being raised from the dead will never die again; death no longer has dominion over him. 10 The death he died he died to sin, once for all, but the life he lives he lives to God. 11 So you also must consider yourselves dead to sin and alive to God in Christ Jesus. (RSV)


It is not too late and no one, no matter how deep our involvement is or was, is excluded. God gives this opportunity to everyone. Take your first step TODAY.