Sabbath 10/11/46/120

Dear Friends

This is the Tenth Day of the Eleventh Month. Today we complete the Commentary on Isaiah with Part XVI (F023xvi) and part XVII (F023xvii). This text concerns chapters 63-66 and deals with the final process of the actions of God in the last days. Chapter 63 deals with the proclamation of God's final Divine Vengeance. It identifies the year of redemption in the last days at the Return of the Messiah. It then proceeds to the Psalm of Intercession recalling Israel's deliverance from Egypt by the Angel of the Presence, Elohim of Israel of Psalm 45 (F019_3) under the direction of the One True God. Chapter 64 then details the Return to Power. In this the prophet confesses the sins of the people. The appeal to God is for forgiveness. This is the request for God to forgive Israel and not remember their iniquities forever. Chapter 65 then deals with God's answer to Israel. He then separates the people as good grapes of the Vineyard (No. 001C) and sets them apart to bring forth offspring in the millennial system. God says He destines those who forget His Holy Mountain and set tables for the foreign gods for the sword and slaughter because they would not listen and obey. They will also die of hunger and thirst and be put to shame.

God also says that for the Millennium there will be a newly restored earth. The infants will not die and those of the Second Resurrection will be resurrected to the restored earth over the period. They will all dwell in their own dwellings and not see any calamity. God will oversee their needs and before they ask He will answer them. The final structure shall be peace. In Chapter 66 we see God's final Oracles for the Restoration. He outlines the sequence on Temple Worship and the text shows the restoration and vindication for Israel. The text then goes on to Jerusalem’s Restoration as a divinely wrought and unexpected event. The Restoration will be supported and brought about by the nations as the Holy City of the world under Messiah. God will simply wipe out all those not keeping the Law and the Food laws and keeping or following pagan practices and ceremonies. All pagan systems instituted by Satan and the demons will be wiped from the face of the earth (see also No. 141F). The church will stand as witness to the world. God will reveal his Glory to the nations, and they will assemble in Jerusalem and many people of the Nations will become priests. The text ends with the declaration of the restoration of the New Moons and Sabbaths under the Temple Calendar (No. 156) on pain of death. There is no misconstruction of Isaiah; it is clear and precise in all aspects. We will obey the Laws of God and the Testimony of the Messiah or die.

What follows in Part 17 is the Summary of the Intent of Isaiah in each of the sixty-six chapters following the Introduction. The appendices deal with the Names of God and references to Lord and God in the text. The Appendix 32 of Bullinger's text shows the forgeries and alterations to the Masoretic Text and how Strong has maintained those forgeries in the lists.

What we are now seeing is the Wars of the End develop and we see that Iraq has expelled US troops from Iraq and the Wars will now escalate progressively to Purim and then to the Invasion of Europe and the War of the Sixth Trumpet (see Nos 141C; and 141D_2).

The Witnesses will be here soon (No. 141D) and then the Messiah (No. 141E; 141E_2)).

Pray to find ourselves accounted worthy.

Wade Cox

Coordinator General