Sabbath 3/11/46/120

Dear Friends

This is the Third day of the Eleventh Month, Shebat. On the New Moon we issued the paper on The Great Tribulation (No. 141D_2). We hope that goes as far and wide as we can distribute the paper. It is an important phase of the work. Today we go on with Commentary on Isaiah Part 15 (F023xv). The texts cover chapters 59 to 62. Chapter 59 is a Call to National Repentance. God proceeds to have Isaiah call for National Repentance as even though Israel was sent into captivity in 722 BCE Judah did not repent and was to be sent into captivity in 597 BCE. Israel and Judah are going down a blind alley of social depravity. The text is a public confession of the magnitude of its offences and rebellion in trespassing against the Laws of God and their turning away in disobedience. It is only in the Last Days that God redeems a repentant Jerusalem (see also The Great Tribulation (No. 141D_2) above). The chapter ends with a prose reminder of the Covenant of God and the Holy Spirit He has given to them.

Chapter 60 is an Oracle on the Glory of Jerusalem and God's People. The text looks forward to the Last Days and Jerusalem's Glorious Restoration when under Messiah; it is to reflect the Glory of God. Her poverty is replaced by wealth. In this text also Kedar is identified as the tribe of Ishmael that plays a pivotal role in the true conversion of Islam to the Faith of the Messiah and the prophets, including Qasim and the Rightly Guided Caliphs (see Q001D). The other Arab and Midianite tribes that are to be bonded to Israel under Messiah are listed. This is associated with the final conversion of all nations. The final Restoration of Jerusalem will be done by foreigners as it was destroyed by foreigners. They will also maintain Zion as the centre of worship under the Messiah and the Temple of God.

Chapter 61 is the Mission to and for Zion. This is a reinforcement of the Servant Songs of Chs. 42-53 and especially 50:4-11 (F023xii). The Spirit of the Lord is upon Messiah as prophesied here and as it was in Galilee and Judea in the First Advent and also at the Return ahead of us. All nations will see God's faithfulness and His Blessings in the Restoration. Isa. 61:11 is one of the 134 places the Sopherim changed the MT from Yahovah or Yahovih (here SHD 3069) to Adonai (Adonay SHD 136).

Chapter 62 concerns the Glory of God's People. Here the prophet continues to utter Oracles concerning the Glory of God's People and Zion’s Vindication. It also concerns the change in status at the Restoration before the Millennium. Here the New Names show New Status. The new future for the posterity and the Relationship is established forever. This text also established the future of the prophets was as watchmen in the Body of Christ in the Temple at the restoration at the end of this age now upon us. The Salvation of the Holy Spirit also comes with the Messiah as it did in 30 CE. This time for the whole world.

Next Sabbath we will deal with Part XVI (F023xvi) which will close the prophecies of God through Isaiah also with a Summary and the names of God and the alterations to the MT in the 134 places and especially in Isaiah (see F023xvii). .

We are watching the emerging Empire of the Beast over the Last Days and the increasing levels of Misinformation and media distortion of our societies. Our people are being misinformed on a truly massive basis and we will have global enslavement very soon if we cannot get our people to wake up to the realities of the destruction before us.

Wade Cox

Coordinator General