New Year Message 010147120


Dear Friends,

Today is the New Year of 47/120. We have just sent aid last week to Zambia as there is a cholera outbreak there and our people need some assistance up to and for Passover. Please pray for them.  So also do we have problems in, and have sent aid to, Congo DR and Uganda. We are also inducting new groups in Africa numbering in the thousands, many of whom are in Malawi.

We have now completed our task of the Thirty Years Warning of the Last Days (No. 044). We go on into the warning of the Great Tribulation (No. 141D_2) and  getting ready to enter the War of the Sixth Trumpet in (No. 141C).   Today we go into the Sanctification of the Nations and the Temple of God as discussed yesterday and placed on the CCG Videos at . It is important we watch that video.

God has made sure that the Sardis and Laodicean systems have been properly warned as has the world over the last 30 years. The Churches of God have not heeded the warnings and corrected their errors and nor has Judah and the entire Christian system. Satan is now about to destroy mankind and God will allow much of it because of man's complete disobedience. All Sardis and Laodicea refuse to obey God and both will be systematically brought to repentance.  If they do not repent before the last two years of the Witnesses they will not be permitted into the First Resurrection (No. 143A) and if they do not repent at the return of Messiah they will not be permitted into the Millennium and will go to the Second Resurrection (No. 143B) where they will be re-educated. That is all so unnecessary if they would but repent, but at the present, as they are, they are unfit for the First Resurrection. The problem is that most do not seem to care what is true and what is false and rely on their ministry and accept whatever falsehood they tell them. For that reason they will now be separated and then those that do not react promptly, and before Pentecost this year, will see themselves dealt with, and many will be given to Satan and allowed to be sifted like wheat.  Remember that Satan asked for Peter as one of the apostles. Satan had requested him so he could be sifted like wheat. The same will now apply to those in Sardis and Laodicea that do not repent quickly. They have already been measured and will now be sorted. That will include all the WCG offshoots and the COG (SD) and their offshoots. Once they are sorted their decisions will no longer be completely voluntary. The Holy Spirit will place you where God has determined, or it will be withdrawn from you completely until the Second Resurrection.

Everyone is being, or has been measured, under the Measuring of the Temple (No. 137) commenced in 1987. The Churches of God have all been measured as of 2024. It is the world that is now being dealt with and now to be cleansed of its sin and unrepentant sinners.  As a result of that situation, we have determined what is to happen with the baptismal standing of the Churches of God as from Pentecost this year.  The Council of Elders of CCG has determined the following:

  1. CCG continues to recognise the baptisms of the offshoots of the WCG and COG (SD). CCG officers will simply lay hands on those entrants to confirm their baptism and receipt of the Holy Spirit.
  2. CCG does not recognise Trinitarian baptisms and requires rebaptism of those sects and also those who do not keep the Sabbath and Feasts.  Nor do we recognise Radical Unitarianism (No. 076C) that denies the Pre-existence of Christ (No. 243).
  3. Those requesting rebaptism from the Sardis system can be rebaptised if their faith and confidence in their baptisms is not on a solid foundation.
  4. CCG baptism is outlined in the paper Baptism Ceremony (No. D3). All church baptisms to be valid must continue to comply with previous guidelines and be baptised into the body of Christ and not into any sect or denomination.
  5. The period of repentance is to continue to Pentecost 2024 on 12 May 2024 after which we expect God to give new direction in the sequence of the Church for the Tribulation. 

The Council of Elders of CCG is of the view that the Holy Spirit will now determine what is to be done with the sects in error going into the Tribulation. The Spirit says that no part of the Churches of God not keeping the Temple Calendar and the Law and the Testimony from which they come, will live into the Millennium. Those keeping Hillel in both Judah and the Churches in Sardis, and also in Laodicea will not live into the Millennium. They must repent by the Advent of Messiah to live. Unless they repent over the next year or so they will not be in the First Resurrection. 

Study the videos at in parts 1 and 2 and the associated papers.

We are now at the final and critical phase of the Churches of God. We repent or we will commence to die over the next four years. As we saw from yesterday's message, from the time sequence of the Bible texts, God is going to deal with the world systems and destroy the influence of Satan and false religion on the planet. This will of necessity involve the destruction of the COGs that will not repent and are keeping Hillel and have multiple Gods and Christ as a coequal coeternal elohim. In that process, God will allow Satan to deal with his own systems and destroy those people not obeying God and keeping the Law and the Testimony and the Temple Calendar. God and the Host will not kill them.  Satan and the Fallen Host will do so. Every religious choice man makes carries with it consequence and punishment. If it is not according to the Law and the Testimony and the Temple Calendar, those people are cut off from God and the best they can hope for is to be allowed to repent and, if they do not repent, they are consigned to the Second Resurrection. 

The problem now is that those that God wants in the millennial system under Christ will suffer the warmest personal attention of the Host now until they repent. It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the Living God (Heb. 10:31). Those that God does not want in the First Resurrection, or the millennial system, will go to the Second Resurrection and that means dying before the Millennium. This is not a game. Your ministry cannot save you. Nor can you be given exemptions by them.

The serious situation we now find ourselves in over these Last Days is fundamental to our survival. The decision rests on your shoulders and with no one else. You are in training to become Elohim or Gods and this is part of your final test before the First Resurrection.  If you cannot stand for the faith alone then you are unfit to become an elohim and will be retrained either in the Millennium under Christ and the Host or in the Second Resurrection. The decision is not a difficult one.

Remember to what it is that we were called. Do not lose sight of the faith. Do not let these fake ministers steal your crown.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General