Sabbath 13/12/45/120

Dear Friends,

Today we are ending the Commentary on Ezekiel Part XII (F026xii) and we will commence the study of the Covenant of God (No. 152) and First and Second Statements of the Covenant (No. 096B). Then we go on to the Commentary on Jeremiah (F024).

As the weeks go by we are seeing the information emerge regarding the damage being inflicted on the democracies of the world by the Khazarian run WEF out of Davos. The bribery and corruption of the political structure of the West and its media for the contrived death of its people is perhaps the greatest Democide scandal humanity has ever seen. The evil of these people has been hidden by the corruption and greed of the political administrations. The US and British Commonwealth (and esp. UK, CA, AU and NZ) have been instrumental in their own destruction. We are learning now on a daily basis just how great has been the damage inflicted on the world over the COVID and other vaxx scams. The media lies and suppresses the truth but the actuarial figures and the insurance figures of the increase in deaths cannot be hidden. The url shows that the death rates have risen by 40% excess deaths over 2021-2022 to 2023. The losses are from the working populations ages 18-64. These figures are unsustainable by any nation for its survival. They are killing our kids and our potential mothers as well as the men.
Excess Mortality Goes Mainstream in Earth-Shattering Ed Dowd/Tucker Carlson Interview - DailyCloutExcess Mortality Goes Mainstream in Earth-Shattering Ed Dowd/Tucker Carlson Interview – DailyClout They are toxic and must be stopped
The figures show the deaths are directly attributable to the vaxx poisons and their side affects. The ones least affected are those who were laid off and did not get vaxxed for whatever reason.

See also UK Gov. secretly confirms Triple+ Vaccinated accounted for 92% of COVID Deaths in 2022.
Official figures sneakily published by the UK Government, reveal that the triple+ vaccinated population accounted for  92% of Covid-19 deaths throughout the entirety of 2022, and 9 in every 10 Covid-19 deaths in England over the past two years. Let’s not lose touch…Your Government and Big Tech are actively trying to censor the information reported…

Wuhan Lab Fumigation One Week Before Military Games Indicates A Leak Occurred:
They also lie to us about our food and water

 Under proposed law PL 5555 2020, Brazilian citizens could be imprisoned for 2-8 years for refusing mandatory vaccination. The same penalty is incurred by anyone who disseminates ‘fake news’ regarding vaccines or their effectiveness.

They want us to become like the Chinese.  They want you to have a QR code so they can scan you.

Over the next few weeks the face will be torn off this monster and we will see who was involved and the culprits in all parts of the Parliaments and administrations will be tried and then executed.  If they are not so tried and punished, the system will itself be destroyed and the perpetrators will be shot in the streets. It cannot be avoided. Their only chance of survival is to place the leaders on trial and execute them, otherwise they will all go.  The media will be gutted and Big Pharma destroyed for the soulless monster it is. Hollywood will be smashed and the Marxists destroyed. This in its own way will see the final Holocaust of 2021-2025 continue to unfold. We have already seen the deaths of our people by the COVID scam but the very perpetrators will themselves begin to be killed. The only really innocent casualties will be the true Jews who are not part of this Khazzar Mafia run out of Davos, Central Europe and NY. The only way of differentiating them is for the Churches of God to return to the Temple Calendar (No. 156) and get rid of the judaising Hillel Calendar Monstrosity, or face death with them. This Luciferian Globalist Cabal is determined to force us into WWIII and Thermo nuclear war. 

Also Alan Brach, Elder for Asia provided this helpful first aid video and heart attack item. Watch this video:

Note also:
Knowledge to share..... A sudden heart attack in a theater.
Doctors and assistants slapped the patient's inner elbow and he recovered after about 2 minutes.
This video gives you advice on emergency situations to pay attention to heart patients and how to deal with a heart attack that usually happens suddenly. Many become so helpless and die on the way to the hospital. Please remember:

1. By slapping the inner elbow of the left hand as shown in the video, it stimulates the three acupressure points around the left side which are related to the heart and lungs.

2. Slapping will speed up blood circulation, which makes the person feel warm and stops sweating.

You need to know that a heart attack is due to a blockage of blood circulation. By tapping and slapping the inner elbow of the hand, you can increase body temperature, avoid aggregation, and facilitate blood circulation. Then immediately take the person to the hospital.

Be prepared to help one another, we are entering perilous times.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General