Sabbath 7/11/45/120

Dear Friends

Today we study Ezekiel Part VIII (F026viii).
The Wars of the End and the final Empire of the Ten Toes of the Beast (Dan. Ch 2 F027ii) are now coming to a head.
All of Moscow's available air defense systems are in firing positions! - Russian media: "Russia-NATO conflict is imminent - NATO forces will be hit" (vid) - WarNews247 (

Patriarch Kirill: Any desire to destroy Russia would mean end of the world (

US Defense Secretary discusses support for Ukraine at Ramstein Air Base in Germany (

Everything Can Change This Friday.. (

See this report by Gonzalo Lira to George Galloway. Gonzalo is in Ukraine

Douglas Macgregor: Major False Flag Operation That Set To Hit Ukraine, Full Russian Force Invasion - YouTube

Ukraine Had Lost the War Before It Even Started: Part I By Prof Michel Chossudovsky

Davos and Cracks in NATO 

WEF: "100 Days to Outrace the Next Pandemic" (


AIDS in Germany appears to be coming from the Vaccines. Because as the death toll continues to rise, it has become clear that something is not right and that the true impact of the Covid-19 injections needs to be fully understood. If Covid-19 injections causing acquired immunodeficiency syndrome in early 2022 are not to blame for Germany recording a 276% increase in excess deaths in 2022 compared to 2020, then the German government needs to explain to the public what on earth is. 

Reiner Fuellmich calls for an international investigation 

AIDS is the end result of the Vaxx injections to destroy the immune system
LIVE: Aftertalk- George Webb (
Inhalable vaccines are the next step. That is way they force inject everyone. Malone appears to be a problem.
Fight them or die.

Looks like AU is leading the way down the rat hole. They have been betrayed by their politicians in all parties and commencing to die and to miscarry and become infertile because they took the poison vaxxes. AU leads the world now in infertility 

Pfizer Director Gets Caught Wanting to Mutate COVID to Profiteer on Future Injections [FULL VIDEO]
Jordon Trishton Walker: "Why don't we just mutate it ourselves so we could pre-emptively develop new vaccines, right?" Via Project Veritas:

Canada 80 doctors died in the last 60 days:

“Just to remind all Indians, that Pfizer tried to bully the government of India into accepting conditions of indemnity,” Chandrasekhar tweeted on Friday. The minister then accused three prominent opposition leaders of “pushing foreign vaccines during Covid."

Hospitals are paid to kill patients.
Clear explanation of how hospitals are paid to kill patients. “Dear Lord! We pay taxes to get killed? Heads need to roll over this scam!”

It is all a complete farce:

WEF Chauffeur Admits VIP Elites Refuse To Ride In Electric Cars, Demand Gas

The chauffeur went on to explain that the elites believe electric vehicles are very “dangerous” and the elites believe they should only be used by common people.

Climate Change is a farce to destroy the West economically.
The CCP Just Confirmed Our Worst Fears Regarding Climate Change | Freedom Beacon

Clif High says it will not be wise to hang out around these elites as the people will go crazy in anger over being betrayed and destroyed. 

The people will spontaneously commence to kill these Globalists and every politician with links to the WEF and Big Pharma. The only chance the politicians have to live is to put the leaders on trial and execute them.

They may well stage WWIII in Europe to take control of the masses. Pray God deals with them all soonest.

All twelve parts of Ezekiel (F026) are now on the web and we have started the Commentary on Jeremiah (F024) and Part I is ready to record. Part II will follow soon.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General