Sabbath 28/08/46/120

Dear Friends,

Today we are at the Last Sabbath in the Eighth Month. We are to cover the Commentary on Isaiah Part VI (F023vi).  The text follows on from Part V and deals with Chapters 22 to 25. These chapters continue on into the Apocalypse section of Isaiah, beginning at Chapter 24 which deals with the coming of the Messiah and the restoration of the Laws of God and the Calendar. The section covers from the Return of the Messiah and the Host and the First Resurrection of the Dead (No. 143A). Chapter 24 of Isaiah begins with the Wrath of God in the Apocalypse which goes on to chapter 28 (F023vii). The Bible texts deal with the establishment of the Millennium which is clearly covered in Isaiah and Revelation chapter 20.  The Restoration of the Laws of God continues on chapter by chapter to the very last verses in chapter 66 which say clearly that the Calendar based on the Sabbaths and the New Moons will be restored, and those not keeping the Temple Calendar will be put to death (Isaiah 66:23-24). That includes the Churches of God keeping the Hillel Calendar (Nos 195, 195C).

It is an amazing matter that humans can ignore the basic texts of the Bible, make up the wildest pagan scenarios that claim that humans when they die will go to heaven and the ones they do not like will go to hell as a place of eternal torment. The Trinitarian churches of the Sun and Mystery cults invent the most bizarre scenarios against the express words of the Bible texts. The most bizarre scenarios emanate from the Roman and Protestant Trinitarian Church and from the bizarre Protestant variations of the sects arising from North America. The most irrational and contrary to Scripture is the Rapture theory espoused from the USA. So also does counter biblical theory emanate from the Adventists and the various offshoots of the Churches of God. So also the Jehovah's Witnesses fabricate false doctrine and teach that the Law of God is done away, with no Biblical basis for such a claim.

The destiny of humans has been laid down by God through the prophets in the Bible Texts. The First Resurrection of the Dead (No. 143A) occurs at the Return of the Messiah and one Thousand years later is the Second Resurrection of the Dead (No. 143B) at the end of the Millennial System. There is no heaven and Hell. There is no Rapture (see No. 095). There is no Third Resurrection of the Dead where a malicious God resurrects the people who left Armstrong's corrupt organisation, only to be thrown in the lake of fire (see No. 166). People who teach such blasphemy will not enter the First Resurrection and will be killed and resurrected and reeducated in the Second Resurrection along with every other paganised heretic on the planet. We will go on in the New Moon Message to deal with these erroneous doctrines on the New Moon.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General