Sabbath 23/07/46/120

Dear Friends,

Today is the Sabbath adjoining the Last Great Day at the end of the Feast of Tabernacles. Today we commence the Commentary on Isaiah (F023). This text is one of the most important and prophetic of the Bible texts and takes it all on from the Captivity of Israel to the Captivity of Judah and its restoration with God naming in Prophecy Cyrus as King of the Medo-Persian Empire to overthrow the Babylonians. Daniel also was given the prophecy of understanding in his works (F027 ii, xiii).   Isaiah goes on to the birth and death of Messiah and then on to the dispersion and the scattering of Israel and Judah over the forty jubilees from the death of Messiah to the return of the Messiah and the Restoration of Israel and Judah in the Last Days for the millennial system. 

In the final restoration for the Millennium we will see that the Laws of God and the God's Calendar (No. 156) will be restored completely and the Sabbaths and the New Moons will be restored on pain of death (Isaiah 66:23-24). What we have to understand is that we are at the end of the Sardis and Laodicean systems of Revelation chapter 3 and those churches are all to be broken up and scattered to the four winds. They are declared dead or lukewarm and spewed from the mouth of God (Rev. 3:1,16). Only those who repent and leave either system and go to the final system (Rev. 3:12) will be allowed entry to the First Resurrection (No. 143A).   No church not keeping the New Moons and the Sabbaths according to the Temple Calendar will be allowed to exist or enter the millennial system. Those churches and people keeping Hillel certainly will have no part in the First Resurrection. The Witnesses, when they arrive, will commence to educate and punish Judah over the heresy of Hillel and their sins, and they will begin also with the Churches of God. They will all commence to die from their leaders on down from the arrival of the Witnesses.

Satan managed to draw and misdirect and miseducate millions of those in the Last Days who might be called by God, placing them in false systems and abusing them by false doctrine and False Prophecy (No. 269).  Satan established the flawed false system over the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries as prophesied by God in Psalm 74 (F019_3). For the elect to have any chance of Salvation they have to pray and study to ascertain their errors and repent and seek the true Church of God of Revelation 3:7-13. If you are keeping Hillel that is a sure sign that you are not in it. Just by fellowshipping with them will ensure that you are not eligible for the First Resurrection. If you are there for the social aspects that will see you disqualified.

The Plan of Salvation is contained in the Prophecy of God in the Psalms (F019; F019_1; F019_2; F019_3; F019_4; F019_5i; F019_5ii; F019_5iii). Ditheists, Binitarians and Trinitarians have never been able to explain the Psalms because they conflict with their incorrect doctrines. If you are called by God as part of the Elect as Elohim (001) the Holy Spirit will grab you by the scruff of the neck and place you where God wants you. If you will not listen and He does not want you in the First Resurrection God may allow you to go through the tribulation and learn there and go into the millennial system, otherwise you will be placed in the Second Resurrection for reeducation.  The choice is yours, dependent upon how well you listen to the Holy Spirit.


Wade Cox
Coordinator General