Sabbath 21/08/46/120

Dear Friends,

This Sabbath we go on with the Commentary on Isaiah Part V (F023v). In this section we deal with the continuation of the Oracles Against the Nations which will continue to chapter 26 into the Apocalypse section of Isaiah. Part V deals with the Oracles Against Damascus and the Rivers of Ethiopia in ch. 18 and ch 19 concerns Egypt. It also prophesies concerning the construction of the Temple at Leontopolis in the Nome of Heliopolis which was to be ordered constructed by the High Priest Onias IV in order for there to be a temple raised there to house the Messiah and his family in 5 BCE when he was taken there for safety against the actions of Herod who sought to kill him, in that year, on until Herod died between 1-13 Abib 4 BCE.

The prophecies of the Wars of the End go on from Isaiah through Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel and on through the latter prophets and the NT sequence up until Revelation in the Last Days (see F066iv and v)  and the coming of the Messiah in these Wars of the End we see unfolding now.    We explained how the wars would commence with the War of the Fifth Trumpet which is the biological war we are in now and it is leading up to the War of the Sixth Trumpet which will go on to kill over a third of mankind  (Rev. 9:13-19) (See WWIII: Wars of Amalek (No. 141C). 

God gave us the sequence of the activities up to the end. The prophecies are clear and simply require mankind to obey the Laws of God (L1) and keep His Calendar (No. 156). All we have to do is obey God; keep His Laws and keep the Covenant (No. 152) that God made with us. It was a pretty simple request and one with a massive reward at the end of it. That is we were to become Elohim or Gods and inherit eternity with Christ (see No. 001).  However, we could not do that.  We had to invent other gods and other doctrines and refuse to keep the Laws God laid down through the patriarchs and prophets and preserved for us in the texts of the Bible. Instead, we adopted the false systems laid down by the Fallen Host under Satan. The Church from Rome adopted the Sun and Mystery Cults of Baal worship and their calendar keeping Sunday, Christmas and Easter (see Nos. 235, 277)  We, in the Churches of God, had to keep the Sabbaths and New Moons and the Feasts and their Holy Days. We did that in the Churches of God for over 1900 years. We as the people of Israel refused to do that, both as Israelites and Jews, and Europeans generally. The Jews had to invent a new calendar at complete variance with the Temple Calendar. They did that using the Babylonian Intercalations under R. Hillel II for release in 358 CE (Nos 195 and 195C) which virtually assured that no Holy Day or Atonement was ever kept on the correct days as laid down by God through the Bible. Sometimes they were not even in the correct months, as will be the case in 2024. The reality is that the carnal mind, one that is set on the flesh, is enmity towards, or hostile towards God (Rom. 8:7). The result of this is continual warfare and as a result we are about to destroy mankind and virtually the entire planet.  Christ told us himself that unless Christ returns there will be no flesh saved alive (Mat. 24:22; Mk. 13:20).

God began the process of the Measuring of the Temple (137) in 1987. We are now in the final four years of that forty year process and the nations are about to be destroyed.  The Churches of God have already been measured and found wanting. The existing ministry will be destroyed and replaced.  The people have been scattered and will now be reorganised under the final system as prophesied by Jer. 4:15-27 and Rev. 3:7-13 (see Nos 122; 122D; 170; 283)). They will be in two sections: The ones who go into the First Resurrection (No. 143A) and the ones who are kept in human form as the Holy Seed of Isaiah 6:9-13 and Amos 9:1-15 and go into the millennial system under Messiah. No one else will live on into that system if they have not repented and are obeying the Law and the Temple Calendar. 

God will not intervene as he has already done so on many occasions, and we will not obey Him, no matter how many times He rescues us. We have decided to obey Satan and the systems he set up under false gods. Even the Churches of God adopted the Hillel abomination in the 20th century under the False Prophets Armstrong and Dugger (see No. 269) of the COG (SD) and on into the RCG/WCG and their offshoots.  As a  result the churches keeping Hillel will face the Tribulation under the Wrath of God, and will not be allowed entry to the First Resurrection (No. 143A), but will die and be consigned to the Second Resurrection (No. 143B) and face the possibility of the Second Death (No. 143C).  Judah and Levi faced the Holocaust from 1941-1945 and did not repent. They, and their entourage of those who say they are Jews but are not, will face the Second Holocaust from  WWIII. Fortunately, they will be sent the Two Witnesses, Enoch and Elijah, to bring them to repentance and they will repent and begin to keep the Law and the Calendar and turn to the Messiah and be saved at his return. The Churches of God keeping Hillel will then be left alone. They will then repent or die.   There will be no human anywhere on the planet of any religion left alive, that is not keeping God's Laws, and the Temple Calendar, by the commencement of the Millennium. Christ will start the Millennium with a clean slate. Satan and the Four Morning Stars will now commence to exterminate mankind. There is no place of safety (No. 194) except in  the hand of God (No. 194B).

Why is there no moral or ethical obligation on God to intervene and save those humans that refuse to keep His Laws and His Calendar? Why is Christ not obliged to intervene and save those of the Churches of God led astray by these false prophets (see False prophecy (No. 269)) bringing in a false calendar into the Churches of God?  No one argued that there was any need for an intervention in Sardis in the Church of God (Seventh Day) when it adopted Hillel, when it had not done so previously. Moreover, no one (other than the few desperate souls in the church itself) expected divine intervention when COG (SD) declared Binitarianism in 1995 and subsequently declared Trinitarianism shortly thereafter. WCG certainly did not as they declared it in 1993, although their ministry tried to introduce it by deception and psyops techniques earlier. 

No one expected divine intervention when the Adventists split into three parts in the 1850s, when the Sabbath-keepers under the false prophets, among them the Whites, began declaring a Pre-Advent Judgment  and a Heavenly Millennium (see No. 095)).  Nor did they expect intervention when what became the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society split from them and became Sunday worshipping (now Jehovah's Witnesses).  No one really objected when the plants in the Adventist ministry had them declare the Trinity in 1978 after intensive undermining after the death of Uriah Smith from 1931.  

God tests the elect to see how genuine and solid we are on an individual basis. We are all to become elohim and as such we must be solid and have the Holy Spirit in enough strength to do what is expected of us. God does not want cowards or weaklings in the kingdom. Nor does he want snivelling yes men that run from a fight. Nor does he want people that will not resign from a post to save a salary as we saw in the entire WCG system as it collapsed. All things work together for the good for those who love God and are called according to His purpose (Rom. 8:28) (see also Predestination No. 296).

The last few decades of the Twentieth Century were a massive test for the Churches of the Saints and most failed. It continued on from 1994 with the re-education of the Churches of God. That process will now continue on until the Messiah and then all false religion, and incorrect systems, will be eliminated and their leaders removed (See No, 141F). We are about to embark on the wars of the end (No. 036; 036_2; 141C) on to the promised Return of the Messiah (see Nos. 282E; 210A and 210B and 141E and 141E_2 . The wars will now erupt under the Demons. God is withdrawing His Holy Spirit from the world and they will lose their capacity for rational thought. The Demons have infiltrated the religions of the world because the humans simply will not obey God and thus do not have the Holy Spirit on baptism as one of the Saints.  God thus removes what little they do have and gives them over to a spirit of an unsound mind inflicted from the Demons (Deut. 28:28-29).  Most religions have either no baptism or infant baptism and thus have no access to the Holy Spirit. These systems will be allowed to be destroyed but before that happens the damage they will do will be enormous over the few years ahead. The insanity of Islam is matched only by that of the Trinitarians and Pentecostalists of the West and the Khazzars of Davos and the WEF and Talmudic Judaism. They are attempting Genocide on a massive scale and are being facilitated by the politicians of the Democracies as well as the Dictators of the world.

The Middle East powder keg was deliberately lit by the Ayatollahs and Revolutionary Guards of Iran last week. Saudi Arabia had announced that they had negotiated a peace agreement with Israel and Palestine and that news so enraged Iran, that the Saudis could pull off such an agreement, they organised the Hamas attack from Gaza. Much of it was also funded by Western Billionaires (e.g., the reports re Soros funding Hamas as a terrorist organisation through other organisations). All that is without prosecution from the US congress and departments. They cannot be genuine.
The conflict in Gaza is now escalating.  A plane arriving in Russia from Israel was stormed by protesters this week and matters are now going from bad to worse. In the end Gaza will be occupied by the Northern Armies from the sea on to Jerusalem only to be destroyed by Messiah (Dan. 11:45). 

Putin is seriously ill and whoever replaces him may well be a hardliner.  AI driven computers reported recently that WWIII would commence on 23 Nov. 2023 with a Russian attack on Germany. The more suitable timing would be from the solstice on 25 December onwards but anything is possible. They may commence with a nuclear bombardment and proceed to the invasion by tank armies in a three-pronged invasion over North, Central and the South through the Balkans into Italy.

The preliminary nuclear barrage will attempt to strike at EU and NATO HQ in Brussels, Strasbourg, London, Paris, NL. Scandinavia in Norway and Sweden and Denmark, Rome and the Vatican, Davos and the gnomes of Zurich. The Fatima 3a and 3b prophecies indicate that the soldiers will take the Vatican and shoot the priests and execute the Pope on one of the Hills of Rome (see 288 below).  Other key targets will be US and CA,  in NY and the UN and the usual targets including the grid by blasts on the key locations to collapse the grids (i.e., EMP at Omaha Nebraska etc.).  So also attacks on the key locations in Asia and the Pacific and the main cities in AU and NZ. 

We informed the world some years ago as to what would happen with Israel and Iran over this blind hatred of the Islamic forces in both sections of Hadithic and Shia Islam and that it would be precipitated by Iran (see Purim in the Last Days (F017B). The damage will be enormous. Iran and Iraq and Syria will all suffer massively (see F023v above).

The attacks on Europe were commenced some time ago and Europe was infiltrated by Islamic terrorists on a   massive scale and now there are millions all over Europe. These infiltrations were aided by the Globalists in the EU such as Merkel, Von der Leyen, Macron, Johnston and Sunak etc.  A demonstration of some hundred thousand odd Islamic Hamas sympathisers in London demonstrated this week against Israel and pro Hamas. The more rational sympathisers in UK and EU, and US and the British Commonwealth will have to withdraw from the UN and declare martial law and expel all Islamic Terrorists from Europe and the Americas and the Pacific nations they have infiltrated. The Marxist Globalists are attempting to destroy all democracies and the world has to wake up to what is happening to it. The Islamist terrorist forces will be activated at the critical time in the conflicts to do the most damage.

The Wars of the End have been forced on the world by the Fallen Host and the nations are too stupid to realise what is being done to them. So also the lies of the Globalists are forcing activities under scams like Global Warming to create disasters like Wind Farms that are destroying mother and calf relationships among whales and destroying birds and dislocating energy production. This will be stamped out and its advocates silenced or killed before the Millennium. So also will the Pharmakea of Revelation be exterminated under Messiah.

There will be a massive counter reaction over the next few years and what will emerge will not be pretty. The religious counter reaction being organised at present will see the total destruction of all religious organisations in both Europe and the Americas and around the world. The emerging Empire of the Beast will see the Beast turn on the religious Whore and see the churches in Europe destroyed due to their corruption and false doctrine. Even the Pope was claiming this month that the world was overpopulated and that we needed to see massive depopulation. That is a blatant Globalist Agenda that will in the end see the reaction against the churches themselves (see The Whore and the Beast No. 299B and The Last Pope No. 288).

Wade Cox
Coordinator General