Sabbath 20/12/45/120

Dear Friends,

Today we will continue the study of the Covenant of God (No. 152) and First and Second Statements of the Covenant (N0. 096B). Then we go on to the Commentary on Jeremiah (F024).

As the weeks go by we continue seeing the information emerge regarding the damage being inflicted on the democracies of the world by the Khazarian run WEF out of Davos. The bribery and corruption of the political structure of the West and its media for the contrived death of its people is perhaps the greatest Democide scandal humanity has ever seen. The evil of these people has been hidden by the corruption and greed of the political administrations. The US and British Commonwealth (and esp. UK, CA, AU and NZ) have been instrumental in their own destruction. We are learning now on a daily basis just how great has been the damage inflicted on the world over the COVID and other vaxx scams.

Germany has now declared the COVID vaxxes the most dangerous or deadliest in history.
> Germany Declares mRNA Jabs Are ‘Deadliest Vaccines in History’ - News Punch

The world is waking up and soon it will spread everywhere. People will come after the WEF and KM very soon. These people have to be placed on trial all over the world; both politicians and corrupt medical officers and the bureaucratic establishment. Instead they would rather opt for WWIII and continue to destroy us all.  .

Instead of the world trying to correct its biblical errors and blatant lies in forged Biblical texts like the KJV, the Trinitarian and other plants in the COG systems continue to lie and refuse to repent and keep the Laws of God. They have ca. four years left and then the Messiah and the Host will be here. The alternatives are to repent or die. Soon the War of the Sixth Trumpet will break out and the Witnesses will arrive. They will restore the nexus of the Law and begin to enforce the Law of God (L1) on the planet. (See ). Those of the false religions of the demons will kill them after 1260 Days (No. 141D). Then Messiah and the Host will arrive (141E) and all people not keeping the laws of God and His Calendar. after the Return of Messiah, ( will die. Unfortunately many will have to die before the world repents. That is even during the Vials of the Wrath of God, where we are told they do not repent (Rev. 9:20-21; 16:9-11). We see where that has continued on from God's prophecies through the Latter Prophets, Isaiah (F023), Jeremiah (F024), Ezekiel (F026) and Daniel (F027) and (F028- F039) right to the present day. The worshippers of the Sun and Mystery Cults would rather kill God's people than repent (see F044vii). All that will be over by the millennial system in a few years time. Then we will obey the Laws of God under Christ for the 1000 years of the Millennium. If we refuse to obey then we will face the re-education of the Second Resurrection and Great White Throne Judgement (No. 143B). Whether we live or die is our choice entirely (see the Second Death (No. 143C).

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The calendar for this coming year is now on the website for anyone who wishes to download it.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General