Sabbath 060946120

Dear Friends

Today is the First Sabbath of the Ninth Month 46/120. We go on with the Commentary on Isaiah Part VII (F023vii). This section deals with the next section of the Apocalypse Chapters of Isaiah. This section is blatantly Messianic and tied to the Last Days and the return of the Messiah that only an uneducated bigot would attempt to deny the fact. The result is that it is downplayed but has to be admitted. 

We are following on from the Sabbath Message in which we dealt with the escalating wars into Europe from the Middle East.
The attacks by Hamas have some significance for the Churches of God regarding the Calendar. The date 7 October 2023 was in fact on the Sabbath according to the Temple Calendar (No. 156), but according to Hillel the Sabbath was the Last Great Day of the Feast.  There are numerous guarantees regarding the Feast and one of them is that no one shall desire your property or seek to impede you over the Feast. However, the Hillel Calendar placed the Last Great Day outside of the actual Feast dates according to God's Law under the Temple Calendar, and as such Hamas was quite able to break the Covenants given by God and was able to attack on this day. Each of the people from the Churches of God that were attending sites in Israel should ponder this very serious issue. Next year you will see this problem unfold all over the calendar as the Feasts will be in the wrong months entirely and the promises given by God over the Temple Calendar will not apply to any of the Churches of God keeping Hillel and not to any Jew anywhere in the world over 2024. They have none of God's Covenant protections anywhere in any of their festivals.

What is also of relevance was that the attacks of 7 October against Israel were on the fiftieth Anniversary of the Yom Kippur war of October 1973 and as a result it was a redeclaration of hostilities declared by Iran and their minions Hezbollah and Hamas. This conflict will escalate from now on until Purim is invoked finally (F017B). Hamas will be forced into a situation where NATO and the US will be forced to occupy Gaza under the prophecy of Daniel 11:45 and their occupying camps as tent cities will extend from the sea up to Jerusalem. Hamas will be exterminated, and the Gazans will be servants to the Northern Powers until Messiah takes up in Jerusalem. Lebanon will also come under occupation of the Northern Powers until Messiah returns and Lebanon will become the northwestern section of Israel which will extend along the Euphrates and include what is now Syria and Moab and all Jordan to the Desert (Isa. Ch 16-17; F023v, vi).

The deterioration of Iran is now accelerating.  The hold of the Ayatollahs is weakening.  That was the reason for their initiation of the October attack using Hamas and Hezbollah. Also insane protests of the Marxists in the US and BC were simply an indication of the sheer size of the penetration of Islamic operatives and the stupidity and double mindedness of the educational system in those countries.  So also we saw the extreme penetration and duplicity where the media had advance knowledge reportedly in AP, Reuters. CNN and Wapo operatives and they were allowed to cover with immunity under Hamas in Gaza. They are Terrorist operatives and must be charged and imprisoned.

So also Trump has announced that when he is elected president again the first thing he will do is to end the Ukraine/Russia war. That should ensure that the Globalists will initiate the next phase of the war, so Trump has no hope of doing that and the Globalists remain in control. This will all play out now as Scripture foretells it, and it cannot be broken (Jn. 10:34-36). Keep the faith.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General